tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLessons From Professor

Lessons From Professor


I'm not exactly proud of what I did, but at the same time, I don't regret my actions either. What happened between me and Professor Jay was the sexiest experience of my life, and I wouldn't take it back for anything. I can clearly remember how it all started....


I had been taking an advanced composition course at a nearby university by my house for a few months now, and it was being taught by a very handsome teacher, Professor Jay. He was in his early thirties, tall, handsome, an obviously well built exterior that was perfectly defined by his button down dress shirts that he usually folded up to his elbows, a few of the top buttons loosened. Many of the girls in the class swooned over his good looks, trying different methods of flirtation to get his attention. I admit I was one of those girls who did admire his features; however, I wasn't one of those girls who wore extra short skirts in hopes of him glancing my direction. Don't get me wrong, I'm told to be incredibly beautiful by the boys, with my long black hair draping behind my back, toned body, petite waist, and 34C breasts, but he was my teacher, and that was that. Or at least so I always thought.

Professor Jay was a very good teacher, but also a very strict one. Earning an A in the class meant something coming from him. I always prided myself in being one of his top pupils, so it was a shock for me when he handed me back a composition that I had spent hours on with a big red C at the top.

"I'd like to see you after class," Professor Jay said quietly to me as he handed me my paper. For the rest of the period I was frustrated with my grade, and nervous about speaking to him. Soon however, the bell rang and I gathered my belongings and walked up to his desk, paper in hand. When the room had finally cleared so that it was just the two of us left in the room, he finally looked me in the eyes, a stern expression on his face. My stomach was turning.

"Maya," Jay began, "I know you can write better than this. I don't understand why you seemed to not have followed the prompt at all."

I felt horrible; he never criticized me for my writing. "I thought I did follow directions Professor," I said meekly, trying to maintain eye contact. I guess he could tell that I was anxious because his features softened.

"Look Maya, the prompt indicated to write a story with strong visual imagery. I need to feel like I'm in the moment of whatever you write." He tried to explain kindly.

"Sir, I thought that's what I did. I don't understand what I did wrong," I said to him. He sat there behind his desk, looking at me as if he was trying to find a way to explain to me what he wanted from me. We stared at each other for about a minute before he stood up and walked to the door, pushing it until it was closed. I turned to watch him in perplexity, wondering what it was that he was up to. As soon as the door closed, Professor Jay turned back to face me, leaning himself against the door. I looked at him, confusion written all over my face, and then he smirked.

"What?" I asked nervously, wondering what was so funny. He didn't say anything, instead, he just continued to smile at me. After a few seconds, he slowly began to make his way in my direction, slow and deliberate steps.

"Maya," he said as he neared, "I want you to understand what I mean when I say make your composition believable, make it seem real." By this time he had reached me, standing directly in front of me, his figure seeming to hover over me.

"Okay..."I stammered, "Well then just explain it to me Professor..." His presence was overbearing and I could feel myself getting dizzy and intoxicated by him. I fidgeted nervously, aware that the part in between my legs was being affected just by his presence. I took a step back, my back now facing his desk, and he circled in until he was standing in front of me again. He was still smiling at me, and then suddenly, he shoved me back into his desk. He didn't push me hard, just enough so that my ass bumped into his desk and I was now completely sandwiched between him and the desk.

His body now pressed against mine, he kicked my legs apart with one of his so that my crotch was practically resting upon his thigh.

"Sir..."I tried to protest, trying to push him away in vain, only to cause myself to begin rubbing up and down his thigh, inevitable arousal growing inside me. This was so wrong.

"Shhh," was all he said before taking my face by both hands and lowering his mouth to meet mine. At first he just kissed my lips slowly, sensually and I just allowed him to. After a few seconds, he stopped to look into my eyes, and when he was saw that I wasn't putting up a fight, he smiled and continued to kiss me. Soon I felt his tongue expertly work its way into my mouth, kissing me in such a way that no guy has ever kissed me before. After several passionate minutes, he suddenly broke away and let go of my face and moved away from me. I almost collapsed from the suddenness. I turned to see where he was going to do next, but all he did was walk towards his seat behind his desk. He picked up another rubric and handed it to me.

"Make it so that your composition feels as real as that kiss," he was no longer looking at me. Instead his eyes had traveled down to the papers on his desk. I waited for him to say more, to do something, completely baffled by his abrupt change in mood. But all he said was, "That will be all Maya. Have your paper in by tomorrow. Leave the door open on your way out." I was stunned. I took the rubric from his hand and stormed towards the door.

I was angry. What was Professor Jay trying to play? It was completely inappropriate for him to kiss me, and I know that I went along with it, but so then why did he stop? I felt like an idiot, like one of those stupid school girls who obsessed over him. I felt humiliated, and he did it on purpose. The HELL if I fix that assignment.

The next day at school, I was still mad. I printed out the saved copy of my assignment and tossed it onto Professor Jay's desk, refusing to acknowledge him. What pissed me off even more was that he obviously did not seem to care. It was as if nothing had happened yesterday. I spent the rest of the period, secretly fuming inside. But at the same time, a part of me wanted it all to happen again. I was physically attracted to him, whether I wanted to admit it or not, and I couldn't help but feel myself to become secretly aroused despite my anger towards him.

The bell rang and I hastily made my way to the door, glad that I made it out before he could call me back about the assignment that I just turned in. Even though I was able to escape his classroom, I wasn't able to escape thoughts of him. I couldn't take it, I hated him and I wanted him all at the same time. I decided to lose myself by immersing my thoughts in my studies, so I made my way to one of the rarely used residence halls towards the library. It was so peaceful studying here because it was opened 24 hours a day and it was secluded, so only a select few students knew about it.

I was thankful that no one else was in the room when I came in. I sat down by a nearby table and pulled out my books to begin studying. Several hours had gone by and I already forgot about Professor Jay. Suddenly I heard the door open and I turned to see who was entering. To my complete surprise, Professor Jay walked in. I was so shocked that I almost forgot that I was mad at him.

"Hi Maya," he greeted me, closing the door behind him.

"Hi...?" I said, taken aback?

"So I see that you didn't re-do your assignment." He said, leaning against the door.

I finally remembered that why I was still mad at him and grew defensive. "I just disagree with your decision. I feel like I met the prompt requirements, and if you still think I deserve a C, then fine, I'll take the grade." I said this coldly, not staring at him, rather I had already turned back around and continued with my work.

"I see..." I heard him say. I was beginning to feel nervous again, not sure what was going to happen now, my courage slowly leaving me. I heard footsteps coming towards me, and the next thing I knew, he was standing right behind my chair. I felt him put his hands on the sides of my arms, squeezing them before running them up and down with his hands.

"God Maya...." He whispered seductively in my ear, his hands now making their way to my waist, resting them on my stomach. "Don't you know this isn't even about your paper? I want you Maya. I've wanted you since you've stepped foot in my classroom." He was now nibbling on my ear, running soft kisses up and down my neck. My defenses were beginning to crumble...

"Professor," I managed to say, "I can't...we can't...we shouldn't be doing this..."I gasped when I felt his hands finally cup my full breasts.

"Shhh," he insisted, pinching my right nipple in his hands. A moan involuntarily escaped my lips. He stopped what he was doing and quickly pulled my chair away from the table. He pulled me up, grabbed me by the waist, and pulled my body close to his. I could feel his dick bumping against my stomach. Aggressively he attacked my body with kisses, my mouth, my neck, his hands now feeling me from under my shirt. One hand made its way to unclasp my bra while the other fully groped my ass. When he freed my breasts, he pulled my shirt quickly over my head. He admired my breasts before taking each one into his mouth and began sucking on them.

"Fuck, you're tits are so perfect baby," he whispered into my ear, his right hand undoing my jeans.

"Professor, someone might come in," I tried to say as he pulled my jeans to my ankles.

"Baby, shut up. Enjoy what I'm doing to you because you'll be begging me not to stop later," that was incentive enough for me to stop complaining. He picked me up and placed me onto the table, removing my jeans and panties completely now.

"Are you wet for me baby?" he asked, his hands rising in my upper thigh. I shut my eyes in anticipation, when I finally felt him rest his hand on my slit, I exhaled slowly. He slowly made circular movements around my slit, circling my clit. "Look how wet you are for me baby," he said. "You like this don't you baby? You like being a little slut for me? Answer me baby..." I couldn't think clearly, lost in the feelings of his magical hands.

"Do you like opening your legs for me to play with your pussy baby? Tell me, now," as he said this, he abruptly shoved his middle finger deep inside my pussy, causing me to gasp out loud.

"Yes, oh please, yes," I moaned.

"Yes what?" he pushed on, increasing the speed of his fingerfucking, making me near to my climax.

"Yes, I like opening my legs for you to play with my pussy," I said in heavy breaths. I was two thrusts away from an orgasm before he stopped what he was doing. Instead, he lowered his mouth to kiss me while he talking off his clothes. As soon as his shirt came off, my hands were all over his chest, his arms, admiring his entirety. I helped him remove his belt until his slacks were now on the floor. He sat down on the chair I was studying on.

"Come here baby, get on your knees," I made my way in front of him until I was between his legs directly in front of his 8" cock. I stared at it, mesmerized by the size. "What are you waiting for? Show me what that mouth of yours can do," he said to me. I hesitantly put my mouth around his dick, the girth feeling bigger in my mouth than I thought.

"Ooh yeah baby, suck that dick," he moaned, pushing my head further down on his dick. I licked his cock up and down, coating it with saliva before shoving the entire thing in my mouth. He grunted when I did this, groaning for me to keep going. I increased the suction I had on his dick, slowly but deliberately tasting every inch of him. "Oh fuck baby, you suck so fucking good...I just wanna cum in that pretty little mouth of yours." I increased my pace, trying to bring him to his climax. His grunting and groaning only intensified my motions. "I'm gonna cum," groaned, holding my head down as he came, shooting his load into my mouth, filling it with hot cum. He finally let go of my head and I swallowed it all.

He wasn't finished though. I noticed he was still hard and before I knew it, he stood me and pushed me back onto the table so that I was laying back first on it. He stepped in between my legs and began to rub his cock up and down my pussy. I wanted him to fuck me right then and there, but he was taking his time. I made a whimpering noise for him to just shove it in me already, but he just chuckled.

"Tell me what you want baby," he asked cruelly, knowing very well what it was that I wanted.

"I want you...please..."I begged him, trying to push my crotch closer to his in hopes of making contact, but he held me down well.

"What do you want from me baby? What would you like me to do?" he said, still playing his game.

"Just please...put it in already...I want it..."I was becoming hysterical with arousal; the feeling of his dick brushing against my dripping pussy was becoming unbearable.

"I need you to be a little more specific baby..." he taunted me.

"Please, I want you to fuck me. I want you to pound my pussy and make me cum," I begged him. He smiled knowing the power he had over my body. In one hard thrust, he filled my pussy with the entirety of his dick. "Ughh," I moaned, reveling in the feeling of his dick deep inside me. He held his position for a few seconds before pulling out almost completely before shoving hard once again deep inside me. He did this for several minutes before picking up his pace. I could feel my orgasm begin to build and I moaned insistently for him to keep going. "I'm so close..." I told him. He began to fuck me faster and harder until I screamed as I came all over his dick. He slowed down, allowing me to catch my breath after I came. He pulled out and I saw that he hadn't cum again yet.

He pulled me off from the table and pushed me face first onto the table until I was bent over for him. The next thing I felt was his cock making its way back into my pussy from behind. I gasped at the suddenness. He began to really fuck me now, grabbing my tits as he rammed me from behind.

"Is this what you like baby?" he asked me huskily, roughly slamming into my pussy.

"Oh yes...oh fuck yes.."I moaned, lost in the feelings of his dick pounding me.

"Tell me you want it baby. Tell me how bad you want me to fuck you..."he whispered into my ear, grabbing me by the tits and pulling me towards him so he could kiss my neck. His left hand expertly manipulated my tits while the other found my clit and roughly began to rub it, all the while kissing my neck and fucking my pussy

"Ooh fuuuck, I want you to fuck me. I want your dick in me so bad, please, please don't stop fucking me. Fuck me professor...fuck me...ugh...fuck me..."I moaned in gasping breaths.

He began to slam into my pussy harder and faster than he had before, causing me to cry out as I came again and again and again. I was near exhaustion when finally I felt him give one last jerk, and gave a deep groan as I felt hot cum shoot into my pussy.

"Fuuck," he moaned as he rode out his orgasm, small thrusts emptying him out into my pussy. After his climax had subsided, he finally let go of me in the position that we were in.

We turned to face each other. It was just beginning to hit me that I had just had sex with my Professor, shyness overcoming me as I tried to cover my body up. He didn't seem fazed by what happened however, instead, he was amused at my sad attempts to cover my nakedness.

"Come here," he said, pulling me into his arms, embracing me.

Our relationship continued like that for a while until I graduated from college and he officially asked me to be his girlfriend.

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