tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLessons from the Emperor

Lessons from the Emperor


It was the last straw. The Emperor Davian was fed up with the two love birds. Always falling all over each other every week at the royal banquet held at the palace. Their obvious sexual frustration was at boiling point as they touched and kissed, blushed and sweated furiously, looking into each others eyes, enjoying the attention they received.

Lara, a ravishing brunette beauty, with a perfect figure including breasts that the rest of the royal court dreamed about, had said she was holding on to her precious virginity until they were married in a month's time.

Junius, the lucky groom-to-be was a strapping youth, around six feet tall. He was well built without being muscle bound, with sandy coloured hair and a pleasant, noble looking face. He had gone along with the idea, and was also a virgin which was most unusual in this society. But he now had one of the worst cases of blue balls ever recorded in the kingdom.

Both families were known to Davian and had been troublesome to him. The fathers of Lara and Junius had joined in opposing some of his worst abuses of power in the Senate and had succeeded in embarrassing him terribly in front of the other nobles. The Emperor had vowed that he would have his revenge. And as he watched the two frolic at his dinner table, glorying in being the centre of attention, a plan began to emerge in his mind that would bring to him maximum pleasure and everlasting humiliation on the houses of both would-be lovers.

As the dinner drew to a conclusion and the guests were leaving Davian sent word to Lara and Junius to visit him the next day to bring him up to date on their plans for the future. He noticed the looks of surprise and nervous excitement on their faces as a servant relayed the message to the couple. They looked up at him and when their eyes met Davian's he simply nodded to them, confirming the appointment for the following afternoon.

Davian smiled as he headed back to his suite that night knowing that the next day would begin to satisfy his appetite for revenge and certain unusual pleasures.

The following day the Emperor's tension mounted as the morning and then lunchtime came and went. As the servants took away the remnants of lunch, Junius and Lara were shown in to Davian's comfortable chamber where he often spent time relaxing. The room was full of cushions and couches, there were jugs of wine and exotic and local fruits on which to snack along with all kinds of books.

Davian greeted his guests warmly "Come in my two handsome love birds. Sit down, make yourself at home. Have some wine and tell me about your plans. You must be very excited!"

As usual, Lara took the lead in explaining their plans for a lavish wedding followed by a time away at a popular beachside resort. Finally, and foolishly she began to speak of their plans to maintain their virginity until their wedding night. Davian had been waiting for this.

"No! No! No!", said Davian. "This would be entirely stupid. Virgins being married? I as Emperor will make sure that you are indeed experienced lovers by the time you are married. That will be much better. You will now thank me for my decision and generosity."

The Emperor looked into the eyes of the stunned couple.

"You can not be serious, my Lord.", said Lara.

"What do you mean exactly?", Junius asked, hoping that he had misunderstood what Davian had just uttered.

"I will explain as we go", said the Emperor impatiently "And I am still waiting for some thanks!"

The young man and woman looked at each other, knowing they had no option but at the same time afraid of what was to come.

They nodded to each other and then turned in Davian's direction and said a quite "Thank you, my Lord."

Davian sighed with satisfaction.

"Lara, I think you should retire from us for an hour or so. I have some serious coaching to do with Junius here and it will probably take a little while." said Davian.

"Very well, my Lord", Lara whispered as she stood to leave.

"Oh and one thing, my sweet thing", said Davian "You will be nude around the palace from now on. You will give your clothes to my servant at the door of this chamber and he will dispose of them. Please take your robe off now, as you leave. NOW!"

Lara was stunned. But somehow she managed to remove the robe, her fingers trembling as she undid the clasps and buttons. There was nothing underneath and her luscious breasts now swung freely as she moved across the room to the door.

Davian had arranged for the servant at the door to be a young and randy soldier. He was given permission to treat Lara, certainly not as a noble's daughter but with freedom. On seeing Lara open the door stark naked, the young man's eyes lit up and roamed freely over her nubile body, big luscious breasts and then down to the trimmed dark vee nestled between her young thighs.

"Come on you, I'll show you a few things on the way," he said.

The young soldier moved behind Lara as he accepted the clothes and moved off. He slapped her bottom with a loud smacking noise. She squealed and began to dread what now lay before her and her husband to be, their publicly expressed hopes of a virginal consummation of their love now in tatters.

Meanwhile the conversation in the Emperor's chamber was heating up.

Davian lectured Junius "You really can not be a virgin Junius? A young man like you needs to be familiar with all that sex has to offer so that you can offer your beautiful bride the pleasure that she deserves. Don't you agree with your Emperor, Sweety?"

Junius was stunned when Davian addressed him like this but knew he was in his no position to disagree with the all powerful emperor. "I suppose so, Sir." he replied with a deal of trepidation.

"Well I think it is my duty to initiate you into a broad range of sexual pleasures. You want me to, don't you, darling."

Junius did not know what was coming but he began to become very nervous at these feminine names.

"Strip off now Junius I want to introduce you to a good friend of mine", Davian commanded.

Junius looked around the room unsure of what to do but Davian just tapped his fingers on the arm of his couch and waited. Finally, he took off his sandals followed by his robe and then his simple undergarment. He was now naked before Davian who had been imagining this moment for a full day.

Davian rang a bell and two young maids ran into the room and lay back on a couch opposite where now Junius stood naked. They were only partially dressed, each with one breast exposed. They were obviously very familiar with each other's body and they began to erotically massage and French kiss each other.

Despite himself, Junius began to find himself responding to the girls antics and there was nothing to hide his quickly growing erection. His penis jutted forward and pointed straight at the emperor.

Davian looked at Junius and commanded him, wakening him out of his voyeuristic pleasures. "Junius, come and suck my cock."

"You mean the girls, don't you sir", said Junius hopefully.

Davian replied with a yawn "I said you, Deary. Now get over here and suck my cock now or I swear you will lose yours before you leave this place."

Junius now knew that today would be a day when he would lose all measure of dignity at the hands of this powerful pervert.

Junius may have been a virgin but he was most definitely heterosexual. The thought of sucking Davian's penis was too horrible for words. But he did not need more words. As he knelt before his ruler who was now standing, he closed his eyes, grabbed the big dick and guided it to his lips.

His tongue reached out and tentatively licked and the head and tasted for the first time the salty pre-cum that had begun to leak out with the excitement of the moment.

"Open wide and let me!" hissed Davian and as Junius did as requested, the Emperor lunged forward and filled the young man's mouth with his hard cock. Davian began thrusting in and out of Junius' mouth, hitting the back of his throat, grunting and sighing as he continued the assault.

As for Junius, he was not sure what was happening to him. His terror and disgust began to lessen. His erection which had disappeared for a moment began to return and then it was raging, harder than ever before. He realised he was loving it, wanting it. He wanted to taste the king's cum, wanted to please his master.

Davian could sense this. So he decided to up the ante as he continued to fuck the young noble's face.

"You like this don't you. You like sucking my royal cock don't you! You are my cock sucking boy slut aren't you!"

Junius unbelievably found himself nodding.

"Stop now!", Davian screamed as he pulled away.

Junius was frantic. He had to finish Davian, and taste the cum that he had come so close to swallowing.

It was then that Junius' eyes fell on the young girls who had witnessed the whole thing. They had seen his complete sexual submission to Davian and their laughter was genuine and hearty.

"We thought you were such a stud Junius, but now we see you're just another pansy cock sucker." they giggled.

Davian turned to the girls and laughed with them for what seemed a long time.

Then Davian said "Girls, I want you to do that little job for me now that we spoke about this morning."

The girls rose from their couch immediately, grabbing Junius by the hand, and led him into an adjoining room. They began to rub a soapy substance all over his naked body and then proceeded to shave him. He was a fairly smooth man anyway and so it was not a major job. They took special care around his penis and arse but they did a complete and thorough job.

Then to Junius' amazement they began to dress him in a sexy feminine outfit which showed much of his now smooth body including most of his buttocks. His cock was beginning to harden with all the strange sensations of the silky clothes. A black wig was placed on his head and to his face was applied an excess of lush red lipstick and eye shadow. But as good a job as the expert girls did, he was still very obviously a male dressed as female.

Then he was taken back into the kings room. Davian had now stripped naked himself. As he lay on the bed waiting his only half erect cock looked about six inches long and very thick. Despite himself, Junius felt himself looking at Davian's dick, strangely attracted to it. The Emperor thanked the girls for their work and excused them, leaving him alone with Junius.

"I know you are enjoying yourself my girly slut." he said to Junius. "Come now and kiss me, my love."

Junius felt his excitement wane. The thought of kissing a man on the mouth was too awful, but still, he knew he had to. Adopting the female slut role without realising it, he moved across the room in as feminine a way as he could, and lay down next to Davian who reached over and pulled Junius on top of him. He pulled his smooth face to his and began to kiss the young man, forcefully pushing his tongue into Junius' young mouth, tasting the lipstick and running his hands though the long soft hair on the wig.

Again confusion arose within Junius' mind. His penis began to rise again. Brazenly, he kissed Davian back, sucking on his tongue, his tongue wrestling with the Emperor's. What was happening to him. He felt Davian's cock pressing into his body and he loved it. It was huge and he wanted every inch of it, to feel it and pleasure it.

"All right my lovely", said Davian. "Enough! We've had enough of an introduction. I said this coaching time was going to be about sex. Now, bend over this couch and I will give you your first real sex. You want this, don't you Sweety".

Junius did not want to answer but when the Emperor demanded he do so, he gave in.

"Yes, my Lord, fuck me now!" gasped Junius.

Davian demanded, "What do you want, my sweet young girly slut?"

"I want you to fuck me with that beautiful cock." Junius admitted.

He did not hear the door which he now faced away from, quietly open and close again.

The king now stood behind the noble lad whose legs were spread handsomely and whose crinkled arsehole was totally on display. He spat on his hand and then rubbed the spittle all over his target and stepped up to the plate. He wasted no time and soon was fucking Junius hard. He loved it.

Junius' virgin arse offered little resistance other than the initial burst of pain as the Emperor smashed the young noble's cherry.

Davian thought "This smart arse was now being fucked in return for the embarrassment he has caused me. This is one of the best pieces of arse I have ever had."

Every movement Junius made in pain was a bonus.

But as he continued to fuck the young noble Junius was now clearly also getting into the man sex. Beneath him his erection raged again and as the Emperor pounded away he reached beneath him to pull his own cock to maximise his pleasure.

Junius felt his own orgasm surging up within him. The king's cock was touching something in him that was driving him crazy. He could not believe it and he could not control it. Soon he felt himself shooting all over the couch from being fucked in the arse by his first lover.

After ten minutes or so of rough sex, Davian panted "I'm going to cum, my girly whore. Do you want me to squirt my seed into your arse or into your mouth?" Junius had to think fast. He wanted both. He said, "My mouth please, cum in my mouth please my Lord."

Davian pulled his big cock out of Junius arse and spun the young man around to face him. He stuck his still shitty cock into the young man's mouth and Junius resumed his newly learned art of fellatio with a vengeance. He would get his sticky prize this time.

Reaching around behind Davian, Junius rubbed the Emperor's arse with one hand while caressing the King's balls with his other hand and used his lips and tongue aggressively on Davian's cock. Finally there was an explosion of white creamy cum into his mouth. Three or four big spurts into his mouth one after the other.

Sweet, salty, manly all at the same time. Total satisfaction for the fucked and the fucker. Having strived to lose none of the precious load, Junius swallowed and felt the Emperor's cream slide down his throat. He had been conquered completely, won over. He now craved big hard pulsating cock. Nothing else would do.

There was a whimpering in the room and Junius wondered what it was. Davian began to laugh heartily. What was it? Who was in the room?

Junius turned to look behind him only to see his naked bride to be. She held her hands in her head weeping uncontrollably. The scene before her was too much. Her former manly beau stood before her dressed as a cheap whore, lipstick and make-up spread all over his face, his arse having just now been well fucked and the Emperor's cum drying on his lips. Junius was speechless.

"Don't cry my dear Lara." Davian comforted her, grasping her breast and playing with it gently. "Your coaching session is next and will take place very soon. I haven't forgotten you."

... to be continued

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