tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLessons from the Emperor Ch. 03

Lessons from the Emperor Ch. 03


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The morning sun broke through the clouds and shone brightly through the bedroom window of Junius' and Lara's window. The night before they had engaged in their first sex as a soon-to-be-married couple, although there was definitely a third party in bed with them in spirit.

The two young nobles had vowed to go to their wedding as virgins but the perverted Emperor Davian had seen that both were deflowered and humiliated as an act of revenge. Both their families had caused him considerable embarrassment in the past but he had now begun to taste sweet revenge, robbing the youngsters of not only their virginity, but also their modesty and even their sexual identity.

Junius had been transformed from a 'normal' horny heterosexual male stud to an effeminate cocksucker who longed for his arse to be ploughed by a big pulsating dick, while Lara had been handed over to the palace guards who had turned her into their slut. She had welcomed the men in their exploring and violating all of her orifices and been left feeling sad and empty when the whole scene came to an end.

Now she also had longings she could not explain and would not have recognised before her fateful visit to the palace. In fact, she was even excited by her new 'girl friend' Junius, as he had decided to dress as a cheap whore to please the Emperor who obviously would be keen to continue his transformation of the pair when they kept their appointment later in the morning.

Lara helped Junius to dress and apply his makeup to make him appear as slutty and wanton as possible. And she also prepared by being totally shaved, perfumed and made-up to achieve the same effect.

During the morning's preparation the two chatted like teen aged girl friends and prepared to travel to the palace being ready for an afternoon or longer of wild sex.

Lara had fun draping Junius' skirt around him, having first altered it so as to show off his thighs and revealing the parting of his buttocks in the rear. Whenever he bent forward, the Emperor's target would be plainly on view. His skimpy top also hid little of his chest and Lara applied rouge to his nipples to make them stand out under the thin sheer material. As she brushed his hairless chest his nipples became erect revealing a sensitivity he had not known before. Even his cheeks blushed at the same time.

For her own part, her clothes did not matter much as she had been ordered by the King to go nude within the palace. The thought of her forced exhibitionism made her womanhood moisten and her thighs clench in anticipation.

They arrived just before lunch, and were received by a group of the young palace guards inside the courtyard. They were from the same group who had looked after Lara the day before. The same young man demanded Lara's robe even before she entered the palace building, something she had not expected. Embarrassed, she complied, slipping off her garment and revealing her nakedness to all who happened to be in the courtyard at the time. Although most of the female palace slaves and servants were often required to be nude, Lara was from a well known family, whose father was a city official and mother was also from a patrician family. Many stopped to look at Lara and she was mortified at who was there. The young soldier was sure to make the couple stand there for as long as possible and Lara blushed literally all over, her ripe breasts taking on a very rosy colour as she stood there in the sunshine.

The guard then turned to Junius and seeing his predicament decided to have some fun. "Hello Sweetie" he said to Junius. "All females have to be nude from this point by order of the Emperor, so you'd better strip now." Junius protested meekly, "I'm not a female, sir."

"Is that so? Prove it then" said the young soldier, and Junius complied by slowly pulling aside the crotch of his sheer g-string covering. His large cock was barely restrained by it and the whole exercise was obviously being employed to maximise his humiliation.

"Let me feel ma'am. I must be certain", said the guard as he reached out and took Junius' embarrassingly flaccid penis between his fingers, and slid his hands back and forth over it. Slowly it started to respond, rising to the occasion. At last the pansy's dick was at full mast, some six inches long and sticky fluid beginning to run down the young soldier's hand.

"Well I think it's real enough, but you can't blame me for checking", said the young guard laughing sarcastically, "You must come with me to the barracks, now. The Emperor has allocated some special work for you to do there." Before Junius could reply, he was pushed roughly through the open door by the guard.

A the same instant three nubile and naked nymphs appeared and whisked young Lara away, taking her straight to the King's impressive entertainment room. The two would have to compare notes later.

When Lara was finally presented to the Emperor things were not quite as she has imagined they would be. The king was entertaining a royal guest named Victor from one of the distant dominions. He was also a ruler of his land and a good friend of the Emperor. He marvelled at Lara's beautiful form, displayed naked before him. As Davian introduced Lara, Victor remembered meeting her parents on their last visit to Rome. He was clearly excited by Lara's body, his cock becoming hard and pressing against his silken trousers, and a wet patch was visibly forming.

Victor asked why Lara was now nude and in the Emperor's presence. "Oh I am just breaking in the young filly", Davian said. "The great thing is that she really can't get enough. I am in the process of teaching her a few things. Watch this."

"My dear Lara, it's time for a lesson in the arts of love. Come and suck my cock." The visitors could not believe how quickly the young women leapt across the room, gently took hold of the Emperor's hardening penis and began to hungrily lick and suck on the royal prick. Davian had lain on his side and simply lifted his robe a little so that she could see it. Soon his cock was gliding up and over her tongue, in and out of her warm, wet mouth.

Davian could not deny the girl's work was superb. Her performance belied her inexperience. She was almost better than her beau Junius. As she frantically sucked on the Emperor's dick, her little hands worked on Davian's heavy balls, lightly jiggling and massaging them as she sucked. In her short career as a willing fellatrix she had learned the art of taking the big dicks down her slender throat, something that she was able to do with this monster cock.

Davian's visitor marvelled at her skill and wondered if he would also get to sample the young woman's young body and pleasuring skills.

Lara herself obviously enjoyed her work. Her luscious breasts were constantly on the move, swaying backwards and forwards as she jerked the king's big dick. Her hot-pink coloured nipples were at full attention, standing out more than half an inch from her hot tits and she could not keep from pinching them occasionally nor from letting a hand occasionally visit her visibly excited and bare pussy, giving her clit a rub whenever she could. Her juices were flowing like the Roman River Tiber, and the smell of her sex filled the room.

"You've done this before my dear, haven't you" queried Davian. "Only with the soldiers" she replied. To which the Emperor let out a hearty laugh. "Well then, they certainly taught you well didn't they" he said. "Mmmmmmmmmm..." was all the response she could make, her lips stretched widely as she slobbered over the royal cock.

Davian enquired "What else did they teach you, slut?"

"Everything!" she said proudly.

"We shall see," was his reply. "Why don't you enjoy yourself my friend and fuck this randy bitch," Davian invited Victor. The young ruler didn't bother with words. His dick was already so engorged with his royal blood that it had practically torn through his stylish trousers. He simply dropped his pants, stepped up behind the young lass and sunk his lance into the sheath of her femininity.

"Oh God," he groaned. "Her cunt is so fucking hot and tight."

"Well loosen it up boy," encouraged Davian. Give her everything you've got, all in the name of her education, of course. Look and hear how hungrily she sucks on me? She's such a slut and only yesterday she came here a virgin!" While he was speaking he continued to push his big slippery dick in and out of her warm mouth.

Both of the brutish men laughed cruelly at Lara, her nobility and dignity, gone forever, not to mention her virginity.

After half an hour of sheer debauchery Davian's orgasm began to build. He said to his forced slut, "My dear, I have a present for you and its coming very soon." Get ready now, I am going to cum all over your slutty face, you cunt. Take this!" While Victor continued to fuck her mercilessly from behind Lara stopped sucking and pointed the huge dick directly at her face. Just as the Emperor had promised a thick stream of creamy white cum jetted from his dick right onto her face, her forehead, eyes, nose and cheeks all copped a pasting. Five big ropes of cum, landed on target, interestingly missing her open mouth and then began to slide off her face and drip down onto her pointed breasts.

"What a sight!" thought Davian. "A virgin until married, I don't think so," He chuckled to himself.

Victor was so turned on by seeing Lara receive her special facial that he was also ready to blow his nut. "Quick, turn her around my friend," Davian called out. "Give her another one!" So he did. He turned the young woman around and likewise emptied his balls onto her slimy features. He blasted spurt after spurt of cum onto her face, on top of the Emperor's cum, which was still dripping off her nose and chin onto her tits.

Then Davian thought, "This whore likes this far too much. I must still make her pay for what her family has done to me. I have brought her to my bed not for her pleasure but for her humiliation."

So the king decided to end the lesson for today. "Lara. I hope you have learned something today. You are to be available for my own pleasure and for my guests' pleasure also. You will willingly suck my cock or be fucked any time I choose. And you will be proud to be the Emperor's bitch. Today you will walk home without cleaning up. You will show everyone what a debauched cumslut you have become. Every time you see a man on the way home you will smile at him and tell him that it is the King's cum on your face and that you love sucking his dick. Do you understand?"

"Oh no. I can't Sir" she cried in shock. "What about my parents and their reputation? How could I then marry Junius my fiancé? Please let me do something else."

"I couldn't care less," Davian replied. "Don't you like sucking my dick and being sprayed with cum by my dick in your face?" Don't you want it? Because you sure looked like you wanted it a few minutes ago. Perhaps I could have my surgeon make Junius more like the young lady he wants to be by way of a small operation. Would you like me to do that instead?"

"No please," Lara moaned. "I'll do it my King."

"Of course you will dear, of course you will," said Davian triumphantly.

"But you'd better wait for Junius in the courtyard, I think my palace guards should be finished with him soon."

You can walk home together and compare notes ...

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