tagLesbian SexLet It Rain Ch. 02

Let It Rain Ch. 02


After my extraordinary weekend with Jennifer, I realized that while I may have been in lust with a couple of girls at college, what I experienced with Jennifer was love, the real deal.

When I thought about her which was frequent, my heart pounded and the most wonderful feeling surged through my body. This went way beyond mere sexual attraction.

During my time at work, she dominated my thoughts. I'd picture Jennifer waiting tables at her dad's pizzeria: chestnut brown hair pulled up in a braided bun, tight white blouse and form fitting black slacks, lustrous olive skin shimmering with a light sheen of sweat from her exertions.

I adored the way she'd look at me with her sparkling green eyes, a lovely smile on her very pretty face. The girl was one of the warmest most affectionate people I'd ever met or had the privilege of knowing. Her winning personality shone through and she was smart as a whip. I always thought I was a brainiac but Jennifer was my equal, probably smarter.

On the days when it was impossible for us to meet, I pined for her. Although our work schedules conflicted, we managed to see each other often, even for just an hour or two. I'd gaze into her vivacious eyes and lose myself totally to the strong feelings of the moment. The kisses that we shared were full of passion and fire.

Thank God that summer my folks decided not to spend much time at the seashore house. Most weekends and without too much fuss, I managed to secure the key and Jennifer was my sole invited guest. While my sister Lynn loved going to the beach, she was busy working as a lifeguard at the community pool and hanging out with her friends. Intimacy problem solved!

In a way it was sad because we'd been close growing up but when I left for college we drifted apart and gradually developed separate lives. If Lynn had even the slightest inkling that something was going on between Jennifer and me, there would have been a confrontation.

Not that Lynn was anti-lesbian, she would have viewed it as something I perpetrated and regarded Jennifer as innocent in the matter. It was her nature to feel that way about me. I was usually the instigator in our childhood years and led her astray on occasion. My mom punished any infraction with impunity (we were grounded for a week or two if it warranted) and while I took it stoically, Lynn detested every minute, arguing that I was the one at fault, not her.

As the summer progressed, I fell deeper in love with Jennifer. By the end of July, I was head over heels. Then it started, the awful reality that we'd be separated in the fall, attending different universities. It was during an idyllic weekend at the beach house that I broached the subject and really put a damper on our mood.

We were sitting in our usual spot at the shore line when I turned to Jennifer,

"I'll miss you this fall..." I uttered with absolute certainty.

I was thinking out loud and should have kept those thoughts to myself but at some point it was bound to come up. Jennifer's eyes filled with tears and her sad gaze twisted my heart strings.

"I'll miss you too..." she whispered with a downcast face.

We sat silently for a minute, staring out at the ocean.

"Tara...will you come to visit me at college?" she asked in a shaky voice.

"Every chance I get..." I stated with sincerity, but we both knew that wasn't going to be very often. As a Secondary Ed major, my studies took up most of my free time. Getting good grades was of the utmost importance if I wanted to have any chance of securing a teaching position.

For the remainder of the afternoon, we were uncharacteristically quiet. With the sun low on the horizon, we took our customary walk to an abandoned pier, some ways up the beach. The waves slammed against the huge concrete pilings with force and at times the sound could be deafening.

We sat where the sand was driest and my hand sought hers for reassurance. Jennifer looked at me with the most heartfelt expression,

"I love you," she said earnestly.

It was the first time Jennifer expressed her true feelings to me and I took her in my arms.

"I'm in love with you too..." I whispered from deep in my heart.

Jennifer pulled back and looked at me with tears rimming her lovely eyes.

"You really mean that?"

"I wouldn't say it if it weren't true..." I stated emphatically.

"Oh Tara!" she cried and held me very tightly.

Without caring who saw us, we kissed ardently, leaving us both breathless. Jennifer gave me her "take me to bed" look and we strolled back to our spot, packed up and headed to the house.

Inside we showered together, sharing many intimate kisses and gropes. After a rinse, I stared at Jennifer's gorgeous wet body. She was taller than me with a sleek build that was simply breathtaking; very firm breasts, long sinewy legs, flat six pack belly and compact hard butt. Wow! A Greek Goddess in earthly form.

We practically tripped over each other in our haste getting to the master bedroom. My loving Jennifer was truly hot blooded as the girl had a healthy sex drive or overdrive might be more appropriate. On many an occasion she outlasted me until I cried uncle. When I added a dildo to our repertoire, she tirelessly pumped the long cylinder into my vagina until I erupted, usually in multiples.

On this particular night we were content to casually approach our love making, hugging and kissing with desire. Our feelings took center stage and she regarded me with the most affectionate expression.

"I love you Tara," she breathed with passion during one break.

Adoringly, I bussed her face and neck until my eyes alighted on her succulent nipples. Not only did I crave sucking her tits but she loved having them sucked. She admitted to me early on that they were very sensitive and a few times she got off just having me suckle them.

I wasn't about to disappoint Jennifer and rolled a swollen bud between my lips, my tongue flicking the end delicately. She held me like a nursing child as I worshipped her breasts.

"Oh god Tara...oh god that feels so good..." she crowed, and lay back pulling me on top of her.

With my lips pulling insistently on a thick hard nub, I stroked her slippery sex.

"Oh...oh...oh...oh..." she groaned continuously. Several times I brought my fingers soaked with her juices to my lips, relishing the piquant flavor.

As I gave my all, Jennifer panted in quick short breaths and instinctively I knew that she had an orgasm. I eased up and held her tight as intense feelings coursed through my body.

"Hmm...you are such a good lover..." she stated, and pushed me onto my back.

On cue, my thighs opened and my pussy creamed in anticipation of Jennifer's glorious mouth on me. Let me be the first to say that the girl was a pussy eating diva. With a dildo reaming my plumbing, she'd lick my clitty until I exploded. No one before her gave me as much pure physical pleasure.

* During my escapades with Jennifer, I was convinced that none of my family and friends had a clue as to what was going on between us. However, my mother's facial expressions and body language indicated that she was at the very least suspicious, especially the last time I asked for the key to the beach house.

"Who's going with you?"

"Just Jennifer Constantine, mom...ya know another quiet girls weekend away..." and my voice trailed off unconvincingly.

"I see..." she stated as if she were conducting an investigation.

Jennifer and I always left the house in pristine condition; nothing was out of place, spic and span clean.

The morning after I returned from the beach, I was sitting sullenly in the kitchen barely eating my breakfast when my mother's voice startled me.

"Tara? I want to ask you something and...I want you to be honest with me..." her tone was serious, probing.

My mom hesitated for a moment but she had my undivided attention.

"Is anything going on between you and Jennifer Constantine?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, trying to be coy once the initial shock from her question dissipated.

My parent gave me one her patented disapproving looks.

"You know darn well what I mean young lady..." she said in a measured, clear voice.

Immediately, I felt sheepish and averted my gaze. My mother was very perceptive when it came to my behavior. Trying to pull the wool over her eyes was pointless. However, I was granted a short reprieve when we heard Lynn bebopping down the steps, singing one her favorite tunes.

"Hey ma mere, I'm late for work..." she declared, and grabbed a piece of toast off my plate. When I didn't complain or protest, she looked at me curiously.

"What's wrong? You look like you just lost your best friend..."

"Nothing..." I said quietly.

Lynn shrugged her shoulders and made a bee line for the door.

"See ya..." she chirped, and made a hasty exit.

My mother sat down across from me and her silence was an indicator that she was waiting for my response. I truly did not know what to say but my procrastination was a useless ploy. She'd get to the heart of the matter regardless of how long it took.

Finally, I looked up at my mother but her eyes were compassionate not hard or judgmental at all as I expected them to be. While I'm not the overly emotional type, the tears came and I couldn't stop the flow. When I felt her arm around my shoulders, I leaned into her and bawled.

"What's wrong darling? Why are you crying?"

"I don't want to disappoint you..." I blubbered.

"Why do you think that?"

"Because mom...I'm... falling in love..." the tears rolling down my cheeks in streams.

"Shh...it's ok...I had an idea but...love you say?"

When I gazed at my mother, she had the kindest expression on her visage.

"Yeah...I'm sure..." I fell back into her arms and she gently rubbed my back.

"Well, I suspected something was going on...call it good old fashioned motherly intuition..."

"Am I grounded?" I asked cautiously.

"You're too old for grounding and...what would I ground you for?"

"I'm sorry about this..." I uttered humbly.

My mother held me tight and I felt an enormous amount of comfort in her arms.

"Tara, there's no need to be sorry...try to remember that you're both very young and your feelings may change, ok?"

"Thanks mom, please don't say anything to Lynn," I pleaded.

"I won't discuss your personal life with your sister...it's none of her business...but, darling I have to admit...I'm surprised..."

Stark feelings of remorse and shame thundered through me and I felt my damp face grow very hot. Why I found a young woman instead of a man to be infinitely more appealing to me both emotionally and sexually was a mystery to me.

Later that night, I lay awake in bed with thoughts of my conversation with my mother playing over and over in my head. The mere fact that she was supportive and sympathetic pleased me endlessly.

My mom was the disciplinarian in our household and not much escaped her scrutiny. An attorney by trade, she abandoned her practice to raise my sister and me at a time when most women were choosing to work outside the home. I'd describe her as the supreme stay at home mom, a genuine soccer mom.

My parent was the go to person for help with anything that life threw at Lynn and me. Since we were a single income household, my dad worked a lot of hours and was accessible mainly on the weekends. But, it was my mother's influence that shaped our lives, gave us our values, our way of thinking.

As the summer progressed, I kept rehashing my mother's advice. Was I ready to forsake any future liaisons with men? Did I want to have a full blown romantic association with a girl of eighteen? We'd be attending different colleges in the fall. Then what?

Strange as it may seem, I didn't readily dismiss the idea of finding a boyfriend. My university was the fraternity capital of the east coast and there was always a mixer or party going on practically every night of the week. Although, I was in love with Jennifer, I wouldn't rule out dating a hot guy.

The next opportunity to use the shore house was spoiled by Lynn's enthusiastic desire to go with us. Often I wondered when it would dawn on her that Jennifer and I were more than gal pals. We were packing for our weekend excursion when...

"I hope you don't mind me askin' but...you and Jennifer seem to be pretty tight...ya spend a lot of time with each other..." Lynn while very intelligent lacked my mother's sense of intuition.

"Yeah, I guess we just...ya know...get along really well..." My response sounded lame.

"Jenn's a sweetheart...no doubt about that...shit, with her body and pretty looks she could have any guy she wanted!" my sister declared.

Or, any girl, I mentally added. Lynn seemed to loose interest and resumed filling her overnight bag.

While we had a great time with my sister, the lack of intimacy was killing me and my lover. Jennifer was her usual bubbly self but when Lynn wasn't looking she'd gaze at me with an expression of yearning.

We went home frustrated because time was running out with only 3 weeks left to departure. On any free afternoon that I had, I drove to Constantine's Pizzeria to see Jennifer. She'd pull me into one of the cold storage units and we'd hastily kiss and hug, always fearful someone would catch us in the moment.

We caught one break in mid-august when my folks decided to finally spend one weekend at the shore house before the end of the summer season. With Lynn working, it gave us ample opportunity to explore our intense desire for each other. But, it was also the time to talk about the future of our relationship and on Sunday afternoon we sat by the pool, pensively staring at the water.

"Jennifer...I...ah..." the words escaped me.

"I know what you're trying to say..."

My mother's advice resounded in my head. We were young with so much of our lives in front of us. I wanted Jennifer to have a great college experience and not pine for me. But, who was I kidding? Myself maybe; Christ, I'd miss her so much it would hurt.

Jennifer gazed at me with a soulful look that burrowed into my soul.

"Tara...all I know is that...I love you...now, this very minute..."

I embraced my Greek goddess passionately.

"I love you too...it's just that with four years of college and maybe graduate school...your feelings might change..."

Jennifer's very hurt expression immediately brought tears to my eyes.

"I'm sorry...my mother...oh shit!" I exclaimed.

"Your mom knows about us? She asked in a shocked voice.

"Yes," was my one word whispered answer, and I hung my head shamefully.


"She figured it out, don't ask me how but she did!" I stated dramatically.

"Jesus Tara...was she pissed?"

"Nah, very understanding...it really threw me for a loop,"

Jennifer gaped at me with eyes wide as saucers.

"It's no biggie...Lynn suspects nothing, she thinks you and me are just good friends..."

Jennifer noticeably relaxed but her face still expressed some trepidation.

"Look...I feel the same about you...I love you," my tone was tender,

I took my lover in my arms and kissed her with deep, unbridled passion. If our love was meant to endure then it would. Jennifer's nipples poked at the front of her bikini top, begging for some attention. But, when I tried to palm them she stopped me.

"What's wrong?" I asked in a confused voice.

"Promise me something Tara...if the day comes when you don't feel the same way about me...you'll have the courage to tell me...promise?"

"I promise," I answered gloomily, and silently prayed that the day would never come.

The tears came again and Jennifer seeing my reaction held me very close, stroking my hair. The comfort of her arms was enormously satisfying and I pulled her lips to mine for some soulful kissing. We adjourned to my bedroom for privacy and soon lust took over. Bikini tops and bottoms went flying and I suckled her juicy nipples until they were swollen and reddish purple.

"God Tara...you love sucking tits!" she panted out of breath.

"Just your tits!" I exulted, and my Greek beauty attacked me, positioning me for a sixty-nine pussy munching fest. To my absolute delight, Jennifer let her pubic hair grow out and I adored the lustrous feel of her downy coat on my cheeks.

When I look back now, I realize how incredibly in-tune we were with each others needs and desires. Jennifer's skills as a lover far exceeded my expectations and when one considers that she was only eighteen at the time, downright remarkable.


The remaining days of August grew increasingly hectic. Lynn was starting her freshman year at a university on the west coast. While I helped her pack boxes, I was overly moody.

"Hey sis, somethin' buggin' you?" My sister enquired.

"Nah...it's just that..." I stammered. Hot tears crept into my eyes.

Our lives were changing.

"Yo girl...this isn't like you to be so emotional."

"I know but...we won't see each other until Christmas break..." I said sadly.

Lynn took me in her arms and hugged me tenderly. But, it wasn't just my sibling's absence that I felt. Thoughts of Jennifer were never far from my conscious mind.

The night before Jennifer left for college the only place we could go for some privacy was Walker's Overlook. Saying goodbye to her was heartbreaking.

"Oh Tara...I can't believe I won't see you tomorrow or the next day..." my lover cried soulfully.

We held each other for the longest time, spooning and nuzzling until it was late and time to leave. When I dropped Jennifer at home, my heart sank like a stone.

"Bye...love you..." she whispered.

I held my Greek vixen and kissed her cheek.

"Love you too..." I replied with tears falling down my face.

I watched Jennifer walk up the driveway with a huge lump in my throat. As I drove home in a state of despair I couldn't help but think that trying to have a long distance romance would be foolhardy, perhaps pointless. But, I loved her, I knew with all my heart and soul.

* My first few weeks at school were hectic but Jennifer and I kept in touch daily. Judging by the tone of her emails, she was having no trouble adjusting to campus life. I was sharing an apartment with two of my closest friends and I was glad to be away from the hectic life in the dorms.

Over winter break, Jennifer and I re-connected. My mother allowed me use of the beach house and we took advantage of the seclusion. Our first night together we spent a long time kissing and cuddling on the sofa. The look of love in Jennifer's eyes made my heart flutter like mad.

After a particularly soulful kiss, she gazed at me with tears rimming her green eyes.

"...still love me..." she asked nervously.

"Oh yeah!" I crowed and held my lover very tightly, kissing her with deep passion.

I pulled a thick comforter over top of us and slowly stripped my hot girlfriend. The sight of her naked body had my privates tingly and damp in record time.

"Jennifer, you have a beautiful body..." I declared.

The lovely girl blushed and slowly took my clothes off.

"You're not so bad yourself..." she stated admiringly.

In my limited spare time, I worked out at the campus gym with a high degree of intensity. I'd actually achieved a leaner more hardbodied look.

Jennifer my playful Greek minx wanted to wrestle so we squared off butt naked on the living room rug. Lord knows I tried my hardest but my lover was stronger and pinned me twice before I gave up. Our exertions left us breathless and I wanted her; I wanted her like no one else in my young life.

The state of sexual bliss I achieved with Jennifer was beyond words. There was an incredible emotional and physical satisfaction that encompassed my entire being. Many times I was content to just kiss and hug my lover. The feel of her arms around me was indescribable.

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