tagBDSMLet The Bodies Hit The Floor

Let The Bodies Hit The Floor


My master, Sir or master, as he is known to me, and William to his friends, had called me up and told me to wear my short skirt outfit with no panties and meet him at the local adult store that had opened up recently. I obeyed, wondering what my master was up to this time. I got ready quickly and walked to the bookstore wearing my short black skirt, a cute tank top and army boots.

“You are 5 minutes late,” said master. He was leaning against the wall outside the store. I blushed.

“Sorry master. I tried to hurry as fast as I could.” I bowed my head in submission and tried to look sorry for being late.

“Well doesn’t matter. Into the store with you, I will give you your instructions in a moment. First, did you do what I told you and not wear any panties?” He asked. He was giving me a look that said you WILL obey me now or suffer later when we get home.

“Of course master.” I took hold of his hand and let him feel for himself that I had obeyed him.

We walked into the store together and started strolling through the aisle. “I want you to go up to the clerk and ask him to close the store for a couple hours and pull the blinds down.” He hissed in my ear as we walked down an isle with books on BDSM. I did as I was bidden and walked up to the clerk.

“Sir?” I asked in the cutest voice I could come up with “My master would like you to close the store and pull the blinds for a couple hours.” My master had walked up behind me as I was asking the owner. The owner seemed to know who he was since he nodded once and did what I had asked.

“Good little slave girl,” master whispered in my ear. “Gentlemen,” he said in a louder voice “I have brought my slave with me today in order to celebrate the grand opening of this store. My slave is here to pleasure each and every one of you.” There were about ten to fifteen men in the store. I seemed to be the only woman there. The men started to eye me at that moment.

“Master? Why are you doing this? What did I do to anger you?” I was starting to panic a wee bit.

“You have done nothing to displease me little slave girl, this is just something to further your training.” He whispered and swatted my ass. “Men,” he said suddenly “I shall be the first and last to help celebrate the grand opening of the store.”

With that, he led me over to a padded sawhorse and leaned my stomach on the padding. He then tied my wrists and ankles to the legs of the sawhorse. I was dripping wet by the time master had me secure.

“You are wet for me already and I have only tied you up,” master told me “You are a good little slave,” I whimpered low in my throat and he chuckled. “You aren’t allowed to cum until everyone else has had you and I finish you off,” I moaned at that thought but obeyed as difficult as it was. Then, he pulled down his pants, and proceeded to fuck my pussy.

The first man after my master was a big Scot. I guess he was visiting America and happened to find himself there. He was a big man and from behind it felt like he was nine inches long. He went for my ass. He lubed his huge cock from my pussy and then shoved his cock up my ass. While he was doing this black man came in front of me, repositioned me, and then shoved his cock in my mouth.

After the Scot and the black were done, a Mexican and the storeowner came next. The owner fucked both my pussy, which was by now dripping all over the floor, and my ass. The Mexican jerked off and came on my face. When a line of what seemed like a hundred but was only ten, was done with me, my master fucked me one last time.

By the time master was done fucking my pussy, my mouth, and my ass, the floor beneath me was soaking wet from my cum. Master then untied me and let me get up off the sawhorse. He made me get on my knees and thank the storeowner for a lovely time. I wasn’t complaining. I really did have a good time. I was glad that master was pleased though. If something had gone wrong, there would have been punishment when we got home.

As I was walking out the store, master stopped me one last time. “Slave girl,” he called “I want you up against the window here and then take off your clothes slowly”.

“Yes master,” I said as I walked over to the window and slowly stripped off my clothes. There my master fucked me up against the window for the world to see. When he was done, he kissed my cheek and told me to get dressed again. I got dressed and then we both walked home under the stares of various passers-by.

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