tagMind ControlLet the Devil In

Let the Devil In


Rose always made cookies on Monday and while they were still warm she took a dozen over to Father Luke. She had made snickerdoodles today because those were his favorite and he had seemed a little out of sorts during the sermon the day before. She hoped they would cheer him up.

But when she entered the parish, it looked like cookies we're not going to be enough. The Rector looked like he hadn't slept in several days, his eyes bloodshot and his hair mussed.

"I brought you cookies, Father Luke," Rose said. "Are you all right?"

"Is anyone all right? What is right and wrong? What is good and evil?" The clergyman mumbled.

"You look tired, Father Luke," Rose said sympathetically. "You should rest."

"There is no rest," he said. "No rest for the wicked."

"You're not wicked Father Luke!" Rose objected. "You're the pastor of our church! You're the best man in the whole town!"

Rose's church was very important to her. Her mother had died when she was very young and her father had died earlier that year after a long illness. If it wasn't for the church, she would have lost all connection, all sense of family.

Even though he was only a few years older than her, Father Luke had become like her actual father. More reliable than her actual father had ever had been, really.

But now the Rector was clearly unwell. She had supported her own father in his illness until the end. She would make herself available for Father Luke.

"All men are fallen and wicked," the clergyman said, his eyes widening. "And women! Women started it! Eve, biting that apple, the juice dripping down on her naked body as she danced before the serpent!"

Rose blushed furiously. She had never heard it put that way.

"I think you might be sick Father Luke," she said, a gentle hand on his arm. "You should go to bed."

"Yes... Bed... tired..." the Rector said. "But I have more to learn. So much more to learn. No, no rest. I have to understand."

The clergyman turned back towards his desk. It was only then that Rose noticed the huge, ancient book sitting open there. Was that what had been keeping Father Luke up at night?

"You're not thinking straight, Father Luke," Rose insisted. "Let's get you to bed. You'll understand things better after a good night's sleep."

She took the clergyman by the arm and insisted, steering him out of his office and towards the private living space in the back of the church. He looked back at the book on his desk reluctantly but he gave in to her gentle pressure.

"I'll come and check on you first thing in the morning, Father," she promised. "If you're still feeling like this, I'll drive you to the doctor myself. This Parish needs you to be healthy. I need you to be healthy."

"Oh sweet Sister Rose! Sweet, innocent Rose. So unaware of the evil in the world," He mumbled.

"There's good in the world too, Father," she reminded him. "You'll see that after some sleep."

She left him there at the threshold of his private living quarters after extracting a promise that he would get some sleep and call her if he needed to go to the doctor before she returned in the morning.


As promised, Rose was there again Tuesday morning. And the Rector appeared to be feeling much, much better. He smiled hugely as he opened the door for her.

"Oh good! You came! I was worried you wouldn't," he said.

Upon closer look, his eyes were still very bloodshot. But his energy level was promising.

"Are you feeling better, Father Luke?" She asked.

"Much better, little Rose!" He exclaimed. "So much better! I understand so much more now! And now you're here, so I have someone to share my knowledge with! The perfect someone!"

"Oh, I don't know about that," she said.

"You don't need to know!" He said. "I know! You are the empty vessel I can fill!"

"I...i don't know, Father..." she said again, very confused about what the Rector was proposing.

"Exactly!" he exclaimed. "Come to the chapel at once!"

Rose bit her lower lip and complied, terribly unsure of herself.

The chapel smelled...odd. And all the blinds were drawn, with just a few candles providing light.

"It's very dark, Father Luke," she observed, hoping he would open the blinds or turn on the light.

"Yes, it is," he agreed. "So much darker than you know. Kneel, Sister Rose. It is time for communion."

"But Father Luke, it's Tuesday," she pointed out. "And I haven't confessed."

"Communion first," the Rector insisted, "confession later. Kneel, Sister Rose. You must kneel."

There was something powerful in his voice, compelling. For all of her misgivings, Rose felt herself go weak in the knees and the next thing she knew she was in a position of supplication.

And then the Rector was pressing a cup into her hands. It wasn't the normal communion cup. It was made of carved wood. Rose knew the Rector liked to whittle in his spare time. Had he made it himself? She didn't have a chance to ask.

"Drink," the Rector commanded. "Drink and take it in!"

And then he continued in something that might have been Latin, deep and guttural. Rose didn't understand the words but she understood the mandate. She had to drink.

She drank and the wine burned down her throat and made her nostrils flare. It was definitely not the wine he usually gave her on a Sunday morning with the rest of the congregation.

She gasped and a warmth spread throughout her body. Father Luke took the cup and filled it again. He handed it to her and once again told her to drink.

"No, Father Luke," Rose said. "It's not supposed to be like this."

He continued to insist in the language that probably wasn't really Latin. Rose tried to find a suitable counter argument but this was all so very confusing. She took the cup and drank again. And after the second time, refusing the third time seemed pointless. She was a good Christian girl. She should do what the priest told her to do.

"Bless me, Father.." She begged as he refilled the cup.

The church was spinning slowly around her when the clergyman took the cup from her at last. Nothing made any sense, but all resistance had been washed away.

"Take the Host, Sister Rose," the Rector now instructed. "Open your mouth and take it in."

She wasn't resisting, but she was so confused and her brain was moving so slowly that before she could figure out what he was asking, he was forcibly opening her mouth with his strong hands, invading it with thumb and finger, shaping her mouth into an O and tapping at her tongue until the tip emerged. He placed a white wafer on her pink tongue and it fizzed oddly. He roughly closed her mouth and pinched her nose. She swallowed. Something crackled in her head.

"It's in you, Sister Rose," Father Luke exulted. "The Devil is in you."

"The Devil?" She asked, and there was a burning between her legs.

"The Devil is in you, woman" the Rector said as he shed his robes. "The Devil is in every woman! Eve was beguiled by The Serpent! She let The Serpent into her garden! She ate the forbidden fruit! Such a wicked, wicked harlot, she and all her daughters! The Woman is Sin! The Woman is Temptation! The Woman is The Serpent's Slave!"

"The Serpent's Slave..." Rose said, seeing Father Luke's rampant member for the first time. It was so beautiful!

"Let The Devil in, Rose," he commanded, again manhandling her mouth. "Let the Serpent in and worship!"

And then he was inserting his hard cock between her lips and on to her tongue, just like dozens of communion wafers before it. She didn't resist. She welcomed it. She worshiped it. The Devil was in her. She was The Serpent's Slave!

Father Luke's cock squirmed and throbbed in her mouth. Something bigger squirmed and throbbed deeper inside of her.

He laid his hands upon her head, his fingers entwined in her dark curls as his member slid between her lips. All she thought was 'Let it In! Let it in!" using what will she had left to suppress her gag reflex as he pushed down her throat. She needed it in her!

The Rector called put into the darkness of the chapel in not-latin and exploded inside of Rose. She swallowed desperately, decidedly, devotedly. Her body tingled. Her brain burned.

The glow it gave off was so pretty before it went dark.


Rose was naked when she came to on the chapel floor. Her initial instinct was to cover herself, and a hand and arm went to crotch and chest instinctively as she looked for her clothes, but not finding them, she slowly dropped her arm and removed her hand.

If she was naked, wasn't it likely Father Luke had left her that way? And if he wanted her exposed, who was she to cover up?

She stood, letting her hands dangle unconcealing at her side, her nipples hardening in the cool air of the empty chapel.

A single step confirmed she was still very much under the influence of The Rector's new and improved communion wine. It would be a challenge, but she needed to find her pastor. She was a lost sheep. She knew nothing.

She was an empty vessel.

She gingerly stepped forward, wishing the room would slow its spin at least long enough for her to find the Rector.

The room did not comply to her wish, but she managed to find the Rector anyway, back in his office, pouring over the big, ancient book and muttering in the language he had used before.

"F..father Luke?" She asked from the doorway and his head shot up, eyes flashing, then he grinned hugely, seeing it was her. Rose felt the urge to cover her nakedness, but also the urge to display herself, lifting her chest in invitation. Conflicted, she waited.

"Rosie-fingered dawn brightens the world," the clergyman says. "Come in, girl! Come in!"

"I...I couldn't find my clothes," she explained.

"You don't need them in here," he said dismissively. "I'll get you better clothes when you need them."

"...thank you," she said as he opened his desk drawer and pulled out a bottle and carved wooden chalice.

"You must be thirsty," he said, pouring the dark red liquid. "Drink your wine."

"I'm,,, I'm still a little drunk from before," she confessed.

"Exactly!" He said. "Not nearly enough. Drink up."

She obeyed. It still burned as it went down her throat, but now it brought memories of Father Luke down her throat as well and she trembled as she swallowed.

She blinked the tears the wine and memory brought forth. In the bright light of the office, Rose now saw what the grail was carved with. Naked women being ravaged by demonic creatures. That seemed...inevitable.

"Father Luke?" She asked, her voice wavering. "What...what we did in the chapel... Was that wrong?"

"Was it wrong?" He asked, an incredulous smirk replacing the welcoming smile. "Whatever does that mean? That you can even ask shows you need another demonstration,"

He stood and stole towards her as her heart became a frightened bird. He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her close, grabbed the back of her head with his other hand and kissed her roughly.

She melted. She would do anything he asked. Why had she even questioned?

He broke off their kiss and licked her from shoulder to earlobe, then gently bit it, the bite of pain making her jump and thrill.

"You need to let The Devil in, Rose," he whispered and she sighed.

"I need to let The Devil in..." She agreed.

Then the Rector grunted in triumph and stood tall, grabbing her by the shoulders and spinning her about. Before sh knew what was happening, she was sprawled across his desk, her face against a big woodcutting in reddish brown ink of a whore being sodomized by a demon.

"You need to let The Devil in, Rose," the Rector shouted, running a finger between her ass cheeks and finding her anus.

She gasped, then bit her lower lip and focused on what she needed to say.

"I will let The Devil in!" She vowed.

"Of course you will, Rose! Of course you will!" The Rector preached. "You are a woman! You will always give in to the Serpent!"

There was oil of some sort. Rose could smell it before she could feel it, infused with some pungent but unknown herbs. But then the Rector was slathering her asshole with it, the excess running down her thighs, as he began to work at her with his fingers.

"I will let The Devil in! I will let The Devil in! "I will let The Devil in!" She chanted as the unfamiliar sensation filled her with both fear and longing.

The Rector droned out words in the strange language as his thumb penetrated her and whirled about, stretching her sphincter and her mind. She bit her lower lip again and breathed hard, her nostrils flaring.

"In the beginning did The Woman welcome Sin into the world!" The clergyman now preached in English. "She bowed before The Serpent and gave Him dominion over Her flesh! All the daughters of Eve bear the mark of her wickedness, bear her lust for The Serpent! Every fallen one yearns to let The Devil in!"

"I will let The Devil in! I will let The Devil in! "I will let The Devil" Rose pledged.

What pressed against her asshole may not have been The Serpent, but it was certainly bigger than the Rector's thumb. Rose gasped and then groaned as he pressed into her, stretching her.

"Yeeeeeeesssss...Yessssssss..." She breathed. "I will let it in! I will let it in!!"

With the Rector in her rectum, her head swam. She'd never dreamed of doing anything so dirty, of being anything so dirty. She loved it! She loved him! She loved sin! She was sin!

"Yes! Yes!" She cried out. "Devil in me! Devil in me!"

Father Luke slapped her ass cheek as he thrust into her.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" The Rector prayed.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Amen! Oh fuck!" Rose called back.

And then the was coming in her ass. He was in her. And she was flying!


Rosie giggled softly to herself, curled up in a naked ball in the corner of The Rector's office, sticky with his seed.

After recovering from sodomizing her, he had decided to cum all over face and tits as she knelt before him in a position of prayer. Then he had sent her crawling obediently to her corner where she had awaited his guidance.

She wasn't sure if what she was doing was thinking. It might be better described as unthinking. So much of what she had thought, whom she had been was bursting into pretty flames in her head and then going out.

Purity. Modesty. Judgement.

Crackle. Fizz. Pop.

Ooo. Awww. Oooooh.

She didn't know if she was still drunk or if she would always feel this way. Maybe it didn't matter. If it mattered, Father Luke would tell her.

"Go clean yourself, Sister Rose," the clergyman said. "We should go out celebrate your birthday."

Rose giggled and crawled towards the church's ladies room.

"Happy birthday to me... Happy birthday to me..." she sang. Her original birthday had burned up in the bonfire of her mind. But she was a new person today. That was certain.

Father Luke joined her in the ladies room as she was finishing dabbing the last of his spunk from her face. He had a box of cosmetics and a black dress on a hanger.

"You'll need to do your makeup differently from now on, Sister Rose," the preacher said. "You need to show the world that The Devil is inside you."

Rose nodded enthusiastically, accepting the box.

"I'm the Whore of Babylon!" she declared proudly. "I know what to do!"

And she did. Even with the distraction of Father Luke stroking her naked as while she did so, she was able to paint herself the perfect wicked wanton with smokey 'fuck me' men eyes and full, pink 'kiss me like you mean it' lips.

Satisfied, the clergyman helped her pull on the black dress, its fabric clinging tightly to every inch of her, the lacy top displaying her tits more than concealing them.

Father Luke finished her off with a pair of shiny black pumps and a cross on a cord around her neck.

She looked questioningly at the cross.

"It's called irony, my little succubus," he said. "I find it sexy."

That was certainly good enough reason for Rose! Father Luke stroked her hair and then kissed her full on the mouth, one hand finding her ass and squeezing.

She was panting when he broke of the kiss and stood on tiptoes to reach his ear.

"The Devil is in me," she whispered.

"Yes...yes he is," the Rector agreed. "You wicked, wicked creature. Let's go."

He drove her out of their little hamlet towards the big city. She stared at him adoringly at him, her left hand gently stroking his cock along his right thigh through his pants as he explained once again how women were the doorway through which sin entered the world. It was her favorite story and she never tired of hearing it.

"I love your serpent, Father Luke," she said once he was done, or had at least paused. "I think you fucked my brains out with it!"

And that got him started again, preaching about how she was a foolish woman, like Eve. Like all the daughters of Eve. She was a bimo and a trollop and a slut.

Rose just giggled and enthusiastically agreed.

They arrived at a seedy bar outside of the city. Father Luke parked in the most shadowy section of the parking lot.

"Blow me, you silly skank," he instructed.

"Yes, Father Luke!" she gushed, "Yes!Yes!Yes!"

It took some awkward squirming but at last they both were in a position where Rose could bob her head up and down upon the Rector's erection as he lay back in the driver's seat.

She was getting good at this! Of course she was. It was what she was made for!

At last the clergyman came and Rose swallowed her sacrilegious sacrament.

"Amen!" said Father Luke.

Then he got out of the car, zipped up and led Rose into the Den of Iniquity, which happened to be the name of the bar.

The bouncer looked quizzically at Father Luke's ecclesiastical collar, but spent more time looking Rose up and down, to her delight. Rose had never been to a bar before.

She didn't know if all bars had naked women dancing on poles, but this one did. Father Luke was so right about what a sinful sex she and her sisters were.

They sat right there next to the stage. Father Luke brought out a stack of singles.

"From the collection plate," he whispered in here ear. "Cheap bastards. Be generous with your sisters "

Rose giggled and nodded and made sure the dancers knew how much she appreciated their slutty performances.

A few vodka shots were enough to confirm that, even if the communion wine had left her permanently drunk, she could definitely get drunker. And when was a horny drunk!

"Father Luke," she said, hanging on to his shirt and leaning in close to be heard over the club's music. "Do you wanna fucks me 'gain? Cuz I wanna fucks!"

"Do you know why I brought you here, Rosie?" he said.

Rose crossed her eyes and tried to remember.

"Cuz it's my birfday?" she recalled.

"Well, yes," he conceded. "But also, I need you to understand that I'm not your boyfriend. I'm your pimp."

Rose screwed up her face, trying to understand, and then the pin dropped.

"I'm the Whore of Babylon!" she remembered happily.

"That's my Rose," he praised, patting her on the inner thigh. "Now, see that young man over there..."


"Hi! I'm Rose!" Rose introduced herself as she sat on the lap of a young man on the edge of a bachelor party watching the guest of honor get a lap dance.

"I, um, gave the last of my cash for her," he said, indicating the blonde riding the groom.

"Oh, I don't work here, Baby!" she assured him. "I just wanted to ask you a question."

"Oh, um, ok..." he stammered.

"Do you believe in the Devil?" she asked.

He looked her up and down, a deer in her headlights. He nodded.

"I ket let the Devil inside me," she confessed, then grabbed his cock through his pants. "But there's still some room if you'd like to squeeze in."

She licked her pink lips and then made an O to make sure the young man knew what they were for.

As she led the young man to the parking lot, Father Luke raised his drink to her in salute. She winked at him and giggled. The Devil was in her. But there was definitely room for more.

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