Let Them Watch


It was a cool day in the city, warm enough for still being winter. I snuggle close to him, feeling the breeze winding through the bar each time the door would open. Quickly I glance over, just to take a peek. "Is that them? No, they have a child. Maybe them. No, they look too young." Each couple made me wonder if they were the ones coming to meet us.

Playing with the straw in my glass, Brian, my husband, smiles to me. "Nervous sweetie?" he asks. I nod, knowing that I have never even thought of doing something like this before. But I am here, and so is he. He reaches over and takes my hand in his. I marvel again at the warmth that always seems to fill him. He squeezes my hand a bit, hoping to ease my fears.

Another breeze, and his warmth can not stop the shiver that runs through me. A couple comes to sit down beside me, and I look over. "This may be them." I take a deep breath, glancing again and again over my shoulder.

A tap on my shoulder and a deep voice asks, "Are you Liz?"

I turn with a smile. He is nothing like I pictured him, but he excites me just the same. "Yes...I am." My nerves rise in me, but I push them down, not willing to give into them now.

"I am Sam, and this is my wife Mary," he tells me. I introduce Brian to them, and we all shake hands. I almost feel like giving a sigh of relief, but I keep my smile on instead.

We talk for a bit, finding out more about each other. Sam keeps glancing at me, looking me up and down. I feel a bit self-conscious in my scoop neckline, because I know his gaze is lingering at my breasts. Soon he leans over and whispers, "So, do you feel like playing a bit?"

I can feel the blush creep across my cheeks as I whisper back, "Yes".

He nods, sitting back up, a small smile on his lips. He continues to talk with Brian about things like sports and work. This does nothing to ease my nervousness, and I begin to fidget again. A hand rests on my knee, sending a warm sensation up my thigh. Sam winks at me, gently squeezing my thigh.

"Should we go up to the room?" I ask, hoping to maybe move things along.

We all agree, and the four of us pay our bills and head for the elevator in the hotel. It is quiet as we all watch the numbers climb higher. Soon the doors part and we are almost there. I take a couple deep breaths and slide the keycard through the lock.

Stepping inside, it is a bit chilly in the room, but not too cold. I take off my heels, and go to sit on the far side of the bed. Smoothing my skirt, I try hard not to appear to anxious. I look up and receive a smile from everyone. They are all looking forward to this.

Sam lays down on the other side of the bed from me, scooting over closer bit by bit. I smile, and pull my legs up so that I can recline as well. His hand lingers on my leg, just below my hem, and starts to rub in small, firm strokes. He smiles gently, a look that puts me more at ease. He has a kind look about him, one that does not quite fit the roughness in his voice.

I see Brian take a seat in the chair on my side of the bed, while Mary takes the one on the other side. They are watching the two of us, and I can feel it.

Sam's lips kiss my breasts softly, and all feeling of the eyes upon me vanish. His hand moves higher, inching my skirt up, as his mouth caresses my skin. I moan, enjoying the touch of another man who is not my own. His hand comes up to cup my breast, pinching the nipple through my shirt and bra. I wiggle beneath him, loving the sensation.

My hand reaches out to touch him, shaking a bit as I rest it on his jean-clad hip. He feels strong beneath my touch. I inch it higher, feeling his stomach and chest. I undo the top button, and he raises his head to look at me. A slight nod is given, and I continue to undo his shirt, all the way down to his waist.

He sits up, resting on his knees, and pulls my top over my head. I close my eyes, feeling my hair flow around me, brushing against my shoulders. His hands roam down my chest, feeling my breasts under my bra before reaching behind to set them free. Sliding it off, I feel the chill in the air make my nipples grow stiff.

I reach up, helping him off with his shirt before pressing myself to him. I hear him groan in my ear as our bodies connect. My arms wrap around him, and I feel him pull me close as well. His lips move to my neck, placing soft kisses below my ear, making me shiver. My hands slide between us, and I press one against the bulge in his jeans. He presses back to me, nipping at my neck. Tugging, I try to undo his belt as his hands unzip my skirt, sliding it down my hips. He steps off the bed, offering me a hand to stand and step out of it as it slides easily to make a puddle of fabric on the floor. I stand before him in just my stockings and garter now. I feel like covering myself from his eyes, but hold my hands still as his eyes scan up and down my almost naked body.

He makes quick work of his jeans, leaving his cock exposed to my gaze. I let a finger run down the hard length, and he lets out a low growl.

Taking my hand, he lays me back on the bed, and crawls in beside me. He presses himself to me, letting his cock rest against my bare pussy. My hips move until he is positioned nicely against my wetness. He takes a nipple in his mouth, rolling it over his tongue as his hand caresses my breast. His other hand starts to explore my body, caressing up my leg, lingering at the top of my stocking before moving on. My hand rests against his chest. I feel his heart beating steadily beneath it.

His hand caresses my back, then creeps to my pussy. Covering it, but not entering, he presses it, feeling the heat and wetness there. Slowly, a finger slips in-between the lips, brushing against my hard clit. I moan, shuddering with a small orgasm. He strokes it harder, not letting it stop. I come again and again, moaning louder each time. Then he slips his fingers into me, filling me as I come again, his lips sucking hard at my nipple. Breathing hard, I try to control myself a bit as his hand slips from me, and I feel the trail of wetness his fingertips leave as they move up my body.

Up his fingers glide until they wrap in my hair. His lips leave my skin and he pulls my head to him gently. I follow his lead, kissing his chest, then inching lower as he wants. My face ends up right by his cock, and I watch it twitch at my breath upon it. My tongue reaches out to lick the wetness off of it, tasting him for the first time. I want more, my lips wrapping around him as I slide my mouth over his cock, feeling it jump.

I glance up, and he winks to me, letting me know it feels good. I let my lips slide up and down his hardness, glancing over to Brian. Brian has his cock out, stroking it slowly as he cocks his head a bit to get a look at my wet pussy lips. I start sucking more at Sam's cock, feeling it grow. Licking and sucking at him, he urges me on, his hands guiding me. I give him what he wants, as I hear a moan come from Mary.

Easing my mouth off of himself, Sam reaches for a condom. He tears open the package and slowly rolls it over his hard cock. I smile, excited about the feel of him in me. He asks me to get on my knees and I quickly do as he asks.

Kneeling behind me, I feel him rub the tip of his cock over my wet lips, catching my clit on the down stroke. I quiver with wanting. Slowly he presses his cock to me, letting it slide in, letting me take it. He enters me so easily, and I let out a moan of pleasure. I feel him withdraw, leaving an emptiness in me.

He places his hands on the small of my back and pulls me to him as he pushes his cock back into my pussy. I cry out, feeling him bury deep within me. He starts to move, helping me set a rhythm with him. I feel his balls swing against my clit, tapping them with every thrust. I feel my body tighten, holding him to me as I come again, crying out. Again and again he thrusts into me, long strokes, letting me feel every inch of him.

He stops and pulls out, pressing on my side to have me turn over. I do so, not wanting to feel this emptiness for to long. He spreads my legs and lets his cock rest against my pussy, sawing at the lips. I whimper, begging him. He smiles and thrusts it deep. I raise my hips to meet him, feeling him buried all the way inside.

Mary comes to kneel on the bed beside Sam, her fingers rubbing hard at her pussy. I see Brian stand and walk over, stopping to stand by my head, stroking his cock. Sam pounds harder into me, excited to watch as Mary places a hot kiss on his lips. Brian looks down at me, his eyes glazed with his passion.

Our breathing is heavy, our moans mixing together as we each reach our climax. I feel Sam thrust into me hard as Brian starts to come, feeling it splash across my breasts. Mary screams out, her body jerking with her own pleasure. And I let myself go, feeling my passions wash over me, grasping Sam hard as he thrusts with his orgasm.

When I can I open my eyes, I look at all the smiles around me, and sigh. It was a good idea after all.

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