tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLet's Play Ball!

Let's Play Ball!


I couldn't wait for my morning at work to be over. My lover was meeting me and we were gonna hang out. Its been a while since I have seen him. With his schedule and mine all mixed up, we have to squeeze in time when ever , and where ever we can. It was mainly a sex thing with us. We each had a "better half". Not that we didn't love our spouses, its just that sometimes you need a little more. Or at times something a little different I should say.

Since neither one of us drove, we mainly stayed to local no-tell motels. But this day was different. This was a beautiful warm sunny day. It felt more like spring then late October. We decided to go and hang out in this park not too far from my job. We didn't want to waste a day like this since we didn't know how many more days like this we would have.

As we were walking to the park, we held hands and kissed and copped a feel when ever we got the chance. We looked like kids in love instead of in lust. We were happy to see that at the park there weren't a lot of people around since it was a work day and also a school day. In this park they have about 4 ball fields each with their own chain fences by the dug-outs for the team players. We went to the ball field that was the furthest away from the main park itself.

We were sitting close on the bench in the dug-out talking and kissing. We were just enjoying beginning together. He was holding me close and kissing my neck. Running his tongue down my neck the way that turns me on. His hands were on my back...rubbing up and down. I had my face to the sun and just enjoying the way he was making me feel. One of his hands moved to the front of my blouse. Fumbling with my buttons. He slipped his hand inside and felt for my nipple. Instantly it got hard. Pushing against my bra. My panties were getting so damn wet.

As he was doing this to me, I was having some fun of my own also. I went down his chest with my hands, pinched his nipples just like he was doing to me. But I didn't stop there, I went even further. I was rubbing his cock through his pants. He was so rock hard. I kept rubbing and rubbing. I finally unzipped him. Freeing his cock. It just sprang free from his pants (he doesn't like to wear underwear) and plopped in my hands. By this time we both were so hot we had to remove our light jackets we had on.

He had my blouse all unbuttoned and my breast out over my push-up bra. He lowered his head to one breast. I felt a cool breeze on my breast right before he opened his mouth and sucked in my nipple. He gently put my nipple between his teeth, and bit down softly. His tongue was slowly licking across my nipple by this time. He did this to first one side then moved to the other. I didn't know how much more I could take of this. My head was thrown back and I was moaning softly.

All the while I was stroking his hard cock. Rubbing my finger over the tip and feeling his pre-cum. Moving my finger up to my lips and taking a taste. I love the way this man tastes. So fresh and tangy. Not a bad taste at all, it makes you want more. I moved my hand down to cup his balls. I love to fondle them in my hands, to roll them back and forth. I needed to feel him in my mouth that's for sure.

I moved away from his mouth, and right away I felt the cool air on my wet breast, along with the sun blaring down, it was a great feeling. I quickly kneeled down, before he could protest (not that he would, mind you), but he was kinda iffy about fooling around out doors. Right away I took a lick, from the base to the tip and back again. He has a great cock. Nice and hard, long and not too fat, not to thin either. I kept licking and licking all over his cock, wetting it from my mouth until he was just about begging me to take it inside my mouth. But I decided to go to his balls first. I just love them in my mouth. It gives me so much power to have them there. I like to roll my tongue all over them and see how much of both of them I can get inside. As I have his balls in my mouth, my hand is pumping his cock up and down.

He is holding my head with his hands in my hair. He needs to feel his dick in my mouth and he can't wait anymore. He guides me off of his balls and my mouth is at the tip of his cock. I open wide and he goes right in. I close my lips around his cock and he moans. I am going to town on him now. Sucking him just the way he likes, and using my tongue as I go up and down also. I feel him growing even harder, getting to that point. He is ready to explode, but I have other ideas.

I stand up and he looks at me in wonder. I lower my pants and he starts to tell me someone will see, but I don't care. I just need to feel him in my wet hot pussy. He puts a up a mild protest all the while helping me unzip my pants and pull them down to my ankles. I face the chain link fence and sit on his cock. He slides right in. I feel him fill me right away, even though I am wet I am still tight for him. I start to ride him.

At first I am going slow, taking my time. His hands are on my hips, holding me as I go up and down. We are both moaning by this time. Since my back is to him, this blocks his view, and good thing also. Walking right towards us is this man with his dog. At first the man doesn't see us (the chain fence is obstructing his view) but I think he heard us and wasn't sure where the noise was coming from. As he gets closer he spots me riding my lover. He is looking right in my eyes as I ride my man hard. This turns me on even more so. Now I am riding faster. Wanting to make my man cum. The man is looking at my breast and his hands reach down to his cock. He rubs himself thru his pants. I can make out his out line of his cock as he gets closer. I shake my head to stop him from coming any closer for my lover would freak. He stands there and rubs and watches as I ride my lover to the end.

By this time my lover can't take much more holding off, and he is ramming me for all he is worth. I have to grab onto the fence to hold my balance. I am still watching the man rub his dick through his pants as he is watching us. I can't take much more and I start to cum. "Ohhhhh goddddddd I'm cumminggggg," I scream... my lover starts to cum also. I feel him shoot up in me. I love this feeling of his hot cum inside my pussy. As we are both cumming, I hear the stranger say "cum baby, cum".

My lover puts his sweaty head on my back, I quickly turn around and hold him. I don't want him to see the man watching us. He starts nursing on my breast again as I turn my head and see the man for the last time. He looks at me and brings his hand to his lips and blows me a kiss as he walks away. I never told my lover about that man...

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