tagIncest/TabooLet's Screw Our Sisters

Let's Screw Our Sisters


The odds of a brother and sister teaming up with another brother and sister are long, but Connie, Karen, Jack and I are proof that it does happen. My girlfriend Connie's brother was my sister Karen's boyfriend. We enjoyed each other's company and did just about everything together, including sex. After an evening of heavy drinking and dirty dancing, we ended up in a motel room with Jack fucking my sister Karen while I fucked his sister right next to them. None of us are sure exactly how it happened, but we are sure that we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Watching Jack driving his thick prong into my sister made me a little uneasy at first, but I soon came to terms with what was happening and began enjoying the show. I went over the edge when I saw my sister licking Jack's jism off of her fingers. He applauded my marksmanship when I scored a cum-shot bullseye on the tip of his sister's nose. "What a show-off," Karen said with a giggle.

Before I continue, let me tell you a little about us. I served an enlistment in the Army and am now attending college under the GI Bill. Jack also served a hitch in the military. My scrumptious sister Karen teaches elementary school. I'm sure that her boy students never make it through class without getting boners. She is really hot, with long, auburn hair that hangs to the top of her plump tits. Connie is also a peach. I met her in a bar where she worked as a waitress. I was walking on air for days after she agreed to go out with me. She's a petite blonde, just the opposite of my tall, voluptuous sister. When we go out together, I see the envy in men's eyes when they see Jack and I hand-in-hand with our dreamy girlfriends.

After that first foursome we decided that we just had to do it again. A week later we were once again in bed together. Jack got out his digital camera and took pictures of me fucking his sister, then he handed it to me and I took pictures of him fucking mine. They even let me pose them.

One Saturday night we went out for a few drinks and dances. We called it quits early and went back to Jack's apartment. As a teacher, Karen had her reputation to protect and had chosen not to move in with him. Connie was still living with her parents but was planning on moving in with me. When the four of us got together, it was usually at Jack's place.

Jack popped a rented porno video into the VCR, then called my sister over to suck his cock. The girls agreed to give us head while we watched porno providing we gave them proper fuckings later on. We tossed our clothes aside and the girls went to their knees in front of us. When they challenged each other to a race, I knew I was in for a first-rate blow job. They just giggled when Jack suggested that the loser had to suck the winner's pussy.

My blood came to a boil when I saw my beautiful sister on her knees sucking passionately on Jack's thick cock. She looked more like a porno queen than a prim schoolteacher as she swallowed the head of his cock and buried her nose in his pubic hair. Connie was doing just as good a job blowing my meat-whistle. She had a big mouthful of spit, something that is essential to a great blow job, and she continually swished it back and forth. She was also giving me a lot of variety, another key ingredient. We had been at it for about twenty minutes when the levee holding back the flood began to weaken. The lewd images on the screen threatened to send me over the edge, so I forced myself to look away. After thirty minutes of world-class cock-sucking, I heard Karen choke as Jack treated her to a surprise load. He didn't warn my sister before he came and I didn't warn his when I shot my wad a couple of minutes later. The girls swallowed our dick-juice like a couple of pros.

The girls told us that they had a little treat for us. I had a hunch what it was and I guess Jack did, too, because he gave me a sly wink. We had been trying for months to talk them into putting on a lesbian show for us. A few minutes later, we were in the bedroom with Jack and I sitting beside the bed watching our sisters try to work up the courage to eat pussy. Jack began taking pictures as they got into the sixty-nine position. Connie climbed on top and stared down at my sister's neatly-groomed pussy. She hesitated for a long time and then she began kissing it with closed lips. She kissed it all over for five minutes or so, and I began to lose hope that she would get to the real thing. Karen was just as tentative. Then I saw a flash of tongue as Connie got her first taste of pussy. That first lick was the spark that ignited the inferno and they were soon competing to see who could insert the most tongue. They were like two wildcats! My cock was as hard as a hammer-handle by then and Jack was also sporting a fine erection. My sister somehow ended up on top giving me an unobstructed view of her eating pussy. Her long tongue explored every inch of Connie's little blond pussy. They worked themselves up to a fever pitch and then suddenly stopped and rolled apart. "Thanks for making me come so good, Connie," Karen said. "Same to you," Connie replied. Then they swapped a passionate kiss. The experiment had been a great success.

The girls rested for awhile and then Jack and I pulled them from each other's arms and gave them the fucking that we had promised them. Connie was like a wild animal. Maybe she wanted to prove that she wasn't a lesbian, or maybe the lesbian experience itself had lit a fire in her. Whatever the reason, it was one of the best fucks I had ever had from her.

Jack and I shot our loads at almost the same time, then we lay on the bed playing with ourselves as the girls went to the kitchen to prepare a snack. "Hey, buddy, I've been thinking about something," Jack said. I asked him what was on his mind, and was shocked when he answered, "I was thinking it might be fun to swap partners." I couldn't think of anything to say for a few minutes.

"You mean you want to fuck your sister?" I asked.

"Sure. I've wanted to fuck her for years. Now don't tell me you haven't thought about fucking Karen."

"Yes, I have fantasized about that a few times. Do you think they'll go along with it?"

"We'll never know until we ask."

Jack came right to the point when the girls returned a few minutes later.

"We've decided that we want to swap partners," he said.

Their reaction was hardly what I expected. Their jaws dropped and their eyes widened, then they began to giggle.

"That's so weird," Karen said. "We were just talking about that in the kitchen. Sure, we'll do it. Where do you want to start?"

A few minutes later, Jack and I were lying back sipping beer and watching our sisters suck our cocks. Karen was just as good as Connie, and in some ways she was better. She sucked harder and was a little rougher, and I liked that very much. She could also take more of me, and more than once my fat head slid past her tonsils. Both girls seemed to be enjoying themselves.

"Damn, we should have thought of this a long time ago," Jack said with a laugh. Like me, he hardly knew which show to watch, and his eyes darted back and forth between the two bobbing heads. Karen suddenly stopped, looked up at me and said, "If you want more of this, it's going to have to be mutual." Connie agreed, and seconds later, our sisters were lowering their cunts onto our mouths. Although nothing was said about it, I sensed as soon as the girls mounted us that we were going to stay at it until we came. I knew I was doing something right when Karen began humping my mouth. I could hear her snorting and feel the bursts of warm air from her nostrils blasting my balls. She took a big gulp of my cock and it went all the way down. That sent me over the edge and I literally shot my load right down her throat. The first squirt must have gone straight to her tummy. As soon as she realized I was shooting, she pulled my cock back into her mouth so she could savor the sauce. Jack and Connie were moaning and groaning as they went over the edge. Nobody said anything for a long time, then Karen made us chuckle when she said, "Damn, we're getting good at this stuff."

As soon as Karen regained her senses, she was all over me. She jacked my half-hard cock to get it back up, then she molded her big tits around it and jacked me with them. Nothing stokes up my fires faster than a tit job and my cock began to respond immediately. Connie was having equal success with her sibling lover. Jack and I were soon ready for action. I rolled Karen onto her back and mounted her. Up until then I had been passive, but the act of physically mounting my sister to fuck her made me hesitate. It wasn't too late to stop. "Well, come on, give it to me," Karen snapped. And with that encouragement I became a sister-fucker.

Karen's pussy was like a hot, wet mouth sucking at my cock. It had a much tighter grip than Connie's had. She had mentioned once that she did Kegel exercises to make her pussy tighter and stronger, and they had certainly paid off. She kept her feet planted squarely on the mattress for leverage and thrust her belly up against mine. She was much more aggressive than Connie, and that pleased me very much. I reached between our torsos and filled my hands with tit. I had wanted to squeeze those beauties many times over the years and now my dream had come true.

"Oh, my God, yes, that's it. Don't stop. You're doing it just right. YES! OH,YES! DON'T YOU DARE STOP! I'M CUMMING! HUH..HUH..HUH..HUH..AHHHHHHHHH!"

Connie laughed at Karen's outburst and applauded behind her brother's back. The big grin on her face was gradually replaced by a frown. The frown deepened and then she cut loose with a raunchy outburst of her own. Jack let out a ghostly groan as he shot his load into his sister's pussy just as I was shooting mine into my sister.

We discussed what we had done and all of us admitted that we felt a little guilty. The guilt gradually diminished with each ensuing fuck and eventually disappeared altogether. After much coaxing, Jack and I talked the girls into trying anal sex. We decided that it would be appropriate for each brother to break-in his own sister. I will never forget how good it felt to have my log planted all the way to the balls in my sister's beautiful ass. With the barrier to anal sex breached, other possibilities opened up, and we eventually tried double-penetration fucking.

We paid a visit to a swinger club, and when word got around that two brother-sister teams were looking for some fun, everybody wanted to play with us. Jack and I got a standing ovation when we fucked our sisters in front of everybody. That was one very wild night, but it really deserves a story of its own, so I'll tell you about it another time.

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