Li Ming


Li Ming was everything a proper Chinese girl should be. She had long black hair that fell below her waist, Almond shaped eyes that were liquid brown, a small tiny body and the tiniest feet of which were so valued in Chinese culture. Li Ming had been fortunate not to have to wear the "lotus shoes" as she had been blessed with naturally tiny feet. But as a girl, she was not valued.

Her father was a simple farmer in the Yunnan province of China and as simple peasants her parents knew nothing of birth control not that it would have been practiced in 1920s China – not even the withdrawal method. Years had passed and Li Ming was the youngest of 7 children. Most of her sisters had been married off and her brothers worked the field with her father but Li Ming was not to be married. She was being sold to Mr. Chen for a vast sum of which her father would be able to re-seed his many fields, buy a new roof for their small cottage and offer large dowries for his son's brides.

The price for all this comfort and wealth was - Li Ming's virginity. Mr. Chen was an older man who lived in the great Guangdong province. He was a wealthy man who resided with his many concubines and wives and was always looking for a beautiful new girl whose unbroken pussy would be his for a price.

Li Ming had always been a beauty which is why her father had given her the name meaning beauty.

Mr. Chen had heard of her beauty from a traveler who sold goods on the roads and had seen Li Ming many times. Li Ming was so sought after for her beauty and charm that he father had turned away many offers.

"No." He had sternly told his wife time and time again. "Li Ming is beautiful. It is true." He had taken the long opium pipe from between his lips to refill.

"But her tightness and cleanliness will go to the highest bidder. We must think of our sons."

Li Ming's father had always assured her safety and kept men and boys away from her. He had never allowed her to learn any texts or knowledge believing that she would be wanted more if she was as blank and crisp as a new sheet of rice paper. He had been right.

Mr. Chen was close to 60 years old with a small stature. He was a small, dignified man who had all of his hair and kept his appearance well. He wore simple suits of black and dark blues and wore a pair of glasses. His family had made their fortune in the opium wars when they smuggled it in and out of Hong Kong and other parts of Asia and Chen's family had become very wealthy.

At 18 years old, Li Ming was everything Mr. Chen wanted. A lovely young virgin to mold in every way possible. He had paid a large price for her and instructed her family to take her to his large house in Guangdong where she would begin her initiation into becoming a first class concubine.

Li Ming wore the long dress of red silk with dignity. She had said goodbye to her parents and siblings but she felt nothing. They had sold her callously and she would never forgive them. Though Mr. Chen was a well known Chinese gentleman he was no better. He had children younger than her, older than her and he was about to bed her. It was disgusting! She didn't know what to expect – but she knew what was about to take place was wrong and evil. She should be marrying a boy chosen for her in a ceremony in front of her friends and family – not shut away in this large dark house to be taken against her will because he had paid a ransom for her!

Li Ming had been taken into the large compound that was Mr. Chen's major residence when in Guangdong. Because he traveled so extensively – he had houses all over China and Asia. She had been bathed, scented with Ylang Ylang and given only the finest silken gowns to choose from.

Li Ming had looked over the gowns and had asked a sweet young girl named Yue Yan to choose for her. Li Ming would rather die than chose the gown to be raped in.

For that's what it was to be. Rape. She had been sold to the highest bidder and now she was to be raped by Mr. Chen. She didn't blame her father – this was her lot in life. She was a girl and her brothers needed wives – the price had been Li Ming.

She had been given white face powder and red lipstick and she awaited Mr. Chen in the vast chambers. The entire room was colored red. Red was a very important color in Chinese culture. Red meant good luck, a bright future, and was always used in wedding ceremonies.

Li Ming thought it looked too much like blood. Li Ming waited patiently and Mr. Chen arrived shortly. He had been speaking to his assistant Shen when he saw Li Ming bathed in the harsh red light. He immediately thought of her and little else. Shen disappeared.

Chen nodded to her and settled down on a small settee. "Disrobe, little lotus."

The lotus was the cornerstone of Asian flower culture. The lotus blossom represent four virtues: scent, purity, softness, and loveliness. It was a delicate and spiritual flower and to use it was almost mocking the young girl.

He uncrossed his legs and waited. Li Ming's first response was to shake her head and say no, but that was not possible. She unbuttoned the long red robe and it settled at her feet in a soft swish. She stepped out of her small black shoes and she shook her hair so that it fell around her body.

Chen nodded. She was a lovely young thing. She was of a small stature probably no more than 5 feet 1 inches tall. She was slender with no rounded hips and tiny breasts. Her long hair covered her upper body and her pubic hair was dark brown and curled.

"Come here little lotus." Chen motioned to Li Ming and as she approached him he unbuttoned his trousers. His cock came forward. It was slightly limp and pale white.

Li Ming stood before him not sure of what to do. She was shocked. She had never seen a man's cock before.

"Kneel." She did as she was told and kneeled before him.

His hand came out sharply to cup her head. He said nothing and Li Ming struggled at first. She didn't know what was expected of her and then she knew. She wanted to struggle and kick him, bite him – anything so that he would release her. And then what? Where would she go? What would she do?

His cock looked so white springing from the black pants and Li Ming took it into her small white hands.

Chen nodded again. Li Ming touched the tip of her tongue to the head of his shaft. She looked up expectantly to Mr. Chen.

He had settled back in his chair and Li Ming took the head of his cock into her mouth. She had never done anything like this and she felt wanton and evil. She felt like a whore. She knew this was a wrong thing but she was a concubine now. She was Mr. Chen's whore.

She swirled her tongue around his cock and Mr. Chen moaned lightly. This must be good. She pretended he was a piece of candy or something large that she would have to suck on for a long time. Would she have to do this for a long time, she wondered.

His hand remained passively on her head as she continued to tongue and suck him. Li Ming wondered about her family in Yunnan and felt herself growing wet and warm in a place she had never done so. Well, except that one time.

She had remembered that time her father had caught her and her cousin Zi playing in the mud. Zi had always been considered a beauty and she had been a few years older. She had stroked Li Ming's budding breasts and had kissed her once on the mouth.

Li Ming had laughed and had been about to kiss her back when her father had found them and flown into a rage. Li Ming had never seen Zi again.

The cock inside her tight mouth was growing large and thick and Li Ming had trouble swallowing it whole. She kept trying to move up and down the long length but it choked her. She tried to do the right thing but Mr. Chen kept forcing her down again onto his thick cock.

She tried to do her best and continued to suck his thick cock and swirl her tongue around his meat. She seemed to be doing well because Mr. Chen was moaning into the room and arching his hips into her mouth. Li Ming didn't know if this was a good sign until he suddenly erupted and his thick cream coated her throat and then flung itself onto her face, shoulders and naked breasts. Li Ming looked up at Mr. Chen.

"Well done little lotus." Chen said as he looked at the young girl on her knees before him. His cock settled itself between his legs and he motioned the girl to stand before him. She struggled to stand up and she wiped away his cream from her body with her silk dress from the floor

"Spread your legs." He told her as she stood before him. Her slim legs parted as his hand felt between her. She put her hand upon his shoulder to steady herself.

"Ahhh," she gasped slightly as his fingers brushed into the curls at her pussy and then delved into the tight slick passage. She had become wet and warm while giving head and his thick fingers pressed into her warm cunt.

"Please, no." She tried to stop him but he slapped her small ass.

"You don't speak – unless asked something." His fingers delved deeper into her passage until he came upon the barrier he sought. It guarded her virginity and he was satisfied.

"Women's mouths are good for few things. Talking is not one of them." Chen pulled his hand away and wiped it onto a towel next to him.

"Your father sold you to be of use to me. Do you understand?"

"Yes." Her tears spilled out onto her cheeks.

"You will always refer to me at Mr. Chen. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mr. Chen." She wiped her tears away.

"You will be treated well, fed, looked after, cared for – in return you will service me in all that I require. Understood?"

"Yes, Mr. Chen." Li Ming looked at him quietly and noticed his cock was growing large in girth again. What did it mean, she thought.

"Go lie on the bed." Chen enjoyed young girls.

He enjoyed their youth and vivacity but he also enjoyed their young, tight bodies. He had long ago decided that with his wealth and money he would never again lie with unattractive or old women. His wives were another matter entirely. He must have male heirs to continue his family name. But after they had serviced the need for male blood lines – he would not lie with them again. Instead he spent his time with his lovely young concubines gathered from all over Asia. This newest catch would be a lovely addition.

"Yes, Mr. Chen." She walked quickly over to the bed less he be displeased by her.

He removed his outer jacket but kept his clothes on. He was not used to this new whore yet and he would not let her have the pleasure of seeing him naked or spending anymore time than necessary with her.

His hard cock remained outside his pants as he walked towards her. She had settled herself on the bed.

His hands moved over her body and he noted the slim almost boyish hips, small breasts and long hair. He knew that Shen would eventually enjoy her very much. Shen was his assistant but they shared much more than work. Shen had a particular fetish that Chen always wanted to see satisfied.

"Spread your legs, whore. I never want you to close your legs when I am near. Always be prepared to service me. Always. You will soon become used to all of your orifices being filled. Already I have filled one. Soon I will fill your tight pussy and yet another day your anus. These holes should always be ready for me. Do you understand me, whore?"

"Yes, Mr. Chen." Li Ming hated this submissive behavior, she hated Mr. Chen's attitude and she hated being called a whore but this was her life now. She was a prisoner.

Chen always enjoyed the first press into a woman's tight body. He enjoyed it all the more when they were unwilling and upset. He had long ago realized from his father and uncles that women were for a man's use and not much else. Women brought men into the world, women pleasured men with their mouths and cunts and women cooked, cleaned and reared the children. Women existed to make a man's life better. And so it was with the whores.

He watched her slim thighs fall apart to admit his body. She had covered her small breasts but he smacked them aside.

"Don't cover yourself. I have bought all of you – I want to see all of you."

"Yes Mr. Chen." He thrust a few fingers into her tight pussy and smiled as she whipped her head to the side rather than speak against him.

"Hmmm, lovely lotus." Her muscles gripped his fingers tightly and he wanted badly to fist inside her. But she was still new to these games and he thought to be gentle. After awhile she would take anything anywhere and would be the most practiced concubine yet. He smiled. But not now.

Chen took his cock into his hand. He was not overly long but he was quite thick and meaty and enjoyed the cries of Asian women who seemed to have very small vaginas. Asian women seemed to be very shallow and he always enjoyed their cries. It spurred him on and his cock became engorged with blood.

He pressed his cock into her small opening and she cried out.

"Please, no! You are too big! You will hurt me!" Li Ming gasped.

Mr. Chen looked down at the young girl crying out to him when he had just paid a huge price for her and he grunted. Her family would have many things thanks to his generosity and here was the little bitch crying that he was too big – what did this stupid virgin know?

Angry at her cries and demands - his cock slammed into her sharply ripping into her body and forcing the hymen aside.

Li Ming cried out and Chen jerked his cock into her slick passage. He looked down at her and then forced her legs up and over his shoulder pulling deeper into her body. He groaned at the slick passage and the tightness with which her body held his.

He continued pounding into her as Li Ming cried out. Chen soundly pounded harder and harder and then erupted sharply spilling his milk inside her and Li Ming cried out as he pulled out of her.

"I could have been gentle – that was for your disobedience and my displeasure." He saw his cock was stained white and red – from her blood and his semen.

Li Ming watched as he once again wiped her juices off of himself.

"Your only purpose in life – is to serve me. Understand?"

"Yes, Mr. Chen."

"You will learn – there are consequences for good and bad behavior in my household."

Chen picked up his jacket and walked to the door, buttoning himself up before he spoke, "I will see you again tonight."

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