License to Strip


"Does it bother you, all these different people you know seeing you naked?" I asked.

"No," she said, pausing a moment to think. "It's the opposite, really. In fact, I really get the weirdest rush from it, if you want to know. The truth is, I have to try to relax when I do this, so my nipples don't give me away. They can be pretty 'forward,'" she giggled. "And I try not to let my relatives see that, you know?"

We all had plates of barbecue, the clothed among us, the naked, and the topless. Ingrid took us around and introduced us to everyone, and no one seemed the least bit uncomfortable that I wasn't dressed.

We drank plenty of wine coolers and beers, and even tequila shots for good measure. Eventually, as the night wore on, most of the revelers filed off to bed, and at last there were just three of us out on the patio: Chris and myself, and the 19-year-old Brad.

I said to the two men, who were still both dressed, "why don't we get in the hot tub?"

I didn't have to ask twice, and the two guys at last took off their clothing to join me in the swirling hot water.

After about 20 minutes, I offered to go get more drinks, and I pulled myself out of the water and stood above the men for a minute to drip-dry.

When I returned with three fresh wine coolers, they had drawn three chairs in a circle and were chatting comfortably, with nothing but the sound of the waves in the background. I sat down and stretched out my legs in front of me so that Chris and I could touch our feet together. I guess I shouldn't have done this, because the touch was starting to arouse me, and maybe no one else could, but I saw that first my nipples and then my little clit were starting to swell.

I was intensely aware that if Brad looked at just the right place, he would probably be able to tell that my soft little button was pointing right at him, peeking out of its hood.

Then I noticed that he was, indeed, looking at just the right place. We made eye contact, then, and I tried to smile. We both did our best to act like nothing had just happened, and the three of us kept on with our conversation.

I was really surprised a few minutes later when Brad's hand, which had been resting carelessly on his thigh next to his penis, started moving ever so slightly, idly touching himself. I don't know if he was even aware he was doing it at first, and I couldn't tell, either, if Christian had noticed.

Seeing Brad touching himself that way, I decided that this was a chance I might never again have to teach Chris a little lesson about swallowing.

I excused myself from our little triad, and walked into the kitchen. When I returned, I was carrying a glass of water.

I sat down and took a drink from it. Not so idly, I draped one hand on my thigh, just like Brad's posture before he started absent-mindedly touching himself. I noticed that he was still doing so, in a sort of inconspicuous way. His penis was noticeably turgid, but nowhere near being hard.

I took the next step in my plan. "So, Brad, Chris and I were having a discussion, and I'd like to know what you think."

"Let me hear it," he said.

"Well, we were talking about girls who don't like to swallow. You follow me?"

He squirmed just a little in his chair just then, and Christian laughed and said "oh boy, here we go."

"You be quiet," I chided him, teasingly.

I think both men were surprised that a naked girl was bringing up a topic like this. I enjoyed their sense of discomfort, but Brad's next question showed me he didn't mind exploring the subject.

"How about you, do you ever swallow?" he asked.

"I've done it before, obviously, but it's gross and I prefer not to."

"Really?" he said, "tell me why you think it's gross."

I looked at him before I answered. That was an odd, and really forward, question for a guy to ask another man's girl. Even more so when they were both naked.

I sipped my water and answered, "everything about it. The taste, the texture, the smell...." I shuddered.

"In fact, depending on how recently you've been to the bathroom, the first bit that comes out of you is actually pee. Did you know that?"

"No, actually I never thought about that."

"That's why you can have different flavors depending on what you've had to eat. Things like asparagus, especially," and I shuddered again, remembering it. "It's gross."

We fell silent then for a moment, and trying not to be obvious, I slid my hand closer to the inside of my thigh. I wanted to match Brad's seemingly innocent brushing of his fingers against himself, but I was taking my time, breaking down my own shyness to do it.

Finally, I asked Brad the question that Christian had failed so miserably on. "Do you think it's fair for a guy to ask a girl to swallow if he's not willing to do it himself?"

He laughed and looked me right in the eye. I took that opportunity to slip my hand the rest of the way over and rest two fingers at the top of my slit.

"I guess Ingrid didn't tell you about me," Brad said.

"Um, no, what about you?"

He looked just slightly uncomfortable, and he removed his hand to the arm of his chair as he spoke. "Well, let's just say I can be sexually ... adventurous. And it doesn't matter to me what kind of equipment my lovers have. I can appreciate beauty in both."

Very interesting. Young Brad was bi! I thought to myself, this is definitely my chance.

"So I gather you've given men blowjobs?" I asked, getting right to the point.

He smiled, "of course. Many times."

"And, do you swallow, or...?"

"Generally speaking, yes. To me it's just part of giving as much pleasure as possible, and I guess I've just gotten used to it."

Unfortunately for me, that was the correct answer, and it put me in a bit of a tight spot. But looking at Chris and seeing that he was showing signs of stiffening, too, I adjusted my plan on the fly and went on.

"OK, Chris, here's the deal. If I offered you a blowjob right now, would you want to?"

He was startled by this, and he glanced at Brad before answering "wow, how could I refuse?"

"And I'll swallow your cum, not just tonight, but every blowjob you get from now on... if ..." and I leaned toward him "if you'll swallow a whole load of Brad's cum."

He adjusted himself in his chair and said, "oh, come on, you're not seriously expecting me to give him a blowjob?"

I cut him off. "No. But you can drink it from this glass," and with that, I finished the water, and handed the empty glass to Brad.

I could see that Chris was struggling with the temptation of this. "You'll swallow every time you give me a blowjob?"

"Every time," I replied, licking my lips.

His penis, now almost fully hard, was answering for him. I got down on my knees in front of him and took his growing erection in my hand. "I take that as a 'yes,'" I said, and without waiting for more, I started licking his penis. He was soon fully hard, and I took him into my mouth and began pleasuring him in earnest, prompting him to let out a moan.

Brad, meanwhile, was just sitting there, frozen to the spot, watching the scene unfold before him. As a bi man, I'm sure he was enjoying both sides of the transaction. But the silly boy wasn't doing his part.

I slipped Chris's member out of my mouth, and stroking its wetness with my thumb, I said "Brad, you have to shoot yourself into that glass. You can go somewhere else if you want. But don't take too long," and I gave Chris a playful shake, "he has to drink yours before I drink his."

I knew that the only way I would ever get Chris to swallow a load of cum was if I had him in the throes of aching arousal.

Brad simply stretched his legs out more in front of himself and started stroking his penis in earnest. As it grew to its full size, I stole a few glances at it. It was beautiful, of course, as erect penises are, and really not much different in size from the one that I had in my mouth.

I could tell that Brad was trying to come quickly, rather than the sort of slow, leisurely stroking a man might engage in for fun. I'm sure that the sight of me, naked and on my knees with a dick in my mouth was helping him along.

With a series of loud breaths, and lifting his feet from the ground, he held the glass to his penis and I watched a series of white streams pour inside. I reached a hand out and took it from him. It felt warm where his creamy orgasm was collecting at the bottom.

I handed it to Chris, who looked at it dubiously. "OK, big guy," I said, stroking him again with my thumb so I could watch him. "It's now or never."

Christian raised the glass to his lips, and he frowned and wrinkled his nose. I dipped my head down to lick the tip of his erection, to keep him at maximum arousal.

Then he closed his eyes and poured the drink past his lips and, screwing his face into a squint he quickly swallowed, once, twice, a third time. And in that very same instant, under the pressure of my thumb on the under side of his penis, he started to come.

Only a small part of that first spurt missed my open mouth, leaving a stripe running across my cheek towards my chin. I made sure to take the rest of the orgasm in my mouth, and it was one of the longest and biggest I can ever remember. Just my luck, of course, because this was the beginning, for me, of a lifetime of swallowing.

I have to confess, I felt so wickedly good at that moment. I was naked, outside in the warm summer night, with the sound of the ocean behind me. I was a half-mile or more from our lodging, and I had just let a stranger watch me give my lover a blowjob. Something at that moment prompted me to show off, so I looked up at Chris and carefully opened my mouth, letting him see all that he had deposited there. And, putting my hands down at my sides and clenching my fists, I made a deliberate show of swallowing his load.

I returned to my seat and let out a sigh, and a giggle. As I wiped the one stripe of cum from my cheek with a finger, and swallowed it down, too, Brad smiled and stood up, his own penis at half mast, and said, "I think it's time for me to turn in."

Chris and I stood then, too, and he wrapped up his clothes in his dress shirt, and the two of us walked, naked and hand in hand, back along the deserted beach to our room.

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