tagIncest/TabooLickety Split Ch. 10

Lickety Split Ch. 10


Oh that summer. That perfect, perfect summer. My brother, Will, and I went to visit our cousins, Julie and Jake, for two weeks as we always did. Julie showed me a few x-rated magazines that she had gotten from a friend. We laughed at them but I really liked to look at those naughty pictures.

Then Julie showed me a porno video. Wow!! I'd kissed several guys by then, even let a few of them play with my little titties, but I'd never felt anything with them like I felt when I watched those videos. They made me so horny!! My pussy was hot and wet for the first time and I loved it. There were a lot of girls doing other girls in the video and later Julie asked me if I would like to try it with her. If I would let her lick my pussy.

Of course I agreed! We rushed into the house to her bedroom and she slowly kissed me and removed my clothes. She touched me all over and licked and sucked my small breasts. It felt so good and then she did my pussy. Oh oh oh!! I'd never imagined that anything could feel so damned good! I couldn't keep still, I just kept pushing my pussy into her face and begging for more more more. I had a great orgasm, my very first one. Mmmmm it gives me shivers to think about it even now.

I licked Julie's pussy too. I wanted to taste her and make her feel the things that I had felt. I was addicted to the whole thing right away. We called our little game Lickety Split and we did it every chance that we got. After our two weeks with Jake and Julie, my two cousins would be returning with us to our house for two weeks. I told Julie that I wanted to teach my friend Lynn how to do Lickety Split when we got there. I just had to have someone to do it with after Julie's visit was over.

We taught Lynn Lickety Split on our second day at my house. She thought we were crazy at first, I'm sure, but that didn't stop her from wanting to do it to. That was one crazy day! My brother, Will, and Julie's brother, Jake, heard us moaning in my room even though the stereo was turned on really loud. They picked the lock and came into my bedroom.

Oh I was scared to death when I looked up and saw Will. I'd had my face buried in Julie's sweet hot cunt. I was guilty as hell. And I'd been afraid of Will for a long time. When we'd been younger he'd been such a nice, great brother. I really looked up to him. But around the time that I started developing he turned mean. It seemed like he was always angry with me. Any little thing that I did could send him into a rage.

Now he turned off my stereo and came over to the bed. I'd jumped when I looked up and saw him at my door. Jumped right into Lynn's lap. There we were all naked and scared to death. I was waiting for Will to tear into me but instead he started touching me. I couldn't believe it, I was so shocked. He was touching my naked body and talking about how I flaunted myself and how he was going to teach me a lesson by fucking me, how that was what I had been begging for all this time.

It suddenly dawned on me that the reason Will was angry with me all the time was because he wanted to fuck me. I was so amazed. I never would have guessed that in a million years, it was so crazy. And here he was staring at my naked body, touching my pussy. I begged him to stop. I was afraid and I knew that it was wrong. But then I saw his cock, big and hard and standing up just like in the pornos. Standing up for me. And he was going to put it in my pussy and make me cum... And if I let him maybe he would love me and be nice to me like he used to be...

Oooooh, he positioned me so that I was lying on the bed between my friend Lynn's legs, my head on her soft tummy. He kissed my titties and spread my legs and licked my pussy, fucking it with his wonderful tongue. It felt so good, I was so turned on, I wanted him so bad. He played with my clit and when he bit it with his teeth it drove me crazy! I had the biggest orgasm! And when I was finished his cock was ready and waiting.

He pushed it up inside of me. It was so big. It was a little painful but it felt so good, so full. Then he started fucking me with it. I never dreamed that it could feel so good. Julie had finger-fucked me plenty of times but that was nothing like what it felt like to have a big cock pounding my pussy. And Lynn was playing with my titties the whole time, pinching my little pink nipples. Poor Lynn, it must have been turning her on so much to watch my brother fuck me right between her own legs. She kept pushing her pussy up into my back trying to get some relief while I had an orgasm with my brother's cock deep inside of me.

Lynn got hers though. She went and sat on Jake's face and screamed with the orgasms that he gave her. She didn't let Will or Jake fuck her though. She had a big brother of her own and she was going to go home and get him to fuck her. I didn't tell her but I was a little doubtful about whether she could do it. Shane always seemed so goody-goody. But then so did Lynn until we taught her Lickety Split.

And she did it. She fucked her brother and brought him around to our house the next morning to join in our orgy. Oh that was great. I had Lynn eat my pussy, it was her first time. I sat on the couch and she knelt on all fours in front of me while her brother played with her ass. She started licking my pussy and then to my surprise she licked my asshole! She even stuck a finger up it and my cunt at the same time and fucked me like that. I had so many orgasms! I thought that I would never stop but Lynn soon had to. Her brother was fucking her from behind and spanking her ass!! It was too much for her and she wrapped her arms around me and took her brother's pussy pounding. Oh it was a sight! I told Shane to spank her ass and fuck her hard. I loved to watch him fucking his little sister.

As I watched Shane took his big cock out of his sister and shot cum all over her ass. It was so erotic! Lynn was exhausted, she collapsed onto the floor breathing heavily. I couldn't resist the sight of that delicious cum, I'd learned to love the taste of it the day before when Will and Jake had taught us to give head. I knelt down next to Lynn on the floor and licked all of the cum off of her spanked-red ass. Mmmmmm. I thanked Lynn for the amazing finger-fucking that she had given me and kissed her. I started sucking and biting her big nipple as I stared into her brother's eyes. I knew exactly what I wanted.

I asked Shane to spank my ass and fuck it. I just couldn't wait to feel a big cock up my ass. Oh he spanked me and spanked me until I was begging to be fucked, it was so fucking great. And it felt so good to be fucked up the ass.

It was so great, those two weeks of orgies that would last all day until we had to clean things up before my parents got home. I learned so many new things. It was terrible when it had to end, when Julie and Jake had to go home. We all agreed to continue our sexual experimentation and write letters to each other telling all about it. And Julie and Jake would be visiting again at Thanksgiving...

I was so sad to see them go but I was also really glad. Really really glad! Because Heidi was leaving too, going to cheerleading camp, and Shane started summer football practice which lasted all day... And that left me all alone with Will. We would have each other to ourselves, no sharing.

I knew that Will was really looking forward to it too. During all of those orgies we'd sort of avoided each other, spending most of our time fucking and being fucked by the others. When Julie, Jake and Heidi left Will and I hadn't fucked for four days and he'd never fucked me up the ass. I knew that he was waiting until we were all alone, until I was totally his.

I woke up the day after everyone left with a tongue licking my pussy. Will had taken off my panties while I slept and I looked down to see him lying naked with his head buried between my legs. I was already wet wet wet.

"Oh, Will..." I said, stretching and pushing my pussy into his face.

He gave me a couple more licks and then sat on his heels between my legs, I wrapped my legs loosely around him. He played his fingers over my drenched pussy. "You're all mine now, Little Sister," he said. "I know that we promised to do this letter thing, to do a lot of sexual experimenting. But when you've got some other guy's cock in your pussy..." He pushed two fingers up my aching hole and started slowly fucking me with them. "Or you've got some slut's tongue on your clit..." His thumb began to circle my clit hard. "I want you to remember who this pussy belongs to. Whose pussy is this?" He asked while his fingers fucked harder and faster.

I shoved my pussy down to meet his pounding fingers and started orgasming, crying out, "It's yours! It's your pussy! It's your fucking pussy! Ooooooh fuck your pussy, fuck it fuck it fuck it!"

Will laughed in triumph and removed his hands to shove his cock into my cunt. He pulled it back out after a few strokes and flipped me over onto my ass. "And whose ass is this?" His hands caressed my asscheeks and spread them wide. His fingers skimmed over my hungry asshole.

"It's your ass!" I cried. "Fuck your ass, Will! Fuck your Little Sister's ass!!" I felt him moving over me, positioning himself. And then I felt the tip of his cock gliding down the crack of my ass which his hands held spread wide. I was moaning and begging him to fuck my ass. His cock trailed by my asshole and rammed deep and hard into my cunt. I cried out in pain and pleasure at the powerful thrust. He removed his dripping cock and I felt it at the entrance to my ass.

"I never fucked Julie or Lynn in the ass, Heidi," Will said, his voice was deep with passion. "Did you notice? I noticed... I noticed how much you loved Shane's cock up your ass that morning in the den. How much you loved to have him spank your ass."

Will began slapping my asscheeks with both hands, right, left, right, one after the other, while his cock rested against my asshole. "I couldn't believe what a naughty whore you were. So nasty. My own Baby Sister begging to be fucked up the ass."

I was moaning and shrieking with the torturous pleasure and pain of Will's spanking. It was making me so hot and horny. I wanted his cock up my ass so badly. With every hard stinging slap my ass would move under his cock and his cock would rub against my tight asshole. I wanted it so so bad and it just kept tickling my entrance.

Will continued to tease me. "I shouldn't have been surprised by how nasty you were though, should I? Hadn't I seen you with your face buried in our cousin's pussy? Didn't you let your own brother fuck your nasty girl pussy? And fuck your pretty mouth? You look so beautiful when you suck cock, Heidi. You were made for it. I love to watch you suck Jake and Shane's cocks."

"And I love to watch them fucking your hot little ass." Will suddenly grabbed my waist and slammed his cock past my sphincter and deep into my ass with one hard thrust. I screamed again and again at the mingled pain and pleasure. Will grabbed a handful of my long white-blonde hair and started slowly thrusting his cock in and out of my ass.

"But I never fucked your ass," Will continued in a strained voice. "I was waiting until they were gone and I could remind you...Oooh...I could remind you that your pussy is mine and your ass is too. No matter how many guys you give them to, they will always belong to me."

I screamed in pleasure as he began pounding my ass hard with his big cock. My clit felt as if it were hugely swollen, it was begging to be touched. I reached a hand down and started rubbing my sensitive little nubbin hard. I immediately started orgasming. I could barely keep my hand on my pussy as wave after wave of pleasure swept over my body. After I'd had several orgasms Will shot his load deep inside of me and collapsed on top of me, pressing me into the bed. My pussy landed on my hand and I continued to press my little clit and orgasm under the weight of my brother until I could take it no longer and lay twitching from the aftereffects.

I was his all right. My pussy, ass and mouth belonged to him and I would give them to him whenever he asked for them, in fact I still do. But his cock has always belonged to me, whether he will ever admit it or not.

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