tagNonHumanLife After Death Ch. 01

Life After Death Ch. 01


Life After Death -- Leben Nach Tod

Chapter 1

To know that vampires exist and walk among us is a scary thought. That's what I thought until my 21st birthday.

My friends: Kat, Jax, and Chelse took me out to a bar to celebrate. Bars are not my place; I just seem to feel out of my element. I mean I'm average in height, 5' 4''. I wore my dark strawberry blond/brown hair down in its naturally straight form against a rich black top. I enhanced my light green eyes; they almost look surreal or unearthly. But even though I made an effort to look good I don't see any good coming from tonight. Laughing at something that Kat said, I started to slip from my seat---mind you I was not drunk! Then I realized that I didn't hit the floor. I looked up into the most beautiful eyes that I have ever seen. They were the color of freshly cut amber stone that sparkled with fire and the ages of time but something was haunting him behind that sparkle that captured me. He had a strong embrace, a black button down dress shirt that was opened just enough to make a woman hot, and those black jeans...lest just say that everything was perfectly hugged.

He moves to help me to my feet and asked, "Are you all right?"

All I could do was nod. He was at least 6' 8'' in height with dark golden brown hair that barely touched his broad shoulders; it framed his face just right to show off his handsome chiseled features...he seemed like he was sculpted by the goddess Aphrodite. I looked at his eyes again and they were a different color. His eyes were a one-of-a-kind color, mystified over by what he has seen and done. They were the color of sin; black on the inside to the point that you couldn't see were his pupil ended and his color start. The black spread out to a color scheme of blue ending with a light blue that rimmed his eyes; as if they were each a saphire within a diamond. He was mysterious, majestic, proud, sexy personified and he knew it. But there was this air of something haunting him. With my answer he titled his head in a polite nod and took his leave. Watching him walking away from me made me feel empty. He had the body made of perfection and for sinful deeds. I stared after him until he disappeared into the crowd.

I sat back down, took a sip of my drink and got hammered with millions of questions. I couldn't tell them anything about the guy other than that he 'saved' my life. I couldn't help myself from thinking if I would ever see him again and what it would be like to taste those sinful lips.


The next few days, all I could think about was that mysterious guy in black. I kept seeing him walking in and out of my dreams...and those eyes....they thoroughly mesmerized me.

"Hey!!" yelled Kat. Kat is my best friend that stands at 5' 5''. I have to say I would blame her for the introduction into the world of darkness. But I love her anyway. She has and will always be there for me and has helped me through multiple hardships; I could go to her about anything that was bothering me and I think that this would qualify....

I looked up from the daze that I was in. Kat, Jax, and Chelse all looked at me with concern.

"You have been doing this ever since that guy helped you...what's going on?" asked Jax. Jax is my other best friend and has always been there for me as well.

"I have no clue...." I reply my voice trailing off. I look down at my drawing and his eyes were staring back at me. I closed my eyes trying to discard them from my mind and closed my sketchbook. Setting it on the table I got up and went to my room.

Kat didn't let that go though. After I left she looked at the book and her concern rising. She walks to my door and knocks.

"Hey...can I talk to you?"

I move to open my door and she was standing there with my sketchbook in her hands. Walking in she makes her way to my bed and sits down motioning for me to sit down next to her and I do. We both knew something was going on but we were both in the dark.

She hugs me, letting me know that she is there.


A couple of days later, all four of us went out to yet again another bar.

Again I had that feeling like I was being watched and followed but I couldn't see anything. I was beginning to believe that one of the creatures had their claws or fangs into me...that could explain the guy's massively perfect form.

"Hey!!" yelled Kat yet again.

I looked in her direction and said, "Sorry but I feel like I'm being watched."

They look at each other, then back at me, and around the room.

"Well I know why (she points over to the bar), that's the same guy that 'saved' your life," said Jax.

I looked over at him but all I could see was his back and a well defined one at that. He turns around scanning the crowd when our gazes met. A smile started to form on those sinful lips. He must have known that I was ogling him.

"Great....." I said in my mind.

But that smile did something to my body; it responded to his every movement. I pulled away and started a conversation with my friends just to get my head in the right place instead of up in the clouds.

A while later Jax, Kat, and Chelse got up and made their way to the dance floor. They didn't bother to ask me because they know that I don't like to dance. I watched them disappear.

"May I sit?" a deep rhythmic voice said.

I looked up and it was ......him! I swallowed and nodded my head. As he took a seat across from me, his muscles bulged and flexed underneath his clothing. This time he wore a fitted black shirt and faded black jeans that hugged his ass perfectly...black was definitely his color.

"It seems like I run into you quite often...." he said.

Well that explains...a bit. He took a swig of beer right when the music change tempo. The guy gets up and extends his hand to me as an invitation to dance. I didn't want to but I was, again, compelled to do so. Staring into his eyes, I blindly gave him my hand. Gently pulling me to my feet, he leads me to the floor.

When he reached the dance floor, he lightly grabs both of my forearms and leads my hands up his chest to rest up behind his neck. God....his chest felt so good; it was so hard yet so soft. His gaze seared me through and through. Next his hands left mine to trail down my arms to rest on my waist. He pulled me close; I could feel his heat and his body stirring. I couldn't help but be aroused by just his presence.

He starts to move around in a circle, all the while his hands stayed on my back...never moving. I couldn't take my eyes away from his, they seemed so alive yet so hurt by something. He held me close as if he never saw anyone more beautiful. I felt safe in his arms when I clearly knew that I should be backing away.

The song ended and the DJ said, "I will be back in thirty."

We just stood there. He backed up as if he just realized that he did something wrong. I couldn't think of anything that he could have possibly have done.

"Soferia!" all three of my friends said at once.

I turned to look at them when they said, "We were looking for you....what are you doing here?"

"I was dancing," I said as I turned back around. I pointed to thin air, realizing that he was not there any longer. "Nevermind." He just disappeared just like he appeared.

They give me a look that I shrug off.

Later that night, when we were back in our dorm, I told them everything. I could see Kat's wheels working; I could tell that she thought there was something different about him. I could tell what she was thinking; she was thinking that what I described sounded a lot like a vampire. I couldn't think that he was because I didn't think vampires would like to live 'out in the middle of no where' and well...can it be??


I spent too much time in the dorm. I feel like I'm trapped here like I can't move; I said to myself"I really need to get out more often."

I sat myself at the bar when I heard that same rhythmic voice say, "May I sit?"

He sits next to me on my right and ordered a drink. Still looking straight ahead he stated, "I've not seen you out in a while."

I look down thinking, was he following me, does he know everything about me...oh god why me!!

Still looking down I replied, "Yeah......school."

He nods once and turns his head in my direction for the first time. He looked at me with an intensity that burned to my very soul. My body flinched at the intensity. I turned back to my drink but he kept watching. I turned to say, "What?" but it was caught in my throat. He was no there, all he left was his drink...untouched. I shivered to myself and made a quick exit for the door.


Again I was sitting in the dorm by myself or at least that's what it felt like, everyone was sleeping. I was curled up in a chair trying to draw something...anything. But nothing came. I threw my sketchbook to the floor in frustration.

I looked out the window to find that the moon illuminated the pond. I looked toward the door, grabbed my coat and walked out.

Once I broke through the blow brush, I was bathed in light. It was so calm. Things like these always seemed to center me and my imagination soars. The pond stood at a stand still comforted by the light of the moon.

I placed myself in the grass and soaked up the peaceful sensation. I closed my eyes letting the gentle breeze brush through my hair when I heard a rustle from behind. I snapped my eyes open, shot up and turned around. Out of the shadows steps the guy that has been stalking me. My eyes widen with fear.

I backed away scared that he might hurt me but as I kept backing up he would move closer.

Shaking I said, "Who the hell are you!?"

He didn't respond but he smiled, not letting his teeth show, as if I said something funny. He just kept moving closer.

The way that the light glided over his body showed every dip of his perfect body. His eyes sparkled as if they were newly polished gems ready to be set into ring. The way that the light captured the light in his hair gave him this unearthly glow...WAIT!!!!! What am I doing, I shook my head to clear it, he probably was going to rape me and I can't help but admire him.

I should be running but I can't seem to move my feet. They seemed to be nailed to the ground by some unseen invisible force; my whole body was inmoble.

I blinked and he was a foot away. I try to step back but he prevents me from doing so.

"Damion," he said in a soothing whisper. I wanted to melt.

I looked at him like I didn't know what he was talking about. He just kept looking deep into my eyes and asked, "My name is Damion and yours is...?"

My mouth dry I replied with, "Soferia."

"That's a beautiful name," he said in that same soothing whisper.

His hand lowers to his side, steps back and sits down. With his left hand he motions for me to sit next to him. I hesitated, he never looked up but rather waited for me. I moved forward and sat next to him. I could that he was giving off a strange aura. He seemed to be warring inside himself with something.

I kept to myself, hands holding myself when he said, "You don't have to be afraid." I jumped at the sound of his harsh voice.

I nodded and we sat there for what seemed to be an eternity before I said in a whisper that most people would not hear, "Really...why?"

This time he looked me straight in the face and I could see the pain and agony in his eyes.

"I know that this situation (points to his self) looks bad but...." he whispers.

With a quick retort I said, "But what??!!" After I said that I cringed back from him. Oh yeah there was something warring inside him. It seemed like he was holding back his fury. His hands clenched into fists, shaking he said, "That I can't say but what I can say is that you are in danger and that I'm not here to harm you...I was sent here to protect you."

I looked at him in disbelief and asked, "Sent....who sent you and what are you protecting me from??"

He nods and continues his explanation, "I was sent by the high order of our world to protect you from creature that would love to get their hands on you because you are the only one left who could defeat them."

I looked back at the ground in front of me, "no wonder why I feel like I'm being watched. It was you, protecting me from them."

"Yes and we should not linger here any longer. The night is their domain as well as my kind."

He gets to his feet with such grace that no human poses. He held his hand out as an invitation. He was going to take me back. I gave him my hand and pulls me to my feet as if I weighed nothing. Hand in hand he walks me back to my dorm.

At my door he whispers, "I will be watching you, don't be afraid. Gute (goo/te) Nacht (na/k/t) meine (mine/a) Königin (crew/knee/gen) (means Good night my Queen)." He tilted his head in another polite nod and floats away down the corridor.


I felt safe now that I know someone is watching over me but I couldn't help but think that there's something different about him.

"Why did they want me! And who is they!!" I said out loud, bringing me back to the present.

My friends look up from their work with an expression of confusion smeared across their face. I quickly got back to working on my homework.

During classes all I could think about was 'what was so special about me?' I was drifting through my past but I could remember much, its as if it has been erased from my memory. Theis whole conflict was getting me into trouble with my school work, I was really getting behind –ugh-


I knew that getting a hold of Damion was going to be hard but the only way that knew to get to him was to just simply and plainly walk outside at night.

That night I walked outside and within a minute he appeared. Falling from the sky, cloak billowing in the wind from behind ne lands gracefully on his feet a foot in front of me. I screeched and took a step back.

He grabbed my wrist and bellowed, "What do you think you are doing!!" I was shocked by the amount of venom there was in his voice. He started to drag me toward the door but I pulled my arm from his and stood my ground.

"I didn't do this because I was being reckless!!!!! It was the only way that I could get to talk to you since you seemed to disappear on me!" I yelled at him.

He lowers his head and said in almost a whisper, "I knew this was coming. I will tell you anything you want to know but we have to go inside."

I nodded in agreement and walked to the door. I walked passed him but when I looked up again he was holding the door open for me. 'Man, where did this guy come from and who was he??' I kept thinking to myself.

He kept leading me through the dark corridors of the dorms and before I knew it we were standing in front of my door. We walked in and all three of them came running to me. They were worried that something happened to me...they have not idea, that was the expression that was clearly printed on his face.

Damion moved to sit in my favorite spot and that's when they noticed him. As they were questioning him, he sat there with a smile tugging at his mouth. Through the window behind him the light from the moon gliding over his perfectly sculpted body. His legs crossed he looks up and said, "Soferia." A sparkle lighting up his dark eyes.

I stiffen at the mention of my name on his lips.

"Come sit," he said motioning to a seat next to him. Kat, Jax, and Chelse all gapped at him. I moved to sit beside him and he turns his scorching eyes on me.

"Try to keep an opened mind about your past. I know that you have searched for some answer to who you are. Your kind has ruled for thousands of years over the creatures that call the darkness their domain. About 500 years ago there was a huge uprising from the creatures known as shades. There were three women ruling at the time and the shades over threw them all, but there is not answer on how they accomplished it. They all fought to the death but the only way for the shades to rule is that for all of them to be dead....

"They didn't count on the fact that one of them had a daughter. Your mother gave you to me in hopes that I would protect you. I took care of you for a few years until you were ready to be brought to the human world to live. The head of the Council sealed your powers to protect you and our world. But a few months ago something shifted in the balance of both worlds, so they sent me to keep and protect you. And to teach you."

I sat there, just starring at him....he's my protector?? "Okay let me get this straight...you are my protector, guardian, you knew my mother, I have secret powers that can kill these shades, and you are here to teach me?" I reelled back to him.

"Yes, in a nutshell," he answers.

I sat there thinking it all over but I kept coming back to one thing, "our kind." "Wait...you said, "our kind" what did you mean by that?"

He takes a deep breath and continues, "You (gesturing to me with his hand) are one of us. A creature of darkness, you rule over our domain. Our race is made up of creatures you are interested in...um how should I put this...your favorite vampire movie is The Queen of the Damned, well you are Jessie but with one small twist, you are already a vampire. I am here to help you in your training and sharing our world with you so then you can become accustom to our way of life so then you could rule like you mother did."

"I'm a vampire??!!" I said in a quiet whisper.

"Yes, the only reason why you don't feel like one is because your powers and natural nature were sealed years ago."

"What?" I asked in confusion.

"in our world born vampires only stop aging at the age of 20 to 30 years of age. So when your powers are unlocked you will feel like a vampire with the craving for blood." He takes a deep breath and answers my unsaid question, "I took care of you until you were about the age of five and yes I do have a special ability, I can read peoples minds. I was tired of waiting for you to ask them."

Again he answers, "Now about the shades, I will have to teach you how to fight using physical strength and you powers as well as giving you a history lesson on them. The sooner your powers are unlocked the sooner you will be prepared. We will have a year to get ready. We know for a fact that they will most definitely take you on your 22nd birthday because for them that has some significance for their kind."

"I know that this is a lot to take in but I am here to help and protect you in any way, humanly or inhumanly."

"Danke (thank you)," I replied


Over the next several months, time was flying by a little too quickly. All I wanted to do was prolong time but then again that's impossible....wait what am I thinking I'm a vampire so couldn't anything be possible?

I focused all my energy on my school work. That was hard to do considering that my eye teeth would grow at any time, unpredictable. Well I just opted to not talk and when I was not talking, my friends would be uneasy around me. I mean at least my powers were not unlocked, for the blood issue.

At night I would slip away and practice with Damion on how to fight. He thought that it would be useful to know how to as a human first then as a vampire. He had me leaning with several weapons such as a knife and a samurai sword for starters. But the one thing that I kept loosing sleep over was the knife that he wanted me to keep under my pillow.

The more that I practiced the better I was getting. I felt good about myself and the way that my teacher taught me.

During my practice sessions I would notice Chelse watching from the shadows. I mean who wouldn't; the way that he moved was as if he was beyond the word graceful. He was perfectly made for this and the way that his eyes would change color and seemed to be on fire, sent an intoxicating shiver down my spine.

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