Life After Death Ch. 03


"But you see Pam, Carol and I are not divorced. She filed papers a couple of months ago, and when I was served, I just tossed them in the trash. For the last couple of months she's been bugging me to sign them because she's dating someone new from her work. I've still got one more hand to play before I call it quits," I told her.

"For Christ's sakes Steve, listen to yourself. You sound like a man possessed or should I say obsessed with her. Sign the damn papers, and move on. What difference is it going to make, if you finally get your last shot at her. She's moved on, why can't you?"

"Because she needs to pay for what she did to me... to us," I said shouting with this wild look in my eyes. "I want her to never forget, and with what I'm planning, she won't," I told Pam.

"Steve, I don't like this side of you. You don't forgive and forget, you get even at all costs. I think I'm going to leave. I thought I knew you, but I guess I was wrong. I forgave my asshole ex-husband, and he tried to kill me, but I don't think you'll ever let this die," Pam said standing up and grabbing her coat. "If you go ahead with this Steve, we're done. Don't call me after the dust settles, because I'm giving you this one, and only chance."

"Goodbye Pam," was all I said as she walked out the door. "I really did like her," I thought to myself.

Two weeks later, when Tim was opening his apartment door, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"I think it's time you and I have a little talk," I told Tim pushing him into his apartment.

"Look man. I didn't do anything, it was all Dan," he said talking a mile a minute. "I told Dan he was pushing it too far, but he wouldn't listen. "Hell, Carol contacted us and set up that night. We were supposed to start and let you loose, so you could join us. Dan told us that he let you loose, and you got pissed and left. So, after another couple of joints, we all got it on. I'm sorry man. I didn't know. And Dan was the one who wanted it all taped. He said he wanted to rub your nose into it," Tim said trying to explain. "I didn't know you were still tied up, until we got in the car to leave. I'm so sorry, man, please just leave me alone," Tim now begged.

"Tim, my birthday is in two weeks, and I want you out of town by then. Let's just say, it's your birthday gift to me. However, if you're still here after that, I'll make sure you will never be able to have sex again. Do I make myself clear?" I asked him. Tim shook his head. "Remember, two weeks," I said leaving his apartment. "One down, one to go."

If you have enough money, you can get anything done. It cost me almost $8,000.00 but the day before my birthday, I got my gift in the form of an e-mail.

"It's all done, and set for 9:30 am," was all it said.

I went to work on Wednesday in the best mood I'd been in a long time. Everyone wished me a happy birthday and even had a cake for me that afternoon. My boss and I had an early dinner, and it was almost 8:00 before I finally got home.

My answering machine was blinking, and I saw that I had twenty- five messages. I deleted them all. I opened a bottle of Corona and waited, for what I knew was coming.

Shortly before 9:00 I heard a pounding on my door. I set my beer down on the counter, took a deep breath and answered the door.

"You son of a bitch," Carol was screaming as Nick physically held her back.

"Good evening Carol, how have you been?" I replied.

"How could you, how could you send that damn video to my parents and my friends?" she said as she started to cry.

"I don't know what video you're talking about Carol. Maybe if you describe to me what was on it, I'll know which one you're talking about," I told her.

"God damn you, Steve. Do you still hate me that much, that you'd go to this length to ruin my life?" she asked.

"Oh now I know what tape," I said as sarcastically as possible. "The one labeled Carol Moore cheats on her husband. I not only saw it, I lived it," I shouted at her, as she now stopped struggling.

Unbuttoning my sleeves, I held my hands up, for them to see.

"You see these scars? They're the first things I see every morning and the last thing every night. I'm going to have them as a reminder of what you did until the day I die. Do I hate you that much? Yes I do. You went out of your way to kill our marriage. Did you know at first I thought Dan and Tim were raping you? Carol, if I'd had a knife, I would have cut my hands off to save you. That's how much I loved you. Stupid me. Little did I know you set the whole thing up with the two of them, and let them tape it."

"Your mom and dad and all our friends had labeled me the asshole in our breakup. All the hateful things they said about me for the last year and a half, maybe now they might change their mind about me after viewing the tape.

"I said I was sorry. I wanted to talk to you a million times, but you never listened to me," Carol said sobbing again.

"Sorry? Sorry, you say. I'm sorry I came back after the night we met Dan and Tim. I should have dumped you that night and cut my losses. Carol, when I sent you that birthday card months ago, I said it would all end on my birthday this year; and it has.

"Steve, you went too far this time," Nick said as he looked at Carol and Lisa.

"Nick, have you watched the damn tape?" I asked.

"No I haven't," he replied.

"That's because I didn't send it to you and Lisa. I didn't want to put you two in the middle of Carol and my breakup. However, if you think I'm wrong, watch the tape. And then imagine me, struggling for over three hours to get free to save her cheating ass. Then, tell me what you would have done if it had been Lisa," I told him.

"Carol, if there is anything on that tape that isn't factual, I'll see that a retraction is sent out. If not, it is what it is.

"Just so there are no hard feelings, I've got a little parting gift for you," I said before walking back into my apartment and coming out with a large manila envelope. "Signed, notarized and now delivered," I said giving Carol her the divorce papers.

So, if you don't mind, I've got a few things to do before I go to bed. I would like to say it's been nice, but why lie," I told her as I went inside my condo and shut the door.

As I leaned up against the door, I finally was over.

I had hired a professional hacker to send a copy of the tape to her parents and every one of my ex-friends that took Carol's' side and shunned me because of our breakup. I could have sent it to her work. her parents church, and to everyone in the world including God, but I didn't.

The only thing I did do, was to post it on two adult video web sites. I figure the income would more than pay for the hacker I'd hired.

Carol threatened to take me to court, but nothing ever came of it. You see, the tape was downloaded from an overseas website and channeled through two other countries, so nothing could be traced back to me.

About three weeks after it all went down, I got a short e-mail from my ex-in laws. "We're sorry, we never knew," was all it said. A few of my old friends tried to call me and apologize, but I never returned their calls, I guess I wasn't the monster I'd been made out to be.

The video took on a life of it's own. It took just one person to see it, down load it and pass it on to the next person. Before you knew it, Carol was the talk of the town.

Carol resigned her position and moved to who knows where about a month later. A lot of people at my work saw the tape. Although no said anything, I was looked on as a victim of a cheating wife.

It was two months before Nick contacted me. Yes, he'd seen the tape, and yes, he probably would have done exactly what I'd done. But to keep peace in the family, we couldn't get together... at least until things settled down. I understood completely.

I'd lost Pam and now Nick, well for at least a little while. I sent an e-mail to Pam but she never replied. Well at least I tried.

I started dating again. At first, with a couple of women from work then with others I met at various clubs. It was about four months after that faithful night with Carol when I saw Pam at one of the downtown clubs. She was with a group of her friends, but she finally made her way over to me.

"Hello Steve, how are you doing?" she asked.

"Couldn't be better," I replied.

"I heard stories of what happened, and even saw part of the tape on the internet," Pam told me. "I had no idea..." she started to say before I stopped her.

"That's right, you had no idea when you judged me back then. You saw me as some kind of nut, who was out to ruin the life of an ex-wife. Well, you made your choice," I told her.

"Maybe we could get together sometime and talk," she replied.

"Pam, think back to a few months ago when I e-mailed you. Maybe you were still angry or were trying to make a point, no matter. Been there, done that, and what did it get me? I really did like you, but I guess that wasn't enough. Sorry Pam, you have way too much baggage for me right now," I told her. "So, if you don't mind, my date is on her way back," I said motioning to the short redhead, walking towards my table. "Take care, and I hope you find someone who lives up to your expectations," I told her, as I kissed Tammy, as she arrived at our table.

"Aren't you going to introduce me?" Tammy asked.

"Tammy, this is Pam, Pam this is Tammy," I said. "We used to go out a little while ago," I told her.

"Well Pam, he's mine now, and I'm not giving him up. Nice guys like him, are hard to find, I know... I've seen my share of assholes over the last couple of years. Well, it's been a pleasure meeting you. Steve honey, why don't we get out of here and go back to your place," she said with an evil smile.

"Ok Tammy, we're out of here." I said grabbing my jacket.

I came up to Pam, gave her a big hug and softly whispered in her ear. "By the way, I was really falling for you, and it took me more than a few weeks to get over you. Too bad you wouldn't give me a second chance," I said kissing her on the cheek.

I then took Tammy by the hand and made our way through the crowd and out of the club.

Pam just watched as the two walked out and said softly to herself, "Damn if only..."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/10/18

You do understand... You moron... That your jesus... Was a liberal peace loving shit...

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by Anonymous03/30/18

Excellent story! Great BTB.

Carol deserved more than what Steve did to her! As for Dan, if he had rubbed his dirty shity cock on me, he would have lost it! When people play tricks on me, I don't get made, I get even.

As formore...

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by Anonymous03/27/18

I have to agree with Anon 2/10/18

What the 3 of them did to him was so far over the top that it boardered on torture. I also agree with some others that he didn't go far enough. 8 grand got him the tape and it should have been sent tomore...

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by Anonymous03/15/18


This story might delight the vengeance at all cost brigade but I think that most sane human beings would consider Steve to be a self-obsessed, hypocritical lunatic who didn't care who he hurt as long hasmore...

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by jrphdo02/25/18

Too Kind

Steve was too kind to both dan and Tim . Also he should have sent the video to all the people he didn't!

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