tagRomanceLife after Death Ch. 10

Life after Death Ch. 10

byExecutive Gent©

I woke the next morning my with my head pounding, I had woken at 3am, then again around 4, and then I managed to sleep until 6.30 when the alarm went. I had had a wonderful weekend with Rachel, but there were worries in the back of my mind. Particularly, I was concerned with how Rob and Claire were going to react to the news that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Rachel. The other thing that really niggled me was Mark Rachel's ex-husband, I felt sure that he was not happy about involvement with Rachel or Alice. I decided that I needed to do a little research about him. I was determined nothing would spoil my happiness with her and decided that as soon I got to the office this morning I would call my security advisor and do a little bit of digging about him.

As I lay there quietly contemplating what was needed I felt the softness of her body role against me hugging me close in her semi consciousness, the heat of her sleepy body warming away my fears. I love waking up next to someone who you love unconditionally; there is a lack of selfishness that is never there at any other time, as you both find each other first thing in the morning. I rolled over closer to her, snuggling into her and stroking her bare back as I pulled her closer to me. Kissing her softly, she sighed contentedly as I whispered.

"I love you, sweety"

I was rewarded with a sleepy "Love you too babe"

As she ran her hand over my still naked chest, I grinned at the fact she looked so peaceful lying there yet her breasts were pressed against me, with her nipples just waiting to be kissed. I was just about to lean forward to softly wake her by doing exactly that, when the door burst open and Alice ran in her hair totally dishevelled, obviously still half asleep, looking like she had seen a ghost. I quickly pulled the sheet and duvet over us as she cried:

"Mummy, he's coming to get me…"

Rachel was wide awake in a second, sitting up, making sure she was still covered, I melted at the way she was looking lovingly at her daughter, she answered;

"Who's coming love? Who's coming to get you?

"Daddy, he said that now you have Steve, you'll want him to yourself, and that I'll have live with him at the hospital"

Bless her she was wild eyed, obviously confused, but very scared. Rachel held her tightly kissing her cheek; soothing the little girl, holding her tightly.

"When did he tell you that Hun?"

Rachel looked worried; I had never seen her look that way before and coupled with dreams I had just had, my mind went into overdrive about what might have been said over the weekend.

"Just now, in my bed, he was laughing telling me that he didn't really want me either, but I had to do as he said or he would be cross with me and if he was cross with me, then I couldn't live with him either"

It was then that I realised that this was just a bad dream and I needed to be careful, because I could be looking for things that weren't actually there. Rachel meanwhile scooped Alice into her arms and told her that she loved her more than life itself and that just because we were together, it didn't mean that she was any less special. Gradually Alice began to wake fully and couldn't remember coming in, but was still shaken about her dream.

Sitting between us she asked me where we would all live? I smiled and hugged them both and said that her Mummy and I loved each other very much and I that I loved her very much too. I told her the truth that I was sure we would all live together one day soon, but at the moment we hadn't decided how and when that would happen, but I promised her that when we were ready to do that, then all three children would be involved in the decision of how it would happen. Smiling at her I said;

Alice, you do know that I would never take your Mummy away from you don't you?

Looking at wide eyed and with a slightly perplexed look on her face she said solemnly;

"I'm awake now silly, I know you wouldn't make me live somewhere else, but I was really worried in my dream. Do you think Daddy doesn't want me? Is that why he moved out when I was little Mummy?

Rachel visibly reeled in shock, she held Alice tight to her chest, tears running down her face she sobbed;

"Alice, sweety, Daddy didn't leave because of you, he left because, he and I made each other unhappy. Sometimes grown-ups think they love each other, but really they just hurt each other, by living together. We actually really like each other now, but we will never be able to live together again. Do you understand?

"I think so, but Daddy often says that one day we'll all live together again. Is it because you found Steve, that we won't live together again?"

Rachel was shaking, her face trying to keep calm as she cuddled her daughter…

"Alice you have understand that me falling in love with Steve, has nothing to do with us living with Daddy again. I would never have wanted to live with him again, even if I hadn't met Steve. We said far too many nasty things during our marriage and during the divorce to ever try again. Do you understand Baby?"

Alice smiled innocently saying.

"Don't worry Mummy, Steve is funny, I don't mind living with him if you want… I like him a lot"

I held them both tightly again trying to show them both how much they meant to me, struggling out of my grip, Alice smiled again and said;

"He gives good hugs too… Do you think Issy is awake? I want to tell her about my dream"

Grinning, I told her to go and see, if she wasn't, then she could wake her as it was time to get up for school, she was now fully recovered from her dream and sauntered off happily to tell Issy everything that had happened. Rachel looked at me and just held onto me tightly, it was obvious that the last five minutes had brought everything back to her. I gently found her lips with mine and kissed her softly. She kissed me with tenderness, passion and love all rolled into one. Breaking away she promised me she loved me, that she would never go back to him, but that if I was worried about that then she would understand after everything I had been through if I wanted to walk away from her and her baggage. I looked into her eyes, holding her face in my hands and said;

"Rachel, I love you, now tomorrow and always, you came into my life in February when my life was empty, I can't believe how happy you have made me. I want you more now than I can ever remember; you have changed everything about how I feel about my future. I wake up thinking about you, worrying about what will go wrong to stop us being happy. You have brought me back to being a whole person again, I loved Jane with all my heart, I thought there was noone in the world who could bring me that level happiness again, I know now, we can start a new life together, something special not me trying to recreate my first marriage, but a relationship, built on trust, love and both physical and sensual devotion based on the reality of two mature people with children, and the inevitable baggage of previous relationships, careers and extended families and not two love struck teenagers trying to make their way in life. To survive with all the things we have endured, as adults will make us stronger and our love for each other deeper than either of us could ever have expected. Rachel, I love you without conditions, I want to spend my whole life with you, and whatever hurdles we may face, we will face them together."

Holding her closely I whispered in her ear;

"I love you so much my love, I never once even thought you would consider go back to him"

With tears in her eyes she just continued to hold me and softly kissed my forehead. Softly pressing her lips to my brow, kissing me gently, before moving down. Following the shape of my eyes, the curve of my cheek, the outline of my jaw and the cleft of my chin with her lips my neck, lips nose, eyelids, then she ran the tip of her tongue across my teeth tracing the contours before slowly sliding her tongue between my lips again as her sweet tongue pressed between them, teasing me lightly. The feeling was so erotic, I immediately found myself hardening to her kiss, and it was as if my shaft was directly connected to the tip of her tongue as it probed my mouth. Pushing me slightly back she began kiss my neck again, her lips sending the most amazing sensations through my body as she kissed my chest tantalisingly close to my nipples. She seemed to know from the first time we were together how sensitive my nipples were, she drew each of buds slowly into her mouth in turn, sucking them deep into her mouth then biting them, hard enough to provoke a spasm of pleasure, without being too painful, then licking them lovingly with her tongue, then sucking them deep again, but this time grating her teeth over them as she released them. I groaned and sighed as she unselfishly brought me pleasure, next she pushed the tangled sheet away from us as began to move her mouth across my stomach.

As she moved down my body, kissing her way down across my stomach and across my abdomen, my cock slowly pressed its way between her breasts. Wedging itself between them as she sucked and licked the flesh around my navel, dipping her tongue into it. My cock would flex as her breasts pressed against it, rubbing it; almost fucking them as my hips arched. But before I could get too close to the edge, she would pull away and continue her journey downward. She continued licking her way down my body. She bypassed my groin, instead kissing and sucking her way down my legs, making her way down one, down my thigh, past my knee, along my calf, leaving a trail from her tongue, Before licking all the way down to my feet, before moving over and making her way back up the other leg along my calf, past my knee and sensuously up my thigh, and back to my groin. By this time, my cock was leaking heavily, my precum dripping out of the bulbous end, making the head shiny and wet. She settled on her knees between my thighs, slowly dragging her nails along the skin of my inner thighs before reaching my balls. Then she took my heavy sack into one hand, lightly squeezing it, slowly massaging each one in turn, and rolling them through her fingers.

Lovingly Her other hand wrapped around the base of my cock as she held it tightly in her grip as she made a decisive long smooth stroke upwards, coating her hand with my juices as her hand slid up to the head. She released my cock, staring deeply into my eyes the love she felt for me clearly visible in her lovely eyes, as she moved her hand from my shaft upto her mouth where she slowly licked up every bit my precum from it. The sight of your lover licking your juices from her own body is one of the most erotic sights I can imagine, as Rachel licked and sucked each finger deep into her mouth, her eyes never left mine. I don't know what was more erotic, what she was doing or the way she looked at me, time seemed to stand still for me. As She wrapped her hand around the base of my cock, holding it, squeezing it again, she leant over and slowly licked all around the head, finding every drop of my juices that her hand had missed. She licked up and down, swiping her tongue over my slit, before slowly sliding my shaft into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around me, closing her eyes she seemed to just savour me for a moment, inhaling my scent, feeling the heat of my body, tasting the salty sweetness of my skin. As she slowly moved her mouth up and down my aching shaft, slowly sliding my cock in and out of her mouth. Feeling it slide between her lips, the head catching on her lips, before moving back down and feeling me hit the back of her throat, she moved my length in and out, fucking my cock with her mouth.

She held my shaft tightly in her mouth, sucking as she moved up and down, taking my full length in and out. I could feel my balls tightening, as she began to draw my juices up with her hand as I start moving closer to cumming. Moving faster, thrusting my cock into her mouth, inching slightly deeper with each move. My precum and her saliva mingling, making her mouth slippery, my cock so slick and wet as she moved quicker as my excitement grew; she could feel the gravity of my orgasm as it swept through my body. My body clenched, her body arched against mine and I yelled and flooded her mouth with cum. She swallowed hungrily, trying to take as much as she could, but it was too much, some leaked out, past her lips and sexily down her chin. She continued sucking me into her mouth until she felt the last shudder leave my body. She began to move her mouth down again, lapping up every missed drop of my cum, then before moving up my body, wiped the excess fluid from her chin with her index finger and sucked that clean too. She kissed her way up my body again, taking my mouth in a savage, animal kiss, letting me taste myself on her tongue.

As we began to calm down, she looked at me with a huge grin, and said teasingly,

"Come lover, let's get these kids breakfast, I'm full for now… but you owe me later!!!"

Laughing with her; "It will be my pleasure" I said as I held her tightly, telling her again how much I loved her and how much she meant to me.

The day started and the family routines kicked in, everyone washed and dressed, ate their breakfast and went about their business, Tim caught the school bus and I took the girls to school on the way to the office. The girls moaned a bit about having to go to school in the Focus, but I didn't want both the Jaguar and The Range Rover in the centre of town, so I took the little Ford knowing that it was easier to either leave there or get it brought home later, I needed the Jag tonight for my dinner with my in-laws, so it was better to do it this way. I also rang the office and left a message for Sarah to ensure that we had the first hour of the day free to go through the implications of the paperwork I sorted on Friday afternoon when Phillip brought me home. Also I needed some time to discuss the matter Rachel's ex with one of my security manager, all in all it was nothing out of the ordinary for a busy Monday morning.

Rachel on the other hand had the day off; her plans were to shop for some clothes and to look at holiday options for us. However, she said she might just have a swim first if I didn't mind, I told her that ofcourse I didn't mind and that she was do what she wanted, she kissed me and as I left the house with the girls she waved at us from the kitchen window. As She stood gazing out of the kitchen window watching everyone leave, she realised that she was still incredibly horny. But she knew that was nobody's fault but her own, she could have kept Steve in bed this morning, but she just felt that it would have been an incredible rush for her and after the fantastic weekend they had shared, she wanted more. Rachel knew that she was still an attractive woman, at thirty-three she still wore her dark hair long and kept her body in good shape, not only because her job as a Vet kept her active, but she genuinely enjoyed physical exercise. Her 36B breasts were firm and lovely with their dark pink nipples. She worked outdoors a lot so her complexion always looked healthy and she knew that her stomach was taunt and flat and she always loved the way it looked since she had had her belly button pierced two years previously. Rachel herself felt that her bum was her best feature, although Steve seemed to love her breasts and eating her pussy. She always joked saying it was her backside that her "best asset", but he insisted she was beautiful in everyway, smiling she thought of how he would show her how beautiful he thought she was by kissing each part of her body he found attractive. She loved that, the feel of him kissing her body, she was 5' 9" tall and as she thought absent mindidly about her body, she knew she was still very fit looking, without leaving you feeling that she spent hours in a gym, healthy rather than fit, with a body that was naturally slim. She also knew she had very elegant feet and hands, Rachel was what was considered to be elegant with a very natural beauty.

As she stood looking out of the Kitchen window she thought back to how she had always dreaded 'dating' but at the same time she had always loved sex and missed it terribly if she didn't get it on a regular basis. One thing was for certain; she never went looking for someone just to fuck, that wasn't her style infact she had not slept with anyone for nearly eighteen months prior to meeting Steve. She thought about how she had met him and the kids, and how the intensity of feeling for them had overwhelmed her. Whilst he seemed sad and obviously lonely, there was a genialness and warmth about him that made her want to find out more and more about him. Alice also loved him, and the feeling was very obviously mutual. She smiled at the thought that wandered into her mind, that Tim and Issy could have been her own children, she felt that deeply for them and they obviously felt the same about her and Alice. Life felt good, she was happy, and somehow she knew that she had found a good man to love, who would not treat her badly, infact she could not remember being this happy in her adult life. Obviously, she needed to talk with him about where they would live. This house was beautiful but was still full of memories of Jane, that wasn't an issue for her in the short term, but needed to be resolved as the relationship progressed and if they decided to stay. Wherever they lived they needed to find a balanced approach about the past without creating a shrine to her. Her house had been in her family for nearly 35 years, as her parents had originally owned it, it was great for her horses and her work, but wasn't really big enough for them all to live together. Another option was to sell both and move into something else, she didn't know what was right at the moment. But in reality she also knew it was on Steve's mind too, but he had already said he would do whatever she wanted as long as all three kids were happy in the long term, so while it was an issue, it would never seriously affect their happiness.

Turning away from the window, she sighed.

"A long soak in the bath would relax me more than a swim." She thought as she headed upstairs towards the bathroom connected to what had now become their bedroom. She had originally decided that she would swim in the pool, but now she knew she needed the luxury of a soak in the bath. As she turned the water on in the spacious bath, she stood there smiling for a moment as she remembered the first time she had used this room and how she had pulled him in with her fully clothed and he had caused so much of a splash, virtually all the candles he had lovingly lit were put out!!! She decided to add a perfumed skin softener to the steamy water that was rapidly filling the generous tub. She pressed the 'spa' button to the side of the bath tub as a last minute thought before removing her clothing and stepping into the water. She had already put her luxurious hair up in a ponytail to keep it out of the perfumed water. Now she lay back and sighed again at the wonderful feeling of the water's warmth as it bubbled and covered her body.

She reached over and flicked the switch to the on position on the tub spa and felt the jets kick in, as the water from them rushed around her as she lay back. The whirling water caressed her body sensuously, one of her hands moved to a breast, cupping it for a moment and then pinching the nipple between her thumb and finger, causing it to grow hard. The spa had several settings and as this was her first time using it, she wasn't sure which was best. Rachel twisted her body towards the controls to adjust the setting and felt the water from the jets rush against her pussy, causing her to gasp. It felt good, no, it felt great! She lifted her hips slightly beneath the water and adjusted her body more towards the underwater jets and again the water rushed towards her pussy, parting the lips and moving against her clit, which made her moan softly as it sent a thrill through her.

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