tagNovels and NovellasLife after the Lottery Ch. 03

Life after the Lottery Ch. 03


This is the next part of our adventures, the morning after Dawn's first girl-on-girl. You will probably want to read the first chapters of this adventure. Leave some feedback; we want to know if you like it so far.

The morning after Dawn's first time

I woke up late in the morning feeling a pair of lips wrapped around my cock. I thought it was Dawn giving me one of her usual good morning blowjobs. However, when I looked up Amy was leaning over me bobbing up and down on my cock.

"Not that I mind Amy, but where is Dawn?"

"She went to start cooking for everyone, she told me she usually woke you up this way."

"She knows you are up here doing this?"

"Yes, she got up about an hour ago and told me to let you sleep then wake you up this way."


"Are you okay with this?" Amy asked as she looked at me.

"Fine, I am just surprised Dawn left you here by yourself."

"Well, you are awake now, I'll stop."

"You don't have too."

"Okay," and Amy lowered her mouth back down on my cock while I lay there on the blanket.

I reached over and picked up the remote. I wanted to see what was going on in the rest of the house. I punched through the other rooms, most were empty, several still had people sleeping. I pulled up our bedroom and saw John getting a blowjob from his wife, with the view I had I could see that Carol really did have an excellent body, probably with John's help. I didn't see the other couple that had been in there the night before. I pulled up the big room looking for Dawn, there were about ten people sitting around talking. I was surprised that most of them were in robes and were sitting around with them half open, nothing going on, they were just all talking. I wished I hadn't missed how that all started but I was sure Dawn probably initiated it.

I selected the camera that pointed at the kitchen, there I saw three of the women including Dawn cooking. The men were sitting around the bar talking. I watched Dawn as she turned around, her robe open, showing everyone most of her tits and pussy but so were the other women. I guessed things were progressing as Dawn had planned.

"What are you watching James?" Amy paused and asked.

"I was just wondering what was going on."

Amy turned and looked at the scene in the kitchen with the women walking around half naked and the men sitting at the bar with their robes open and their cocks hanging out.

"Looks okay to me," and she returned to sucking my cock.

I lay back enjoying the blowjob and began to think. The way things had turned out wasn't what I had in mind when Dawn set the party up but it seemed everyone was happy to have a place to get together and have fun. We had built the house with the idea of having plenty of room for parties; I guess it had turned out okay. I hoped no one had done anything they regretted but everyone was still here. Jeff, Michelle, Michael and Lisa were all sitting on the big sofa together laughing and talking. No hurt feelings I guess.

"Are the cameras on in here James?"

My mind snapped back as Amy asked the question.

"I can turn them off if you want."

"I just want to make sure they are on."

"Yes they are on, and Amy don't tell the others about the cameras."

"Dawn told me that no one knows about them and to not say anything, it was going to be a surprise."

"I bet it will be a surprise," I said.

Amy and I laughed together.

"Why did you want to know if the cameras were on in here?"

"Dawn said to make sure you didn't turn them off. How many cameras are in here?"

"Three. Why did Dawn want to make sure they were on?"


And with that Amy got up on all fours and moved around and then straddled my face moving into a 69.

"Because she wanted to see us fuck."

"Are you sure," I said with a beautiful red haired pussy inches from my face.

"Yes, she said she wanted me to fuck you."

I went breathless. I reached up and wrapped my arms around Amy's ass and pulled her pussy down to my lips. I hadn't eaten another woman's pussy in a long time so I dove in with earnest. Amy slowly lowered her mouth down on my cock and began to suck. I stuck my tongue in her pussy and began to dig inside then probing for her clit. She began to bob up and down on my cock like mad while I sucked on her pussy lips with all my might. We continued like this for a very long time, I wasn't going to come this time.

Amy squeezed my head with her legs when she shuddered with her first orgasm. Her juices flowed from her pussy, I lapped them up as fast as I could. She was no gusher like Dawn but she was flowing pretty well.

"Oh my god James," Amy said as she sat completely up and ground her pussy down on my face.

My nose was now buried up in her sweet little ass. I continued to tongue her pussy as deep as I could then I took my tongue and flicked her clit over and over. Her pussy lips drew up and she shook with another orgasm. She began to grind her pussy down harder on my face. My nose was in her asshole as she moaned and rocked on my mouth. I sucked on her clit harder and tongued her as best as I could with all her weight on my face. She was moaning loudly as I reached up with my hands and lifted her just slightly. I shifted her a little and then pulled her back down as I drove my tongue deep into her ass.

"Oh yes! Tongue my ass!"

I licked and circled and probed her tight little asshole. She was moaning louder when I felt her reach down and begin fingering her pussy. She began to rock more and more as she fingered herself. I jammed my tongue up into her ass as hard as I could. Amy continued to squirm and grind down on me, her body quivering as she did.

"Oh my god yes, yes!"

Amy jerked with another huge quivering orgasm. She fell forward onto me and laid there. After several minutes she moved and turned around and lay on me and kissed me as hard as she could.

"Oh god James that was wonderful."

"Amy, are you sure this is okay with Dawn?"

"We talked this morning before you woke up. She was excited about everything that happened last night so she told me she wanted me to fuck you if you wanted."

"Why, she has always been a little jealous."

"She said that if I wanted to fuck you it was okay, and if you asked she said to tell you it was okay and thanks for letting her make love to me."

"I enjoyed just watching and I am glad it made Dawn happy but you don't have to do this."

I was feeling a little uneasy about where this would go. I was okay with Dawn having another woman making love to her and her making love to another woman which had been my fantasy, but I really couldn't believe Dawn told Amy this was okay and why didn't Dawn want to watch.

"Amy, why doesn't Dawn want to be here?"

"She felt you would be uncomfortable the first time if she watched. She said she would watch the video later with you."

First time? I was still uncomfortable, I thought that after last night Dawn might be thinking if she lets Amy fuck me, I would let some other guy fuck her and I wasn't comfortable with that. She was already wandering around the house half naked and I was uneasy about that but I knew how much she liked to show off.

"Do you not want to fuck me James?"

"Sure, I was just thinking..."


And with that Amy moved around and straddled my now rock hard cock and slowly began to rub her wet pussy up and down it while she had it pinned to my stomach. I looked up at her seeing her fully for the first time in the light. All that gorgeous red hair, her alabaster skin, her huge firm D tits and that neatly trimmed red hair over her pussy, my god what a site.

"What are you looking at?"

"I am just looking at your beautiful body, don't say anything to Dawn but I always wanted to fuck a redhead, I hear they are wild."

"So you are going to fuck me then?"

"Damn straight!"


Amy began swiveling her hips and sliding her pussy more vigorously up and down the length of my cock rubbing her clit against it.

"I can't wait to have all that inside me, I have never had a cock so big. I might even have another surprise for you later."


"Later, now fuck me."

With that Amy rose up and reached down and grabbed my cock with one hand and moved it to the opening of her pussy and eased down on it. Slowly, she took it in. After she had most of it in she stopped for a few seconds and then slowly slid all the way down.

"Oh my god that feels wonderful!"

"You feel wonderful too," I told her.

"I have never been so full before, I am going to take this slow and easy."

"You take it as slow as you want Amy."

Amy began to raise and lower her pussy up and down my shaft. Her pussy was very tight and warm, the sensation was incredible. She did this for a very long time, her eyes closed and her head thrown back just enjoying the feeling. I reached up and grasp a breast in each hand, they were a handful, I squeezed and massaged them while she rocked.

Amy tilted her head forward and said, "You like my breast?"

"Yes, they are perfect."

"Dawn has perfect breast too, they are just not as full as mine."

"Yes she does but I just want to enjoy yours right now."

Amy tilted her head back again, sat down on my cock all the way and began to swivel her hips while I grabbed each of her nipples and played with them softly.

"Pinch my nipples James, I like that."

I began to pinch and twist her huge nipples as they became even more erect. They were becoming about the size of a very large eraser on a pencil and stuck out about a half inch. Amy gyrated harder and moaned.

"Yes... that's the way I like it."

With that I reached up and grabbed her around the shoulders and pulled her down on top of me. She stuck one of her breasts right up to my mouth. I engulfed a mouth full of nipple and tit while I circled her nipple with my tongue, it was huge. I sucked on it and then grabbed it between my teeth.

"Oh that feels good, harder."

I bit down harder on her nipple and pulled on it. Amy continued to gyrate on my cock as she moaned.

"Oh harder James, bite my nipple harder."

I sucked more of her erect nipple in my mouth and bit down hard at the base of it. She moaned more and more, I bit harder. She began to gyrate faster on my cock. I thought if I bit any harder I would draw blood. Amy leaned forward hard and smothered my face with her huge breast. I bit down even harder and sucked as hard as I could. Amy started humping me real hard and all of a sudden she jerked several times and then I felt her body shudder.

"Oh yes!"

She sat up quickly and yanked her nipple from between my teeth, I knew that hurt like hell. She leaned back on my cock then reached down and grabbed her swollen clit between her fingers and pinched it like she was trying to pinch it off.

"Oh my god!"

Her whole body jerked hard again, I felt her pussy muscles clamp down tightly around my cock.

"Oh yes!"

She jerked and humped really hard several more times as her juices began to flow out of her pussy. One last huge jerk and she fell forward on my chest. This woman was an animal. We laid there for a long time until my cock began to soften inside her.

"Oh no you don't!" Amy said as she sat up. "You are not going soft on me."

She then reached around behind her and began stroking my balls. My cock immediately became hard again and forced its way back up inside her.

"That's better."

Amy began to gyrate her hips again, just fast enough to keep my attention and my cock hard.

"Amy, you're incredible."

"I know."

She looked at me and smiled really big and then leaned over and kissed me again. She rose up a little and looked deep into my eyes, it was the first time I had really noticed she had incredible emerald green eyes.

"Is there anything you want to ask me about James?" She asked as she continued to swivel her hips back and forth.

"Like what?"

"Anything, like what did it feel like to have your wife eat me?"

Wow, this girl was not bashful at all.

"I imagine you have been eaten by other women before haven't you?"

"Yes, but not as many as you might think."

"What about the woman you are living with right now, don't you two enjoy each other?"

"Oh yes, but don't think of me as a lesbian, I really like men more, I just also enjoy women."

"Are you and your girl friend in a committed relationship"?

"Not really, I just moved in with her because I can't afford an apartment by myself in town. We have a living arrangement and it comes with benefits."

"Oh really? She won't mind if you are here with us?"

"Not really."

"Can you bring her to the next party; I would like to meet her."

"I bet you would!"

"Seriously, bring her next time."

"Is there going to be a next time?"

"Well Amy, it appears from what I have seen these people are plenty happy and are having plenty of fun. I think they will be back again if we ask. You will come back won't you?"

"I will see if she wants to come next time, but she is not as outgoing as I am."

Amy began to move her hips a little more. This went on for a while in silence.

"So Dawn has never made love to another woman before?"

"Not that I am aware of."

"I don't know James, she is pretty good for a first-timer."

"It appeared she was enjoying herself," I said.

"Yes it did seem that she was enjoying herself. Has she has ever had another man fuck her?"

"I am sure she had sex before we met but I don't think she has been fucked by another man since then."

"What a waste."

"What do you mean?"

"With all these sexually active people you know and none of them have asked to fuck her."

"Well, up until last night I have never seen these people act this way and there are plenty of men that flirt with her."

"Would you let another guy fuck her?"

"Who is asking?"

Amy stopped swiveling her hips and looked at me.

"I am."

"You sure?"

"Yes, I mean you are getting to fuck me, why wouldn't you let another guy fuck her?"

"We have never talked about it. We have never talked about this!"

"Would you let her fuck another guy if she asked?"

"I don't know."

"That is kind of a double standard isn't it?"

I was getting a little irritated.

"Well if you think it is unfair you can get off my cock you seem to be enjoying."

"I wasn't pushing you I just wanted to know how you felt about it."

"You wanted to know or Dawn wants to know?"

Amy stopped gyrating again and looked at me with a little anger.

"I want to know! I wouldn't get between you and your wife on that subject. It's just if it happened...I would like to be there."

"Amy, just fuck me for now!"

"You got it, enough conversation for now."

Amy began to ride me hard. She reached up and began pinching her nipples and riding me harder and faster. This was my favorite position to fuck because it kept me from coming fast. Amy was going to be in for a ride as long as she wanted.

Amy became wetter and wetter as her juices flowed. She went from pinching her nipples to rubbing her clit, she was enjoying the long ride. Her alabaster skin began to flush bright red as she got hotter and hotter. She moved both hands down to her pussy trying to stick her fingers in with my cock while she rubbed harder and harder on her clit. As she started to moan and toss her head around she began to hump me faster and faster. I watched as the beads of sweat began to run down her chest, she was sweating on the bottom of her ass and thighs adding to the sliding sensation. She began moaning louder and louder.

"Oh, oh, oh! James I am so hot, come inside me!" Amy cried out as she ground into me.

"You aren't working hard enough!"

"Shit James, fuck me then!"

"Keep trying!"

Amy began to become breathless as she slid back and forth faster and faster.

"Come inside me now, please!"

I pushed up hard with my hips and drove my cock deeper into her wet pussy.

"Oh my god, I am coming, come with me James, now!"

I pushed up harder with no intention of coming in her right then. Louder she moaned. She furiously began to ride me while she gasped for air.

"Now James, now!!"

I wanted to feel that hot pussy grab my cock one more time and see her shudder with a thunderous orgasm.

"Now James! I'm coming!!"

I bounced my hips up as hard as I could feeling my cock stretch the inside of her pussy to its limits.

"I'm coming!!"

I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and spasm. She began to thrash around on me, jerking and jerking as her muscles convulsed. Her body shuttered with a long huge orgasm.

"Oh my god!!"

And with one big shudder of her body she jerked over and over again. I reached up quickly and grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her down on to me and in one quick motion and rolled her over on her back and pulled her knees up and pinned them beside her head. I jammed my cock into her as far as it would go.

"Oh god James, please!"

I got some leverage and started thrusting into her pussy as hard as I could, in and out, fast long strokes. Amy was screaming. I pumped in and out of her as hard and deep as I could.

"Oh James, I can't take it, I am going to pass out!!"

"No you're not, you want me to come, you are going to take every inch of it!"

Amy thrashed her head from side to side.

"Amy I am going to fuck you as hard as I can until you come over and over. You come again now Amy! Now!"

I slammed into her over and over again as hard and deep as I could.

"Oh god!!!"

She began to jerk and buck as hard as she could. I could feel the muscle contractions shooting through her body. She was frantic, losing all control. I was building to an incredible orgasm.

"Now James!!!" Amy screamed as loud as she could.

I felt her pussy clamp down one last time and I buried all I had into her and began to pump all the cum I had deep inside her, over and over again.

"Oh god your cum is so fucking hot!!"

She bucked up against me as best she could and I pushed as hard as I could, my cock pulsed over and over as it filled her up. Amy went limp whimpering, she was totally limp except for some muscle twitches shooting though her body. I collapsed on top of her. We lay there together sweaty and hot, our bodies pressing against each other. As her orgasm subsided I felt her pussy twitching, it felt good on my swollen cock.

She looked gorgeous when I propped up on my hands to look at her, she was all sweaty, red and flushed. I leaned forward and kissed her deeply on the mouth. She opened her eyes and looked at me for a minute, she had a far off look in her eyes. Suddenly she smiled real big and pulled me back down and drove her tongue in my mouth. We kissed deeply for a long time. When we parted Amy was still breathing hard.

"God James, is that the way you and Dawn always make love?"

"Not always, sometimes it gets really out of control."

Amy laughed. The feelings of her laughter on my now softening cock felt good.

I lay on top of her for a few more minutes as she held me around my neck. I took my time looking at her beautiful face and hair. I eventually rolled off her and we laughed more. About that time there was a knock on the study door, Dawn opened the door and peeped in.

"Everyone is wondering what all the noise is," she said as she stepped inside the room and closed the door. I looked at my wife's perfect body peering through her robe and noticed that her pussy was wet and glistening.

Amy and I continued to laugh.

"Sounds like you two had a good time."

I just looked at Dawn. Amy spoke up and said, "A great time!"

Dawn walked over and got down on her knees beside me and bent over and kissed me with as much love as she ever has, then she leaned over and kissed Amy.

"Dawn why?"

"It was only fair."

"But where is this going, why didn't you want to join us?"

"Right now, it's going to breakfast, and I will join you next time!"

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