tagSci-Fi & FantasyLife as a New Hire Ch. 05

Life as a New Hire Ch. 05


My devoted nod to PokingFun for keeping up the editing work on my behalf.

This story plays fast and loose with Ancient History and Linguistics; be warned.

Lying is fine, but take care to not cause suffering because that makes it wrong.



"I have today off," Odette murmured to me as I cut off the alarm. That had to have been the issue she'd been holding back on last night.

"I have to work - being the first week of my three month internship and all," I sighed.

"Are you sure I can't convince you to be late?" she gave me a sultry look.

She compounded that offer by stretching out, her knees in place so that her butt rose and wiggled suggestively. Last night I had introduced Odette to a form of doggy-style that didn't involve the man trying to drive her skull through the headboard. We had a long, dual-participant, sensual melding of bodies, control passing back and forth until the need for sleep became something she despised even as it took her.

"Not fair," I groaned into my pillow. When I looked out, she was still giving me that sexually hungry look and wiggling that ass. Why do I even pretend that I can have a normal sex life? I found myself arriving late and changing in the elevator on the way to the Executive Services floor. The two women with me were a viewing gallery I could have done without.

Since I put everything on display - remember; no underwear - one of my two fellow travelers felt permitted to rub her hands along my abs while I was pulling my pants on.

"Goddess, he's hard," she moaned to her companion. "Come, have a feel." I didn't protest. Technically, stripping naked in a public place could get me fired.

"His back is very nicely defined," the other side as she ran her hands over my back and shoulders. "What is it that you do?"

"I'm with Executive Services," I replied. "Right now I'm suborned to Product Testing. I teach monkeys to ride unicycles." Their confused looks humored me.

"Actually, I'm with ES and I'm a gopher - I pick up stuff," I grinned.

"Oh...you are that guy from the elevator - the kneeling man," the first woman exclaimed. "They said you were funny. Goddess, our man sure is hot, but he is so dull."

"Let me guess; you are with the Financial Investigations Unit?" I said. Trent.

"Yes," she smiled. Orgy time. "He's just as good looking, but you are so much more fun. My sister can't wait for you to become available."

"Sister?" I prodded.

"Daphne Pale," she smiled suggestively yet again. My face lit up.

"Daphne?" I caught the lady off-guard by hugging her. "I think Daphne is great," I stepped back. "She's really nice to me. She's smart, gives good advice and treats me like I'm something more than a walking, breathing annoyance. What's your name?"

"Brielle," she informed me.

"Beautiful name," I remarked, as I went back to dressing.

"Do they let you see other women - besides those of ES?" the second woman questioned.

"I don't see any Havenstone women for 79 more days," I stated. "Corporate policy. After that, all requests for hunting licenses are submitted to Desiree; non-lethal weaponry only until I develop more refined survival skills."

Blink. Blink.

"You are joking, right?" Woman Two muttered.

"Nope. Katrina feels it will be a great third quarter kick-off. Let some women get out of the office for a weekend. Besides, I get to hunt those hunting me. I think it will be fun, don't you?" I hummed along.

"Desiree?" the second woman asked for clarification as she pulled out her phone. I nodded. The doors opened - my floor - so I stepped out and hustled to Katrina's office with only seconds to spare. The meeting was normal, right up until Dora adjusted my tie as we were exiting the office.

"Where did you dress? A closet with the lights out?" she teased.

"In the elevator on the way up," I confessed. "Daphne, I met your sister - Brielle," in case she had more than one. "She felt up my stomach and I made her laugh," I added.

"You let her touch you?" Tigger inquired.

"Cáel, did you come to work dressed like you normally do?" Daphne teased.

"Yep," sighed.

"So you were naked in the elevator," Violet snickered.

"Yep," I confirmed.

"You should be relocated for that," Fabiola sneered.

"Damn Fabiola, why do you...what would he be relocated for? Getting dressed?" Paula groaned.

"He was naked in front of an employee," Fabiola explained.

"Two actually," I clarified. "They both did touch my naked flesh. It was a bonding experience."

"Did you do any actual 'bonding'?" Dora winked.

"I hugged Brielle, but that was only because she was Daphne's sister and I'm not allowed to hug Daphne at this time," I answered.

"You can hug me - in a purely platonic way," Daphne murmured.

We were at Buffy's desk - I was working with her today.

"Okay," I nodded. I took a single stride to Daphne. She closed with me and I put my arms around her waist. Daphne put her hands on my shoulders. Our heads got closer and closer. I let my hands roam higher up her back and through her long locks.

Nose touched nose, I ran my hands through her hair until I tickled the back of her ears. Daphne's lips parted and her tongue played along the edges. I let my breath play along her cheeks as I worked to her left ear. I felt a sharp pain in my right buttocks.

"Ow!" I squalled - after I pulled away from Daphne's ear.

I tried to fully spin around, but Daphne wasn't letting go. I caught sight of a furious Buffy, small knife in hand, burning holes in me with her eyes.

"You stabbed me," I protested. Daphne had thought I was playing a cruel game with her. Now that the truth had come out, she's was pissed - with Buffy.

"Time you got to work, Intern," Buffy snapped.

"Did you have to stab him?" Daphne complained.

"Intern, don't you have some place you should be?" Buffy snarled at Daphne.

"Take care," Daphne tenderly stroked my cheek. It didn't take an Aeronautical Engineer to realize I was about to get poked again.

Daphne glared defiance at Buffy even as she retired. Buffy stabbed my left buttock this time. I could have stopped her. What would have been the point? I didn't shout out. I manned up and shed a tear instead.

"Keep him in line, Buffy," Fabiola chortled. "He's been flashing women on the elevator."

"Fabiola, please appreciate the fact that I requested Cáel today. If I had you one more hour, I swore to Katrina they'd find your corpse in a Newark landfill," Buffy sneered. "Now scurry off to where you are assigned to be before my first order for Cáel this morning will be to carry your subdued and gagged body to the trunk of our car. I'll be doing the subduing."

Fabiola repositioned herself and said something in Old Kingdom Hittite.

"Your blood is the fecal matter of cats and dogs; unworthy of your station at arms."

Fabiola had this smug, superior look ruining her classically beautiful Italian features. Buffy was angry yet hampered by not being able to understand the insult. I scanned about.

"Tigger," I called out. She was the closest. She quickly gained visual permission by her trainer for the day and jogged to Buffy's area. "Tigger what does '****' mean?" I relayed Fabiola's insult, in Old Hittite, to Tigger. "Fabiola said it to Buffy and I think it is the same language she used on Tuesday."

"What did she say?" Buffy demanded.

"I cannot tell you, Buffy," Tigger bowed. "I promise I will convey these words to Katrina right now so that she may properly evaluate them." She sprinted off. Fabiola was worried; not so much she apologized, but worried.

Tigger came sprinting back a minute later. We were all supposed to get to work. Katrina would deal with this matter. Fabiola's smirk told me she was completely naïve about the shit-storm she'd unleashed. Off Buffy and I went. It was the child protection detail once more. There was the added bonus of having the security guards at the armory giving Buffy shit over not speaking Hittite - morons.

"We need to work on our pig Latin," I suggested to Buffy as we loaded the car.

"Huh?" Buffy's funk subsided somewhat.

"Do you speak any exotic languages, or do we invent one, because I'm sick of this secret language bullshit," I declared.

"I'm still furious with you," Buffy finally spoke. I filtered through a variety of insufficient responses and ended up sighing as I looked out the passenger window. I was my usual boisterous self during the pick-up and drop-off. I deftly evaded my 'teacher time' today so I was able to spend a few minutes with the Brazilian security hottie.

She didn't have a gym to work out in so I suggested we could meet at Havenstone and she could use their corporate facility with me. It was safe enough. Buffy kept up the silent treatment until lunchtime which left me pretty grim. At 12:15, Nikita gave me a call. She was on her lunch break and was making sure our two dates were still on.

It felt good to hear a friendly voice. I confirmed our engagements and she left me with a smile as she hung up. I noticed Buffy glaring at me again. I looked away.

"Which girlfriend was that?" she commented snidely.

"How is that work-related?" I didn't even look at her.

"I am telling you it is," she snapped back.

"Put my refusal in yet another one of your stunning job performance reviews you are going to give me," I stated calmly. I still wasn't looking at her.

"I will," she grumbled. I didn't respond. There was no point.

As we finished our cue, Buffy pulled me aside.

"What is wrong with you?" Buffy hissed quietly.

"If I've messed up any part of my assigned work, please make it aware of it," I stared back.

"Don't be a smart-ass," she seethed. "It isn't appealing."

"Since you haven't addressed any specific grievances, I'll do my best to randomly determine the source of your displeasure," I said. Had I not spoken in a voice devoid of emotion, it might have been taken as a joke. "You resent being treated like a random employee in the same manner I resent being treated as your property."

"Since you are convinced you have done nothing wrong and that I'm a jerk, I feel this conversation is at an end. Have a good weekend," I kept calm.

"You are a jerk. In 78 more days," she snarled.

"78 days - nothing. I can sleep with far more important women, Buffy," I let my countenance harden.

"The only reason I would have sex with you would be because I liked you. That would imply that you liked me too. You clearly don't like me, so I think we are done here," I explained.

"I say when we are done," she grabbed my elbow.

"Really?" I laughed in her face, "I'll see what Fabiola, or any of the new girls feel about that."

"Do you think they'll feel generous enough to give you the scraps off their table?" I mocked her. Buffy looked ready to stab me again. "You felt free in stabbing me this morning yet when Fabiola clearly insulted you, you did nothing. You aren't even courageous enough to fight for me, or treat me with dignity. Lacking any virtues, what would attract me to you over any of the others?"

"Who says you get to decide anything?" Buffy was breathing heavily now. Her problem was she was aroused, angry and being buried under the crushing weight of the truth. I wouldn't have total freedom. I knew that. I also knew that I would have some choice and certainly enough to deny a woman with Buffy's low status. The truth of that was in the anguish in Buffy's gaze.

Begging wasn't in her creed, especially not to a man. She couldn't apologize to me either. I hated myself at times.

"Buffy, I need to go," I tugged on my elbow. She let go. "Can I talk to you on the elevator ride down once I'm off the clock and can speak freely?"

"Yes," she looked down. I changed in Katrina's bathroom then made my exit with my fellow 'new hires', minus Fabiola whose absence was noted by all. The group mostly kept the conversation about work with some flavoring being applied in the form of weekend plans. When Buffy and Helena stepped in, I looped my right arm around Buffy and pulled her too me.

Buffy jolted in surprise, refraining from attacking me long enough to realize we were back in the corner we shared yesterday. I was back to the corner and she had her back to me. Putting my valise down allowed me to place my other arm around Buffy as well. The kiss I placed on the top of Buffy's head caught everyone off-guard.

My right hand came to rest on her left hip. The left crossed her body, pressing on her bosom from beneath. Repeated kisses fell upon her hair until the elevator reached the main floor.

"Apology accepted," Buffy turned in my arms so that we were facing. She placed each hand upon my jaw and tilted my head down. "Be more appreciative on Monday, or I won't let you off so easy next time."

As we parted company, the 'girls' gave me similar looks as I biked away. Things got worse immediately. Sitting on her butt next to my door was Odette - with a tote bag. She pushed up the wall and smiled broadly.

"I figured since we had the weekend free we could hang out," she beamed.

"Let's go inside," I offered. Keeping upbeat was key; a crying woman on my stoop would suck. As we entered the apartment and I was putting my bike aside, Odette made for the bedroom.

"Odette, we need to get something straight," I called out. She didn't stop. "I have a date with another women tonight." That did the trick.

"Did I do something wrong?" she gulped as she turned around and stared at me.

"What?" I feigned surprise. I've been here before. "No! Why would you think that? Odette, you are wonderful." I walked to her and she came into my arms. Pig. Dog. Take your pick.

"Why are you dumping me then?" Odette looked up, tears in her eyes.

"I thought you would be dumping me," I reversed things. "I'm the one not ready for commitment. I am afraid you have been far better for me than I've been for you."

"I don't want to let you go," she pleaded as her hug tightened.

"Wait. Odette, think about this. You deserve a guy who wants you and only you. I'm not that guy. I'm a serial dater. I can't help it," I complained on her behalf.

"That's okay," Odette mumbled. "Don't be so hard on yourself, Cáel Nyilas. You are a wonderful man, too. I'll wait around until you figure things out. I'll take what I can get while you look for your happiness." Odette wasn't weak, or stupid. She was a young lady, romantically alone and living in her parent's house.

I was exciting and different, the sex was great and it was a new experience to wake up in a foreign place, safe and warm. I had turned her phantasm dreams of a better life into a tangible reality even if she now had to morph her expectations. Adaptation wasn't failing. It was the reason human beings existed today. I feebly tried to break free.

"Odette - Honey, I can't," I explained. "I'm getting so hot for you right now. I don't want to..." Odette pressed a finger to my lips. She too was aroused. Yes, I had told a second girl that I was a slave to my cock and again, the woman had created a mental excuse that allowed her to stay with me despite my promised infidelity.

And I was about to have sex with her before going out on a date with the first girl I had confessed everything to. Should I 'oink', or is that 'bow-wow'?

"How long do we have?" Odette's voice turned molten with lust.

"An hour," I kissed her.

"That should be just enough time," she licked her kips then led me by the hand to the bedroom. Odette started out somewhat desperate. I cooled her down and instructed her in micromanaging intercourse. Doing the little things that targeted the erogenous zones of your partner instead of going straight for the sex.

In the afterglow, we cuddled together, Odette kissing my nipples and me nibbling on her ear - one of her hot spots.

"You are yummy," she sighed. "Delicious."

"Are you trying to distract me with your alluring words and dynamite body?" I sounded worried.

"Is it working?" she giggled.

"It will if I don't escape right now," I pleaded. She reluctantly let me slip away. Her eyes followed me around the room and out the door. A warm shower was nice, dressing in front of Odette was innocently refreshing and we ordered her some takeout.

Odette would stay the night - I gave Timothy a warning call - and I'd be back late. We'd have Saturday morning to spend together; my cobbled together plan would leave everyone happy, right? I headed out to my date with Nikita with high hopes. We met at an East Side theater, watched the movie with minimal conversation and exited hand in hand.

Nikita was coming around to my romantic approach. All I had to do was let her know I was dying to have sex with her in the same way she was dying to have sex with me. I was holding off because of my desire to get to know her, so she held back in order to be the 'better woman' and help me with my sexual issues - namely to have sex as much as possible.

We walked, talked about our schools growing up, colleges and her time at the Police Academy. Nikita and I ended up at this nice bar that served tasty comfort food and a good selection of alcoholic beverages. An hour and a half later, we left, both feeling tipsy. Nikita snuggled up against me, taking in my scent and warmth.

Our kisses were more intense that night, our desires more raw and evident and Nikita's craving for our contact to evolve was stronger than ever. We parted. I took a few steps then turned around. Sure enough, Nikita looked over her shoulder, smiled then kept walking. A few steps later, she looked back again. This time she stopped. We looked, then met each other half way and kissed some more.

The second separation was permanent. It was important that Nikita know I was fascinated with her. A more virtuous man might have been troubled with the fact that I was going to unload the sexual frustration I had hefted upon myself by dating Nikita onto Odette, but I'm not that guy. I did get a surprise when I came through the door.

Odette was on the sofa watching Kick-Ass 2, her head resting on Timothy's lap. Timothy was in the midst of impressing on her how delectable Morris Chestnut was when I came in.

"Hey Cáel, Ulyssa called. We are on for Sunday dinner at their place. A Yasmin Palhavã called as well. She's says you are on for Monday at 5:15 pm," Timothy smirked.

To add to the fun, Odette looked up at me and smiled.

"Timothy and I bonded over ice cream," she giggled. "He says you give such an unbelievably good dicking, women lose all common sense for days, even weeks afterwards. He says he's never seen anything like it before and he's jealous."

"You two are hilarious," I griped. "I'm going to the bathroom and masturbate. Then I'm going to bed - alone."

"No, you are not!" Odette declared. She hopped up and charged me. "You are sleeping with me tonight. I need to exercise these extra calories off." She was in her underwear, which I got a brief flash of as she left the sofa, and my old Mayhem Festival 2012 t-shirt.

Beyond her looking far sexier in it than I ever had (in my opinion), she was definitely ready to give me some 'makes him forget about all those other women' sex. I wrapped an arm around Odette and looked over my shoulder to tell Timothy goodnight. He was giving me the finger. Not only had he picked up a jealous lover after careful consideration, I apparently could carpet bomb the city and not hit a single woman willing to hold my philandering ways against me.


Round nine - I thought it was round nine - was ended abruptly by Timothy dumping a pitcher full of ice down my back. Odette and I had meant to get some breakfast in the living room. We were eating some shredded wheat, some milk dripped down Odette's chin and I licked it off. If anyone doesn't think that's an open invitation for sex, you're nuts.

Anyway, we were face to face, me sitting on the sofa, Odette in my lap with a combination of her thighs and my hands helping her bob up on down on my cock while we battled tongues and checked that we hadn't sucked any of the other's fillings out yet. Timothy stumbled past in his normal morning pre-coffee haze, busied himself in the kitchen then came back with the aforementioned pitcher of ice.

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