tagBDSMLife as a Slave

Life as a Slave


It was Elle's first visit to the Slave Farm; never in her wildest dreams did she think she would end up in such a place. Her old Master had decided he wanted to cut down on his slaves and had heard of the Slave Auction to be held on the first Tuesday of April.

He did not wish to make money, although a slave in prime condition, as Elle was, brought a tidy sum, no he wished her to go to a new Master who would give her the attention she deserved and craved.

Her old Master had filled out the registration form.

Reason for sale - Surplus to requirements.

Name -- Slave Elle

Age -- 27

Height -- 5 foot 4 inches

Bust -- 34 inches

Pussy -- Bushed

Scars -- None

Brands -- None

Tolerance -- Average

It was the last item that caused her to be at the farm 5 days early. Her Sir had decided that her tolerance should be raised and she needed to be taught to also have more strength.

By the same token He felt as a slave she lacked understanding about her beatings.

She had a great capacity to receive a punishment beating, but lacked the ability to surrender herself completely to enter and enjoy the pleasures of "Sub Space". If she only knew how this state would endear her to any Master she would not fight it, for what Master would not want his slave to lose consciousness and control and be totally dependent upon him. This truly is the sign of surrender and such power transference is the ultimate gift. Sub State is the form the mind takes during a punishment like a Tanta or even the most erotic dream, no pain is felt just ecstasy.

It was 8.00pm when she arrived at the farm. Elle was stripped on entering the administration block, her details logged and she was taken to the washing room. Two slaves, at the farm were ordered to wash her down, male slaves and they relished their jobs.

Elle had been shackled by her hands and raised to tip toes with a rope through a ceiling hook in the roof beams. Once on her toes they began to roughly finger her and with her pussy juice moved to her bummy hole and they gave it a share of their fingers.

They were also obviously naked and when happy with their work spent little time in sandwiching Elle between them. One in her pussy as the other fucked her bum hole. Elle never objected but whimpered until the slave from behind reached forward and pulled hard on her nipples, pulling them hard and tight to each side whilst the slave at the front beat them with the back of a scrubbing brush. She let out a scream, which made the slaves fuck her harder. She took 10 hard slaps on each tit then they were released and she took 5 on each nipple as the slaves filled her with their cum. They washed and hosed her well, pushing the end of the hose in each hole to wash her clean.

She was let down, patted dry and taken out of the showers, her hands still shackled, down a corridor to another door. It led to the stable block where she was taken in and fastened on her knees in a stall. She slept on soft hay in a stall with 5 other girls, no one spoke but occasional sobs were heard through the night.

A shaft of light beamed through a skylight and Elle knew her day was soon to begin. The door opened and the girls were untied and told to follow one of the slaves to the dining area. They sat at a table, although one girl with a bottom full of red stripes decided to stand, their demeanour and style were impeccable, they could dine at any table, in fact could dine with Kings.

The food was in generous supply they could eat what they liked. Cereal, fried breakfast, or just toast and honey, juices, milk and of course coffee or tea.

"Slave Elle, to the doctors," echoed a voice over the speaker system.

Elle stood and awaited further instruction, she held out her hands and they were shackled and attached to a leather strap and led out of the dining room to a room further down the corridor. The leader slave knocked and he was told to enter.


"Slave Elle Sir."

"Reason for your visit?"

"Slave auction entrant Sir."

"Correct, onto the bed slave."

Elle climbed onto the starkly covered examination table and was given a full going over, inside and out! All measurements and readings were recorded, everything precisely written down.

The doctor turned to the slave and said "shave." He walked towards Elle and sat her up; re-attached her lead and led her to the wash block where the leader slave and helper were waiting. Her feet were fastened with ankle bracelets and a rope attached to each. One slave pulled on the rope whist the other took her under her arms as she was again hoisted up. This time off the ground, upside down and legs apart.

The slaves relished their jobs; one pulled out his cock and offered it to Elle's mouth which she readily accepted. He foamed her pussy, back and front and shaved as he filled her mouth. He carefully removed the hair from her bummy crack and up and down both lips as she sucked him to fill her mouth. He arched his back and pulled back a little as he spurted his cum down her throat.

When he had emptied he withdrew and allowed the other slave to take his place, she instinctively pushed out her tongue to help guide him in. He was bigger than the first but she sucked him hard and hungrily as he grew into her.

He began to shave her mons; he was as skilful as the slave before him and shaved close and cleanly without the hint of a cut. He finished his side quickly so gave more attention to Elle's mouth. Holding in a little longer causing her to almost suffocate, time after time. Making her gag with his size, then cumming without pulling back a little causing her to choke.

But at last it was over, she was lowered, hosed down and returned to the doctor. He fastened her legs into the stirrups and placed a strap over her tits to hold her down.

Elle was a little scared, she did not know what to expect. Then the doctor wiped her pussy and clit with a cold liquid on a cloth and produced a hood ring. He placed it in the piercing gun slapped her pussy a few times and attached the ring into her hood.

Elle shrieked at the pain, the doctor said she had been very brave and deserved a treat, as she smiled the doctor dropped his trousers and laid his cock over her pussy lips.

"Would you like me to fuck you slave Elle?"

"Yes please Sir."

He played over her lips pushing up against her new adornment causing her to wince. He inserted and began to rock backwards and forwards playing with her ring. The pain soon turned to pleasure with her new ring constantly brushing her clit as she rocked back and they both cum together.

The doctor withdrew and walked to Elle's head and she laid her head on one side and opened her mouth and began to lick and clean the doctor's cock, she was well trained in this department. The slave was called and a clit lead was attached and she was taken back to her stall to rest.

They were not inhuman at the slave farm and tried to make the slaves as comfortable as possible. Elle had dinner then lay down for the night. The same shaft of light woke her the next morning, same breakfast and then i was called to "Bay Number Three"


"I felt cold and alone as I sat waiting, my heart was now deadened of any hope returning back to my home and to the arms of the man I adored. The stone walls closed in on me as tears streamed down my cheeks."

"I thought of my life, it was empty without him. He was my reason for living, the purpose for my existence. From the time I first moved to England from Paris he was there."

"I was 18 when I first moved in as Sir's slave; my life had been in a shambles with a love that had gone wrong and I had fallen in with a wrong and violent lot. I was not looking for love at all, I guess it really found me by accident, or was it? He was at the news stand buying a newspaper when we met, I was working in Sainsbury's, it was not the best job in town, but it paid my board and a few extras, I was on my lunch break and I'd decided to browse at some magazines instead of eating. He looked at me and for a moment our eyes locked; He says he looked into the depths of my soul."

"I smiled at Him and He flashed a grin back with a nod of approval. I blushed as I realised I was holding an 'adult' magazine." "Better be careful with that one" He said and gave me a wink...

It was a chilly Sunday morning and as usual on Sundays I rose early and went to the markets, now a month after meeting Sir. I liked to be the first one there and be able to buy the choicest of fruits and vegetables for my Sir, before the dozens of hands prodded and picked over them. Nothing was too good for my Master. It was my special day, I'd always have my breakfast out on market days, it was my one treat that was a ritual to me and Sir never minded me spoiling myself on bacon and eggs and proper coffee."

"I was always back before Sir woke and was available if he needed me, which I always prayed he would. Although being in a poly house told meant that some days He wouldn't choose me."

"I would never argue or debate with Sir, He most certainly was the head of the house and we were all a very special part of His life. I felt that some of us were a 'little' more part of His life than others, but Sir never entered into that kind of conversation."

"I always woke Sir, in my usual way on Sunday Mornings, but this particular Sunday he had chosen another, a new girl, a bratty type with ample breasts and a plump bottom. As I knocked on his door, I could hear His groans, jealously raged in my heart. I could not contain myself and I opened the door and went in anyway pretending I hadn't heard. She was between his legs and he was enjoying her a little too much I thought. They both ignored me, so I left quietly and waited."

"After what seemed an eternity she came down for breakfast making so many comments about how she had pleased him, just loud enough so I could hear. I could contain it no longer, I ran to my room crying grabbed my purse and ran back into the kitchen, she was still going on and on about how she would be his 'special girl'. I looked up at her and nodded. "Yes, she would take my place and I had no option left but to leave." I knew I had nowhere to go but I didn't care; I would ring for a taxi and disappear."

"May I make a phone call, I said to Jack who was self elected custodian of life in the servant's quarters. He was fussing around kitchen waiting for Sir to call for him, Jack a 52 year gay butler cared very little about who was in Sir's bed, just so long as he got out of it so he could get him dressed and off to His office. Jack could then slip off for a few hours of his own pleasure. He was used to me coming and going on a Sunday and nodded wearily."

She smirked at me as if to say, who cares he's mine now. That was the final straw; I opened my purse and said, "I know the taxi number is in here somewhere." I smiled sweetly at her, yes here it is and I pulled out my 45 pistol and shot her right between those slutty big tits. Her face registered horror and for several seconds before she fell she stared at me, I smiled again and whispered sweetly "bon voyage."

"Everyone in the room was in shock! Jack's face was bright red; he kept taking deep breaths while muttering unrecognisable words and fanning himself with his hand as if he had just swallowed a hot potato. The cook screamed then dropped to her knees and began racing through her rosy beads as if it was her responsibly to open heaven's door for a newcomer."

"The gun shot has roused the Master and the next moment he was standing in the door way of the kitchen looking at the body of the girl that had just been in his bed. I still had the gun in my hand; Sir turned to me and looked at me with a strange but loving manner."

"I told you that jealous would get you into bother one day." He walk toward me and took the gun from my hand and said, "lets get rid of this then shall we Jack?" Cook was still crying, but came round when Sir suggested she make us all a 'good cup of tea."

"No need to make a big do of this he said, Jack you will have to do a little job for me this morning, I'm afraid your friend will miss your company today," he said with a glint in his eye. "Yes, Sir knew everything."


"The door opened abruptly and I was snapped back to reality, slave no 148, he said not even looking up from his notebook. I stood obediently and grimaced as he attached a chain to my clit ring. I had no protest left in my spirit it had finally fully surrendered. Standing alone on the block I knew my life as a worthless slave was soon about to begin."

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