tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLife as an Adult Day 01

Life as an Adult Day 01


Jennifer laid awake on her bed staring up at the ceiling; today was an important day for she had just turned eighteen. The excitement of the day had not yet worn off as she reviewed the days events in her head. Jennifer turned over to her left side and rubbed her feet together, she was wearing her new pink and red stripped toe socks that she got as a gift from a friend. She also had on a new pair of pink pajamas that another friend got her. Jennifer felt content and comfy as she hugged her heart shaped pillow. For some reason she thought she would feel different when she turned eighteen, after all she was an adult now. But after an entire day of being eighteen she still felt like herself. "Today was a wonderful day." she thought to herself "and I still have the rest of my life ahead."

An hour or so passed when Jennifer started to feel sleepy; she felt her ocean-blue-eyes getting heavy and she allowed them to close. Exactly how long she slept, she did not know. She was awoken by a rustling sound in her room. She turned over onto her right side and as she did she saw a shadowy figure in the corner of the room. Alarmed she sat up to get a better look, her vision was blurry and she could not make it out; however she did not have time as she felt someone from behind grab a hold of her and put their hands over he mouth. Jennifer tried to scream but the person held her mouth so tight that not a sound could come out. She tried to struggle but the figure held her against their own body pinning her arms to her chest and she could not break free. Jennifer could tell by the size of their hand and body that a man was behind her. She began to kick her feet wildly until the shadow figure came forward, it was another man in a black sky mask. He grabbed a hold of her ankles and held her down. Jennifer arched her back and squirmed as hard as she could, but her attempts to break free were futile.

As Jennifer struggled against her captures she caught a glimpse of her father in the door way. "MMaaaabbb!!" she managed to muffle out of the tight grip that held her mouth shut. Her father walked calmly towards her as if nothing was wrong at all. Even in the dark you could see her pleading blue eyes looking at her father and begging for help. He was holding something shinny in his hands that she recognized as a syringe. Jennifer screamed even louder as he bent down and removed her right sock and lifted her pajama cuffs slightly up. She felt the prick of the needle as he inserted it into her ankle. Then the world started to fade away, the room was spinning and getting distorted, her muscles would no longer obey command, she let out one more whimper of resistance before she was out cold.

Jennifer awoke with a painful stiffness in her shoulders and arms. She was very disorientated and could not understand why she could not see anything. She slowly realized she was suspended in air by her arms; she attempted to wiggle her hands, but the were tightly held in place. She then understood why she couldn't see, she was wearing a face tight blindfold.. As her senses started to come to she felt that her left leg was bent and pined behind her back being suspended in place just like her arms. Her right leg was free and her big toe could just barely touch the ground. Jennifer struggled to gain more ground with her toe in hopes to relieve the stress put on her arms. As she did she felt a sharp pain in her back, but when she screamed it was muffled by something in her mouth that felt like a rubber ball, it was strapped into place and she could feel the straps pushing against her cheeks and running around her head. Any attempt to balance herself or struggle only increased the pain in her arms. As time went by and Jennifer became fully conscious she vaguely remembered being assaulted and kidnapped. She could feel a cool breeze cut through the thin layer of her pajamas and a damp floor beneath her right barefoot. Taking deep breaths through her nose she attempted to scream, but her attempts were muted and muffled, she even tried to force the ball out with her tongue with no luck. Her blindfold was so tight that even her tears could not escape.

Her sobbing had gotten the attention of one of her captures, Jennifer heard foot steps moving towards her. "Ah, your awake..." came from a calm, quiet man. The man laughed, "Poor little thing, your arms must be killing you... I told them you should not have been suspended so high." the man continued. The man walked away from Jennifer until she heard a clicking sound, at the same time she felt herself being lowered until she could just barely stand on all five of her toes. The relief on her arms and shoulders was instantaneous, however she was now resting her entire weight on her toes. The sound foot steps returned to Jennifer and she could feel the man right next to her. He brought his face next to hers and their cheeks touched, he pulled some of her hair into his face and took a deep breath.

Jennifer had developed into a beautiful young women, she was half Mexican a quarter Irish and a quarter Italian. She had the most prefect medium brown skin a girl could ask for. She was tall, slim and firm. She had long slender legs and ballerina arches and a firm sculpted ass. She had long silky hair that went to the middle of her back. The man surveyed her up and down. He allowed his hands to run up against her thighs to her stomach and then he moved his hand down below her waist and started to rub her clothed mound. As he did Jennifer began to take panic breaths and shake. She tried to move away but could not. The man pulled his hands away and laughed "Don't worry little girl. I don't have permission to use you." the man took a deep sigh, "I am just here to guard you... pity.". The man started to whistle as he walked away.

It felt as if hours had gone by, Jennifer had to alternate from supporting herself up on her toes and then allowing herself to hang freely from her arms. She had cried herself out and she was so desperately exhausted. She wanted to crawl into a dark corner and disappear. Jennifer was in and out of sleep when she heard foot steps returning to her. She instinctively lifted her head up looking in the direction of the sound before remembering she was blindfolded. Whoever was in front of her did not speak, he held her face up by the chin, then gave her a light slap in the face. The man then grabbed her pajama top by the collar and ripped it off her body. Jennifer let out a muffled scream and the man laugh. He began to caress her bare breasts one at a time and he would pin her nipples between his thumb and index finger giving them a slight squeeze, each time he did it would sent a shock down her body, she even felt it in her toes, and she let out a muffled whimper as he squeezed them.

The man then ran his fingers down her torso and circled her bellybutton and then slide his hand under her pajamas. "Oooo, no panties... interesting." the man commented as he began to gently rub her outer labia. "... and she shaves, very nice!" he said excitedly. The man's voice sounded familiar. Jennifer squirmed and whimpered as he continued to molest her, teasing her inner labia and slowly working is finger inside of her. "These pants need to go." he said as he pulled his hand away. A minute later Jennifer felt a cold metal object brush up against her waist. She realized it as a pair of scissors when she felt the man clipping her pajamas away. Within a few short moments she found herself completely naked with the exception of a single pink and red stripped sock on her left foot. Jennifer never felt more exposed in her life as she dangled in the air butt-naked, she feared for her life, and her body. She was praying that someone would come to her rescue.

Without speaking the man attached a strap along her right upper thigh, then he attached another to her left upper thigh. Jennifer then heard a clicking sound and she was being lifted into the air until her toes no longer touched the ground. The man then attached chains to each strap and pulled on a rope which forced her legs apart. The man walked any away and returned with a stool that he sat in front of Jennifer. The only way Jennifer knew what was going on was from sound queues and movement around her. Jennifer could feel the mans breath against her vagina. She struggled to move away but the bindings held her into place. He then put both hands on both sides of her hips and brought his face to her nude mound, he extended his tongue and started to lick.

The sensation was unlike anything she has ever felt before, she felt uncontrollable shivers throughout her entire body as his warm tongue pushed opened her labia and made contact with her clitoris. It felt absolutely amazing; however she felt humiliated and ashamed for getting pleasure from this violation of her body. She felt betrayed by her own vagina for not only anticipating each stroke of this stranger's tongue, but eagerly accepting and allowing it deeper inside. She hated the man who was violating her and who was taking away her sense of control and her innocence. Every part of her brain was screaming for him to stop; but her body was begging for more and allowed muffled moan of pleasure to escape from her mouth. Jennifer was half-crying and half-moaning in ecstasy as her body refused to obey her commands. She could not control herself as she jolted with each stroke of her tongue, she could not stop herself from trying to force herself into the strange man's face. Her body wanted his tongue to penetrate her as deep as it could.

Jennifer felt dirty and contaminated, sweat was dripping down her body, she could feel the combination of her own juices and the stranger's saliva leak out of her vagina and run down her legs. A new sensation was been building up inside her that she did not understand. She felt tingling in every inch of her body, her nipples were rock hard, her toes were curling, she felt dizzy and out of breath, her heart was beating so fast she felt it might burst. The feeling kept building and building, if it wasn't for the gag in her mouth she would have screamed out loud. And then it happened her entire body began to jerk uncontrollably every muscle in her body was spasming, she bit down so hard into the ball in her mouth that her teeth made an indent. Loud muffled moans escaped the gag and despite the tight bindings she jerked her body hard.

The stranger pulled away, and as he did he brought his hand up to her pussy and swiped his fingers around, the sheer touch to the sensitive area made her jerk. Without saying a word he brought his wet fingers to Jennifer's nose and whipped the juices on the bridge of her nose. Her own aroma filled her lungs, but she was so tired that she didn't care, she was nearly passing out. "I guess that was your first time." said the man, more as a comment then a question. He then left her suspended in the air, she was so exhausted that she passed out.

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