tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLife Changes Ch. 13

Life Changes Ch. 13


Chapter 13. Fun in the Sun.

Cast: John, 5' 11", 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, 32 years old, married to Cindy.
Cindy, 5' 5", 118 lbs, dirty blonde, blue eyes, 32 years old, married to John.
Emily, 5'8", 135 lbs, auburn hair, green eyes, 36 years old, married to Bob.
Robert (Bob), 5' 10", 185 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, 37 years old, married to Emily.
Samantha (Sam), 5' 9", 115 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, 31 years old, married to Bill.
Bill, 5' 9", 155 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, 35 years old, married to Sam.

By the end of May the weather was fantastic. The sun was out, everything was blooming, it was very nice. Other things were not so nice. Cindy had our daughter, Stephanie, in early April. Emily had her daughter, Jennifer, earlier than expected, just before Memorial Day. They were both still waking and feeding regularly, and this made life a little difficult at times, but there was nothing like holding your baby daughter in your arms to make you feel better. She was beautiful... just like her mother.

Cindy was tired, but happy. Emily felt the same and they got together one afternoon with the babies. They were both breast feeding at the same time. I heard them talk about how their now heavy, lactating breasts were never fully emptied and sometimes their breasts would hurt if the child was not hungry enough to empty them. That gave me an idea. I called Sam and told her to pack some clothes and come over. I was going to put her to work on this problem.

When Sam showed up, she was wearing a nice bright skirt and blouse since it was almost summer. The first thing she did was strip. She was never allowed to wear clothes in our house. I was sitting in my easy chair, flipping channels, while the two mothers were still sitting on the couch feeding the little ones. Sam came over to me and sat on the floor next to the chair.

The two mothers finished, burped the little ones, and placed them into our crib. They were immediately asleep and the women turned to watch what I was doing with Sam.

"Good morning, sir."

I looked at the tall, cute thing sitting there. "Sam, Cindy and Emily have been complaining because the babies don't empty their breasts of the breast milk. I think you need to help them with that." I turned to Cindy and Emily. "Ladies, may Sam be of assistance?"

They both stared at me for a second. Cindy seemed a little unsure, but Emily piped up right away. Her breasts had easily grown two sizes and were always leaking.

"Sam, please come over here and suck my big... fat... tits." She drew it out, emphasizing the last three words. I think it turned her on to talk like that.

Sam looked from me to Emily, not sure what to make of this. She stared for a few seconds, but then crawled over and looked up at Emily. Emily smiled and I couldn't wait to see Sam suck on Emily's nipples.

Emily put her hands under her left breast. "This one still feels too full, start here."

Sam leaned forward and started sucking. I could hear her suck and swallow, suck and swallow. Emily moaned. "Mmmm. That feels good."

Sam leaned back. "It tastes funny, but interesting." She went back to sucking.

Cindy looked over and yanked up her dress. She was wearing a peasant skirt that was loose and flowing and she yanked it up to her waist. She ripped off her underwear and started frigging her clit. I moved over between her legs.

Cindy stared at me. "I don't think I'm ready for penetration, but I need to cum... bad!"

I looked down at her pussy. She had a little short stubble above her slit, but the rest remained completely shaved. She was pulling the lips apart and exposing her little nerve-enriched nub. She was already getting wet and the smell was obvious. I leaned in and swiped my tongue over her clit, she moaned. She put her head back and let me lightly suck and lick at her clit. Her episiotomy incision should be healed by now, but I think she was still a little reticent to find out.

Emily pushed Sam away and stood up. She pushed her pants and panties to the floor and extracted one leg. Sam sat back on her haunches and watched. Emily sat back down. "It's too soon for me to do much, but I need to cum, too. Sam, get back up here and work on my left tit again." Sam obeyed and crawled up on the couch on all fours to get to the left tit while Emily slowly worked on her clit.

Cindy looked down at me. I had stopped licking her to watch what was happening between Emily and Sam. "Please don't stop. I'm so close!" She pushed my head back down to her pussy. I immediately fastened my mouth over her clit and sucked and licked it. She went off like a rocket. Her entire body went rigid and she kept moaning. "Oh... oh... oh... fuck... yes... oh...." When she finally stopped and collapsed into the couch I rose up and looked at her, her juices all over my mouth and cheeks. She smiled and kissed me. Then she licked her pussy juice off my face. "Yum. I love it when you have my pussy juices all over your face."

I smiled. "Me, too." I kissed her once more lightly on the lips and then stood up. I stripped quickly and moved over behind Sam. I looked at the inviting view of her pussy and ass sticking up in the air while she sucked Emily's tits. Emily was slowly rolling her clit in her right hand and reaching under Sam to squeeze Sam's tits. I moved up behind Sam and placed my dick at the entrance to her pussy. She moaned and lifted her head up as I then slid it in.

"I think I'm fine now." Emily looked up at Sam. "It seems that our little suck slut likes breast milk, right Sam?"

"Oh, yes. I love your breast milk, Emily." Sam always answered the question by including what it was about. "Oh, and Master is fucking me so good, it makes me want to cum."

I answered her right away. "You may cum, my little suck slut."

"Thank... you... Master... oh, fuck... keep fucking me, sir...." Sam was really rocking now, trying to get her orgasm. I kept pumping and let it wash over her... and my dick. She came really hard, jerking hard against my dick and I could feel my dick start sliding much easier as she came all over it. I took it out of her and she sat on the couch.

"Okay, who wants some Sam-soaked dick?"

Before my little suck slut, Sam, could get there, Emily had engulfed my dick. She sucked it all the way to the bottom. She could really suck cock and she started up a little rhythm. Sam took my balls in her hand and started rolling them around while I face-fucked Emily. Cindy just lay there watching and smiling at me. She grinned when I met her eyes. Sam was sitting there watching Emily suck me and playing with my balls. Finally, I knew I was going to give it up and cum in Emily's mouth. I didn't even warn her. She was an expert and I'm sure knew when I was going to cum. I started thrusting faster and she wrapped her left hand around the bottom of the shaft and started pumping. I was going to cum any second and started the final thrusts. Emily knew exactly when I was going to cum. Just as I started, she yanked my dick out of her mouth and aimed it at Sam. I hadn't cum in a few days and I exploded, shooting stream after stream all over her. The first two squirts were strong enough to hit her right in the face. Then the rest kept spurting onto her tits and stomach, running down in small streaks. Emily kept pumping me until I had to pull back from being too sensitive.

"Now that was a good cum, John." Emily looked at Sam. She leaned forward and licked the remains from the end of my dick and then turned back to Sam. She bent over. "Let me feed it to you Sam." She started by licking up a large piece of cum and then kissing Sam, pushing the cum into her mouth. She kept it up until Sam was completely clean and had been fed all my cum orally. It was so hot I thought I was going to get hard again. When she finished, Emily sat back. "Wow! Now I need a nap." She got up, pulled up her pants, and Cindy rose with her. Together they went over, picked up the little ones and proceeded upstairs. We had another crib in our room and they were probably going to put them there and take a nap together. It was a common scenario at John and Cindy's house.

I got dressed and looked at Cindy. "Let's go out and play. We haven't had any playtime since Cindy got to her last trimester. Put your clothes back on, but no underwear." She did.

We got in the car and I drove to the mall. I had decided that Sam needed to get some new dick and I knew how we could find some.

We wandered around the mall until I spotted who I wanted. There was a group of young boys playing video games and hanging out with one of the cashiers at a small game store near the end of the main mall corridor. They were probably all about 18 years old and looked like complete nerds. I watched them for a couple of minutes and decided that this would be fun. I told Sam to sit on one of the benches outside the store and wait. I walked over and asked them about the new game. It was obviously one of their favorites and I got the entire scoop. I'm not completely lost on video games, so I wasn't a novice, but I let them do most of the talking because I had no idea what this one was about. I asked them if they went to school around here, just acting like I did to see where they went, and found out that all were seniors and, amazingly, 18 years old. Wow! They looked like little kids to me as they played the video games. They looked young, acted young, and were nerdy beyond belief. I bet they had never seen a naked woman live. I would be willing to bet their female knowledge all came from on-line porn. Sam had been waiting, but when I made eye contact, she knew to come over. She came up to me and I introduced them to her just as Sam. I gave no indication of relationship. Her skirt was a little short, but not that bad, but her light blouse had put her nipples on prominent display as they poked at it braless in the air conditioned mall. The boys all gave them a once over.

I led Sam into the back of the store and acted like we were browsing. When we were in the aisle that was straight down from the boys, I acted like I dropped something on the floor. Sam and I were facing each other with her back to the boys. I grinned at her and told her to act like she was picking something up, but to bend over straight-legged and give the boys a show. She did. The skirt was just short enough that they should be able to get a hint of her ass and maybe more under the edge of it.

I watched them closely and one boy definitely took a long look. Sam stood back up and acted like she was handing me something. I looked over her shoulder at the boys and they were all looking now, obviously made aware of the situation by the one who saw her bend over. They glanced away too quickly when my eyes came up to theirs and I smiled. Now to reel them in. I asked Sam to wait over by the bench and she walked past them to the bench. Their eyes followed her none too discretely.

I hung back and waited for her to get to the bench, and then I moved toward the boys. They all gave me a look and a nod as I smiled when I came up to them. They thought I was going to pass by, but I stopped and spoke to the one who had seen the show and said, "Did you like seeing my slut's ass?"

He stared, a little shocked and confused for a moment, looking at me sheepishly like he wanted to bolt. "Uh, I didn't see anything."

"Sure you did. You saw my little slut over there bend over and flash her panty-less ass and pussy just a minute ago, right?"

Then, one of them was brave enough to say something. "Is she really naked under that skirt?" The others just stood and looked at me and then at Sam and then back at me.

"Yes, of course." I said calmly. "I wouldn't let her wear underwear today. It's her punishment for being a bad girl earlier this week. Would you like to see more?"

The one talking to me seemed to be the bold one, but even he hesitated, either because he was shocked by the question, or concerned that this adult had some clever scheme to embarrass him. The other boys seemed to bow to this one's wishes. He was obviously the leader.

"Yeah, I think so." He finally said. He still wasn't sure where this was going.

"Whaddaya mean?" I asked sharply. "Either you do or you don't, what's it going to be? You want to see my slut's bare ass and pussy or not?"

He looked up and said "Sure." It was still a little sheepish.

I grinned. "Wait here." I walked over to Sam.

"Okay, my sexy little slave girl, here is the deal. You need to act like you are in trouble, and your punishment is being shown off to these young boys, got it? After that, I'm going to have you blow them."

Sam's eyes widened a little, then she got a devilish grin and said, "Yes, master."

I led her back past the store and where the boys were standing just inside and they stared as she went past. Sam kept her eyes down, acting like a chastised little girl. I said to them, "Follow a little ways behind us to the men's room downstairs."

Sam and I entered the men's room and it was empty. I led Sam over to the sinks. "Put both hands on the sink and bend over slightly." She did. "A little more." I wanted to make sure that her skirt was just at the edge of her ass.

The door opened and slowly, tentatively, the four boys came in. They still seemed unsure about what they were going to see and if they were going to end up in trouble for doing this.

"Stand over here" I directed, pointing to a spot on the floor about three feet behind Sam. They immediately obeyed, now seemingly entranced by the ass almost peeking out at them. I walked over and yanked her skirt up over her ass, putting it lewdly on display for them. They all stared. One licked his lips and another instinctively reached for his growing dick. I smacked her lightly on the ass. "Pretty nice ass, eh boys?" he asked.

"Uh-huh." was all I got back from a couple of them.

I reached down and ran my hand over her ass and said "Her ass is so soft and smooth. It's just beautiful to touch and fuck. I bet you boys have never had the opportunity to stare at and feel up a girl's bare ass before, have you?" Looks passed between them and then three shook their heads no, but the fourth smiled. The other three stared at him.

"Uh, I got to feel Janie Thompson's butt in her basement at her 17th birthday party."

"No way! You never told us that!"

He shrugged. "She made me promise not to."

They all grinned and started to say something, but I cleared my throat and brought them back to the task at hand. "Well, all of you come over here and feel these gorgeous globes. You guys need to know about this stuff." I looked at Sam in the mirror and she loved it. She had a big grin on her face and her eyes were flashing like she was in heaven. "Oh no, sir." she meekly protested, "Don't let those boys touch my bottom".

At first they stood rooted to the floor. Then one of them moved over and put his hand on her ass. He was rubbing this dick through his pants and within a few seconds of rubbing her ass he came in his pants. He stood for a moment and then fled the room, the other three staring after him for a second. Then the other three made further advances, one reaching out and touching her left cheek and one touching her right cheek. The third just watched. They were all now rubbing their dicks.

"If you take your dicks out." I offered, "This little slut will suck you off. She's addicted to cum."

They stared at me, but didn't stop feeling her ass. Finally, one undid his jeans and fished out his dick. It was small, but hard. The other two decided it must be alright, and did the same. Sam, however, did not move.

"Sam." I commanded sternly, "Turn around and take care of these three young dicks. I want you to suck them and swallow their cum right now!" The three boys started at my voice, but never took their eyes off of Sam's gorgeous ass.

Sam straightened up and they dropped their butt-feeling hands, but none of them took their other hand off their dick. When she turned around, she looked at the three little dicks and said, "Please boys, let me take care of that, or my master will punish me." She put her hands out on two of the young boys' dicks and kneeled on the floor. I took out my phone to take some good shots of this. They relinquished control of them and both moaned and jerked at the feeling of a woman's hands on their dick, probably for the first time ever.

One of the boys came within two strokes and started shooting his cum all over the place. Sam leaned forward and clamped down on it, and he groaned as he continued to spurt into her mouth. She sucked it all down. Then, when she was done, she sat back on her heels and said "Yum!" He immediately pulled up his pants and left.

She got up on her knees again and took another of the youngsters into her mouth. She started sucking him all the way to the root. She reached up and tickled his balls and he started to cum. His reflex was to grab onto her head and fuck her face as he thrust and spurted into her mouth and she let him. She had his entire dick in her mouth and sucked until he almost collapsed on the floor. She released him finally and looked up. "I just love how sweet this young virgin cum is, Master. May I have some more?"

The guy who had just cum in Sam's pretty little mouth pulled up his pants but didn't leave. He decided to stay and watch. The last guy moved forward and Sam leaned in and put a lip lock on his dick. He moaned and she started sucking and bobbing up and down. This guy lasted the longest... about 10 strokes. He did the same as the last guy and moaned and grabbed her head as he came. Sam just let him and sucked him dry. When he finished, he put his dick away and then he turned to me and put out his hand. "Thank you, sir. That was great!" The other guy echoed the thank you. It was odd to me that they turned to tell me thank you and left Sam kneeling on the floor without saying anything to her.

They left and Sam looked up at me. "That was delicious, sir. I love sucking such easy, young dicks."

I smiled. "Well, I think you earned a drink. Let's go down to the restaurant at the end of the mall. It has a bar in it."

She cleaned up her knees and made sure she had no cum on her face and we proceeded to the bar. I had another idea, but she didn't know that.

We sat at a booth in the bar, but along the wall, and ordered beers. When I looked around I noticed that at this time of day there were barely three or four guys in the whole place. I saw where the men's room was and looked over at Sam. "Sam, I want you to go into the men's room and go to the handicap stall. Take off all your clothes and wait there for me."

Sam looked at me, then looked down at the floor, and finally murmured. "Yes, Master."

I waited out there for about three or four minutes before I saw a guy in a business suit head for the men's room. I got up to follow him in. The handicap stall door was closed. The other guy was standing at the far urinal and I moved to the handicap stall. I pulled open the door and saw Sam sitting there on the toilet waiting expectantly. Her eyes were wide and she jumped when I opened it. Once she saw it was me, I could see her look around to see if the other guy who she heard could see her. I put my hand out and she took it. I pulled her slowly from the stall while the guy was still pissing and she didn't resist me as I pulled her into the middle of the men's room. The other guy was just finishing when he saw the movement out of the corner of his eye and he turned to look as he was zipping up.

"Sam, kneel and take out my dick." She did. I looked over at him. "What about you? Do you want a blowjob, too?" Sam was taking my dick out and he just stared for a second. When Sam took my rapidly hardening dick into her mouth and looked over at him while sucking it, he slowly moved forward. I looked down at Sam. "Sam, ask this nice man if you can suck his dick."

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