tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLife in the Fast Lane

Life in the Fast Lane


:Oh god, he's cute.:

I've always had a visceral attraction to the paramedic uniform. The fitted navy blue and the red trim of the medic badges catches my eye, but what always does me in is the cocky swagger that seems to come standard with the job. I love medicine, but critical care terrifies me. The fact that these people can save lives in the field, and deal with physical and emotional trauma on a daily basis...they have my highest respect.

The boy standing in front of me with a clipboard looked new to it. He had the lifted chin and straight shoulders of a dominant male, but the way his eyes darted around the room showed his unfamiliarity with this hospital and its staff. He tossed his head to get his jaw-length blonde hair out of his face, and his blue eyes settled on me.

After a short intake of breath, I twisted my face into some semblance of professionalism and walked over. "What have you got?"

He was tall enough to have to tilt his head to look down at me. "A possible stroke. Are you the doctor?"

"No, but I can get her for you." I turned on my heel and ran to find my attending.

As the stretcher was wheeled in, I registered the height and build of the two older medics, but turned my attention to the rapid fire questions from the ER doctor to the patient's family members.

Shortly after, the patient was whisked to the CT scanner. I looked up from my notes to see the blond young medic looking over his shoulder at me. I smiled, and he walked over.

"Sorry if I was rude earlier. You must be a medical student."

"It's not a problem. But if you'd like to buy me a drink, I'll allow it."

He blushed, and looked at his coworkers. They caught his glance, and immediately came over. "Who's this, Adrien?"

I stuck out my hand. "I'm Kat. Fourth year medical student."

"Ooh, fresh meat!" said one. The other man, clearly the older of the three, grasped my hand firmly. He said nothing, but slowly looked me up and down, then smiled. It wasn't quite friendly, but it sent a shock down my spine.

I started to feel both flustered and annoyed. I brusquely wrote my cell phone number on a business card and handed it to Adrien. "Nice to meet you. Call me if you want to get a drink later." And for the second time that day, I whirled around and walked away.

We met for drinks later that night. Adrien was friendly but quiet. After about an hour, I started to feel tired. I got up to leave. He nervously offered to walk me to my car. I declined, but reassured him that I'd love to meet again sometime.

Exhausted, I pushed through the doors and walked across the parking lot. I looked down at my phone for a few moments, and walked straight into a broad, muscular chest.

I started back. It was the medic who'd called me "fresh meat." He had dark hair slicked back with just a little too much gel. His eyes were a dark brown and he looked down at me with a smirk. "Leaving so soon?"

I tried to step around him, smiling politely and mumbling an excuse. He stuck out his hand. "I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier. I'm Clay."

As I placed my hand in his, I heard the door to the bar open behind me.

"Clay, don't!"

I tried to turn. I caught a glimpse of Adrien behind me with a panicked look on his face, but Clay still held my right hand. Adrenaline flashed through me and I tried to pull away. Clay's other hand shot to my wrist and squeezed, hard. Before I could scream, he'd pulled me roughly against him and covered my mouth. I went still, unable to think, and stared wide-eyed at Adrien.

"Clay-" he began.

"Shut up," Clay said. "Let's go."

Around the corner of the bar, the ambulance was running. Adrien opened the door and Clay dragged me inside. I felt the ambulance move under me as Clay pushed me to a seated position on the gurney. He let me go and leaned against the wall, arms crossed.

"Here's the thing, sweetheart. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. You're a beautiful woman, and we'd like to see you with a little less clothing on."

I lunged across the van at him, clawing and hitting as hard as I could. I managed to rake my nails across his cheekbones. He cursed and grabbed my wrists, effortlessly holding them both in one hand. With the other, he backhanded me full across the face.

"Bitch!" He touched the scratches on his cheek and came away bloody. He laughed. "Oh, this is going to be great."

He pulled me off the gurney and pushed me to my knees. Adrien wordlessly handed him a length of rope and watched as Clay would it around and between my wrists. He slung the rope over a hook in the ceiling and yanked my arms up over my head.

"Strip her."

Adrien knelt in front of me and pulled out the shears that medics use to cut seatbelts and clothes away from trauma patients. He studiously avoided meeting my eye.

"Are you fucking kidding me?"

He looked up at me then, and his blue eyes locked with mine. I'm sorry, he mouthed. He slid the cold shears down the front of my shirt and cut.

When he was done, I was naked except for my the thin, red lace underwear covering my pussy. My arms were stretched out above me and my knees splayed apart on the cold metal floor. Adrien stood and stared down at me and a smile started to play over the corners of his mouth. Then he looked over at Clay.

I could hear Clay behind me, but I still flinched when his hand clamped down on the back of my neck. The warm, firm grip made me feel calmer, somehow. Clay knelt in front of me and ran his thumb over my lips.

"Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. We're going to get along great. Now then. Adrien's new to the team, so he's going to go first. He's a little shy, a little nervous, but I bet he won't be able to stop himself from putting his cock in your mouth. Are you, Adrien?"

Adrien flushed, bright red, but shook his head and started fumbling with the buttons on his uniform.

"Now, I'm sure you know how to do this, but I'm going to be right here watching to make sure everything goes well. And if you think you can get away with using your teeth, think again. Trust me, you'll regret it." Clay's hand slid from the back of my neck to the front, and squeezed lightly. "You understand?"

I nodded.

"Open your mouth."

I hesitated. Clay's hand squeezed a little harder. I nervously licked my lips, then parted them.

Adrien hurriedly slid his pants and underwear down, revealing a fully erect dick. He looked down at me, still blushing, and stepped closer. He reached up and touched my bound wrists with one hand, then slid his penis between my lips.

"Suck it," Clay said from behind me.

I obliged.


I got to work. It wasn't so bad, really. He was clean, soft, and averagely sized. I firmly ran my tongue across the underside of his cock. He moaned, and his head dropped back. I felt a brief thrill of satisfaction. If it wasn't for the rope around my wrists, and the hand on my neck, it might have felt like a normal date.

Adrien started to breathe harder, and thrust his hips forward. I lunged back, jerking my head away.

"Tsk tsk." Clay laughed. I glanced up at Adrien; his eyes were glazed and he was panting. Clay held the back of my neck as Adrien rushed to slide back into my mouth. Without warning, Clay shoved my head forward, pressing Adrien's cock into the back of my throat. I gagged, made a muffled protest, and struggled for air. Clay didn't let up, and Adrien began to thrust hard against the increased pressure. I could just barely suck in air between thrusts. I tried frantically to relax the muscles of my throat, but gagged again and again, my eyes watering.

Adrien grunted. "Oh, god," he moaned. "Oh, fuck."

"That's it, slut." Clay growled in my ear. I heard a rustling behind me and realized Clay must be touching himself. Adrien's cock pressed deeper and deeper into my throat.

"I'm going to cum," he croaked.

"No, you're not," Clay said in a low voice. "Control yourself."

Adrien stopped thrusting, his dick still buried in my throat. He panted hard, then slowly pulled out. I gasped for air.

"Nicely done." Clay took his hand off my neck and pulled the rope down. I slumped back against him, still breathing hard. "Help me lift her."

They picked me up and threw me face down over the edge of the gurney. Clay deftly pushed my legs open and wrapped a set of thick straps around each leg, spreading them apart and binding them tightly. My feet still touched the floor, but just barely.

Adrien untied the rope from my hands. Gently, he pulled my arms behind my back, then strapped them there. I felt a flash of anger when I realized these were the same restraints used for combative psychiatric patients.

Adrien stepped in front of me and ran his hands through my hair. "God, you look beautiful," he breathed. His grip tightened in my hair, and he pulled my head up. He slowly rubbed the head of his cock against my lips, then thrust it into my mouth again. I closed my eyes and relaxed my jaw, fighting the urge to gag and clamp down with my teeth.

Suddenly, I felt Clay run his hands over my ass. I twitched and struggled against my restraints. My heart sank as I realized how helpless I was. I tried to yell, but my voice was muffled by Adrien's cock.

Clay pulled my underwear down over my hips. He laughed. "Protest all you want, sugar. You're soaking wet." He grabbed my hips and stepped closer to me. His bare cock pressed against my my ass and vulva. He was right; I was slick with fluid as he rubbed against me.

"Mmmf," Clay moaned. "I've been waiting for this all night."

He shoved his cock inside me.

I gasped. So did Adrien. His cock slammed into the back of my throat.

They paused.

Then they both began to fuck me, hard. I was pinned between them, hard pressure slamming into me from both sides. I struggled at first, trying to close my legs and pull my head free. But Adrien's hands firmly clasped the back of my neck, his previous qualms clearly forgotten. And there was no reprieve from Clay's cock. He pounded into me, pressing my thighs apart and slamming into the front of my cunt.

I gave up. Went limp and boneless. Surrendered to the constant pressure and the feelings of helplessness. Focused only catching my breath. Everything else faded away into the rocking sensation of their cocks pressing into me. It seemed to go on for hours.

Some time later, I felt the ambulance slow beneath me and roll to a stop. Heavy steps came from the front of the rig, and I felt a strong hand slide down my spine and over my hips. My eyes snapped open and I tried to raise my head. I had forgotten about the silent driver.

He knelt next to me. I felt the same frisson of unease that I'd felt when we met.

He was a broad-shouldered older man, with graying red hair, green eyes behind glasses, and a neatly groomed beard. He ran his hand through my hair and smiled.

"What a good girl."

I gagged on Adrien's cock, tears streaming from my eyes.

"That's it, sweetheart. You're doing just fine. " His hand slid to the back of my head.

Adrien was panting. "Oh God, Kat, oh...fuck...Craig, please..."

"Come on, then, boy." The driver, Craig, twined his hand in my hair and pressed my head forward. I held my breath as Adrien's cock slid into my throat. But rather than sliding out again, he pressed deeper. Blackness crept in at the edges of my vision.

"Craig..." A strangled moan came from behind me.

"You too, Clay," said the older man.

Adrien and Clay orgasmed together; Adrien crying out as his cum shot down my throat, and Clay grunting and pounding into me as he soaked my cunt.

I choked and gasped for air, and Adrien's cock slid out of my mouth. My body hung limp across the gurney. Through the haze of oxygen deprivation, I felt Clay pull out of my cunt and felt vaguely disappointed.

"Up front," Craig said. Adrien and Clay dressed and left. The engine started up, and the rig began to move again. I heard them laughing to each other as they drove.

Craig untied me and lifted my limp body into his arms, then slung me onto the gurney on my back. He deftly tied my hands over my head and gagged me with a strip of gauze. He undressed at the foot of the gurney, revealing a well-muscled torso and a large, erect cock.

I found the energy to struggle, then, closing my legs and pushing away from him. He laughed, and grabbed my ankles. With one quick tug, he pulled me back down, stretching me out across the length of the gurney. He sprang up and knelt over me.

"Open your legs, Kat."

I hesitated. Craig hit me in the mouth with the back of his hand. I bared my teeth at him and growled. He hit me again, then put his hand on my throat. My eyes widened and locked on his. After a moment, I took a deep, shaky breath, and spread my legs.

Craig lowered himself onto me and slid his erection between the folds of my vulva. I realized that my nether regions were still dripping wet. His cock stretched the opening of my cunt, hurting a little, and I whimpered. He paused.

Without any conscious input from my brain, my legs opened wider and my hips flexed up into the unyielding pressure. I became aware of a dull, aching throb spreading throughout my cunt. Craig smiled, his hand still on my throat. "Good girl." He slid further inside me, slowly, until his cock was buried deep inside me.

He shifted his hips so that his pubic bone was over my clit and pressed into me. I groaned, turning my head away and closing my eyes. A tear slid down my cheek. "Uh uh," he said, squeezing my throat. "Look at me."

I looked up at him. He started fucking me then, pulling out just a few inches and sliding into me with short, slow thrusts. I'd never fucked anyone with such a huge cock before; the insistent pressure made me feel weak and helpless. A warm, burning sensation began to spread throughout my pelvis. I was openly crying now, from the buildup of pain, fear, and now this unavoidable, undeniable sensation of being dominated.

He kept one hand on my throat and slid the other to my breasts. He squeezed and stroked them and ran his hand across my nipples. I gasped and arched my back under him. I stopped caring about the circumstances of how I got there; in fact, I stopped thinking consciously altogether. I pressed my hips upward and squeezed my cunt tightly around his cock.

Craig felt the totality of my surrender and let some of his restraint drop, matching my hunger with his own. He covered my mouth with his, kissing me fiercely and sliding his tongue between my teeth. His hand tightened ever so slightly on my windpipe. And his cock began to slide in and out of me harder and faster. I moaned deeply, though the sound was muffled by his mouth. I bit his lip and rocked my hips against him, feeling the slick moisture pouring out of me.

With little warning, I was caught up in an orgasm. My body shook and my cunt spasmed as the wave rolled over me. Craig didn't stop, but changed his thrusts. He slid almost all the way out of me, then slammed back in. He kept fucking me with long, hard strokes, pausing just long enough to make them unpredictable. I gasped and cried out incoherently each time, as the aftershocks of my first orgasm reverberated inside me. Before long, I came again.

Craig still didn't stop. My body was shaking and limp; sweat rolled off his shoulders. He kissed me again, roughly. "All right, my little slut. You've done well. I'm going to fuck you as hard as I can now, and come all over your nice hot cunt." He slid his arm under my head and grabbed a fistful of my hair. His hand at my throat tightened in earnest now, choking me enough to make me dizzy. In one motion, he yanked my head back and slammed his cock into me.

I felt fear, then, knowing that he had let go of whatever control he had. I gasped for air. My body felt like a ragdoll, loose and boneless as he rocked me back and forth on the gurney. He was truly pounding into me now, harder and faster than I'd ever been fucked before. Black spots blurred my vision, and my cunt ached. His cock rammed into me, making me feel like I might break. He made a low growling noise as he fucked me. With one final thrust, he buried his cock deep inside me, and I felt the hot, throbbing sensation as he came into me.

I gasped and choked as his grip on my throat relaxed. As my vision cleared, I saw Clay and Adrien peering around the corner from the cab. Craig reached up and deftly untied me. "Get dressed."

I did, trembling and stumbling as I put my clothes on. Craig dressed quickly and efficiently. "We're parked around the corner from your house. We're going to let you go now. We'll see you next week, and we'll keep these little meetings just between the four of us, right?"

I nodded, still shaking.

"Say goodnight to the boys. Give them each a kiss."

I stepped up to the front of the ambulance and kissed Clay. He grabbed the back of my neck roughly and shoved his tongue into my mouth, then laughed and stepped back. Adrien kissed me gently, and hugged me, stroking my hair.

Craig opened the back of the ambulance. "Until next time, then. Slut." He smacked my ass, hard, as I climbed out.

They drove away, leaving me stunned on the corner. I stood for a moment, breathing deeply. The cool night air made my head feel clear, my senses alert. :No,: I thought, :I won't tell anybody.: I felt my legs tremble and fluid drip from my cunt. Then I turned toward home.

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