tagNon-EroticLife is Strange Ch. 03

Life is Strange Ch. 03


Disclaimer: I almost never wrote any more due to the situation never did go as I had prayed as a result I had to go through with my divorce in spite of my religious beliefs against divorce. The names are changed to protect identities just as previous parts. It is said "life is like a river that flows always changing." I'm not sure where that saying came from but, it reminds me that my story is about one man's life with all the variations and is not about some pity request. I was going to leave this story alone, keeping it just about a single man's strength of will and intent to raise his son in safety. This is a true story for the most part and, while about 90% of it is true there are some aspects of this story that I invented due to lack of memory and a need to keep the flow of the story. Oh, and who said all the stories on Literotica has to be about sex? One last note before I get on with the story, if you waste your time feeling pity for me then don't bother making a comment. I don't want your pity and personally I'm happy with my life and enjoy it. Also I apologize if there are errors as I don't have any editor and writing is not a natural talent of mine. I have never been able to write anything until I felt compelled to write this short series of stories.


The date is Oct 23 2007 and the judge just signed my divorce papers and my divorce is final. I have a very sad feeling that over whelms me now that everything is over and done with. The actual divorce only took 32 days from start to finish due to my now ex never arguing with me. I am Living at my parents house again. I am lost on what to do and where to go from here. All I know and care about now is that I have sole custody of my son and my ex has supervised visitation when she is basically up to taking it so long as I feel she is safe to be around him. Inside my life and soul are gone, nothing left to feel good about. I now am just moving forward and not caring anymore.

I guess I best back up to about mid March of 2006. I had just agreed to let my wife back into my life and give her one last chance. I had driven down to Redding, Ca and picked her up and on the way back her cell phone rang. Pam was afraid to answer the phone so she asked me to.

I picked up her cell and answered it as we drove down the freeway. I said "hello can I help you?"

The voice on the other end said "who are you and where is Pam?"

I then responded saying "I am her husband and we are both crossing the Oregon boarder, what do you want?"

The lady on the other end said to me "Never mind it is too fucking late!"

That was the last I ever heard of that person. I found out from my wife that it was her counselor.

We finally arrived at my parents house and settled in. Things were going good and about a month latter my wife wanted to get a place of our own. We moved to a town we used to live in and got services for her and me there for our mental illnesses. I thought things were going good till she started to slowly sink into her old habits and I tried to give her time to adjust.

My wife started to spend more time at her friends houses over night and accusing me of trying to control her like she had in the past. I responded telling her "look Pam you are a mother and a wife it is time you chose to either act like one or I will leave and this time there will be NO more one more chance."

Pam responded saying "don't you fucking give me any ultimatum!"

I responded saying "I am not controlling you and I am not giving you ultimatums. I am giving you one last chance to make your choice. Do you want me or do I need to go and take our son and start the divorce?"

This shook her up for about a week and then she started getting aggressive by yelling at me once again. In doing so she was making me feel like an idiot and even throwing things at me again. Things went on and off on her attitude and several obvious lies I caught her in along with intentionally forgetting of her medication. She also lied to her doctors from what I found out too.

Finally Sept of 2006 I decided that I have had enough and left her. I was confused and did not file divorce right away. I moved back to my parents home again. I traveled as often as she claimed to want to see our son. She never did spend more than a total of 2 hours over the course of a year with our son. It was mostly at first she spend 15 min with him and then asked me to leave and I did and eventually she even refused to do that.

I had to put an end to the nightmare that turned out to be my marriage. Realized that I could avoid it no more so on Sept 21st of 2007 I filed divorce on my own thanks to a self help divorce class from Legal Aid. I was taught how to apply for a waiver for all the various fees and I got the waver. I filed the papers and gave my wife a notarized copy of the divorce papers that I filed and the next day Sept 22nd I turned in proof of that. Then I waited 30 days and on Sept 23rd of 2007 I requested a waiver on the final 60 days as my wife had yet to respond to the courthouse and was granted the waiver and my papers were signed at 8:59 am in the morning.

I was devastated that I had to destroy the final link that was our relationship. My ex ended up moving to her sisters house in S Cal. Where she stayed for some time neither me nor my son saw my now ex wife and she refused to talk to us for a long time after that. As a result of that I was confused and extremely hurt. I hated my ex for forcing me to take this route and not allowing her son to have contact with her.

Time had gone on and I survived one day at a time not really moving forward but closer to only doing one thing and that was taking care of my son the only way I knew how. The way I had always done it from the day he was born. The way my now ex wife never could handle.

It is now Oct 22nd of 2010 at 1 am (3 years approximately after the divorce) and we have managed to get to being friends and she does talk to her son about once or twice a week for about 5 to 10 min. Pam thinks she is a good mother but, I choose to ignore it and let her believe she is one. The reality is she is not a mother too our son. She has no real emotional bond with him and he has no real bond with her beyond the fact she gave birth to him and they talk a little bit occasionally.

I still in my heart can't trust women and I work really hard each day to over come this as I know that not all women are the same. Also I now hate the idea of marriage. I live alone with me and my son. The closest thing to a social life I have is 2 friends that live in the apartment complex. I have lost all real hope of enjoying life again tho for the sake of my son I do a very good job of pretending to enjoy it. My son is a very happy and well adjusted young boy and he is now 6 years old attending 1st grade.

Personal note: I thank you readers for listening to my tale this is the final chapter in this story also probably the last story I will write. I will always remember these times of my life and a part of me will be crying inside. I do ask that none of you show pity on me because, I have put myself in this place by made my own choices and mistakes. I know I could have avoided the pain but in the end I do have a son and he is healthy and very well adjusted and that is the only thing that is important to me. Who knows maybe in time I will be able to move on and consider writing again. As I stated in this and previous chapters this is the first attempt at doing any writing. Considering that I think I have done a good job.

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