tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLife of Angela Ch. 03

Life of Angela Ch. 03


It had all seemed like a dream and I couldn't really believe the encounter with Darren had really happened. It was all very overwhelming for a young, naive female. When Bridget was around I was incredibly nervous and I was so sure she suspected something. In fact on one occasion she asked what was wrong as I did not seem my normal self. I attempted to dodge her questions by telling her I was stressed out by my upcoming exams. She made a pointed response about the fact I was top of my class and it was pathetic for me to get stressed, but after that she left the matter alone, much to my relief.

The following week I received the exact same text from Darren.

'I will b there in 5 min. I want u totally naked when I knock on door. D'

My heart immediately began pounding. I had tried so hard to block the incident out of my mind and focus on my school work. But inevitably my mind would stray to the events of that afternoon. It had been so embarrassing, but also so exciting. For the first time I had experienced real sexual pleasure and it left me desiring much more. I wanted to take it further.

Nervously I quickly undressed in my bedroom, and remained in there while I listened for the knock on the door. I was fearful that Bridget may return unexpectedly so remained in the relative safety of my own bedroom. After a full fifteen minutes there had still not been a knock on the door, and I felt myself becoming despondent even though I knew the arrival of Darren would result in humiliation to me. I convinced myself he was not coming, but just as I began to pull my panties back on I heard a knock on the door.

Without another thought I hastily kicked my panties back off and rushed to the door, not for a moment stopping to think that it may not be Darren. Fortunately it was him, and he quickly stepped into the room while checking over his shoulder that he had not been spotted by Bridget or any of her many friends who also resided on our floor.

I had been standing hidden behind the door and when he closed it my body came into view. Darren stood back and gazed at my nakedness, seemingly liking what he was seeing. I immediately felt myself becoming flushed with a mixture of embarrassment and intense desire. Without even being asked, I placed my hands on my head, thrust forward my small breasts with their pencil hard nipples, and slowly began to rotate so he could get a full view of everything my young, immature body had to offer.

After letting me rotate several times, Darren stepped closer to me and we were face to face, our eyes locked together. He reached out with his hands and gripped both of my nipples, squeezing them firmly. I moaned with pleasure. His hands then slid slowly down my body to rest on my hips. I opened my legs as a clear invitation that I wanted him to go further. Darren obliged by sliding one of his hands down over my pubes, while the other reached around me and squeezed my buttock. I arched my hips forward, and felt his fingers slip down to my labia. I knew I was incredibly wet. I opened my knees wider and felt at least one of his fingers probing the inner warmth of my vagina. I had never been so overcome with desire and lust, and knew that I was losing control of all rational thought.

I reached down and unzipped the front of his trousers then hastily reached in and lowered his underwear. His erect penis sprung out and I gazed down at it in wonderment. I had not seen his penis during our previous encounter as I had been facing the wall and he had been standing behind me. Now, looking down at it, I knew there was only one place I wanted it to be. I pulled away from his grip, turned and faced the wall, placed my hands against it then arched my back and stuck my buttocks high in the air.

I looked back over my shoulder. "Please fuck me," I panted desperately.

"Are you sure this is what you want?"


"This is how you want to lose your virginity?"

"Yes, yes!" I groaned. There was no way I was in any condition to rationally think through the virtue of my actions.

In an instant I felt Darren close up behind me. The head of his penis briefly pressed against my labia before effortlessly sliding in. There was some pain as my vagina was penetrated for the first time and I tensed up. Fortunately Darren sensed my discomfort and let his penis rest deep inside of me until I relaxed and the pain subsided. I pushed back against him as a sign that I was ready to be taken. Darren slowly thrust himself in and out and then began to pick up the momentum. I could not believe how good it felt to have him inside me. I loved the fullness of having a penis deep inside my vulva, plus the wonderful sensation of it stimulating my clitoris as it thrust in and out.

My climax came quickly and powerfully, and I felt my legs beginning to buckle. As I screamed in ecstasy, Darren withdrew from me and I felt his sperm ejaculating onto my buttocks and lower back. In that instance I was thankful that he had the maturity, and good sense that I lacked, to act in a manner that meant an unwanted pregnancy would not result from our illicit actions.

Darren rested his body against mine for a few moments longer before kissing me gently on the cheek and leaving. With unsteady legs I made my way to the shower. I knew what I had done was wrong. Darren was Bridget's boyfriend and as a friend I needed to respect that. I felt guilty, but I also knew that powerful emotions were controlling my actions.

The error of my actions became apparent a fortnight later when Bridget returned home late in the evening from a date with Darren. I was awoken from my sleep by the noise of our front door being slammed shut. I immediately tensed up and sensed all was not well. My bedroom door swung open and a very angry Bridget stood glaring at me.

"Did you fuck my boyfriend?" she screamed.

Tears rolled down my face as I stared back at my flatmate, unable to speak. I was mortified by what I had done and knew there was nothing I could say that would make one iota of difference. To my surprise Bridget stormed out of my room, slamming the door shut and leaving me in silence.

I hardly slept all night and sneaked out of our dorm early in the morning before Bridget was awake. I felt gutted and couldn't believe how I had betrayed my roommate and friend.

After school I nervously made my way back to my dorm. I didn't want to go inside as I felt too ashamed to face Bridget, but I also knew I had to have the courage to face up to what I had done. At first I thought Bridget was not home, but when I peeked into her room she was sitting at her desk, studying. She did not acknowledge me, even though she must have heard me enter.

"I am so, so, so sorry," I mumbled, and I meant it with all sincerity. "You know that Darren loves you and I could never come between you, no matter what crazy thing may have happened. I accept total responsibility and I will do anything I possibly can to make amends to you. Please say you don't hate me?"

Tears rolled down my cheeks. I was truly devastated.

Eventually Bridget turned to face. "Darren and I have broken up, my sweet little roommate," she responded sarcastically.

"Oh, God," was all I could say.

"But don't flatter yourself. We didn't break up over you. It was after I told him it was all over that he decided to fire a broadside at me and gleefully recounted your little lover's tryst."

I felt slightly relieved they hadn't broken up because of me, and tried hard to smile at Bridget in an inane attempt to break the tension.

"Don't smile at me, you little tart. You are far from being out of trouble," Bridget snapped. "Get undressed!"

I looked at Bridget, dumbfounded. "Undressed?"

"Did you not say you would do anything to make amends?"

"Yes, but..."

"Well as a starter to making amends I want you to get undressed. Without further fuss."

I was confused but didn't want to further upset Bridget. Reticently I began to remove my college uniform. I removed my white blouse and unzipped my tartan skirt, so that I was nervously standing before her in my regulation white bra and full panties, as well as the white knee length socks and black shoes.

"Bra and knickers as well. But you can leave your shoes and socks on. They look so ridiculous."

I pouted my bottom lip, and my eyes tried to beg Bridget to save me the humiliation of having to stand before her naked, but it was clear from her steely gaze that she was not in the mood for forgiveness.

"Please don't make me strip naked." I decided to have one last plea.

"You won't be naked. You will have your shoes and socks on." Bridget actually had the gall to smile. "Anyway, you little tart, we all know you like to be naked and show off that body of yours. Tiny tits and all."

I blushed in utter humiliation at her comment, and couldn't look her in the eye.

"Am I not right?" she persisted.

"Noooo!" I whined.

"Don't lie to me Angela. You are a total exhibitionist who gets her rocks off by being seen naked and acting like a slut. You may not like it, but you need it. Am I not right?"

"No. No," I denied. "You don't understand."

"Oh, I think I do understand. Look at me, Angela!"

Slowly I lifted my gaze to look her in the eye.

"I do not want any more of your pathetic protesting, as you will only make matters worse for yourself. Now, take off your bra and knickers and put your hands on your head, just like you did for that betraying rat ex-boyfriend of mine."

Her biting comments made me even more shame faced, but my resistance was broken. I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra, allowing it to slide down my arms and drop to the floor. Quickly I placed my hands in the waistband of my knickers and lowered them to my knees, then wriggling them to the floor so I could step out of them. I was totally overcome with emotion as I stood up straight and saw Bridget staring at my nakedness. Without hesitation I placed my hands on my head. I was totally humiliated to be exposing myself in such a manner to a female, especially one my own age and extremely attractive.

For a prolonged period of time she just stared at me, saying nothing but seemingly thinking through what she might do next. To make my predicament worse I could feel my nipples hardening, and I prayed Bridget had not noticed. I should have known better.

"Cold, are we Angela?"

I gazed down at the floor. "No."

"Then why are your nipples so hard and swollen?"

I prayed the floor would open up and swallow me.

"Well?" she persisted.

"They go like that when I am nervous and embarrassed," I offered up hopefully.

"Oh, really. But not when you are turned on?"

I fidgeted and continue to look down at the carpet in Bridget's bedroom.


"Sometimes," I mumbled.

"But not today?"

"No," I whispered.

"Angela. Look up at me," Bridget demanded strongly.

To me her voice had authority and I quickly looked up at the blond beauty that was my roommate.

"It is my intention to punish you for what you have done, because you have been a very naughty girl and behaved in a manner that is unforgivable. You have behaved like a little slut, and you are going to be punished like a slut. Do you understand?"

I didn't understand. I had know idea what she meant by 'punishment'. It frightened me, but I knew I had behaved really badly with Darren I felt I probably deserved whatever Bridget had in store for me. Slowly I nodded my head, feeling every bit the young lass being scolded by her Mother.

"Right, Angela. Until I decide your punishment is over there are going to be rules in our accommodation that you have to obey without question. Do you understand?"

I nodded.

"When you return here from college each day you are to strip off your clothing as soon as you get in the door, leaving on only your socks and shoes."

My mouth dropped open. "Every day?" Yes, everyday unless I say otherwise. Understood?"

Again I nodded, but I was devastated at the embarrassment this would cause me. Bad enough for today, but not everyday.

"When you get home you are to do your homework straight away. In the nude of course." Bridget smiled at her last comment, and I could tell she was getting pleasure from watching me squirm nervously. "When you have finished your homework you are to check your email. There will be message from me. It will be the instructions on how you are going to be punished that night."

"Punished," I responded in horror. "But being nude is more than enough punishment."

"Oh, don't you wish. You are very naive if you think I am going to let you get off so lightly. Are you naïve, Angela?"

"No," I responded curtly.

"Well stop behaving like you are," she scolded. "Now listen carefully to the commands you are going to have to obey without question. They will humiliate you, but that, dearest Angela, is what they are designed to do."

I was genuinely frightened by what was happening, but I also knew my nipples were even harder than they had been, and incredibly I could feel a growing warmth in my lower abdomen. The conflicting emotions were incredibly confusing.

"Now, are you paying attention?"

"Yes," I managed to mumble.

"When I say 'attention' you are to stand in front of me, legs open and with you hands placed behind you squeezing your buttocks tightly. Now let's try it to be sure you have got it right."

Slowly I opened my legs slightly, and brought my hands down to my buttocks. I gripped each of them lightly. Bridget got up from her chair and began circling behind me.

"Open those legs wider, and I want those buttocks to be gripped so tightly that your fingernails are digging in to your flesh."

I hastily obeyed. Opening my legs wider, and squeezing my buttocks as hard as I could. It felt very demeaning.

"That's better," Bridget complimented. "Now what is it called?"

"Attention," I responded quietly.

"Very good. I can see why you are at the top of your class. Such a fast learner. Now we are going to learn 'doggie'. "Doggie?" I frowned. I did not like the sound of it.

"When I command you to be 'doggie' you are to position yourself at my feet, on your hands and knees. Just like my little doggie. Now down you go."

I felt incredible humiliated but did as requested, kneeling at my beautiful roommate's feet.

"Now arch your back and stick your bottom out, like you are inviting somebody to rub it for you, or perhaps inviting someone to spank it for you," Bridget smiled slyly.

I arched my back and pushed my buttocks in the air. I knew it exposed my anus in a very perverse manner.

"Now, what is this called again?"

"Doggie," I responded.

"Now, the last position, which I am afraid is the worse of all, I am going to call 'diaper'."

I couldn't help but groan out loud in anguish.

"You know what a diaper is, don't you?"

"Yes," I mumbled, mortified at where this was heading.

"Now, how does a baby lie when her Mummy is changing her diaper."

"She lies on her back and..."

Why don't you show me?" Bridget interrupted.

"Please don't make me," I pleaded.

Without warning Bridget's hand spanked my left buttock hard.

It hurt like heck and I whelped out in both pain and surprise. I quickly sat up so my buttocks were on the floor.

"Back in doggie position," Bridget growled. "Don't you ever move away again. You are going to receive a dozen spanks for not doing as I ask. Every time you disobey or question me you can expect to be receiving extra punishment. Is that clear?"

"Yes," I mumbled quietly.

"Pardon. I cannot hear you."

"Yes," I responded clearly.

"Now get back in the doggie position."

I quickly obeyed, despite my reluctance to get any more spanks.

True to her word she delivered another eleven hard spanks to my poor tender buttocks, alternating between each cheek.

"Now, you were going to show me how a baby lies when she is waiting for her Mummy to put on her diaper."

Gingerly I lay down flat on the carpet, and rolled over onto my back. My buttocks were tender against the roughness of the carpet fibres. I bent my knees upwards but kept them together and with my feet on the floor.

"Are you wanting another spank?" Bridget towered over me.

"No," I whimpered.

"Well I don't see how a Mother is going to put a diaper on a baby if she is lying like that."

With that Bridget grabbed my knees and levered them wide open, before pulling them up towards my chest. I have never felt so exposed in my life. I was mortified with embarrassment. I knew that Bridget could clearly see my pussy, and to make matters worse I could feel my labia gradually peeling open, exposing my clitoris and the pink inner lining of my vagina.

Of course Bridget also noticed and smiled at me triumphantly. "Just a little turned on are we? Of course, it's just the nerves and embarrassment I suppose."

I couldn't bring myself to respond.

"Now I want you to stay like that for another 10 minutes and then you can go to your room and finish your homework."

I lay there like the proverbial baby, totally exposed, while Bridget began changing out of her school uniform. I was fixated on her as she disrobed taking off her clothing slowly and elegantly until she was only wearing her regulation white bra and panties. I couldn't help thinking that her body was one of the most perfect things I had ever seen, and I found myself silently begging her to remove her undergarments. I could feel my labia becoming even more swollen. I was almost in a dream when I heard the sound of her voice.

"Ten minutes is up," she smiled, and I suspect she knew only too well the effect she was having on me.

Incredibly I felt a touch of reluctance as I lowered my splayed legs to the floor, stood up, and then silently exited.

However just as I left her room, I heard Bridget speak to me. "Attention," was all she said.

Hesitantly I turned, walked back into her room, and quickly tried to recall what it was she expected of me. I was very motivated to do as she required, mainly out of fear of punishment, but I hated to admit it was also partly out of desire to be exposed and humiliated. I opened my legs, ensuring they were as wide as she instructed me to do, and then reached behind me and squeezed my buttocks tightly in my hands.

"Are you squeezing your bum as tightly as you can?" Bridget enquired.

I squeezed even harder, then nodded.

"Good girl. Now I have thought of two rules that are a part of your punishment. Firstly, when you want to use the shower or toilet you must leave the door open, and before you can you must get my approval first. Is that understood?"

I knew only too well it would add to my humiliation, but I nodded my head in acceptance.

"Secondly, you are not to touch yourself down there without getting my permission first." Bridget was pointing down to my pussy, just to ensure I was not mistaken about which part of my anatomy she was referring to.

I blushed in shame.

"Do you understand?"

I quickly nodded, not wanting to prolong my agony.

Bridget then let me finally return to my room. I sat on my bed. My head was swimming with all the confusion and emotion of what had happened in the past hour. I was afraid, humiliated, but also excited even though I could not comprehend why.

I slept that night in the nude, as I felt Bridget's rules would preclude me from wearing my pyjamas in bed, and I certainly didn't want embarrass myself by checking with her. I also wanted to pee before I went to bed, but again was too embarrassed to ask so rationalised I could last the night. However that turned out to be a mistake as I woke early busting to use the toilet, but knew my roommate would still be asleep. I contemplated whether to sneak into the bathroom without wakening her, but then I knew I couldn't flush the toilet so she was sure to notice I had been.

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