tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLife Sentence Ch. 03

Life Sentence Ch. 03


Penny looked up at me and said "I suppose you want me to go on? Do you want to hear it all? It is a long story."

"We can take a break later, I want to hear how you got on with Joe Armandene. I want to know why you didn't get away from him, how you ended up at a Meeting. I know the Boss sold you to him, but I know Joe does not let his slaves know that until he has them thoroughly entrapped and trained. You allowed yourself to become a slave, I want to know why and how."

Penny blushed, and her eyes were downcast, "Yes Master, I did. I didn't realise it at the time, but I suppose I did. It was just fun, and I didn't think about it, and then it was too late.

"Life with Joe Hollywood was quite different from life with The Boss. There was never any pretence that Joe loved me, but he did look after me, and his other girls, pretty well.

When I woke the next day I had vague memories of being in a car, then being helped up the steps into a small jet, and again vague impressions of being lifted out of a car. Everything else between was gone, and I had no idea where the large, airy and slightly garishly decorated bedroom I was lying in might be located.

I was alone in bed, although naked, and I realised I smelled pretty ripe. I had a head like a melon left too long in the sun, and was fortunate to find the bathroom on my first staggering attempt out of bed. A shower seemed a good idea, and I was just starting to feel human and a little less nausea as the warm water washed off the residue of the night before, when Joe appeared in the door of the bathroom with a tray of orange juice, aspirin and vitamin pills.

I was a bit surprised when I saw him. I knew who he was, we had met a couple of times, and I began to remember that he had been the second man to take me the night before. I got a cold feeling at that memory. At least some of what had happened after Joe had finished, came back in a rush. I knew that you took over, and then you finished, and the others began to queue up, and the camera men had clustered round me, and the girls had rubbed me with oil, and poured schnapps into my mouth, and someone had stuck their finger in my mouth with crystals of some sort to rub on my gums, and my head exploded. I remembered the bathroom later, with the men fucking me, deep-throating me until I was sick. I suddenly felt vulnerable, standing naked in the shower as he stood there grinning, and a new wave of nausea washed through me. I nearly fainted.

Joe was nice then. He quickly put the tray down and rushed over to help me stand. He got me towels and wrapped me up and helped me back to the bed, and then brought me the juice and the pills. He spoke so nicely to me, and when I felt a bit better and could look at him again he looked genuinely concerned, but then broke into that Hollywood grin again. "You look pinker my dear, I though you were going to pass out for a moment there."

"I feel a bit pinker, thank you." I said and looked round, "I know this sounds clichéd, but where am I?"

"My house. Beverly Hills."

"Where is The Boss?"

He looked uncomfortable for a moment and said "Well he asked me to look after you for bit. He gave me this letter for you, said it would explain everything."

He took an envelope from his pocket, and offered it to me. I was still shaky, but I took it and read it. I can't remember everything that it said, but some phrases stuck in my head. It said that he was sorry he could not face saying goodbye in person, but he had to go away on business for a few weeks, and thought the break would be best for us. He said he was proud of how I had "blossomed" over the last few months, and that he realised that "an old man like me cannot hope to keep up with a vibrant and beautiful young woman like you". He said, and this bit I always remembered "I have passed you over to the care of Joe Armadene, an old friend of mine, who can give you the lifestyle you deserve."

I was never sure later what that last line meant. I was never sure that The Boss realised what Joe would do. Of course now, since you bought me and brought me back here, I know what he meant. He knew just what Joe would do with me. At the time I was devastated. I remember sitting on the bed in shock with the letter in my hand. I was in tears, and Joe put his arm round me, and said nice things to me that I didn't hear, and he talked me round to some sort of coherence. He cajoled me into drinking the juice and taking the aspirin, and tucked me up in the bed again, and said he would send in "one of the girls" to see me, and off he went, kissing me on the temple before he left, like a father.

The "girl" who came in was called Marsha. She was one of five who lived on the premises (I was number six as it turned out) She was nice. Pretty, 20 years old, all over tan, tummy button piercing, and one nipple too (although she was dressed the first time I saw her) chestnut hair, real rich dark red brown. She was sympathetic, and funny, and told me men were not worth it, and there were other fish in the sea, and that there was a party tomorrow night and I should come to it. I didn't feel like it, but by the next afternoon Marsha, and the other girls (Jill, Dee Dee, Shauna and River – I kid you not) had cheered me up, and outfitted me. I had not a stitch of clothing when I arrived, everything had been left at the Boss's apartment in New York (including my passport – that only became important later) so they had a ball digging through their wardrobes and finding stuff I could wear. Joe had been in and out a few times as well, and was so welcoming. Once my hangover had gone and my body felt less battered I was almost looking forward to the evening.

It was glittering. There were about fifty people there, plus the catering and waiting staff brought in. The men were mostly movie people, producers and executives, and a couple of actors who I vaguely recognised. The women included a few starlets, hanging on the arms of the men who they hoped would make them stars, and the rest were Joe's Girls.

It was all very discrete. Every now and then you might notice that someone was missing, or rather two or three people were not about, but they came back to the party an hour or so later. At the end of the evening several guests and several girls did not seem to be about when Joe and I waved off the last limo. He had kept me close all evening, and introduced me to all the guests as his friend. Now he turned to me and said "I am afraid Katey and Nicole have taken over your room for the evening, with their friend the film director. If you don't mind a waterbed you can share mine - there is plenty of room. As long as you don't snore - I am dog tired and need to sleep tonight."

Since I had been lying naked on a table while he fucked me in front of fifty people two days before I could hardly plead modesty, although I really did not fancy any sexual activity at all that night.

But this offer sounded genuine enough, and in the end it was. As I learned later Joe was manipulative but usually pretty straightforward. If he wanted to fuck he said so. It was my first night in a water bed and I slept really well.

The following morning he woke me with a kiss on the cheek and told me he would bring breakfast. It was fun. That night Katey stayed on in my room, and I slept with Joe again. The following morning he kissed me awake, caressed my shoulder and down my arm, ran his hand over my hip to my knee and lifted my leg to part my thighs. I was happy enough to go along with that, as his gentle touch was bringing up desires I had not recognised. It had been five days since I had been touched by another person, and my body had missed it after so many months of near constant stimulation. His hard, long pointed cock slid between my buttocks from behind, opening the furrow of my labia, and then angling round to push inside me. It was a lovely, unexpected, relaxed morning fuck, and I had a great time. I was really surprised by that. It wasn't that I had got over The Boss, but he suddenly didn't seem so important.

Life went on that way. One night Marsha joined us in bed, and turned out to have a really surprising ability with her tongue. A few nights later Dee Dee and River began making out in the dining room just after dinner and it all got pretty passionate. They put on a lesbian show for us, while Jill and I took turns blowing Joe. Mostly though I had Joe to myself for those first weeks, and I stuck with him at parties. He had a gathering about twice a week, and most nights one or other of the girls would have a visitor.

Then about three weeks later at a party he introduced me to a quite gorgeous young actor who was just starting out to make a name for himself. I have seen him since, last month on the Leno show being interviewed about his latest film. Seems he is quite a star now. Joe said "You kids go and have fun" so we did. I took him skinny dipping in the pool and he sucked my nipples and fingered me under water. We had sex on the diving board. I remember lying on my back looking up at the stars above (although there is too much light pollution to see much from The Hills) and having a moment of clarity again. I thought "what the hell am I doing? I am having sex with a stranger. A beautiful, fit, athletic, hot and horny stranger who is fucking me rather nicely, but a stranger none the less. Why am I doing this? What would my mother say?"

It was the first time I had thought of her in months. I had to choke back the tears, and tried to concentrate on the sex, but I think it showed and he didn't have as good a time as he might have. The next time he came to a party he took River for a swim. But that was the first time I became one of Joe's Party Girls.

Things changed with Joe after that. He slept with the other girls more often, and he would introduce me to men at parties who I knew he hoped I would have sex with. At first they were always young handsome actors (sometimes not so young) and once or twice they would be couples, or I would be teamed up with one or two of the other girls. It was fun. I was a Party Girl. After a few weeks, maybe twenty parties later, he took me aside and said "I want to introduce you to an old friend of mine, he is an important producer with one of the big studios. I'd appreciate it I'd you would be nice to him."

Of course I knew what that meant. The man was short, balding, in his sixties or so, and smoked cigars. Fortunately he liked fucking me doggy style, kneeling up on the bed so he could watch my tits swinging in the mirror on the dressing table, so I didn't have to put up with his breath all night.

Joe took me out to dinner the next night to a Michelin starred restaurant and told me he knew it had probably not been the best party I had ever been to, but it was the best party his old friend had ever been to and Joe was really glad I had been so good to him.

I almost felt good about it.

A few days later Joe announced "I have a very special guest coming this evening, and I would like you to meet him if you like, but don't go flirting with him. I don't think you would want to follow through with him."

Of course I was curious about this so I asked him

"What do you mean?"

Joe laughed and said

"He has very particular tastes. I am sure he would be attracted to you, but you might not want to go there yet."

" You still are not being clear."

"He likes having a girl all three ways. He says it does not feel like he has really had sex with her unless he has done the triple."

"The triple?"

"Mouth, pussy, ass."


Joe laughed again "Yes, 'oh'. Or to be more accurate 'oh bugger'"

I blushed. Strange that, after all I have done I still blush sometimes.

Joe laughed again. "You haven't tried that yet have you? Still, if you would like to I am sure that (here she named the actor in question, but let's just call him Handsome) would be only too happy to be your first. We could help you prepare and make sure it all went smoothly, if you want."

"You aren't joking are you?" I asked

"No, why would I? Look it doesn't matter. Jill will do it. Or Dee Dee."

I was surprised at that, and said "What!"

Joe laughed again "Jill and Dee Dee will probably tear each other's hair out for a shot at Mr Handsome, so don't worry about it."

"You mean they do that?"

"Anal? Sure. Jill has a thing for being DPed."

I had never heard this term and asked him to explain it. I found it hard to believe it when he did. I found it even harder to believe that Jill actually enjoyed it.

But when I asked her Jill confirmed it, and offered to help me if I wanted to try. So she took me into the shower and used a slim irrigation nozzle on me to clean me out, which was a weird experience, and then she had me lie on my side on the bed while she pumped lube into me with another thin nozzle. Also weird. Then she slowly and gently worked a dildo into me, starting with a very slim one and gradually working up, giving me a vibrator to play with my pussy at the same time.

I can't say it was all that enjoyable, but I sort of got the point. It felt intimate and naughty, so it was sort of exciting, and the sensation was stimulating, but not a big turn on. I could see how it might be a turn on for a guy, although I didn't realise the full dominance implications. But I was reassured that it would be ok to do, and I did want to meet Mr Handsome, so I told Joe I would do it.

That night I took Handsome to my room, where he stripped me naked and kissed me all over, sensuously. He was licking my pussy when he lifted my legs and just licked on down to my asshole. That was surprising. Surprisingly nice as well as unexpected. He rimmed me, and I felt his tongue penetrate me.

Then he used a finger in each hole as he slid back up to French kiss me, which since he had just been licking my ass was weird as well. But as he did that his cock slid into my pussy and he began to fuck me with long slow strokes, and I really got into that. He was pressing deep inside me with his cock and had his finger tip in my ass, when I suddenly thought of something which made me giggle. He asked me what was funny so I told him.

"The last time I saw you you were the President of the United States. I've never been been fucked by a President before."

He grinned and said in the slight drawl he had used in that film "Well little lady you are not just getting fucked by the President you are also about to get fucked in the ass by the President."

He flipped me over and pulled me up on my knees. He entered my pussy again, and said "You've got a nice cunt girl, but Joe tells me you've never had it in the ass before. Let's see what it is like."

He pulled out, and pushed in. He wasn't rough but he was insistent, and I was glad for the lubrication. He took three strokes to work all the way in, and I gasped at each stroke When I felt his balls against my pussy he gave a whistle and said "Tight little ass, girl, Joe might not have been lying."

I felt stretched to tearing point. Then he took a swift long stroke and I nearly screamed "It's true! Please it's my first time! Be gentle!"

He pulled back and gripped my hips, saying "Just keep your ass in the air and your mouth shut honey, I know what I want to do."

I couldn't keep quiet. He was quickly shafting me, and while I tried to relax and seek some pleasure in it he was pretty large, long and hard. I had to cry out as he thrust into me. I think he enjoyed that. It certainly didn't stop him.

When he had finished fucking me, coming in my ass while I buried my face in a pillow, he pulled out and came round to my head. He pulled me over on my side, and pushed his cock in my mouth. I couldn't do anything, his powerful hands held my throat as he basically skull fucked me.

Just as I thought it was going to be all over, that he was going to come again, he pulled out, swung his leg over me and lowered himself on my face.

"Now lick my ass girlie, that's a Presidential order."

I was beyond crying, stunned. Then he suddenly pinched my nipples hard and pulled on them, saying "Come on lick ass, I licked yours, so get on with it."

He eventually came on my tits, and climbed off me.

He got dressed and was about to leave when he walked back to the bed and looked down at me, and said "You did your country proud. The special relationship still stands" and he threw a couple of hundred dollar bills on top of me. "There's a tip," he said and walked out.

I was still too naive to work out what that meant. I didn't realise that he was paying Joe for fucking me. I just thought it was a mean and sarcastic gesture. But I felt used. I thought then that I felt like a whore. Of course I learned later what that really felt like, but it was a bad night.

When he had gone Jill came in to see me. She was nice to me, cleaned me up, talked me round and held me until I slept. In the morning Joe came to see me and promised me that Mr Handsome would never be invited back. He seemed furious.

I didn't feel like a party that weekend, so Joe let me stay in the summerhouse, but the next party was a few days later and he insisted I go. The nice young actor was there, and I made a point of talking to him. This time I didn't think about my mother, and I didn't cry, I just had a really good time shagging his pretty brains out. Then Joe announced a special party, and things changed again.

A friend of his (read 'client') wanted a toga party, with slave girls. But he was looking for "the full Roman orgy experience" so the house was being decorated and we would all have costumes. And some of us would be providing the entertainment.

On the night I was dressed in a sort of loose shift with a belt, low cut, deep openings for my arms, and no undies. It was mid thigh length. Basically it allowed easy access to my entire body while appearing to barely cover everything. There were about forty slave girls, a dozen rather hunky slave boys, and fifty or so guests, some with their own slaves, others with more conservatively dressed patrician wives

I was going round with a tray of canapés, and got occasional gropes in the early evening, but when the floor-show started and Marsha was dragged into the room in chains to be stripped and ravished on a chaise long in front of the crowd by a handsome gladiator, I found a hand from behind sliding up my inner thigh to take hold of my pussy.

The hand belonged to a grey haired man who I had never seen before at any party, who was sitting watching the show on a couch beside where I had been standing. When I looked down at him he gave me a brief smile and wordlessly he pushed a finger into my pussy, and just began to pump it straight up and down in me. After a few strokes he paused to work in a second finger, and then went on finger fucking me with the full length of the two of them.

With his other hand he lifted his toga aside and revealed a surprisingly large erect cock. Then with his two fingers in me he pulled me across in front of him and down onto his lap, removing his fingers to replace them with his cock, pulling me down onto him. I was being taken from behind by a complete stranger, in a room full of people. Because of my dress they couldn't see anything, just a girl sitting on an old man's lap, and he was holding me still, just flexing his hips a little as we watched what the gladiator was doing to Marsha. It was surreal, but I began to flex my vaginal muscles in time to his movements and while the gladiator was pounding her noisily I was involved the most silent fuck of my life. The old man reached into my robe through the armholes and squeezed and caressed my breasts for a few moments and then with only a small grunt he came. He held me still for a moment and lifted me up off him, covering his wet and wilting cock, and then with a smile and a nod he waved me away. I went to the bathroom and washed.

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