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Life was Good!


As Jill threw her purse and keys on the table in the entrance hall, she heard the familiar sounds she expected to hear when she came home for lunch. Her husband was in the bedroom, with one of the teenaged neighbor girls---or their mothers---doing what he did best...fucking. From the high pitched squeals she bet that it was one, or possibly even two, of the younger ones. Mike was responsible for arranging his late morning fucks; Jill generally scheduled his afternoon trysts. She contemplated joining them but thought better of it since she had to get back to the office for an appointment soon after lunch. Still, she couldn't resist a quick look.

It wasn't as if Jill didn't enjoy sex with Mike; he was astounding in bed. At thirty-two he was devastatingly handsome with a chiseled muscularity and a cock that seemed always ready for action. That amazing cock! Jill had seen her share of porn movies; Mike's cock would have embarrassed most of the actors—and thrilled the females. Mike's cock was huge; it was just shy of ten inches long and thick...so damned thick! It was also, she had learned early on, always ready for action. Mike was a health nut and a physical fitness freak; his stamina was legendary. The amount of cum he could produce, over and over, gagged all but the most experienced cock suckers. She knew this well; she loved sucking Mike's cock---and had done so a few hours earlier prior to going to work.

She had also sucked her husband off the night before as soon as she had gotten home, then fucked him, the 'regular way' before they went to sleep, then given him her ass a few hours after midnight. That was their routine five days a week; on weekends you could double---or even triple---the schedule.

She and Mike had dated in college and married soon after. They were very much in love and would almost certainly spend the rest of their lives together. They had two beautiful children. They enjoyed each others company over others and were the very best of friends.

They had arrived at this unusual arrangement even before they were married. Jill had never wanted another man and would never cheat on her husband. Certainly she wouldn't go somewhere else for sex...sex with Mike was the most amazing sex she could even imagine. He was a sensitive and caring lover who knew how to push all of her buttons. He could make her cum with his mouth and tongue until she passed out from sheer rapture.

She was the envy of every other young wife in the neighborhood and most of her female friends. Mike was a sweetheart. He was a fantastic father. He was a very successful writer who provided a significantly upscale life style for his family. Jill worked because she wanted to, because she enjoyed it, and she owned the business. It also gave Mike privacy to write. If she had stayed at home his writing would have suffered...they would have simply fucked constantly. No matter how many women Mike fucked, and there had to have been thousands, Jill was his absolute favorite piece of ass. She knew that what was going on in the bedroom was sex and nothing more. She also knew that no one woman could possibly satisfy Mike's sexual requirements. She also understood that if Mike wasn't fucking, he was writing. The better the fucking, the better the writing!

While Jill knew that she was getting all of her holes delightfully serviced each day more often than her friends and neighbors were in a week or even a month, she had long ago realized that she needed help; once she invited a friend from work, a neighborhood wife or a baby sitter to sample Mike's incredible cock, they became addicted. Even her own mother, who had fucked Mike on numerous occasions, was in awe. As were her sisters, cousins, the cosmetic girls down at the mall---Mike had serviced them all.

Jill went into the bedroom to check out the action. It was the tall blond eighteen year old two doors down. Mike had her in his favorite position with her long legs pinned against her tits lying on her back, with her tight little cunt perfectly presented on the special wedge pillow that was intended for just this purpose. She marveled as she watched that incredible cock pistoning into the young woman at blazing speed.

"Hi, Naomi, how are you? Is my husband attending to your every need?" Jill inquired, given the young woman a soft kiss on the lips and a little bit of tongue as she stroked and admired the young woman's fine young tits.

"Oh, yes Mrs. Johnson. I've already cum four times...I'm real close again, oh fuck that cock is so big."

"How's work, hon?" Mike said, turning and smiling as his wife offered him a kiss---a kiss which did not remotely slow his rapid paced reaming of the young school girl.

"Great, dear, I won't be here too long, I've got a meeting right after lunch."

Jill examined the young woman being serviced by her husband. She was very cute and looked so young. On numerous occasions Jill would join her husband in his endeavors, occasionally donning a strap on, sucking a young muff or allowing her own exquisite little cunt to be serviced. Checking her watch she made a decision. She quickly removed her panties, leaving her thigh highs in place. Grabbing the young woman's hand, she placed it on her rapidly moistening slit. Climbing over the girl's head and pulling the hem of her short skirt up, she lowered her juicy little slot over the girl's face. She felt Mike lean forward and insert his long tongue in her ass hole.

"How about a little head Naomi; I'd really like to cum on your face before I go back to work."

"Oh, Mrs. Johnson...I thought you'd never ask!" Naomi replied and proceeded to give Jill's nearly bare little twat an expert oral massage. She was very good, Jill thought. She should be...Jill and Mike had taught her the finer points of muff diving quite awhile back. Jill was very orgasmic. The combination of the hot little tongue on her clit and Mike's long probing one up her shitter had the desired effect; Jill came quickly and removed her body from the middle of the action, albeit regretfully.

"You want some of this load, baby?" Mike asked his loving wife. Knowing how much she enjoyed his cum in her flat little tummy.

"No thanks dear. I don't really have time to change if I get some on my suit. Where do you want it Naomi, in your precious little pussy, your mouth---or your ass?"

"My mouth and my tits! Come on Mr. Johnson give me that big load of sweet cream."

Mike removed his massive organ from the little girl and started to stroke.

"Need a little help there, hon?" Jill asked.

"Always babe, you stroke my cock like no other woman in the world."

It took three long two handed strokes from Jill's experienced hands and Mike shot the first massive string from the bulbous head of his cock. That cock head was huge—easily the size of a billiard ball, Jill thought to herself. Jill stroked eight more times and easily half a cup of white viscous fluid splattered young Naomi from belly to mouth. Unable to resist the enchanting flavor of Mike's special sauce, Jill took his fat cock head in her mouth and removed the last traces. Naomi had gotten more than half of the load right where she wanted it, in her mouth and was now scooping the rest off of her tits and tummy and swallowing it down as if it was her favorite flavor of ice cream. Women could not get enough of Mike's cum; it was a delicacy treasured by all who had sampled it. It tasted almost exactly like sweet cream with a hint of chocolate and Grand Marnier.

Jill noted, as was the norm, that Mikes massive tool was still hard...very hard. She certainly hoped that young Naomi was prepared for the ass fuck that was sure to follow. Normally Mike would need to cum at least four times in succession before his dick would soften, and even then it would still be serviceable.

"Are you staying for the next event, Naomi?" Jill asked.

"No I've got to go to school; we're on afternoon sessions. My mom's coming over in about half and hour. I can't take that monster up my butt---yet. I've been practicing. Mom loves it in her ass---hell she prefers it---and dad won't butt fuck her."

Naomi's mom was a neighbor and good friend of Jill's. She had given birth young and was only thirty-five and had a body every bit as tight and fine as her daughter's. Naomi cleaned up and dressed for school, giving both Mike and Jill a less than platonic kiss as she scampered out the door. Mike and Jill enjoyed a quiet lunch together, talking about their own children, Mike's writing and Jill's morning at work. Theirs was a special marriage.

As Jill kissed her loving husband goodbye at the door, she heard Mandy, Naomi's mom drive into the long driveway.

The two women greeted each other affectionately at the entrance to the large home.

"You just missed your daughter, Mandy. You and Mike have fun. I have to get back to the office."

"Are you sure you can't stay? It's always more fun when you're part of the show."

"Nope, got a meeting. Maybe next time. You are the best damned pussy eater---other than Mike, of course---in the neighborhood. And I really get off watching my husband long dick another woman's shitter, but I've got work to do. Enjoy the ass fuck!" Jill knew that Mandy would more than enjoy having Mike's massive fuck tool rammed up her tight little ass. Most women needed a little help to cum while being butt fucked; Mandy, like Jill, was completely anally orgasmic.

Jill was a stunningly attractive woman with cover girl beauty and the perfect body. She was without a doubt the most attractive woman in the neighborhood or at her office. When she walked through a hotel lobby men literally stopped talking and gasped. Few men had the nerve to hit on her; most knew she was out of their league. She rebuffed the few brave ones who tried to make a pass with her usual charm and humor. Occasionally there would be a persistent one and for those she had a standard retort.

She would reach into her wallet and show them a picture of her loving husband. "He's six two, 190 pounds and built like a Greek God. He's a successful writer who has had at least one book on the best seller list for over a decade, and is a millionaire several times over. We've been madly in love since we met when I was a freshman in college. He's a fantastic dad to our children and my very best friend in the world. He satisfies and excited me in every way imaginable."

Pausing to let the words sink in, she would hit them with the coup de gras. "His cock measures almost ten inches long, is as big around as a forearm and, bluntly is always hard as a rock. He makes me cum at least five times a day---more often on weekends. He fucks my mouth, pussy and ass, depending on my mood. He made me cum with his mouth three times before I left the house this morning and then, just for good measure drilled my tight little ass hole in the shower. Of course he also fucked me twice during the night and I sucked his cock twice. So, exactly what is that you think you have that would interest me?" That usually took care of things.

One of the first things Jill had to deal with at the office was the calendar, or more accurately, Mike's fuck calendar. This was Jill's office; she owned the business. She had early on decided to hire only women and only attractive women. The twenty women in the office ranged in age from eighteen to just shy of forty and all were physically fit, thanks to the on premises fitness center. Every single one of them was a head turner but all were top rate employees with exceptional job skills. Jill had personally designed a unique interview and evaluation process to ensure that any woman she hired had a very good chance of ending up in Mike's bed.

On average, Mike fucked three women each day in addition to Jill. It added up to roughly twenty loads of cum per day from Mikes amazing organ. Less than that and Mike's writing suffered. It was a normal daily routine for Mike to write for two hours after Jill left for work in the morning. Then he would need his 10:00 AM fuck session, then another hour of writing, then his noon time fuck, writing from one to three another fuck session from three to whenever and then off course Jill would come home between five and six and immediately blow him.

After the kids were down for the night Inga, the part time Swedish au pair would spend the night---always in bed with Jill and Mike. It was with Inga that Jill made the most use of her strap on which was a perfect anatomical duplicate of Mike's cock. Inga loved double penetration; depending on the mood, Jill would vigorously fuck her lightly freckled, milky white little ass from behind while Mike serviced her little blond cunt from below. Inga was wonderful with the children but was also a delightful submissive who lived to please her employers. Life was good.

The year before, Jill had arranged a special birthday present for Mike. She and Mike were totally open in the discussions of which women were his favorites. There was a little eighteen year old brunette who lived one block over. There was a twenty six year old who worked for Jill. There was a thirty year old neighborhood wife down the street. There was a woman who was just shy of forty who worked at the mall. And then of course, there was Jill.

No matter how many different sexual encounters Mike had, they both knew that Jill was his absolute favorite fuck mate. She knew ever single one of his hot buttons and was extremely accomplished in bringing him to screaming orgasms. She did her exercises every day and milked his huge tool like no other woman could. It had been serendipity that Mike and Jill had found each other. She knew from conversations that she was far hornier, almost constantly, than her friends or other women she knew. What really fascinated her was the fact that no matter how many other women Mike screwed, he couldn't keep his hands off his gorgeous young wife. After coming more than a dozen times with at least three different women during the day, he couldn't wait to jump his wife's bones the minute she came home.

They had had a contractor come in and build a special giant bed in their oversized master suite. There was a shower that could accommodate six easily. There was a hot tub of equal proportions. There was a selection of special sex cushions, sex swings, an alphabetized selection of sex toys, mirrors everywhere and special chairs made for sex.

So, for Mike's last birthday Jill had shared Mike with the three other aforementioned women---plus Inga, whose feeling would have been hurt had she been left out. Both Mike and Jill had a special place in their hearts for Inga. Inga was the only person Jill knew who could excite her almost as much as her husband did. She had been perfectly trained from a tender age to perfectly meet the couple's sexual needs.

The birthday night had been very special. At one point two of the women---the eighteen year old brunette and the woman from the mall---laid on top of each other in a loving embrace with their cunt locked together as Mike services both women at the same time from on top never missing a stroke as he alternately inserted his massive cock into each of the women's dripping little muffs. He had fucked the two women for close to half and hour while Jill worked the slim vibrating butt plug in and out of her husband's butt. The neighbor's wife stood astride the two women and Mike services her slot with his talented mouth. Inga had eaten Jill's exquisite little cunt and brought her off three times during the engagement. It total, Mike fucked all of the women---including Jill---in all three of their delightful orifices.

Jill's favorite had been when they all decided to make love to the twenty-six year old from Jill's business. It was a heartwarming picture as four women and one exceptionally talented man brought the gorgeous creature to a series of shattering orgasms. Jill used one of the large glass anal dildos and fucked the young woman's tight little shitter with abandoned. The woman from the mall sucked on one tit while the neighbor's wife took the other one. Inga made love to her face with her mouth. Mike, of course, plundered her drippy little cunt with that amazing cock. They switched positions over and over. In the end, all of the other women were completely fucked out and Mike, still hard, gently took his loving wife's astounding little ass for the second time of the evening.

They had drifted off to sleep; Jill awoke to find Inga servicing Jill's dripping pussy with her usual expertise. Soon, Mike awoke and plunged his again rock hard tool deep into Inga's delightful rump. Jill knew that Inga liked Mike's thick cock in her little Swedish ass almost as much as Jill did. Life was good.

It was after that night that Inga moved in with them and became a permanent fixture in their marital bed. Both Mike and Jill loved the young Swedish beauty very much and her addition allowed Jill to get a little more sleep than in the past---although not very much more. Inga had become almost as insatiable as Mike and Jill were. While Jill was distinctly heterosexual, she absolutely loved girl sex with Inga. Mike understood and would often simply watch the two beauties bringing each other exquisite pleasure. Of course, Mike would be hard---he almost always was---and watching the two women he cared for so much making love would bring him to action. After the girls got each other off each knew that Mike's relentless tool needed to be serviced; both women did so with animalistic abandon.

Back to the calendar, or the, 'be serviced by Mike', roster. There was a new girl in the office who had just come of age who had been pestering Jill to include her in the rotation. Jill was always cautious not to send a girl to Mike's bed who was not prepared. She had made that mistake once, early on, and the poor woman had passed out when she had first viewed Mike's enormous cock. She wouldn't make that mistake again. Several of the other women in the office had briefed young Debbie on what to expect. Jill had interviewed her several times and provided her with one of the anatomically correct silicone, 'Mike dicks' to allow her to practice and to ensure that she was ready for Mike's extreme girth and length. Jill asked Debbie to come into the office for her final interview.

"Show me your ready, Debbie, and today's the day."

Debbie beamed with pride as she removed her tight shirt and short skirt. Jill was pleased to see that she had already removed her panties before entering the office. Bras were not a required part of office attire. Debbie had an almost perfect young body; her ass was a tad fuller than Jill's but she knew that Mike would enjoy manipulating her young breeder hips as he serviced her. Her young breasts were exquisite, also larger than, Jill's, and absolutely suitable for tittie fucking. A doe eyed little blond with full lips, a wide set jaw and beautiful blue eyes. Perfect, Jill thought to herself.

"Show me." Jill commanded, handing Debbie one of the silicone implements.

Debbie proceeded to insert the huge silicone tool into her mouth, shoving it to the back of her throat. Removing it from her mouth, she them inserted it into her bare little pussy and proceeded to fuck herself with it for several seconds.

Moving close to Debbie, Jill took the big toy from her hands and liberally coated it in Mike's favorite anal lubricant.

"Now the butt, young lady."

Debbie turned around with her full firm ass facing Jill but before she could insert the dildo into her tender ass, Jill interceded.

"Let me help a little." Jill said, kneeling down and spreading young Debbie's fleshy butt cheeks with her hands.

Jill began lavishing oral attention on Debbie's darling little crinkle, ultimately inserting her own nimble tongue deep inside the young woman's anal orifice. Grabbing the tool from Debbie's young hand, Jill inserted it quickly into her rectum---less gently than she knew her dear husband would do with the real thing. Debbie accepted the rapid anal invasion with barely a whimper. Fingering the young woman's sopping little cunt, Jill continued to fuck her rump with the silicone implement. Debbie came in seconds. Jill was pleased. Realizing that she had never put her own panties on after Naomi's excellent work at home, Jill moved in front of Debbie and offered her own wet little cunt to the young novice. If the little bitch could suck pussy, it was very likely that she would also be an adept little cock sucker.

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