I yelled and grabbed her hair and thrusted into the back of her throat.

"Mmmmm!" was all she could say as I emptied my balls into her waiting mouth.

Several long moments later I finally finished. Kenya licked her lips and stood up after swallowing every drop.

"That was fun!" she said. "Now it's your turn to do me!"

We quickly finished up our shower and after drying off, we headed to Kenya's bedroom. Her room wasn't big but it was cozy. The room was dominated by a king size bed. I briefly wondered why one girl needed a bed so big before I saw Boondocks asleep on it. The rest of the room consisted of a small closet, one window, a desk, and a nightstand. Kenya shooed Boondocks off the bed and out the door before locking it. As she turned around Kenya let her towel fall to the ground. Slowly she walked over to me and pulled mine off my body. With a quick push she had me on my back on the bed. Straddling me Kenya slowly rubbed herself on my rock hard erection. Finally when it seemed she had enough of teasing both herself and me she moved to sink down on me. Before she could I stopped her, a terrible thought had just occurred to me.

"Shit!" I told her. "I don't have any condoms!"

Kenya just grinned at me and said, "Don't worry! I'm on the pill! We're going bareback all night."

With that, she planted her hands on my chest and sank down on me. The feeling was more than intense. Her hot insides clamped down on me as I penetrated further into her. I groaned with the sensations filling me up. I moved my hands down to grip her hips and forced myself even deeper.

"AHHH!" Kenya screamed, her hands unconsciously digging into my chest.

We held this position for several long seconds till I slowly started pulling out, savoring every jolt of electricity between us. Just was I was about to be completely out of her I switched directions, pulling her down and thrusting my hips up simultaneously. With my momentum I was able to burry myself deep inside her again. We kept this slow hard pace for several minutes allowing us to both get a feel for each other. When I finally couldn't stand it any longer I pulled out of her.

"Nooooo!" Kenya groaned. "Put it back in it feels to good!"

In response I flipped her over so her head was on the mattress and her ass was in the air facing me. I admired the view briefly before I gripped her hips again. Sliding back in I established a faster pace, really pounding into her. The slapping of our bodies meeting echoed through the room. Still keeping the rhythm I leaned over her until I could wrap my arms around her waist. I searched till I found what I was looking for. The second I brushed up against Kenya's nub I felt her shudder, and the walls of her pussy started contracting around me. I slowed only slightly to let her orgasm pass. With a long scream Kenya's legs suddenly gave out, causing her to fall flat on her stomach. Gently I raised her ass and started up my rhythm again. I was about at my limit by this point. All of it combined; her little moans, the fantastic way she came around me, the tight hot felling of her pussy, and her fantastic ass pressing up against me every time I bottomed out was sending me toward the point of no return. After several minutes of herculean effort to hold out I finally roared and slammed myself into her shooting jet after jet of hot cum deep inside her.

"OOHHHHH FFFUUCCCKKKK!" I heard Kenya yell, as the feeling of hot cum caused her to orgasm again, this time even stronger.

Over the next minute we both rode out our separate powerful orgasms. It was another couple minutes before we could talk to each other. Finally I was able to catch my breath enough to speak.

"That was amazing!" I said.

"Oh my god I've never cum so hard in my entire life!" was her breathless response.

"I wish I had the energy to go again!" I told her wistfully.

Kenya just laughed and said, "Don't even think we're done yet! We have the rest of the night and all morning! I want you to fuck me so hard tonight Sam can hear me from across the house!"

"I think I can manage that!" I told her with a smile.

"Good now come here so I can get that beast ready for round three!"

The next day, for the first time in my life, I was sore from sex. I lost count of how many time Kenya and I fucked each other senseless but it had lasted into the early hours of the morning. We both had to go into work at the same time so we were able to sleep together until mid afternoon. After getting up and showering the sweat and sex off each other, we ventured into the kitchen in search of something to eat. Of course we had forgotten that Sam went into work at the same time as we did. This meant an awkward half naked meeting in the kitchen with a very surprised Sam.

"Ohmygod!" she squealed. "I'm so sorry!"

Kenya and I gave each other a sideways smirk before bursting out laughing. We continued to make breakfast keeping up comfortable small talk. What Kenya hadn't seen was the look Sam had given me before running off to her room. It was one of hunger and lust. I filed that away for future use. For the rest of the time until work we hung around Kenya's house and walked Boondocks. Sam didn't reappear till it was time for us all to leave for work, but she wouldn't meet my eyes.

Sundays were even slower than Saturdays if even possible. The only bright side was that I was able to spend lots of time with Kenya. Once again we swam and goofed off with the other guards. Everyone seemed oblivious to the tension between Sam and I. She didn't talk to me directly or even comment on the things I said. In general she wouldn't even come near me. This behavior continued though the rest of the week. We weren't close but I had thought we were friends. A simple awkward meeting shouldn't have changed that.

As for Kenya and I, we couldn't be better. Every night one of us was either at her place or mine. For the most part I tried to keep us in my apartment so as to not further exacerbate the situation with Sam. We fucked like crazy all week and I couldn't have been happier. Finally Thursday afternoon Sam made an announcement.

"Everyone," she said. "I think its time for another party! My house tomorrow night!"

My ears perked up at this. The last party at her house hadn't gone so well for her. I turned to look at Kenya to see if she had any part in this. She just shrugged and smiled. There was a chorus of voices saying they would be there and what they would bring. I went up on deck to tell Jordan. I was sure he would want to attend.

"Hey Jordan there's going to be another party at Kenya and Sam's tomorrow night!" I told him.

He made a fist pump and said, "Yes! Another chance to get wasted! Lets just hope that we don't have to throw any more assholes out. That really sucked last week." I agreed and went on my way to the next stand I had to be on. The rest of the day flew by and soon Kenya and I were alone again at my apartment. Lying on the couch together, we decided to watch a movie. Picking some random movie from Netflix, I asked her what had been on my mind since Sam's announcement.

"Why do you think Sam is throwing a party so soon after the last one especially after what happened?"

"For the same reason she went out with friends our first night together I suppose," Kenya replied. "She just wants to forget about it and move on with her life."

We watched the movie a little while longer in comfortable silence. Suddenly Kenya spoke.

"I don't really want to watch this movie. I have a much better idea of how we can be entertained!" she said turning to look at me.

"Oh? And what might that be?" I asked, feigning innocence.

"This!" Kenya said, twisting in her seat to straddle me.

She wasn't wearing much this evening, just an oversized soft shirt and panties. I realized she had probably been planning this all along. Our lips met and a spark of passion flowed through us. I reached down to feel inside her panties. She was soaking wet. I inserted two fingers inside her. I could hear her moan though our lips. Without breaking our kiss I slid her panties off so I could cup her bare ass. It felt amazing, slightly muscled but still soft and squishy. We broke our kiss briefly to remove the rest of our clothing. Our naked skin touching only fueled the fire burning inside us. With Kenya being so wet there was no foreplay needed. I knew what we both needed and it wasn't slow easy love making. It was hard fast fucking. Suddenly I grabbed her hips and impaled her on me.

"Shit! Fox!" Kenya screamed, raking her nails down my chest.

I wasn't about to let her catch her breath. I quickly started ramming into her using a combination of my hips thrusting up and my hands pulling her down on top of me. I kept this steady pace up and felt her go though at least one orgasm. Pulling out for a second to let us catch our breath, I got up.

"Kenya come here," I said pulling her to her feet, "There's something I want to try."

Slowly she got to her feet and we both giggled at her wobbly legs.

"Back against the wall," I said as I maneuvered her into position, "Now lift one of your legs up so I can hook my arm around it."

Kenya did as she was told. With me supporting some of her weight I was able to bend down and do the same with the other. This meant she was suspended in the air and spread wide open. I pushed back in causing her to moan into my shoulder and wrap her arms around my neck. Then the fucking really started. With this new position I could use my hips to a new and devastating extent. I plunged over and over into her tight pussy. At this point I was pistoning in and out of Kenya so fast she was biting into my shoulder. Every time I bottomed out inside her I felt her squeeze around me, making it harder and harder to hold off blowing my load. I kept it up as long as I could before I exploded inside her.

The force of my orgasm caused my knees to give out and we both toppled to the floor. It wasn't a very long fall and Kenya landed on top of me. I looked up and her and saw her grinning down at me.

"That was a great Idea! I'm listening to whatever you say from now on if that's what's going to happen!" she chuckled

"I'll remember that!" I told her, "But right now I can't feel my legs."

"Worth it," Kenya said. "But you're right; I'm exhausted! Lets go to bed."

As we spooned in bed I couldn't help but think about the dynamic that was forming between Sam and I. I would just have to talk to her about it tomorrow at the party, I resolved. I listened to Kenya's even breathing and was soon asleep.

I arrived at Kenya's house a little after 10 p.m. and the party was already in full swing. Kenya and I had decided to really let loose. I found Kenya easily enough in the midst of a group of friends. She was already pretty drunk. We chatted for a second before I went off in search of a drink. I didn't want to get too hammered before I had my conversation with Sam. I only hoped she wasn't too wasted to talk. I found her out on the back deck by herself, which was unusual. Sam always was in the middle of the party. She was facing out looking into the darkness nursing a beer.

"Hey Sam," I said quietly so I wouldn't startle her.

"Hey Fox glad you could make it," she replied without turning around.

"I just wanted to ask you what's been up this week. After what happened Sunday morning things have felt really weird between us and I just wanted to clear the air," I said.

Sam replied in a monotone voice, "I don't know what you're talking about. Everything's fine between us. Don't worry."

I could tell she didn't mean a word she said. I couldn't figure out what I had done to make her be this indifferent towards me.

"Sam I know its not nothing. Come on, talk to me." I pressed.

Suddenly Sam spun around and yelled, "Go away Fox! I said you don't have to worry about it!"

I couldn't tell but I thought I saw tears running down her face. Before I could check, she was gone, running around the side of the house. I tried to follow her but I wasn't able to find her. I didn't seen Sam for the rest of the night. I asked around but it seemed she had disappeared. Thinking there was nothing else I could do for it that night I started drinking. The rest of the party turned into a blur. Hours went by and people came and went. I briefly remember stumbling into Kenya's bedroom and passing out on the bed then, darkness.

A strange sensation accosted me, pulling me from the depths of sleep. As I became more aware I began to place the sensation. It was a mouth. A warm wet mouth was gently gliding up and down my cock.

"Kenya must be giving me a good morning present," I thought.

Finally I opened my eyes. Staring at the ceiling, I had an odd thought. Kenya's ceiling wasn't purple, it was blue. Looking around the room, nothing looked familiar. The sucking hadn't stopped. If anything it had intensified since my stirring. Growing more confused I lifted the covers to ask Kenya where we were. Long brown hair framed the mouth my cock was plunging in and out of.

Not Kenya, but Sam.

"Sam! What the hell are you doing?" I hissed.

The room looked unfamiliar because I rarely made the trip across the house into Sam's room. In my drunken stupor I must have made a wrong turn and ended up on Sam's bed. That explained the room but it did not explain the beautiful brunette currently gulping on my cock.

"Sam! Stop!" I tried again.

As an answer Sam plunged me all the way to the back of her throat effectively silencing me with pleasure. Humming softly she was able to vibrate the back of her throat sending jolts of electricity though me.

"Fuck that feels good," I thought to myself.

I reached down and grabbed to fistfuls of Sam's hair. Then I started slowly thrusting in and out of her willing mouth. Gently I started to face fuck her lowering her down to the base of my shaft before lifting her off. Sam had a talented tongue. When I pulled out she swirled around the tip and as I pressed her down she made side to side motions all while gently sucking in her cheeks. It was the best blowjob I ever had. I felt the pressure building in my balls. I was just about to blow my pent up wad into Sam's mouth when I heard,

"Sam? Have you seen Fox? He was supposed to spend the night last night."

Kenya started to turn the knob to Sam's door.

Oh. Shit.

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