Life's Changes Ch. 08


"Please Mistress forgive me I didn't see you neck lace." He said in an almost girlish tone. I was just about to release him when behind me I heard a very deep voice ask.

"Is there a problem Mistress?" I turned still holding on to the collar of my captive. I looked up into face of a very tall very broad black man. He had to be six ten if he was a foot. He had to be five foot wide at the shoulders. He had a gold earring in one ear and was bald as a bowling ball. He had a smile on his face that said, "Yea I'm huge and I know It." then he asked again as he looked at my necklace

"Is there a problem Mistress Sheri?" I knew I had to be tough and try and take control of the situation. So I said

"Is this piece of shit your property?" The Master Domi said

"Yes Mistress it is."

"Then you should teach it better manners."

"I will, you can be assured of that. Do you wish to punish him?" I knew I wasn't supposed to say yes.

"It's your responsibility you take care of it." I could hear the sissy behind me say

"Oh god no." I almost felt sorry for him but it was out of my hands.

The Master Domi replace my hand with his, his hand was the size of five of mine. Then he pulled the sissy across the desk. Scattering everything with it. He brought the sissy down to kneel at his side. The sissy was finding it hard to breath due to the lack of space between the collar and the Masters hand. The Master waved over one of the other French maids and said

"See that Mistress Sheri receives a bottle of champagne for the in convince and give her and her party one of our best tables." Then he turned to Jenny and said "Mistress Jennifer, Mistress Sandra so good of you to come tonight I'm sorry for the intrusion. Please enjoy the rest of this evening." Then turning to the new maid he said, "See that Mistress Sheri receives a membership application." Then to me he said, "There will be no application fee." He turned and walked away dragging the sissy with him.

The new maid took my driver licenses and wrote my name in a book. Then pulled out another sheet of paper. I assumed was the application form. Then she filled in the blanks. She had me sign the application and then put it back in the draw. Then asked

"Would you like to give me a credit card for any purchase you would care to make tonight?" I handed her my card then after she wrote down the number she turned to Jenny and Sandy and said. "Does Mistress have a membership?" Jenny and Sandy gave over their cards and credit cards. When she was done with them she turned to another maid and said.

"Please take Mistress Sheri and party to table three." Then to me she said "Mistress this is our best table if you would like something else. Tell Sissy Steven what you would like and he'll make every effort to please you." I thank her and followed Sissy Steven to our table. Once we where seated Jenny said to Ginny

"Why don't you show Glenda and Pam around and see what's going on in the rooms." When the slaves left. Jenny turned to me and said, "I can't believe you. Do you know what just happened?" I thought I did something wrong

"You said I could exert my authority if a slave was rude to me. I can't see what I did wrong." Jenny started to laugh she was joined by Sandy. Then she said to me

"You didn't do any thing wrong you where perfect." then to Sandy she said. "Can you believe she got a membership on the first night and for free no less?" Jenny saw that I was confused. "Sheri Ginny and I had to wait two years before we where allowed to join. How about you Sandy?"

"Eighteen months and only because I sat through three movie signings that he sold of four times the price. And which I got nothing for. And I still had to pay the membership fee." Jenny continued

"The membership fee is twenty thousand a piece. That's sixty grand for the three of you." My jaw must have became unhinged Jenny closed my mouth then said. "Now is not the time to show your innocents." She nodded her head so I would look behind me. The Master Domi was coming our way. He came to our table and said

"May I sit?" I indicated he could then he said. "So you're the infamous Sheri that Max was telling me about."

"You know Max?" I asked

"Max and I have an arrangement. He helps me find sissies to work around here. And I help him with keeping his place running. Most of the politicians don't like Max's clientele but a few of them are members here. So I let it be known that Max's place is ok with me, the politicians leave him alone and he gets me the talent I need to run this place. Their not all my slaves, most just work here. They get paid well. So they but up with a lot of abuse. If there not my slaves I can't punish them but I can make them miss a week or two of work, which hurts them, even more. You happen to run into one of my slaves. He will be punished and you'll be able to watch." I was about to say I didn't want to watch but he stopped me and said. "Don't worry he's been asking for it for some time, tonight was the last straw. I like that you didn't back down to him and you didn't back down to me. I tend to scare most Domie's. You didn't bat an eye." He stood and said "his punishment will be on stage tonight for all to see. You'll be given one more chance to forgive him or give the punishment yourself. Until then enjoy yourself." He turned and walked away After he left I could see all the tables around us, people where whispering and pointing at our table. I asked Jenny why

"The Master Domi never comes out and sits with other people. You have become a celebrity."

Just then our four slaves came back to the table, all but Cheryl looked scared. Jenny could see there was something wrong too when she looked up she went ashen as well I followed her gaze. Coming to our table was a Mistress leading three other women by their leashes. She was a woman of average height Five seven or so. She was what some would call Reuben like in build. Not fat but not slim either. She walked up to our table. I looked at Jenny and I could see fear in her eyes. Which surprised me, I never know Jenny to fear anything. Looking at me the women said

"I was wondering who was holding Pamela's leash." Then to Jenny she said "Jenny so good to see you again and who is that lovely thing kneeling at your side." Jenny's said

"Well Sharon fancy meeting you here. Is that Bethany, Debbie and Mary with you."

"Yes, Julian's on call this weekend. He couldn't come." I didn't know who she was but Jenny did and I could see she didn't like the fact that this Sharon knew she was here. To me Jenny said "Sheri, Sandy this is Sharon Krause the firms accountant." I realized why Jenny looked scared blackmail was one of her worse fears. I asked Sharon to sit which she did her three slaves kneeling behind her. Then I asked

"What's this all about?" Sharon looked at me and said

"What's it about? It's about nothing Sheri. I saw Pam and that lovely thing on the other side of you coming out of one of the rooms. When Pam saw me she whispered something to her. They both made a beeline back here picking up the other two on the way. I had my eye on Pam since she came to work at the firm. I just wanted to see who beat me to her. Then I found Jenny here with you so I came over to introduce myself. I never thought Jenny would be so defensive." Then to Jenny she said

"Look Jen we're all adults here. I don't like your messing around on Jim but I won't tell him I saw you here. If that's what you're worried about." I realized that she didn't know that Ginny was Jim and Glenda was Bill. I asked

"If you don't like it how come you won't tell him?"

"Look if I told him, he might get mad and shut down the firm just for spite. I know he loves Jenny with all his heart. If he found out she was cheating on him with another girl it may kill him. No I won't be the one to do that to him. I love him too much for that."

"What if you found out that he was cheating on her too?" She shot me a look that scared me then she said.

"Look I don't know who you are, but don't ever say anything like that to me again. Jim is devoted to his wife. He would never do anything to hurt her." I could see she meant what she was saying.

"You never know what two people are capable of." I said

"The only way Jim would fool around on Jenny was if she knew about it and she said it was ok." I could see a light come on in her head then she said "That's it isn't it you have your little sweetie there and Jim has his thing. And you all live happily. That's it isn't it Jenny?

"Well, it's something like that." Jenny said cautiously.

"Does that mean I have a chance with him. I'll tell you I would mind a tumble with him once in a while. And that new guy, what's his name, Bill, he looks like someone that could really make a women forget herself."

"What makes you say that?" Jenny asked

"I don't know there's something about him that says he'd give you a ride you won't forget. But there's not much chance in that. Pam said that he's married to a gorgeous women that he's devoted to." I stroked the top of Pam's head. The champagne finally arrived. The maid curtsied and said

"Sorry for the delay Mistress Sheri but the Master insisted that it was chilled before we served it." She showed me the label it was a Rothschild 53. Even my novice knowledge of wines knew this was a very rare and valuable wine. I said to the sissy

"I couldn't possible except this. It's too valuable." I could see fear in the sissy's eyes as I said this.

"Mistress Please I couldn't possible tell the Master that you did want it. I would be next on the block and I wouldn't want that." I felt sorry for her

"Very well then. Please pour and tell the Master I appreciate his generosity." The sissy seemed happier I accepted then I was to receive it. Sharon took this all in. When the sissy was finished pouring and departed Sharon asked.

"I don't want to be rude but who are you. I saw the Master sit with you then he sends a bottle of champagne to your table. The sissy just about begged you to except it. Are you someone special?" I knew this was no time to tell her who I really was so I said

"If I was someone special I wouldn't tell you. Let's just say I'm a friend of Jenny's and leave it at that." I could see Jenny was having a hard time holding back her laughter. But Ginny couldn't, she started giggling and then started laughing. Once Ginny started Jenny followed along. I could see Sharon took offense to this. I sat back to see how this was going to work out. Having had enough Sharon asked

"What's so funny" Jenny calmed down and whispered something in Ginny's ear and she nodded her head then Jenny said

"Sharon, Sheri is just my friend and she is also the wife of Jim's new partner." Jenny was going to continue when Sharon stopped her

"Wait Sheri your Bill's wife and Pam's Mistress. I take it Bill knows about this?" I nodded my head. I leaned down and whispered to Bill

"Do you want her to know who you are if it comes up?" Bill nodded his head

"Does Bill know about your little boy toy there too?" I looked down to Glenda and said.

"Yes he does and he approves. Do you have a problem with that?"

"No, no problem to each his own. I do have one question is Bill as good as I think he is." she asked

"Probably better, because I couldn't begin to describe how good he is. It's beyond words. And before you ask. If he wants you, you have my blessing." This shocked her more than she cared to admit. Then I could see the light of understanding in her eyes

"That's Bill isn't it?" She asked pointing to Glenda

"No this is Glenda." I said putting my arm around Glenda.

"Ok but when Glenda goes to work she becomes Bill right?" I looked at Glenda and she nodded her head. Then Sharon said "Dam I would have never known."

Jenny was just about to say something when the lights started to go down in the room. The lights on the stage came up at the same time. When the curtain was raised, on the stage was the sissy maid that was rude to me. He was strapped to a padded pommel horse. He was naked from the waist down except for the six inched spiked heels on his feet. On his upper body he still wore the uniform he had on in the reception area except the front was open and his breasts were showing.

The Master walked out on stage and came over to my table. And said "Mistress Sheri would you come up to the stage?" I knew I couldn't refuse. I walked up to him I knew every eye in the place was on me. Then he said pointing to the sissy

"Masters and Mistresses you have before you a worthless excuse for a women not to mention his pitiful performance as a slave to me. He had the nerve to question the honor and supremacy of this fine Mistress," he said pointing to me. I heard murmurs of sympathy. The Master walked over to the sissy and grabbed him by the hair and asked as he pulled his head back. "What did you call her?"

"A stupid bitch Master." Which earned a gasp from the crowd. Then the Master asked.

"Did she have on a anything denoting her station?" The master was playing to the crowd

"Yes Master but I failed to see it." Another gasp from the audience then to the audience The Master said

"As most of you know I always allow the accused a chance to explain themselves and ask forgiveness." the sissy looked to me and said

"Mistress I was inattentive and I didn't see your necklace. Please forgive me it will never happen again." I heard jeering from the audience then the Master asked

""Well Mistress do you forgive him." after the shouting died down I said.

"That was the poorest excuse I'd ever heard. It didn't even sound like he was sorry. So no I don't forgive him after his punishment he may be more sincere." Cheers erupted from the audience. Once they died down The Master picked up a paddle from the table next to the victim and asked.

"Would you care to administer the punishment?" Dead silence fills the room all waiting to hear my words.

"Master Domi this low some slave is your property. As I would expect all punishment of my slaves to be my responsibility, I'm sure you feel the same do with him as you will." A large bright smile filled the Masters face as cheers and applause filled the room. Then he asked so only I could hear

"Do you wish to watch from up here or from your seat?" I told him my seat. He took me to my seat and then walked back onto the stage waving the paddle in the air to more cheers.

The Master then put the paddle back on the table. He then picked up two large round silver balls and walked in front of the sissy. Pulling up each breast he attached one of the balls to the slave ring. Then let it drop. Watching this cause my own nipple to become hard. Looking between the slave legs I saw that he was becoming hard too. The Master also saw this. He picked up a braded stainless steel sleeve. The master fitted it onto the sissy's penis; when one end was pulled it tighten around the slave's shaft. The Master then added a large ball to the sleeve the size of a grapefruit. And this too he let drop, jerking the penis down with it.

The Master then pickup the paddle and swung it with all his might landing squarely on the sissy's ass. To which the sissy thanked his Master before receiving another. The crowd counted each one off and the sissy thank his Master between wails and tears. When he reached fifty the Master stopped.

The Master then moved to the front of the sissy. He opened the leather pants he was wearing and pulled out the largest cock I ever seen. It had to be twelve to thirteen inches long, three to four inches thick. The head was size of my fist. The Master then jerked it off some before saying to the slave.

"I'm going to fuck your mouth. If you can make me cum before the audience counts to fifty, your punishment will stop. If not I will continue."

The Master pushed his cock into the slave's mouth. And the counting started. It was a slow count, almost as if the audience timed it to each second. The slave looked like he was having problems. I was sure it wasn't the first time he had that cock in his mouth. By the time the audience hit twenty the slave was swallowing the whole shaft. The Master seemed to be enjoying himself as he pumped his rod in and out of the slave's mouth. To tell you the truth I wished I could feel it pump in and out of my pussy. When the audience counted fifty the Master pulled his cock from the sissy mouth and slapped him several times across the face with it, to the laughter of the audience. I looked around me I saw Mistresses and Masters with their slave between their legs performing orally on them. With no care who was watching.

The Master pick up a riding crop from the table and slapped the sissy's tender red ass. The crowd counted each slap but this time the slave didn't thank his Master he was screaming too much. When the count hit thirty the Master stopped.

The Master then greased up his cock and stepped behind the sissy. As he pressed his cock into the sissy's ass the crowd said one, then two on the withdrawal. Then the Master started fucking his slave in earnest to the count of the audience. When the count hit fifty the Master pulled out of the slaves ass and walked around him fisting his cock along the way. When he was standing in front of the sissy he fisted his cock twice and sprayed an ungodly a mouth of cum into the mouth of the sissy and onto his face. The crowd stood cheering and applauding. Then the Master walked over to where I was standing. His cock still semi-erect hung from him. The audience quieted down almost instantly as he asked

"Are you satisfied with the punishment?" What could I say I was more that satisfied I was aroused beyond belief? I took my champagne glass and held it up to him and said

"You were magnificent. You are the Master dominator." The cheering started again. The Master bowed to me and mouthed a thank you. He stepped back and the curtain fell.

When the lights came up I found my seat and drained the wine glass. Glenda was right there to refill it from the bottle. I saw his erect cock as he bent over to fill the glass. God I wanted that in me right now, I thought. After he finished filling the glasses he knelt back down. I leaned over to him and asked

"Did you enjoy watching that?"

"Mistress I almost came it was so exciting."

One of the French maids took away the empty bottle and ice bucket as two other's brought two more bottles with six plastic glasses. Sissy Steven said

"Mistress, Master told me to inform you that he never enjoyed punishing a slave as much as he did for you. He thought you could use more champagne and the slaves at your table could use some as well." Sissy Steven filled all the glasses including the plastic ones and handed them to each slave starting with mine. Once she was gone Jenny said to me

"That's quite an honor. The Master never lets slave's drink from glasses, plastic or other wise. That's why Sissy Steven made sure to hand each glass to each slave. So that everyone knows it came from the Master. Again your a hit I don't know how you do it." I said to her

"It's just my girlish charm. I don't know either people just like me." Then Sharon said

"No its because you don't pull your punches. Ok getting back to the discussion we were having before the show. Jenny who is knelling next to you?" Jenny put a protective arm around Ginny and said.

"This is Ginger. Why do you ask?"

"And when Ginger goes to work who is she?" Sharon asked. Jenny looked down at Ginny who nodded her head with a smile. Jenny said

"You know her as Jim." Sharon sat back in her chair in shock and said.

"You know I've been looking at her for almost two hours. I had a feeling that's who she was but I couldn't see it. There's nothing in her that says Jim nothing at all. Even now I still can't see it. With Glenda once you told me I could see the resemblance. But with Ginger I can't see it." Jenny then asked the question that played on both her and my mind

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