tagRomanceLife's Eternal Struggle Ch. 02

Life's Eternal Struggle Ch. 02


Mr. "Non-Descript" gripped the steering wheel with white knuckle intensity as we drove below the speed limit to Brewer's Gym.

"Don't want to waste gas." Mr. "Tight Wad" preached.

The adage "time is money" popped into my head but I kept silent. His "save money" principals were carved in stone like the Ten Commandments, irrefutable and biblical in their proportions.

With a line of traffic behind us, our torturously slow advance to the gym continued. California drivers are not a patient lot and car horns were trumpeting their displeasure. A sudden desire to force my foot onto the gas pedal gripped me but it took all of my will power to exercise self control.

Mr. "Indy 500" was totally unfazed by all the commotion and truthfully, I've seen corpses with more animation.

When we pulled into the gym parking lot, I jumped out of the car and ran inside. As I waited for the receptionist, Mr. "White Bread" entered and stood next to me.

"Ray, you don't have to wait" I said with irritation.

"Oh, I don't mind" He said in bland rebuttal.

Before I had a chance to continue arguing, the receptionist appeared and I handed her the gift certificate.

"I'm sorry Mr. Poole but the certificate entitles you to a Monday, Wednesday and Friday membership." She said with a note of real regret.

Mr. "El Cheapo" immediately got to his feet and started arguing with the young woman. I was astonished, the cadaver came to life. Anything that involved money and its usage was the stimuli that excited him. It was readily apparent who had purchased the gift in the first place.

The manager appeared and tried to restore some semblance of order. But, "Old Tight Ass" was on a mission and argued like a desperate defense attorney who's client faced the death penalty.

"Ray, shut up! I bellowed.

Mr. "Pinch Penny" had a startled and hurt look on his face.

"It's my gift, I'll handle this!" I declared with conviction.

In a minute or less, the manager and I reached a compromise. A one hour introductory session was offered as a solution and it left everyone smiling except for "you know who."

Mr. "Pain in the Ass" was sitting in the reception area with a sorrowful/dejected look on his face. Despite my pleas for him to leave, he insisted on waiting.

A pretty and blonde exercise tech in her late twenty's explained each exercise and the equipment in detail. As I looked up at her from my reclining position on the chest press machine, she reminded me of a young Megan.

The golden hair, "girl next door" looks and athletic build were raising my temperature. I thought about Megan and the summer of my sexual enlightening...

After my introduction to Megan's hot muscular body on graduation night, I became her willing and studious pupil. My first taste of pussy had me ravenous for more and she saw to my needs on a regular basis.

Megan delighted in teaching me the proper techniques and methods. However, with only two weeks until the start of our college careers, intercourse was the only act left to be taught.

One very sultry night, I ran into Davis at Via's Pizzeria. His eyes were bloodshot and betrayed recent pot smoking. Because of my relationship with Megan, I had seen little of him all summer.

"Hey man! How's it hangin?" he drawled in a pot affected voice.

I gripped his hand in the customary handshake of the times.

"Good to see you man!" I stated with enthusiasm.

"How's Megs the muscle woman?" he inquired with interest.

I expected Megan to arrive any minute from her five mile run. But, before I had a chance to answer, his glassy eyes grew wide with excitement.

"Man, I got accepted to PSU at the last minute! I'm going in the fall!" He exclaimed with glee.

Davis and I at PSU, look out coeds! He gave me enough pot for a few joints and we made plans to drive the three plus hours to PSU together.

Megan walked in and when she saw Davis, embraced him. She was fond of Davis and fond of the weed he generously shared with us.

"Hi Megs, how've you been." He asked with sincerity.

Davis was the only friend she allowed to call her Megs.

"Never better." She stated with positive energy.

Davis was relating his PSU story when a buxom brunette came up behind him and put her arms around his skinny waist then rested her head on his back.

"Hey Molly, you remember Megan and Poole?" He asked in a sweet voice.

The unattractive and large breasted girl nodded in the affirmative but her eyes had the same glassy look as Davis'. After some brief chit chat, they left to attend a summer concert at the "A" Field.

Davis had found his sexual teacher. Molly was the girl voted "Most Likely to Expose Herself At A Party" an honor she willing accepted. An insatiable cock hound, she was the go to girl for blow jobs at most of the parties. How she and Davis hooked up was a mystery.

Via's Pizzeria was mobbed as usual but we managed to find a table in the back. Megan's face had a pensive and circumspect expression.

"Poole, I need to talk to you about something." She stated in a serious tone.

At that moment a group of rowdy patrons entered and the decibel level rose dramatically. It was impossible to have a conversation let alone an important one.

After we ate, we drove to Megan's house and snuck into the 2nd floor of the garage. The entire time the look on her face showed deep concern. We sat on the floor facing each other and she was unusually quiet.

"Poole, we start college in less than two weeks and..." her voice trailed off.

I was staring at her waiting for her to go on when it hit me right between the eyes.

"Megan, you don't have to say. I understand." I said with total honesty.

It was impossible to maintain a relationship separated by the continental United States. Megan's head hung low and I saw tears forming in her eyes.

"It doesn't change the fact that I love you." I stated with feeling.

Megan hugged me with enough force to hurt my ribs and I felt her chest rise and fall in unison with her crying eyes.

We were inseparable until Megan's departure for UCLA. On our last day together, the weather was picture perfect with blue skies and low humidity. Megan insisted on meeting me at Elmwood Park. We tossed a Frisbee, smoked some potent Thai stick and ate the picnic lunch she brought with her. It was an idyllic day that was the stuff memories are made of.

The sun was low on the western horizon when I fired up a fresh bowl of weed. Several hits later, we were making out like it was our last night together; and at the time, it was.

Megan ground her pelvis on my straining boner with frenzied intensity. I looked deep in her eyes and mouthed the words, I love you. She reacted by pulling me to my feet and walking hurriedly to her garage.

Megan's garage was the base for all of our sexual exploration. The electric charge ignited by our kissing and grinding had reached a fever pitch.

We practically ripped the clothes off each other and I ate Megan's sopping wet box with rabid intensity. She hooted and hollered her searing orgasm but she was just getting started.

My cock was a throbbing hard mass when Megan spun around and planted her dripping wet snatch on my hungry mouth. As I zealously feasted on her savory slice, she swallowed my dick.

Megan sucked my shwanze with unbelievable yearning. The sperm in my balls seethed and bubbled like molten lava until the floodgates were close bursting.

Relentlessly, I devoured her juicy and mouthwatering pussy until it leaked tangy secretions. Her tart juices filled my senses and I greedily swallowed every drop.

Megan yowled like a chorus of alley cats as an orgasm tore thru her heaving snatch. Unable to hold back any longer, my cock erupted. With my mouth pasted to her throbbing gash, I shot ropes of cum into her mouth.

We rested side by side and lightly kissed. Megan had a shy look on her face that I found to be perplexing.

"Poole, I want you." She declared with emotion.

"I want you too." I blurted out with equal emotion but unsure of the true meaning.

"No, I WANT YOU!" She stated with dramatic emphasis.

Megan's gooey slit was grinding away at my limp cock when I grasped the meaning of her words. With blinding speed my dick hardened into a granite hard pulsing projectile.

Megan assumed a sitting position and lowered her squishy box until it totally enveloped my angry cock.

"Fuck me!" she bellowed demandingly.

Megan rose up and impaled herself persistently and with unrelenting eagerness on my cock. As she pounded her engorged pussy, the internal muscles gripped my shaft in an unyielding embrace; only grudgingly releasing at the last second.

The indescribable pleasure derived from her talented sex was beyond mere words. Panting like a madman, I palmed and rolled her stiff nipples with unquenchable desire.

Now each drive downward went balls deep and copious secretions coated my nuts. Megan was huffing and puffing with rapid breaths. Her naked body shimmered with a coating of sweat that made her look even sexier.

Megan increased the intensity and her butt resembled a piston in overdrive as it rose and fell with impressive speed. My mind reeled from the delirious pleasure she imparted to my cock.

Megan bellowed a banshee like wail and her pussy contracted strongly around my cock. That triggered my orgasm and it exploded with volcanic force.

As Megan's pussy kept powerfully convulsing, I emptied the contents of my nuts deep inside her. She gaped at me with a look of love that made my heart burst with emotion.

We embraced and kissed, unable to let go. Megan had taken my cherry but the real surprise was about to be revealed.

"Thanks!" I stated with eternal gratitude.

Megan eyes fluttered with shyness and humility.

"I took your virginity and you took mine!" She exclaimed with joy and tears bloomed in her eyes.

For the first and not the last time, tears rolled down my cheeks in Megan's presence.

Megan left for UCLA early the following morning and despite our pledge to write each other, I was depressed. It wasn't until Davis appeared with his bags packed that my mood lifted.

Our first semester at PSU was a fun filled but demanding time. The plethora of hot and willing freshman girls boggled the mind. But, my devotion to Megan overrode any physical desire for another woman.

During winter break, I saw very little of Megan because her family went on a month long vacation to visit relatives in Florida. The one and only opportunity that we had for sex, was subdued because it was her "time of the month."

As we lay on the carpet in the upstairs room of the garage, Megan spoke with brutal honesty about our relationship.

"Poole, don't sit around pining for me at PSU. I've met someone and I don't think I can be faithful. Have fun, remember, it's college. Enjoy the experience to the hilt." She said in a weepy voice and hugged me.

Megan's words thrilled and saddened me at the same time. I suffered thru a strength sapping depression that lasted until I returned to PSU.

Davis wholeheartedly agreed with Megan's advice and did his level best to cheer me up. But, it was Megan's letter that I received prior to spring break that infuriated me but freed me at the same time.

In her letter Megan wrote gushingly about a guy on the track team who she was dating. I was crushed but vowed to take out my vengeance on any unsuspecting coed who I could seduce.

Davis graciously saved me a spot in his car for the trip to Ft. Lauderdale and the mayhem of spring break. The week was a drunken and pot smoking orgy of fun and semi naked girls.

It rejuvenated me and although I secretly pined for Megan, I pursued other women with a zealous need. By semesters end, I racked up quite a few casual encounters that culminated in sex.

However, poor romantic fool that I was, I wanted to reconcile with Megan. My dreams were dashed when Megan arrived home from UCLA with a rugged and attractive guy on her arm.

Through mutual friends, I learned that she was in a serious relationship with Mr. "Track Star".

My father had secured a summer position for me with a construction firm at the Jersey shore. I wanted to stay as far away from Megan as possible and I accepted.

For eight grueling weeks, I worked six and seven day shifts. There was little time and energy for beach going or girl chasing. I returned home with a nice bundle of cash but I wanted to let loose. Davis, my faithful friend, took charge of my social calendar and I partied heartily until it was college time.

On the night before our departure, Davis and I were at Bobby's for yet another pool party when in walks Megan sans the track star.

My greeting was friendly but cool and Megan gave me a cold stare. I avoided her but on the pool deck the sight of her in an ultra small bikini had my pecker swelling uncontrollably.

I dove in the water to hide my predicament but it didn't go unnoticed by Megan and she followed me in.

"How've you been?" she inquired sincerely.

"Great" was my terse reply.

For quite a while Megan chatted about her year at UCLA and the track star. Surprisingly, I enjoyed listening to her and realized what I suspected all along, I wasn't in her league.

I was happy for her but also a little sad for myself. In the past year, I had met no one who appealed to me like Megan. At the end of the night, she pecked me on the cheek and we hugged as friends.

It was almost another full year before I saw her again and her relationship with Damien, the track star had crashed and burned because of his infidelity. However, she had found someone else and was in love.

My junior year at PSU turned topsy turvy when I met Dana. She was a slim and pretty coed with a sweet disposition. I romanced her in the hopes of getting into her jeans but in the process really fell for her.

Dana was an education major with a semi hard body. While not as athletically hard bodied as Megan, it was very appealing.

We dated exclusively and my feelings developed into love. Our love making was steamy and satisfying. While not the tireless dynamo that typified Megan, she had a healthy appetite for sex.

Dana professed her love for me at the end of junior year and I purchased a pre-engagement ring with the money from the previous summers construction work.

As I headed home for summer break, I counted the days until I would see her in Pittsburgh. Then, all hell broke loose.

My summer construction job never materialized and I took a lower paying job at the swim club. My first day on the job and who do I see on the life guard stand, Megan.

From my vantage point, Megan couldn't see me and I marveled at the changes in her body. Her form fitting one piece Speedo was molded to a much harder but very feminine body.

Megan saw me cleaning one of the filters and greeted me with a hug and a peck on the cheek. All the old feelings and desires came flooding back. I loved her and I knew that I always would. It was true love for me.

During break time, Megan recalled her failed relationships with men at UCLA. Then she hit me with a bombshell, she still harbored feelings of love for me. Not only was I in shock from her admission but it was the first time she vocalized her feelings for me.

As the summer wore on, Megan and I rekindled the closeness that I so desperately missed the last several years. Although platonic in nature, if Megan wanted to take the next step, I would willingly cheat on Dana.

In early august, I visited Dana in Pittsburgh and she greeted me in the warmest most loving fashion imaginable. As we drove to her house, she regaled me with stories about her camp counselor experience.

Her folks were genuinely nice and friendly. An outdoor barbeque dinner awaited us and I enjoyed their company enormously.

Dana and I drove to a nearby lake and spread a blanket on the ground. We were kissing passionately but my heart was heavy with confused emotions.

Dana was instantly aware of the subtle difference in my mood.

"Poole, is something bothering you?" She asked with concern.

"No, of course not!" I declared a little too enthusiastically.

I made a conscious effort to suppress my feelings for Megan and stripped Dana of her shorts and panties. I inhaled her feminine odor and buried my face in her lush blonde muff.

With tenderness, I gently lapped Dana's moist folds and probed her runny hole. Her scent and fluids while decidedly female had a lighter odor and flavor than Megan's. I thoroughly enjoyed dining at her Y and it was our favorite activity.

When the bugs started biting, we adjourned to her fathers Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser station wagon and I lifted her top off. Dana's breasts, while small, were soft, round and topped with tight pink nipples.

I lovingly played with them for a long time.

"Suck my tits!" she implored.

When my mouth made contact with her boob, Dana groaned in short panting breaths and her hand dropped to her lap. My lips and tongue worked her nipples into little factories of sexual current as she vigorously strummed her slice.

Dana was a sight to behold as she threw her head back and trumpeted her rousing orgasm.

"Oh, that was wonderful." she purred like a kitten and embraced me with tenderness.

My desire to please Dana was equally as strong as my desire to please Megan. This I was certain of. She gently pumped my rock hard cock until it erupted. Her stroking technique rivaled my own.

As we lay facing one another, I gently ran my hands over her exquisite and velvety skin. My eyes eventually drifted down to her furry mound and if one could describe a girl's genitalia as pretty, then Dana's fit the bill.

"Oh Poole, not again?" she growled sexily and opened her thighs for my descending head.

For the remainder of the weekend, we indulged our sexual needs whenever we had a free moment to ourselves. I left Monday afternoon more confused than before.

My first day back at the swim club, I watched as Megan taught basic swimming to a group seven year olds. The group of eight kids was totally enthralled by her charming demeanor.

After closing, we sat by the club pool and Megan wanted to hear all about my trip to see Dana. I recounted everything but the sexual parts.

We smoked a little pot and Megan got that serious and probing look on her face.

"Poole, do you love her?" She asked with some sadness.

"Yes" I answered softly.

"Do you still have feelings for me?" she inquired with trepidation.

"Yes, I love you" I stated with conviction.

Megan turned and looked at me with eyes wide in wonder and disbelief. But, she knew instantly by the look on my face that I was telling the truth.

Megan put her arm around me and pulled me close. I rested my head on her muscular shoulder and gloried in the wonderful sensation of closeness.

Nothing happened that night but a sexual tension had returned that was missing since the summer of high school graduation. With only three weeks left before our respective return to college, I doubted we had time to relight the flames of a relationship.

One very warm night found us in Megan's backyard, lying on our backs and staring at the stars. Suddenly, she was on her side facing me but I kept looking up at the night sky.

"Please hold me." she asked very nicely.

Megan lay on half of my body and rested her head on my chest. Instinctively, my hands lightly massaged the solid muscles on her back.

"Hmm, that feels good" she sighed contentedly.

When I kissed the top of Megan's head, she looked up at me with that predatory look I easily recognized. My feelings for Dana bubbled to the surface but were overridden by my true desire for the muscular maiden on top of me.

When we started kissing, there was no stopping the rush of emotion.

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