tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLife's Hard Lessons Ch. 02

Life's Hard Lessons Ch. 02


Chapter two

The tide is turned on Johnny

Everything had gone according to plan for Johnny. He was happier than a pig in shit. Charlie was turning out to be as perverted as himself. His plan was working better than he thought. He had humiliated his wife and her sister but wanted more.

Johnny looked over to his ex wife and asked. "Are you still taking birth control bitch?"

Before thinking about her answer Shirley bellowed. " Why in the hell would I be on birth control with your ass in prison you stupid mother fucker?!!"

Grinning, Johnny sarcastically replied," I'm just asking sweetheart. The way ole Charlie boy has turned out I want me another child. Then again, I think I'll let Charlie knock you up. What you think Charlie, you want some of your mother's pussy?"

Before tonight the closest Charlie never came to getting some pussy was when he took Diane Chambers to the movies and she let him play with her tits. All Johnny had to hear was he word pussy and he would be up to the task.

Johnny began to unbound Shirley and Tina then motioned them to the stairs. Once they entered the Shirley's bedroom, he threw Shirley on the bed. He told Charlie to tie Tina's hands behind her back while he tied his mother up on the bed. He tied her hands to the headboard, spread her legs and tied each one of her feet to the bedpost at the foot of the bed

Tina pleaded with Charlie but it her answer was futile. All he had on his mind was pussy. It could've been a complete strangers pussy, it did matter to him. Pussy was pussy.

Johnny walked into the closet and came out with a video camera. He checked to make sure there was plenty of memory on the camera and started filming

Grabbing Tina by the hair he told her. " Watch your nephew fuck his mama and shoot his fertile baby making goo in her belly and when he gets through with her it will be your turn. Don't worry bitch, I'm going to save it all on film. This time it's going to be you two bitches who go to prison. Ha, Ha, let's see who has the last laugh now. Alright Charlie boy, let's see if you have what it takes to make a baby."

The last thing Charlie needed was encouragement. Looking at his naked mother spread out on the bed with her pubic hair glistening, made him wild with lust. With every beat of his heart, his cock twitched. It was so hard, it almost hurt. Climbing upon the bed he aimed his steel hard weapon at the entry of his mother's volcanic hot pussy.

Shirley loved being dominated yet she pleaded," Please son, not this way? Don't bring yourself down to his level. You're better than him. He's an animal. Before he broke into night you were a caring and loving son."

Before she could speak another word, Charlie showed her no mercy as he drove his cock deep into her pussy and started furiously fucking her fast and hard. He never felt this much pleasure in his life. She began to scream for him to stop as he mercilessly slammed his cock in and out of her sopping wet cunt.

Tina yelled at Charlie," Stop this, can't you see what he's doing? This asshole is trying to ruin our family! You don't want this! Stop it now!"

Grabbing Tina and twisting her nipples, Johnny told her. " Shut the fuck up bitch! Look and listen to your whore sister cumming on her son's cock! She's loving every minute of it! Don't worry cunt, you are next! Ole Charlie boy there is a natural born fucker, a young man like him can cum all night!"

Doing her best not to give her husband the satisfaction of knowing she was enjoying Charlie's assault. She tried to concentrate on anything but the pleasure her son's cock was providing. Still, her mind betrayed her with each stroke of his hard cock. He was pounding into her sex, like he was drilling for oil, it would not be long before her body betrayed her. She could feel an impending orgasm was on the way.

Clenching her teeth, she began writhing around and flailing her head wildly, she could fight it the primal urges deep down inside of her anymore. With her juices flowing down her legs like a small river, she screeched. GODDAMNN YOUUU! FUUUK MEE! I'M CUMMINGGGGG ON MY SON'S COCKK! SOO GOOOD! DON'T STOPPPP!"

So wrapped up in her orgasm, Shirley kept screaming at the top of her longs,"GIVE IT TO ME YOU MOTHER FUCKER! SHOOT YOUR DEMON SEED UP MY HOT CUNT!"

His mother's words sent Charlie over the edge and as he began spewing rope after rope of his baby making goo deep inside his mother's pussy. Suddenly, it was if fireworks were going off in his head. It was the most incredible feeling he had never experienced. Nothing would ever replace the feeling he'd just a had. Exhausted he collapsed on top of his mother.

As his deflating cock slipped from his mother's cunt, Charlie rolled off of his mother and lay beside her trying to comprehend what just happened.

Dragging Tina to the side of the bed, Johnny told her. "Alright bitch, suck your nephew's cock! Make sure you get it good and hard because I want you on film like your whore sister!"

Protesting, Tina tried to get away but it was to no avail as Johnny grabbed her by the hair and forced her head onto Charlie's cock. Resigned to her fate Tina began sucking his cock.

In only a matter of minutes, Charlie's virile young cock started to respond. Tina thought it amazing he could recover so quickly.

It wasn't that Tina didn't like sucking a cock, as a matter of fact, she loved sucking a big fat cock. She was damn good at it too. She didn't even mind the fact it was her nephew's cock she was sucking. It was the fact she was being forced to bu Johnny. She swore to herself, she would have her revenge.

Tina could taste Shirley and Charlie's combined juices as she sucked his cock. She loved the mixture of her sisters pussy juice and Charlie's cum. It was the right combination of sweet and salty. After all, it wasn't like she had not tasted her sisters pussy before.

While Tina was sucking Charlie's cock, Johnny untied Shirley, gagged her, then locked her in the closet.

Assured that she could not get out he walked over to Tina and pulled her onto the bed. He tied her up in much the same manner as he had done with her sister. Looking over to Charlie he told him. " Charlie boy, she's all yours, have at it. Knock this bitch up. Make your daddy proud."

Before Charlie mounted his aunt he looked into her pleading eyes. All of a sudden the realization of what had been transpiring hit him like a ton of bricks. He was ashamed and thought, 'How could I treat my family this way? I must be a pervert.'

Sensing Charlie's sudden apprehension, Tina smiled weakly at him. Just knowing the Charlie she knew; was still in there, comforted her.

Knowing Charlie could not stop Johnny by himself she devised a plan. She whispered to Charlie, " It's okay, you know who you are. You are not like him. You're a good man, go along with him for now, the time will come for us to escape. Nobody is going to blame you."

Charlie began to slowly and gently rock back and forth with his cock into Tina's pussy. There was nothing primal about it. He wanted her to know he was sorry and he loved her.

Tears were forming in Tina's eyes, not from sorrow, just joy. Her nephew was back to his old caring self. She could feel his love and nothing else mattered. Moving her hips to meet his gentle rhythm she smiled. He was not fucking her any more, they were making love and it was wonderful.

The wonderful loving feeling they were sharing was amazing. They no longer thought about anything else but pleasing each other. In this moment of bliss, the harshness of everything that had transpired this night was gone from their memories. They wanted their loving moment together to last.

Tina started seeing Charlie in a different light, no longer was just her nephew; he was her lover. She thought, 'Everything was going to be all right now. Johnny's big plan to destroy their family had backfired, after the horror he put them through, it would only bring them closer together.'

Charlie could feel Tina raising her hips to meet his thrusts. It was a much different type of pleasure he was feeling than when he fucked his mother. He liked it. Everything was much slower and more loving. His cock felt as if her pussy was made for him. It was perfect, every time he pushed forward she would squeeze her cunt muscles hard around his cock. It was a heavenly feeling for him.

Without even thinking, he kissed her ever so gently on the lips. He wanted to make her feel good after what Johnny had done to her. As they were kissing Charlie began to pick up his pace. His cock was throbbing now, she could feel the big veins in his cock pulsating. She knew she had to slow Charlie down or he would cum, and she didn't want this tenderhearted feeling to end.

She slowed the gripping of her cunt muscles on his cock and whispered to him, " I love you Charlie, easy does it, I don't want this feeling to end. You are my Prince Charming. It will be over soon enough. Just enjoy."

Fearful of what was happening upstairs; Karen, still tied up and gagged downstairs was furiously trying to remove her bindings.Try after try had failed; when she had an idea. She knew her plan would hurt but if it would be worth it, she would be free and go get help.

Slowly but surely, she scooted the wooden chair she was tied to, close to the fireplace. She bent over so the back legs of the chair would raise up onto the hearth of the fireplace. Being careful she slid the chair back until she got the front legs of the chair also onto the hearth. Her plan was to flip the chair off of the hearth where it would break and she could free herself.

Seeing how engrossed Charlie and Tina were in their incestuous act, Johnny set the video camera on the dresser still filming the two of them. He decided he would go downstairs and rape Karen. He had nothing against her except she was her mother's daughter. He would make her pay too.

As he headed toward the bedroom door there was a loud crash downstairs. Grabbing his gun, Johnny descended the stairs.

Karen had flung herself off of the hearth. When she crashed to the tile floor it made a horrendous sound as the chair broke into pieces. After the initial pain subsided she began freeing herself. Before she could go for help, Johnny was standing over her with a gun.

Grabbing her by the hair he yanked her up and yelled. "You devious little bitch, I knew you were just like your mother! You are going to wish you never tried to fuck me!"

He tore her shirt off and told her emphatically, "You get them shorts and panties off right now or as God is my witness I'll kill you!!"

Fearing for her life, Karen did as she was told. Standing before Johnny, she tried to cover herself with her hands. Trembling and crying she begged Johnny, "Please don't hurt me, I promise not to try and get away."

Johnny cackled, "Begging won't do you any good cunt. Now get over here and let's see if your pussy is any better your mother's!"

While Johnny was downstairs Charlie and Tina were continuing to make love when suddenly the door knob to his mother's closet came apart and she bounded out of the closet.

Immediately noticing the two lovers, she stopped in her tracks before saying. "What the fuck are you two doing? Can't you see, the motherfucker is gone? Come on, let's get out of here, Where's Karen?"

Reluctantly the two lovers stopped., Charlie did as he was told and began untying Tina. Putting his pants on Charlie looked at his mother and he is aunt and told them. "You two stay here, I know how to stop him. If you don't hear from me in 10 minutes, call 911!"

Before the night started, Charlie was just on overgrown teenager but now he was the man of the house and it was his duty to protect his family. He eased down the hallway to his room and grabbed his old baseball bat from the closet. As he snuck down the stairs he could see Johnny was starting to bend Karen over the back of the couch.

With his back to the stairs, Johnny began to unbuckle his belt and tell Karen all of the nasty things he was going to do to her. She was crying uncontrollably. Charlie knew he had to move fast.

As Johnny dropped his pants to the floor preparing himself to assault his ex wife's daughter pussy, Charlie ran down the stairs and hit Johnny in the back with the bat. As he fell to the floor Charlie grabbed Johnny's gun and aimed it at him.

Charlie shouted! "If you move 1 inch you Cocksucker I'll blow your fucking brains out! I really ought to anyways! You come in here and tried to make me believe I'm just like you! Well, I'm not like you! You caused me to do your irreparable damage to my family! Your sorry ass is going back to prison where it belongs!"

Karen ran to Johnny and began kicking him in the balls and screaming. "Take that you no good sonofabitch! How dare you try to rape me!"

As Charlie pulled Karen off the Johnny, she turned and hugged her brother. She finally felt safe. He had saved her. Charlie reassured her everything was going to be fine but she did not want to leave the safety of his arms wrapped around her. She clung to him like a vice.

Shirley and Tina ran down the stairs and stood behind Charlie and Karen. Looking down at Johnny, Shirley told him. "You sorry no good sonofabitch! When I get through with you; You will wish you never lived!"

"What are we going to do mom?" Charlie asked."

Shirley exclaimed, "We're going to give him a dose of his own medicine. Tina, get the rope. Charlie give me the gun while you tie him up; Karen, you get your clothes on"

Not wanting to leave the safety of her brother's arms, Karen reluctantly got dressed. Charlie handed his mother the gun and started tying Johnny up. After making sure the ropes were tight. Charlie asked his mother. "What are we going to do now?"

Laughing, Johnny looked at Shirley and said. "Yeah bitch, what are you going to do now? Call the fucking cops? All they're going to do is put me back in prison. You better remember, I have the tape of you fucking your son and enjoying it. I won't be the only motherfucker going to prison!"

With fire in her eyes Shirley told him. "First off, you don't have the fucking tape, it's still upstairs in the video camera and I'll tell you what I'm are going to do! I'm going to treat you like the peace of shit are. Tina, go get the bottle of lube out of my night stand and bring the video camera with you. I think I will see just how far Charlie's baseball bat will fit up your ass. When I'm finished with that I'll call the cops and tell them how you broke in here and tried to rape me."

Tina ran to get the lube and the video camera.

To no avail, Charlie tried to convince his mother just to call the cops but she had her mind made up. As Tina bounded back down the stairs Shirley told her. "You take the kids and the video camera over to your house while I take care of everything here."

"I'm not leaving you here alone with this sick sonofabitch. Something could go wrong" Tina replied.

Taking Tina into the kitchen, Shirley assured Tina everything would be alright. Telling her the plan she had in store for Johnny, she told her to take the video camera to the main street bridge and throw the camera in the river.

Telling her to be careful they left. She took the camera and tossed it in the river. The whole trip to Tina's house, Karen clung to Charlie like a vice. He was her hero and she felt safe. She lay her head upon his shoulder and drifted off to sleep.

Back at the house, Shirley went to work. She started kicking the shit out of Johnny. The whole time she was kicking the shit out of him he laughed at her. He would not laugh long because when she stopped kicking him she began lubing up the bat.

She flipped him over with his ass in the air and brutally began shoving the bat up is ass. She wanted him to remember this for the rest of his life.

The pain was excruciating and Johnny began screaming at the top of his lungs. Knowing she had to shut him up; Shirley ran to the kitchen, grabbed a dish towel and shoved it in his mouth. Immediately, she began her and assault on Johnny's ass.

She was fiercely shoving the bat in and out of his ass. In and out, in and out, she shoved and pulled the bat fast as she could into his ass until Johnny was bleeding profusely.

Johnny thought he would die from the pain when suddenly he passed out. Shirley finally stopped her assault on him and took the dish towels out of his mouth and began to clean the blood up. She pulled Johnny's pants up and buckled his belt, then she took the baseball bat into the kitchen and thoroughly cleaned it with bleach. When she was sure all of the bloody evidence was cleaned up, she took the dish towels outside and buried them in the back yard.

As soon as she went back inside the house, she picked up the phone and dialed 911. When the operator picked up, Shirley began panting heavy and crying, exclaiming to the operator "Hurry, please help me, I just captured my ex husband who broke out of prison tonight! Hurry, before he gets loose! He tried to rape me."

The 911 operator told her to calm down and stay on the line, the police were on the way.

Just as Johnny was waking up, the police arrived. Shirley began telling them how she was doing laundry when Johnny broke in and tried to rape her. Luckily, she was able to break free and grab her son's baseball bat from his room upstairs. As he came running up the stairs to catch her, she hit him with it; knocking him down the stairs where he passed out cold. She was then able to tie him up and call 911.

Johnny immediately began telling the police that the only reason he broke out of prison was to see his only son but when he broke into the house he caught his son Charlie having sex with his mother and his aunt. He told them he videotaped them. He also went on to tell them about Shirley raping him with a baseball bat.

The two policemen could not keep from laughing as Johnny told them his story. One of them cackled. "Let me get this straight, you broke into your ex wife's home and caught your son having sex with his mother and his aunt. Then; you videotape them with an imaginary video camera. After they get through having sex, she hit you with a baseball bat, tied you up and shoved the bat up your ass. I've got to tell you, you have one hell of an imagination."

Johnny kept exclaiming, "If you don't believe me, pull my pants down and you will see the bloody evidence! You cannot believe anything this sick bitch say's, she lied on me and had me put in prison! Just pull my fucking pants down and look!"

Still laughing, the cops picked him up, handcuffed him then put him in the patrol car.

The police assured Shirley she had nothing to worry about. They would file charges on him in the morning and he would be immediately taken back to prison. Telling her someone would contact her when there was a court date. They left.

Meanwhile, Tina and the kids had arrived at her home. Charlie carried Karen inside and placed her gently on the bed in one of Tina's spare bedrooms. After covering her with a blanket Charlie went into the living room.

Tina was sitting on the couch waiting for him. Charlie sat down beside her and said. " Aunt Tina, I am so sorr."

Tina cut him off and would not let him finish his sentence. She placed her index finger to his lips and told him. "Don't say it. You have nothing to be sorry for. I love you and your mom loves you. Everything's going to be okay."

They began to hug each other tight. After a few moments, Tina pulled her head back and looked into Charlie's eyes. When she saw the loving look he gave her, it brought back the feelings she had when they were making love earlier.

She lifted his chin and gave him a passionate kiss. Charlie welcomed her inviting tongue and returned her kiss in earnest. They kissed for what seemed like a long time but in reality had only been a couple of minutes. As Charlie started unbuttoning Tina's blouse, the phone rang.

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