tagNovels and NovellasLightning Crashes Ch. 09

Lightning Crashes Ch. 09


Morning brought more lovemaking and Tanner enjoyed every moment of it. At two a.m., Collin awoke him with a tongue bath that left him trembling and ejaculating into the blonde's hot mouth. He repaid the favor by rimming Collin until he was close to cumming, then slipping under and taking his lover's load, drinking every spurt with absolute joy. They slept again, then fucked again, this time, hot and rough, with Tanner begging for Collin to let him cum, both exploding in a delirious frenzy that left them breathless.

When Collin awoke at nine and heard the shower running, he immediately felt the loss and got up, striding over to the bathroom door to watch Tanner shower. In between the love, Collin had learned a lot about Tanner Guildcross. He had learned that their conversations on the Internet had been the first time Tanner had ever reached out to someone in search of a first time partner and that the long six months he'd waited had been to be certain of his decision. He'd learned that the type of law Tanner practiced was not what moved his heart and that he was conflicted with chasing the money or following his heart.

Finally, he'd learned that Tanner had been entertaining an attraction to men for a long time, even before he'd married Jennifer but had never been strong enough to assert himself. And even though Tanner had laid his heart out, Collin could only feel disappointment and he tried his best not to let Tanner know. Secretly, he wanted Tanner to leave his life in Seattle behind and to join him. It didn't matter where as long as they could be together but it was clear to Collin that Tanner was not thinking about that. His mind was on his flight and the life and wife that awaited him miles away.

Tanner soaped the cloth and nearly stopped when he saw Collin's shadow in the doorway. His heart was already torn in two and it was completely his fault. When he had struck out on this course of finding a partner, he never expected to develop feelings for the man. He ran the rough fabric over his flesh and turned toward the back wall of the shower, tears pricking his eyes. What's wrong with me? He had the perfect life waiting for him but after one night with Collin, he felt as if he didn't belong there.

He rinsed under the piercing jets and wrung the washcloth out, hanging it on the hook and turned toward Collin, staring at him through the fogged glass. He watched as Collin lazily left the door way, opened the shower door and stepped in. For a moment, it was as if they were strangers, sharing a tight space then Tanner picked up the wash cloth, soaped it liberally and started cleaning Collin's chest. Tanner's hand moved across his body, lovingly washing Collin's flesh and stopping when Collin's hand closed over his.

"Don't go."

Tanner gazed into Collin's dark eyes, falling in love all over again and cursing himself for doing it. "I have to, Collin."

"No, you don't." Collin murmured, nibbling his ear and letting his mouth move down Tanner's neck. "You can stay with me."

Tanner closed his eyes against the tears, his hands on Collin's shoulders. "Collin, please ... this is hard enough ... "

Collin took Tanner's mouth, this time with none of the gentleness of their previous encounters, pushing him against the tiles and ravishing him with kisses until Tanner was trembling. Collin moved down, licking his way across hard muscles and soft skin until he reached Tanner's cock, wrapping his tongue around its warm flesh. Tanner moaned, trembling even harder and biting his knuckles when Collin sucked one of his nuts into his warm, wet mouth. "Oh, Jesus!" Collin moved to the other one, sucking and licking it, then turned him around.

The touch of Collin's tongue on his asshole nearly brought him to his knees. It began with soft licking that grew rougher and soon, Collin was sucking on his asshole, his tongue sliding inside and opening him up. He pulled Tanner's hips toward him, urging him to fuck his tongue and he got the hint, bending a little lower and thrusting back. Collin waited until Tanner was almost about to cum, then pulled out, standing and rubbing his cock against Tanner's hole.

Tanner gasped when Collin slid up into him, the trembling beginning again when Collin pinned his arms to the wall. God, how he loved this! He loved submitting to him and taking his cock deep into his body but most of all, he loved the way Collin responded to him. Just the right mixture of domination and love and a smoldering sensuality that made his cock hard as granite. It suddenly hit him: this was their last tryst, the last time he would feel this man's marvelous body against his. Never again would he feel Collin inside him and hot tears pricked his eyes.

Collin lengthened his strokes, wrapping his arms around Tanner's thick chest and holding him close. He wanted to say so much but he was afraid that his voice would fail him. "Tanner ... " He felt the hitch in his body and knew at once that Tanner was crying. "Tanner, I love you."

"No, Collin ... "

"Yes, dammit!" His voice broke in frustration and the dynamic of the lovemaking quickly changed from raw passion to desperation. Tanner pushed back against Collin and he pumped up into him, both crying openly as they came together. "Yes." Collin whispered, pulling Tanner's face around to kiss him and taste his tears.

"Yes, Collin." Tanner sobbed softly. "I love you, too."

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