tagGay MaleLights, Camera, Action Part 01

Lights, Camera, Action Part 01


The crowd in the hotel bar were engaged in friendly chatter. The small tables, each surrounded by horseshoe shaped red leather chairs, were all full as were the ten or so stools at the bar. People talked in couples or groups. Everyone seemed to be relaxed and at ease with their surroundings.

Yanik closed the black leather folder he had in front of him and loosened his tie. His companions had left just a few minutes earlier and, no longer needing to take up a table that seated six, he got to his feet and made his way to the bar, relieved his final meeting was over and he could relax. Seeing a stool being vacated, just to his left, he slid the folder onto its cushion, hoping that would stake his claim.

A handsome young man with deep blue eyes and a very short haircut looked at Yanik as he moved in front of the stool and smiled.

"Is this seat taken?"

"No, no, it's not. I wondered how long it would be before it was though. By my reckoning that was about two seconds." The younger man held out his hand. "I'm Nathan, or Nate, which conference are you here for?"

For a moment Yanik wasn't sure if he wanted to engage in conversation but there was something endearing about his companion, an honesty that appealed to him, and so he lifted his folder onto the bar and felt his fingers envelop a soft and smooth palm as he spoke.

"Green Accounting." Yanik managed to resist the temptation to pull a face as he sat down. He had been one of the main speakers and organizers, but still had to admit it had been pretty hard going in places.

"Oh, right, I have no idea what that means. So, are you an accountant or an environmentalist?" Nathan took the final swallow of his drink, and waited for the reply.

"Accountant, but I have to admit I'm getting greener by the minute. I guess you could describe it as taking the effects of production and consumption on the environment into account when implementing any financial or economic measures. So, if you wanted to build a new factory, I would advise you on what would make sense economically as well as environmentally." He paused and then spoke again, "You can let your eyes glaze over now!" Yanik signalled for the barman, realizing he might enjoy chatting with handsome and engaging company for a while, especially as he'd had the good grace not to look too bored. "Gin and tonic please, with a slice of lemon, Nathan?"

"The same thanks." Nathan raised his now empty glass in salute and they both watched as their drinks were prepared. "I didn't get your name." The younger man looked up at deep brown eyes and felt himself being drawn in.

"Yanik, Yanik Fitzpatrick, I'm pleased to meet you, Nathan."

"Well, cheers, Yanik, I'm pleased to meet you too."

For a minute or so the men nursed their drinks, the silence between them neither heavy nor lengthy enough that they felt the need to break it. Yanik, taking a third sip from his tumbler, absentmindedly ran his hand through his hair.

"I used to be able to do that." Nathan looked on almost wistfully and then smiled as Yanik laughed.

"I'm told I do it a lot, I'm not really aware of it so I guess it's a habit." Yanik's hair almost touched his shoulders, it was dark brown, almost black in places and, accountant or not, he had no intention of having it cut. It fell in waves, and the only time he would let scissors anywhere near it was when those waves began to straighten with the weight of the hair. If it was short it became almost unruly, the curls twisting in all directions, and so, unless he too had a buzz cut like his companion, shoulder length was the best choice for him. "I'm sorry, I sort of let my mind wander then." Yanik realized Nathan was speaking and began to refocus.

"That's ok, I just said this is long, compared to when I first had it cut I mean." He ran his hand across the bristles, showing just how fine his blond hair was.

"Hey, Nate." A greeting was called out from by the bar door and Nathan turned, a smile on his face, as he recognised the voice.

"John, how's it hanging?"

"Long and low, my man, long and low." The man waved his hand as he walked on past, through the doors towards the restaurant, and out of sight. As he did so Yanik noticed another guest also wave at his companion.

"This is my local, I live just down the road. It's far better than the pubs in the area and I like to spend at least one evening a week here." Nathan explained his sudden popularity, looking a little embarrassed.

"So you aren't here for one of the other exciting conferences that have been taking place then?" There had been a welcome board up in main reception directing people to various areas. Yanik had noticed venues for the women's institute, a national childbirth organisation and a bird watching association mentioned there.

"Um no, although when I was younger I used to work here occasionally to help out when things got busy. Those ladies from the women's institute seriously know how to party!" Nathan grinned, enjoying the way the dark brown eyes of the man next to him seemed to sparkle, as he realized he'd made his new friend laugh.

"What do you do for a living now? Is it as exciting as being an accountant?" The self-depreciation was evident in his voice as Yanik spoke and Nathan considered a moment before replying.

"Media I guess would be the umbrella term. I work in the film industry."

"Oh, right. I've had some clients who are in that field. So, are we talking blockbuster movies? Should I ask if I've seen you in anything?"

"Yes-ish and no. Yes, movies, but not blockbusters, and no you won't see me looking like this in front of the camera." Nathan blushed as he spoke, much to Yanik's surprise but he said nothing although he noted how sexy the younger man looked with a flush to his face.

"There's a table free down there, I was going to order a sandwich or something, would you mind if we moved over to it?" In the five minutes or so the two men had been talking a large number of the bar's occupants had either left altogether or moved into the restaurant. There were now a few free tables and bar stools around the place. Yan had planned to eat in his room but was enjoying the company and so changed his mind.

"No problem. I might join you, the bar food here is pretty good." Nathan slid down from his chair and moved in front of Yanik. In spite of himself the older man found himself checking out the tight butt in faded and frayed blue jeans and then looking up at the pristine white t-shirt, which stretched slightly, over muscular, tanned upper arms. Nathan had the tips of a tattoo peeking out of the neck of his top. It looked like some sort of Celtic symbol in dark blue ink with a red outline. Yanik wondered what the rest of the tat would look like and then shook the image off as he sat down; there was no way the beautiful younger man would be interested in him.

The evening passed quickly. Yanik was finding himself more and more attracted to Nathan as they chatted. He watched the younger man's every move, the way he ate, how he used his hands when he talked, the fact that he seemed in no hurry to end their time together, and realized he was wanting more than just words.

Yanik's previous relationship had gradually run out of steam. Neither of them had cheated on the other or changed in any marked way; instead they had both realized, at about the same time, there was no future for them together and so, quite amicably, had parted a little over six months earlier.

Yan, still winding down from the business of the past few days, felt nicely relaxed as he listened to Nathan chatting amicably about a hundred and one different things. Finally, just before eleven, he checked his watch and exclaimed in shock.

"Wow, where did the evening go? I have to drive home early tomorrow, Nathan, but it's been fun. I ... maybe we could meet up again?" He stood wishing their time didn't have to end. He had become very enamoured of his companion as the night had worn on and felt a definite attraction he would like to take further. He was disappointed they would have to say goodbye.

"I should be getting back too, at least it's the weekend coming up." Nathan got to his feet, smoothed his t-shirt down, and was aware of Yanik's eyes looking him up and down. He knew he had been watched all evening. It hadn't been an unpleasant feeling and now his groin began to tighten as he realized that not only did he like the attention but also he didn't want it to end. "I'll walk out with you, if that's ok?"

"Um, yeah, fine." Yanik mumbled his words, conscious of the fact that his body had begun to betray him. He was staring now but, knowing they were about to go their separate ways, didn't want to look away. Together they walked towards the elevators in the main lobby and Yanik pushed the call button. As he did so he felt a hand cover his own.

"I don't have to go home you know."

The words were as soft as the skin against him and Yanik turned, feeling his cock harden in his suit pants as he spoke.

"Then stay, please." His voice, husky and deep, surprised him, as did the quick kiss, which was placed against his lips. The doors to the lift opened and the two men walked inside. Yanik pressed the button for the third floor and, as they were alone, Nathan turned to capture Yanik in a tender embrace, kissing him and holding him as close as he could. Their lips were still locked when the doors opened and they heard the clearing of another guest's throat.

"Well, really, I don't know what the world is coming to." Both men looked round to see an extremely disgruntled, middle aged lady, suitcase by her side, glaring at them. Feeling rather sheepish they moved past, Nathan holding the door for their interloper, and then, as the lights showed the progress of her descent to the ground floor, laughed and kissed again, feeling an electricity between them that excited them both.

"At least she didn't tell us to get a room!" Yanik unlocked his door as he spoke and ushered Nathan inside.

"I think we beat her to it, or at least you did."

The room in question was fairly basic, a neatly made double bed with a wardrobe, chest of drawers and one easy chair. There was also a mini bar, and a TV while tea and coffee making equipment sat on the nightstand by the bed. Through an open door Nathan saw a room with bath and shower as well as the toilet and sink.

"As you can see, when the firm pays it's not going to splash out for anything other than the necessities of life."

"If it has a bed, lover, then it's fine by me." Nathan moved towards Yanik and was taken into another embrace.

"You are a forward little minx aren't you?" The words were almost growled as the older man decided to take the lead and move things to where he wanted them to go.

"When I see something, or someone, I want, yes, I am. I ... I don't usually do one-night stands, and I hope this won't be one, but I'm prepared to take that risk." Nathan gasped as he felt a hand over his already hardening erection and raised his arms to help Yanik remove his top. The cool air in the room tightened his nipples; at least he blamed the air, even though he was, as he had been for most of the evening, extremely aroused.

"Ohhhh, Yanik, yes, ohh." His left nub was suddenly being laved and Nathan found himself squirming in his companion's grasp as he ran his fingers into long hair, locking them in the tresses and enjoying the feel of softness against him. As he did so Yanik's own fingers began to undo his jeans and, knowing he had no shorts on beneath, Nathan felt himself harden as his flesh was exposed.

"Ohhhh, I think I've been picked up. You were hoping to score, my little slut, weren't you?" Words Yanik would never normally use tripped off his tongue and felt so right. He saw Nathan, his eyes dark with passion, just nod as he moved a hand to take hold of his impressive sex and then begin to stroke it. Nathan felt his jeans slip down to his ankles and then, shucking his shoes off at the same time, he completely disrobed.

"Let me undress you, I want to see you too." Nathan was confident in his nakedness, knowing he looked good, and he reached out to the first button on Yanik's shirt.

As he unfastened the garment Nathan could see a thick thatch of hair on a muscular chest becoming apparent to his gaze. Fingers, almost of their own volition, began to run through the curls until he too found a nipple, which he pinched at playfully before returning to the job at hand.

The shirt was soon on the chair along with Yanik's suit pants, his shorts, socks and tie. Both men had tumbled onto the bed almost immediately their clothes were gone, mouths locked together once more. Their tongues duelled as they kissed and ran fingers over each other's bodies, feeling, touching, exploring, until, in need of air, they pulled apart and just looked at each other.

"How did you know I'd be interested in you? I'm older, a lot older I think." Yanik traced intricate patterns across Nathan's smooth chest as he spoke. His fingers running over taught muscles that showed him Nathan, as he did himself, worked out regularly. The nipple he hadn't sucked at had a bar through it and he toyed idly with it as he spoke.

"I guess so, I'm twenty-four; and I didn't, not right away, but you had such beautiful eyes I thought it was worth a chance. Then ..." For a moment Nathan looked down, "I ... I saw you checking me out, when we went to sit down, I mean, and ... and, that was when I figured I would make a move. Do you mind?"

"No, not at all; this is more than I could have hoped for." Yanik kissed at the soft curve of Nathan's neck, sucking slightly to leave a red mark before speaking again, a sultry look in his eyes but a smile in his voice. "Just so you know, you being a fast worker and all, I'm twelve years older than you, I top, always have. I don't have any interest in doing it any other way. I haven't been in a steady relationship for a while, I was clean last time I was checked, I'm careful, loyal and, well, for what it's worth, I don't do one-night stands either. Yanik's words ran together as he spoke faster and faster, until Nathan placed a finger on his lips.

"Shhh, it's alright, just kiss me, and tell me what you want." Nathan put his words into action by placing his lips over Yanik's, his tongue gently tracing the skin and causing his partner to shudder.

Reluctantly Yanik moved back and looked into the deep blue eyes of the young man who had swept him off his feet. He liked his sex quite rough, to be in charge, tell his partners what to do, and then take them to the edge over and over before letting them have release. This time though, he had a feeling he wouldn't be able to let that happen. With a growl he reached up again and, grasping Nathan's shoulders, pulled them chest-to-chest, before rolling so he was leaning over him.

"You, lover, I want you. Give me your hands." Yanik grasped the wrists and then raised them above Nathan's head.

"Take me, Yanik, make me yours." The younger man's eyes sparkled and he thrust up against Nathan's body, his hard muscle already throbbing and in need of release. He had always been a little submissive, even though he was tall and strong, and it seemed as if he had found, for now at least, the ideal partner.

"Is this what you want?" Yanik got up and stood up by the side of the bed, his cock in front of Nathan's face. He had just over seven inches of rigid flesh that he was slowly stroking. It curved when erect and the head was already a pulsating purple. The precum was lubricating it and making it shine. He saw Nathan lick his lips and move so he could reach out and touch it.

"Ohh, yes. Suck it. Take it all." Yanik thrust himself forward, pushing his tool down Nathan's throat, surprised when he took it without a murmur. "Ohhhh, yesss, baby, all of it." He increased his pace, fucking Nathan's face, hearing him gag as he touched the back of his throat and, as the excitement in the room rose, he pulled back.

"Yan?" Nathan looked up, eyes full of worry for a moment and felt himself being pushed back against the mattress as Yanik knelt between his legs.

"So beautiful, so talented, don't want to cum yet, baby, let me taste you, feel you, get you ready for me." He leant down, leaving opened mouth kisses in a trail across Nathan's stomach before, pausing only to run his tongue round and into the small belly button, Yanik found his way to the base of Nathan's cock. All the hair had been removed, the skin was silky smooth and again Yanik sucked, the red marks he left this time more vivid, as he rapaciously took his fill. Nathan bucked against him, trying to get his cock to rub anywhere on his older lover's hairy, sexy body.

Yanik moved back a little, no longer touching Nathan and then, slowly, sensuously he put two fingers into his mouth, sucked on them for a moment and then began to slowly jerk his cock, the uncut head glistening with pre-cum as he did so, while a sheen of sweat began to coat his fur covered chest and abs.

"Do you want this, baby? Want me to tan your hot backside as I take you, feel me inside you?"

"God, Yan, yes. Please, touch me, touch my cock, lover, please, please." Nathan's voice wavered with emotion; he was so horny he felt like he would burst. Yanik was so strong, so dominant, and he wanted to be everything to this man, even though he'd only just met him. Slowly, carefully Nate turned over, got on his hands and knees and then, raising his butt in the air, parted his cheeks and opened himself up for his lover to take him.

"Ohhh, yes, that's what I want, so sexy, baby." His smooth, hairless, cheeks were kneaded before, slowly, tentatively at first; a tongue began to explore his crevice, making its way towards the pulsating portal where Yanik began to rim him.

"Ahhhhh." Nathan pushed back against the warm wet heat. He felt Yanik furl his tongue and then, with jabbing movements the older man began to enter him, lubricating and loosening him, beginning the process that Nate knew would end when he was impaled on the rock hard cock he could see as he looked back at his lover."

"Damn." Yanik stopped what he was doing and stood up. "Nate, wait ... I," the bed lurched a little and Nathan watched as Yanik hurried into the bathroom, returning with a container of body lotion which he began to drip onto Nate's back.

"Lie flat." The words were an order and Nathan immediately assented. The coolness of the crème made him shiver, but then warm hands began to massage it in. Strong fingers pushed at his back, energizing his muscles but relaxing his body.

"Love your tattoo, Nate, looks so hot." Nate felt small kisses where the artwork crossed his shoulders. Then a tongue was tracing the shape and he moaned, enjoying the feelings but needing more. He began to rub himself against the sheets, desperate for those sensations even as he relished the touch of his lover. The tongue left his skin and Yanik placed a hand on Nathan's butt.

"Shhh, are you ready for me?"

"Yes, oh, God, yes, Yanik, please." He raised himself back up onto hands and knees, felt a sharp slap on his left cheek, and then heard a chuckle as the lotion touched his skin again and ran down the crevice, touching his rosebud and making him gasp at its touch. Yan moved onto the bed once more and then Nate heard the words he was waiting for.

"Fingers, baby, just fingers. Relax." Yan's voice was soft now, the domination, no longer needed, had disappeared, and gently, slowly, he eased inside Nathan, relishing the warm tightness he found.

"Ohhh, arghhh, Yan, feels ... so good, more ... lover, two fingers ... put two inside." Nathan was pushing back, taking the digit in as deep as he could, desperate for it to rub his prostate and increase his feelings of depravity. He moaned in disappointment as Yanik did as he had been instructed, removing the one finger and replacing it with two. He began to move in and out, scissoring as he did so and then, when Nathan thought he couldn't wait any longer, he felt the pad of a finger touch his hidden jewel.

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