tagInterracial LoveLights, Camera, Romance 03

Lights, Camera, Romance 03


Daniel rolled off of her but kept his finger on her clit. Jenifer was in the midst of her sixth orgasm for that night, each one was as earth shattering as the last. She screamed out loudly, bucking herself wildly out of control.


Jen rolled over and smiled. It was such a good dream, she thought to herself, and had to bite back a laugh as she thought about something like that happening for real. She had no clue how she would feel if she knew that she did a one night stand. Her mother would probably be rolling around in her grave thinking about it. With a sigh, she snuggled more into the super soft white sheets, too exhausted to think that this bed was unusually alot more comfortable than hers, that the soft snoring behind her was not from Ella's room, or that the reason she was so exhausted was for some other reason than a hard day . . .


Jenifer woke up for the second time that morning and tried to stretch, only to feel a hand securely pinning her down. She couldn't help but roll her eyes. Ella must have came home and decided to sleep with her, and unfortunately, Ella was a huge cuddler, in her sleep and out.

About to turn to tell her friend off, Jen realized something she was surprised that she hadn't noticed before. This wasn't her room.

The walls, a pale blue, had while crown molding and looked brand new. In the corner of the room was a mahogany dresser, a floor to ceiling mirror in a corner of the room but it wasn't facing her, clothes strewn everywhere on the floor as if thrown off in a hurry. The slightly cold breeze across her shoulder made her realize that she was naked.

Then she came to her final and maybe most important revelation of all; that the hand around her waist was alot bigger than Ella, and while Ella's hand was not exactly baby soft, it wasn't as calloused as this one.

'What the hell was going on?' she thought to herself. Turning slightly, trying her best to not wake the huge figure spooning her, she looked into the most handsome face possible, the one from her dreams, and she couldn't help but release a slight gasp. The guy groaned slightly and tightened his hold on her, but didn't wake up. She released a shaky breath, grateful for being able to avoid that awkward moment.

That thought pushed her further into thinking. What exactly would this hotshot do if he woke up and saw plain old ordinary her in his bed? There was one of four things;

1) He would act like a jerk and completely freak out, tell her nasty things until she cried and left, or complain about last nights performance in which she did nothing much.

2) He would completely ignore her until she left and that would be the last she heard of him.

3) He would nicely tell her he had a girlfriend and that the precious night was a complete mistake and that he had been completely drunk and sorry that it happened.

4) He would apologize and they would have breakfast and talk it over like the mature adults they were.

The final option almost made her crack a rib. She covered her mouth to stifle the giggles thinking about how anyone on the outside looking in would see a super confused black girl giggling like an idiot in the arms of what could very well be a white sleeping NAKED supermodel. This seemed to make her want to laugh louder.

When she was sure that she was all done, she did the first thing she could think of. Grabbing all her clothes, ignoring the CLUNK sound as something fell unto the floor, she fled, bare-butt down out the bedroom, down the hall and out the door where she realized her stupidity and tried to let herself back into the apartment

Of course, with luck like hers, it had somehow locked itself after she left. Rolling her eyes, she dressed outside the door before doubling over with laughter, not being able to help herself, knowing very well that this was not what a normal person would be doing in a situation like hers.

"Oh fuck it," she said to nothing in particular, realizing that for the first time in her life she had had great sex with an sinfully hot guy who didn't dump her. What more could a girl ask for?


A phone alarm went off somewhere in the room. Daniel was jerked out of his sleep.

"Fuck," he groaned, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and looking around his room. His clothes were all over the floor, and before he knew it, his entire memory of the night before came raining down sending him in a sitting position so fast you may have thought he was shocked.

He looked over to the now empty side of the bed and felt something go off deep inside his gut. Was it happiness? No, it couldn't be, why would he be happy? Would it be guilt? No, why would he be guilty. She wasn't exactly innocent? . . . Was she? He racked his brain. Nope, definitely not innocent, he smiled, remembering her screams.

Was it anger? No, of course not. Why would he be angry? He thought about it again. Was he angry with her? He sat back on his bed. Should he be angry? 'Yes,' a tiny voice said in his head. 'She did run off without a second glance, the cheap whore.'

'Well she didn't seem like a whore. And after all, isn't that what I do?" The more he thought about it, the more Danny realized that he was right. Is this what it felt like when he left all the other women he slept with?

Did that make him a man-whore? He was thinking way too much; which was something he didn't do alot, and he didn't like it at all. But of course, with his luck, the more he didn't want to think about it, the more he thought about it.

How about diseases, his mind dared.

"What about diseases?" he asked himself.

Have you ever thought about catching something?

At that, Daniel smiled, almost laughing because he knew that that question was coming, "whenever I get tested,' he told his brain. 'Its gonna be a cat-scan. Besides, I always use condom."

Are you sure? he could almost hear a teasing voice.

He realized that he was right, but tried hard not to believe it.

"How could I be so fucking retarded?" he said to an empty room. "I forgot the condom!"

Then once again, his mind led him astray as he thought about her warm, tight, pussy milking out all of his cum and he knew that he didn't regret it. What he did regret though, was not being able to taste her delicious honey, and he felt his mouth water, and his cock harden as he imagined her screams as he ate her out and he grinned widely. The last time he had a screamer was in Junior High, and she had nothing on Jenifer.

Jenifer . . . it was the only piece of identification he held to her. There were probably thousands of Jenifers in New York. His thoughts were broken again as the sound of a phone ringing intruded. It was a highly unusual ringtone. Looking at his clock, he read 9:45am. It was probably Martial telling him to haul his ass out of bed, but as he leaned over his bed, he saw a small green gadget instead of his phone . . .


"Where the ass have you been?"

The scream erupted as soon as the front door had been shut behind Jenifer. On the couch was Ella, along with big black guy Jen had seen her dancing with the previous night.

"I-I- uh ...." Jen tried to plead her case.

"Do you know how fucking worried I have been? I should bend your black ass over on my leg and spank the shit out of you. I nearly called the Navy Seals to go and look for you. Where the fuck have you been? You looked like someone fucked the shit out of you-" Ella paused when she saw a smile cross her best friend's face. For a petite, the red-head's bark was definitely worse than her bite, but Jen still couldn't help herself but to grin at her friend. "You've gotten fucked, haven't you?" Ella asked.

"Yes!" Squealed Jenifer, jumping up and down. "And he's so hot Ella. I mean it. Like a supermodel."

"What his name?" Ella's anger was long forgotten as she left the side of her companion and rushed to her friend.


"Danny? Danny what? Does this hotshot have a last name?"

"I didn't get it." Jen said a bit sadly. "I woke up in his bed and ran out before he could wake up." she reported.

"That's my girl. Your first one night stand. How was he?" Ella leaned in eagerly, ready for anything.

"Flippin' awesome! Sooooooooooooo good. I cant even describe it. We almost did it in the parking lot behind the building."

"What!?" Ella screeched. The black guy behind her chuckled. She sent him a smirk. "Shut it Eddie."

Ella turned back to her friend and noticed her raised eyebrows.

"Eddie, Jen, Jen Eddie." She introduced quickly. "Now continue!" she urged impatiently.

"I don't know." Jen said in a sing-song voice. "I think i'm a bit tired now. How about I go take a nap and tell you about it later."

The look of horror that crossed Ella's face had both Eddie and Jen in stitches.

"You cant do that to me." Ella pleaded.

"Yes I can." Jen sang. "Nice meeting you Eddie." Eddie nodded to her before she bounded up the stairs closely followed by Ella's voice shouting 'Fuck you' at the top of her lungs.

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