tagNon-EroticLights! Cameral! Action! Take 01

Lights! Cameral! Action! Take 01


It was a small ad in the local newspaper that generated much excitement.

Women wanted for adult films.
Talent is more important than looks.
Auditions begin at 8am, Monday.
Double Dare Films
101 Tremont Street, 7th floor.
Boston, MA. 02115

Unfortunately, there was a typographical error in the advertisement. Instead of the ad reading that talent is more important than looks, the ad was supposed to have read that looks is more important than talent. When Dan Carter, the Executive Producer and Director of Double Dare Adult Films pulled up to his office, there was already a line of women formed around the block. Tall, short, fat, thin, young, and old, it appeared that all types of women wanted to make a porn movie and wanted their chance behind a camera. The employees of Double Dare never imagined there'd be this many women applying to audition for a role in an adult movie. Never before had they had such an enormous crowd. Normally, they had to shoot their movies using reluctant friends, friends of friends, embarrassed relatives, and relatives of relatives. Today, they had to hire two special duty Boston Police officers for crowd control and to keep the peace.

"Dan is going to kill me," said Michael, Dan's personal assistant, to Paula, Michael's personal assistant."

"Tell him that it was just a mistake and that the newspaper screwed up. We'll place another ad. There's still time to call it in for tomorrow's edition."

"Look at all these women? Have you seen some of them? Some of them are grandmothers, some are uglier than my dog, and others weigh more than three hundred pounds. Then, there are those that are grandmothers, are uglier than my dog, and weigh more than three hundred pounds."

"Don't worry," she said. "We'll reject the ones we know that he'll never hire and just have him interview the ones we know he'd be interested in seeing. It will all work out in the end."

His assistants were already out front taking names and telephone numbers and passing out the first come first serve system of sequential numbers. They were just about to begin drastically rejecting those women who didn't fit Dan's sexual profile of porn actresses, pretty face, big tits, love cock, and dumb as a plant, when they saw his car turn the corner. Realistically, they were hoping to get 50 women from which to chose, instead they had already passed out nearly 1,000 numbers and it was only 8am with more women queuing up to the back of the long line.

Their plan was to make an adult film, an X-rated movie, a porn film, whichever jargon makes people feel more comfortable about the sex industry. They already had their male stars in place, Lance Ram, Rod Steel, Buff Naked, and Peter Johncox, but were looking for some fresh female talent. They hoped the ad would do that.

Dan stepped from out of his rented limousine. He always rented a limousine for the dramatic effect it had when he pulled up to his office. He figured there'd be fifty women waiting outside to impress. Instead there were more than one thousand women watching him align from his limousine. He was treated to a Simon Cowell reception with women cheering, clapping, and whistling.

"Are you kidding me? What the Hell is all this?"

"Dan, I'm sorry. The newspaper screwed up and ran the ad as talent is more important than looks instead of looks is more important than talent. All of these women think we are looking for talented actresses instead of sexy ones."

Dan pensively stared down the long line of women who stood out on the sidewalk. There were so many women of every type that he couldn't even see the end of the line.

"This is outrageous. This reminds me of the crowd that auditions for American Idol."

"Dan, I'm so sorry. Don't worry, though, because Paula, Carl, Rita, Greg, Debbie, and I were just about to go through the line and eliminate all those women we know you won't—"

"Wait, I have a better idea," he said beaming a smile. "Let's interview them all. Yes, this is great! I want to audition everyone. I don't care how old or how nasty they are, if they want to make a porn movie, let's give them all a chance to do it. We just may have a couple of diamonds in the buff here."

In a stroke of genius, Dan had realized the possibilities of using such a large turn out to his advantage. As soon as he connected American Idol with the long line that waited to be auditioned, he decided to make a reality adult film by making the actual audition process the movie. He decided that he would use as many women who showed up to audition to make his movie.

Not all of the women would make the cut, of course. All he had to do was to quickly write some mini-scenes for the women to show their talent or lack thereof. Matter of fact, he may even make a second movie with the worst auditions of the women. He was excited, really excited by the serendipitous events that an erroneous newspaper ad had delivered him.

Using his process of selection much in the way that American Idol auditions singers, whether the women were good or bad actresses, it really didn't matter. The entertainment factor is what would sell his movie. All would make for good entertainment. Besides, the adult movie viewer normally didn't care about the dialogue and seldom looked above the bust line, anyway. They would like viewing real women, women with sagging breasts, cottage cheese thighs, and stretch marks.

He imagined the Adult Video News finally awarding him an AVN award and winning it for the best adult movie of the year. He imagined writing his acceptance speech while standing between two, tall, blonde, busty bimbos on stage.

The union rate scale for principal performers in a low budget Screen Actors Guild film, SAG, those films with a budget of under $625,000, were paid $268 for the day. Because none of these women were SAG members, Carter didn't have to pay them that high of a rate, especially if he didn't use them in his movie. Matter of fact, those women he didn't use, he didn't have to pay them anything for auditioning today. Yet, he generously paid $100 to whoever signed a release and disclosure contract in exchange for a few moments of their time.

Even though their exposure time in the film was the same brief amount as those applicants receiving $100, those actors who he decided to use in his film would receive the SAG daily rate of $268 and more from residuals, should the film be a financial success. Clearly, all this was written in the disclosure for the women to accept or reject before continuing through the process.

Dan loved playing the part of Executive Producer and Director. The position gave him power. He loved how the women fawned over him. He loved his job. How else could he ogle and fondle naked women? Women who ordinarily may not have given him a second look when he was in a bar or in a club were now eager to strip off their clothes and allow him to paw their naked bodies on the slim chance of being selected for an adult film and to make some money in the sex entertainment industry.

He had made dozens of adult films, all of which had barely earned him and his employees an existence. This time was different, though. He could feel it. He could taste it. The time was ripe for him to make his hit movie, "Lights! Camera! Action!"

The economy had soured and many people were out of work. Further, with the price of food, fuel, home heating oil, prescription drugs, and everything else that goes along with a recession, instead of traveling, more people stayed home. Ergo, with more people sitting at home, he hoped that more people were motivated to watch porn; at least, boredom was his rational and their reason for wanting to watch adult movies.

Moreover, he felt certain that by using regular people instead of trained actors who had genetically superior bodies and good looks, he'd show the viewer an inside look of an adult film audition process that would guaranteed him a hit movie. He felt that the viewer would perceive their role not as someone watching a porn movie, but as someone who was in the room watching the audition process taking place. Instinctively, he knew that he was about to embark on something that had never done before.

Here standing before him was a wealth of future porn stars. He had his pick. Who knows, maybe one of these average women would connect with the viewer. Maybe, he could make another movie with her as the star.

With more than a thousand women from which to chose, it would be a long selection process. Yet, he'd have enough raw video to pick and choose the best ones to use to make his movie. With more and more women showing up, definitely, there were more than enough women to interview all month. Moreover without budget busting rehearsal delays, camera setups, lighting nightmares, set design and setup expenses, and location expenses and travel costs, he could conceivably shoot the entire movie within a month and in his office under the realm of auditioning.

Then, over the next month or two, he'd edit the videos and his movie would be ready for distribution within three months rather than the better part of a year. He figured his biggest expense was the monies that he paid the women, one hundred dollars times one thousand women is a measly one hundred thousand dollars. He'd have to pay a little more for those women who he'd pick to use in his movie at the rate of $268 instead of the $100, but still his movie would be way under budget.

"Michael," he said calling down to his assistant on the sidewalk.

"Yeah, Dan."

"Cut it off at forty women and have the next forty women return tomorrow scheduling forty women a day for however many women you have and make sure you write the date for them to appear on their card."

"Okay, Boss."

"And Michael."

"Yeah, Boss."

"Make sure everyone fills out their bio sheet and signs the disclosure and release waiver before sending anyone upstairs."

"Will do, Boss."

"And Michael."

"Yeah, Boss."

"Let the women know that we are selecting dozens of women and not just one or two."

"Got it."

"And Michael."

"Yeah, Dan."

"Get them inside the lobby and off the street. I don't want these women embarrassed by someone they know seeing them waiting in line to audition for an adult film. I don't want women chickening out and changing their mind on the fear that someone may see them waiting in line to be interviewed."

"Okay, Boss."

"And Michael."

"Yeah, Boss."

"Have Carl come upstairs. I need to give him a check for $4,000 to cash to pay these women. Tell him to get me 40 crisp, new one hundred dollar bills."

"Okay, Boss."

Michael collected the bios, consent waivers, and disclosures from the first forty women and had his assistants pass out and collect the rest. He corralled the first forty women in the lobby and had the others leave with their color coded and dated passes telling them when to return.

Basically, the disclosure that Double Dare Films had the women sign informed them that this was not an audition but an actual movie of the audition process. With the understanding that not all women would be selected, the release waiver was the consent form that gave Double Dare Adult Films and their employees the right to interview, touch, have sex with, and photograph the women in all manners of dress and undress. Any woman who was not willing to sign the disclosure and consent form that released Double Dare Adult Films from liability was not allowed to interview and audition for the movie.

"Michael," said Dan over the phone.

"Yeah, Dan."

"I'm ready for the first eight women."

"Okay, Boss."

"Dan wants the first eight," called Michael to his assistant, Paula, who waiting in the lobby with the first group of forty women.

"Okay, ladies, I need the first eight women, those women with numbers from 1 to 8 to take the elevator to the seventh floor."

The first group of eight women followed one another like sheep going to the slaughterhouse. The remaining thirty-two women waited in the lobby downstairs for their turn. Meanwhile, Greg and Debbie handed out different colored and dated numbers representing the different days of the week to the remaining women who patiently waited their turn in line outside. Yellow for today, Monday, pink for Tuesday, red for Wednesday, green for Thursday, and blue for Friday, once the remaining women received their color coded numbers with dated instructions when to return, they left.

Rita met the women, as they alighted from the elevator and walked them to a waiting room with thirty-nine chairs. Carl escorted the first woman, Elaine, a pretty and petite dark haired woman to Dan's private office and after she walked inside, he closed the door behind her waiting outside for her interview to finish. When she was done, he escorted her back to the waiting room where Rita paid them their $100 in cash. After Dan had a chance to review the videos, he'd call those who he selected to tell them that he had mailed them their additional $168.

In the next chapter Elaine, who has never been unfaithful to her husband but needs the money, reluctantly auditions for Double Dare Adult Films.


Thank you for reading my story. I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. Please take a moment to vote, make a public comment, and/or give me feedback. Your support is why I write. Your feedback will motivate me to write a better story the next time.

If you haven't already, please take moment to add me and/or this story or any other of my stories to your list of favorites. Thanks, Freddie, Bostonfictionwriter.

To be continued...

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