tagGay MaleLights Out

Lights Out

byCathLick Skool Gurl©

I notice the cold, metal bars lock into place behind me and the guard mentions,

"5 minutes until lights out."

I turn around to look at the man on his bed, smiling at me. The very visage of him sent a shiver through my body. Then I got a flashback of lunch: All those men leering and breathing around me . . . His warm, strong hand around my . . . FUCK!! I slap myself to wake up.

"That's how you like it, huh?" the man mentions as he notices my hard-on.

I try to hide it but then I saw his and he notices me glancing at it so I quickly jump into my bunk.

"Lights Out Ladies!" echoes through the cell as blackness fills the room.

I'm so scared. I can hear him constantly toss and shift in his bed below. Oh god, He could come up any minute! The shifting slows to a stop as it grows quiet. I sigh with relief as I began to think about Melissa. I miss her so much. I remember what I promised her that night. When I made my last call before they took me, she kind of kept her promise.

Thinking of what she said was making me hot. I slowly slide my left hand under my shirt and start caressing my chest. Pinching my awakened nipples, I feel tingles going up the back of my thighs; curling around my ass. I can just imagine Melissa's supple, pouty lips gently sucking and biting on them as her soft fingers were in place of the tingles, making me hard.

"Mmmmmelissa," softly escapes my lips.

I stop for a moment and check under my bed just to find the gentle murmur of snoring. I gently lay back down and slowly slide my trousers to my knees, letting my hard, 9 & ½ inch cock spring to my stomach. I lower my right hand down, letting my index finger slide up the underside of my hot, throbbing member; teasing myself. I rub my thumb around the head as I twist my nipple with my left hand.

I take in a deep, shuddering breath as I slowly buck my dick in the air to the thought of Melissa's tight, wet virgin pussy enveloping my monster. I can almost hear her screaming and moaning from the extreme pain and pleasure I'm giving her while her beautiful C breasts bounce under her long, amber hair. My hand caresses up, down and twists as I gently buck. Suddenly, a small

"Skreek!!" urks from my bed.

I stop and try to hold my breath over my panting.

. . Sounds like he's waking up! . . .

. . . silence . . .

. . . then the snoring continues. I pull my shirt and trousers completely off and go back to it. My left hand tries to mimic Melissa: stroking my hair, caressing my neck, my chest, moving down my stomach, massaging my quivering thighs and, UNGH! my balls as my right hand squeezes and tugs at my 10" prick. I close my eyes and begin jerking off fiercely. I want, so badly, to cum inside her. My arm is starting to ache as I repeatedly gasp and say her name,

"Melissa, oh god Melissa." I'M SO CLOSE!!!!

I open my eyes and there's a figure at the foot of my bed. I let go of myself and jump back, still huffing and heaving from Melissa. Then a gruff voice says,

"All this for me? Let me help you finish."

"N-N-NO! T-That's Okay!" I contradict as he grabs my ankles and pulls me towards him.

I try to get a hold of something, Anything! He seems even more intimidating in the dark. I don't wanna die my first night. His hands brush down my chest, sliding down my body and squeezes my thighs. I start to hyperventilate. Then he slides his hands back up my legs, with his thumbs on the inside of my thighs, making me shudder. Suddenly, I feel something warm and slippery slide over my cock. Then something strong and slick brushes over the tip. O-Oh God. I want him to stop but this is so different. BUT I DON'T LIKE GUYS! I keep my mind on Melissa.

"Mmmmmmm" he said as his lips slide down my shaft, engulfing me.

The very vibration of his mouth is nothing I've ever felt before. The quivering of his warm, wet lips as they murmured over my member feels s-so . . . Ungh! He slides halfway down and came back up, wiggling his tongue on the underside of my dick. I dig my fingers into the sheets as butterflies build in my stomach. Then he starts to lick the head like a lollipop: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 then grabs my ass and pulls all of me into him!!

I can feel his throat tightening around me. He bobs slowly and, as he adjusts, moves faster. I can feel his breath against my stomach! Nobody's ever surrounded me so completely. I stare in disbelief as he greedily eats me. He bobs hungrily as if siphoning for air. I don't know what came over me but I let my left hand down and gently brush my fingers through his hair. His nails dig into my ass as he lifts me into the air.


He pulls his mouth off quickly as I spurted all over his chest and mine. But what I didn't realize is that he wasn't doing this for me, he was doing it for himself. I'm spent. My whole body is weak. He takes his clothes off and I see his dick, making me feel inadequate and afraid. It has to be at least 10-11-12 inches long and maybe 1-2 inches thick. He wipes up the cum from my chest and begins rubbing it on his dick. Then he picks up some more and cups it in his hand. He's flipping me over on my stomach, pinning my head to my pillow and starts fingering cum into my asshole. What is he doing!?

I'm flailing around but can't get a hold of anything. Then he spreads the rest along the crack of my ass and starts fingering me again. I'm trying to wiggle around for it to stop but it's no use. He waits until I quiet down, then sticks another finger in, moving it around and looking at my face. Then another, carefully examining my face every time. UNGH! He's got his whole fist in me! What was this, some kind of sicko science experiment? Then I realize what he is doing. He slides his fist out and I feel something slowly press against my ass. He firmly grabs my hip and rams himself in.


He's not wasting any time. His heavy body keeps me from escaping him. Oh god I can feel him ripping through me. Tears are running down my face as I bury it into my pillow and scream. He isn't just fucking, he's masturbating with my ass. He just keeps moving faster and harder, making it burn! The grunting and growling is so loud I can't even hear myself scream.

He leans over me and starts biting my shoulder; licking and sucking my neck. I think he's gonna pass out. Ungh, he's starting to slow down, jamming it into me, moving in circles and reaming my asshole with his cock. Ooh, I feel tingles. I know he's close. I start to moan and groan for him to cum. I push up against him, letting him fuck me a few more times. Shit, My dick is getting hard!

UNGH! OW! I'm so sore. Ungh, Ungh, Mmmmmm. Wait a minute! This DOESN'T feel good. I . . . ungh . . . DON'T . . . LIKE . . . UNGH! Mmmmmm. I HATE IT! Except when he moves to the . . . Mmmmmm. STOP IT, MARC! Oh God, I'm gonna cu-uh-uhhh!

His legs are trembling. He's pulling me closer to him, grabbing my chest and licking my neck. He's gonna! Come on, man! Hurry up and . . .!Shuddering violently, he groans into my ear, filling me up. It feels so warm. He kisses and nibbles my neck as he falls asleep on top of me. That was close. I just gaze at the bars across the room while he snores atop with his soft meat still inside me. But I can't help but notice that my dick is still hard. What's happening to me?

To be continued . . .

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by Anonymous09/17/17

Turning point

Love it submitting to a man for the first time an knowing it's what ypu always wanted

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