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Like It or Not


He had prepared things diligently. He checked everything over to ensure everything was where it should be. He knew when he came home, things could be hectic and he wanted make sure everything would be right where he needed it. He climbed into his Escalade and drove the 150 miles to the Denver area.

He had made the trip often. He was smart enough to know that police look close to a victims home when looking for abductors.

He had been staking her out for some time. Having been in her home, he knew the layout well. She had even invited him in. 10 months ago when he was still looking for his next victim, he stopped at her house in the middle of a downpour and asked to use her phone, claiming his cell phone wouldn't work. She only let him into the foyer to get out of the rain while he made his call, but he was able to see enough to know he was interested.

Her home was beautifully decorated. She obviously had taste. There was no initial sign of a boyfriend from what he could tell. She was no stick figure, but that is how he liked them. He needed a woman with a few curves. She wasn't fat, but she wasn't thin either. She was dressed nicely, but not overdone. What really caught his eye was her hair. It was dark brown with hints of red throughout it and it was so long. It came down well past her waist and had just a slight curl to it. He imagined himself surrounded by that luxurious hair. Her breasts were fairly large; he guessed probably a D cup. Going through her closets and drawers he learned she was actually a DD.

He knew everything about her by the time he started his final drive. Where she shopped, who her dentist was, what bank she used, favorite color, her favorite foods. He had read her journals and knew some of her innermost thoughts. Such as how lonely she had been since her breakup with her last boyfriend. The prick found someone prettier and left her. She thought she would be married and have a child by now and she longed to find Mr. Right.

It was pretty late at night and the neighborhood was quiet. Her neighbors all worked 9-5 jobs and were not known to be awake this time of night on a Tuesday. To be on the safe side he had taken the plates off the Escalade. He had a key to the house, so he let himself in.

He silently walked past the foyer he first met her in. He slipped quietly through the living room and on into the hall. The second bedroom on the left was hers. Before opening the door, he pulled out a handkerchief and a bottle of chloroform. He was prepared.

Last week he had oiled all the doors in the house, so there would be no creaking. The door opened easily. There was a small amount of light peeping in the window from a streetlight. It was enough to see the most glorious sight. She had worn a long t shirt to bed, but it had risen just slightly past her hips as she had slept. Her hair seemed to cover half her bed. It was just enough of a peep show to entice and not enough to ruin. Her white panties hinted at innocence.

He slowly walked to her bedside. He could put the chloroform on her while she slept and she wouldn't know anything till she woke up at his place. He wanted to give her something to dream about though. He had been anticipating this a long time. It had played over in his mind countless times. It was only right that she have just a little of the same anticipation. He put a hand over her mouth and whispered "Don't scream." She awoke with a jolt, but then froze. Had she started to scream through his gloved hand, he would have covered her with the chloroform right away. Since she hadn't, he was able to relish this moment. Whispering again, "Don't scream and I won't kill you. You are mine now. I own you and will do with you as I please. You will hate me at first and that is ok. You may come to like me and enjoy the things I do to you. I will do them either way." Just then she started to make muffled sounds so he quickly replaced his gloved hand with the chloroform.

In no time he had her in his car. He poured bleach over every area of the house he had been in. It wasn't likely that there were any traces of him, but he figured it was better safe than sorry.

Back in the Escalade he looked in the back seat and admired his new prize for a moment. He then slowly drove out of the quaint little neighborhood. A few miles away he pulled over and put the plates back on his car. It was hard to maintain the speed limit with such a nice filly in the backseat. He was self disciplined though and there was no way he would jeopardize this.

She was just starting to stir when he carried her into the house. You have heard the term miles from nowhere, he lived much closer to nowhere than that. The nearest house was a farm about 30 miles away. He had no concerns about a nosey neighbor or unsuspecting witnesses.

He wanted to have her in the basement though before she woke up. The less she saw the better. He needed her disoriented and confused. The door to the basement was more of a vault than a door. It was also hidden by a staircase. He had left the door open for himself so in he went and down the stairs. He secured her in some restraints and quickly went back to close the door. It was a combination lock that also required a key. He kept the key on a ring attached to belt loop. It had a bell on it, so there was no chance of someone sneaking it off. Of course if they did, they would still need the combo.

He had just explained all of this to her since her eyes were now open. "Do you understand?" He asked her. "It is futile to try to escape. You are in the middle of nowhere. No one knows you are here. You can't get out of this room. The entire house is booby trapped. Now, do you have questions? "

"Why?" she asked.

"Mostly, because I can. You are perfect for what I need. I think in time you will see that I am perfect for what you need."

"I don't NEED anything! I need to be let go! You can't do this!" Her situation was starting to set in. She was starting to panic.

"I am doing this. It truly is beyond your control. If you are hungry you can eat now. Otherwise it will be several hours."

She contemplated that and nodded. If nothing else it would give her some time to try to think of a way out of this.

Next to the bed there was a small table with a tray of food. He had kept it light figuring her stomach may not be up to much yet. There were crackers and pretzels and a banana. He fed her slowly. She figured this could be a lot worse. He had not actually hurt her. He was even feeding her, for that matter she was alive.

As she finished the food on the tray she started wondering what would happen next. She didn't wonder long. She wasn't even done chewing when she saw the knife in his hand. He was cutting away her t-shirt and her panties. She hadn't slept with a bra on. She stared begging him "Please stop! Please don't do this!" She pulled against her restraints desperate to cover herself. Once her clothing was free he stood back a moment to admire her again. He wondered if he would ever get sick of the sight of her.

He reached over and opened a drawer on the table and pulled out a ball gag. "At least for the next little bit, I would like you to be quiet." He then picked up a syringe. He found the right place on her arm and gave her a shot. Once all the fluid was in he put the syringe back down and smiled. "You will be getting a lot of these for a while. It won't hurt you; you won't be able to feel any effects from it at all. However you are not allowed to ask what I am giving you. I will tell you when I choose to."

He opened the drawer back up and found a stun gun inside. "I am going to move you from the bed to somewhere else in the room. If you resist or try to fight, I will use this on you. Do you understand?"

She started to cry as she nodded. How had this happened? How could she be here? She thought about her options. He could be bluffing, but she doubted it. From her position on the bed she couldn't see much else of the room. It scared her to think of what else there could be. She could however, see the vaulted door. She decided at least for now, she needed to cooperate.

The cuffs stayed on her wrists and ankles. He loosened them from the bed. He let her sit up and slide off the bed. That is when she got her first look at her new prison. She saw the shackles on the wall. There were various different contraptions of which she had no idea what the uses could be for. She cringed when she noticed a rather small looking cage. He led her over to a barrel which had hooks to fasten her cuffs to. With her bare ass in the air and her back perfectly arched he couldn't help the stiffening of his cock. Still gagged, she had nothing to say on the issue of her new confinement. He rubbed his hand over her ass admiring her nice soft rump. He spread her cheeks and got his first good glimpse at the perfection that awaited him. This was a great position to examine her cunt and ass in. He slid a finger in her pussy and found it just slightly damp. That was fine; he wasn't planning on using that anyway. Not for his cock anyway. He continued to play with her a bit though. He wanted this to go as slow as he could manage it. He wanted this first time to seem like hours to her.

He teased her clit. He would brush her finger against it, and then ignore it. He rubbed it for a minute, and then abandoned it. He wanted her to know, he was the one in control. She was helpless to do or say anything about what he was doing. She had started to moan some into her gag though. He also noticed the stimulation was working to get her juices flowing. He bent down and flicked his tongue across her clit a few times. Then again he abandoned it. As she got closer and closer to orgasm, he would slow down or stop completely. After several times of backing her off of an orgasm she seemed frantic. Finally he asked her "Would you like to cum?" She lowered her head before nodding. It seemed she wasn't desperate enough yet.

He continued the relentless teasing of her cunt. She was again acting frantic and desperate. He wasn't about to show her mercy though. He continued. Finally after another 30 mins he asked again "Do you want to cum?" This time she nodded fervently. He could see her face in a mirror. He went ahead and removed the gag. "Ask me."

"Please, PLEASE let me cum!!!!" Her face was red. She was humiliated to say such a thing. She just couldn't take the torture anymore.

"Beg me more."

"Please I NEED to cum! I can't take it anymore! Fuck me; suck my clit, anything to let me cum!!!"

He had already rubbed some KY Jelly on his cock, knowing it would come to this. He stood up and positioned her cock at the entrance of her pussy. "Are you sure you want me to fuck you?"

"PLEASE!!! I will do anything!"

At that he moved the position of his dick and rammed into her ass with one fast motion. She screamed in pain. She was incredibly tight. He guessed she had never been taken there before. Had he gone slow he may not have made it in without stretching her first. That would have ruined the surprise though. As she screamed he pumped his dick harder and harder into her ass. Just a moment before she was begging him to fuck her, now she was begging him to stop. As he got close to climaxing, he slowed down. At first she was thankful for the reprieve however slight it was. Then she realized he was stalling. She started fighting against the restraints trying to get him to speed back up. If he could keep himself from cumming as long as he had kept her from cumming, she felt she would die from the pain. He knew what she was doing and it made him smile. He was going to enjoy playing games with her.

The assault lasted another 20 minutes before he finally pumped her full of his cum. He rested himself on her back for a moment.

As he slid off of her, he looked to examine her. He again started stroking her clit. As another climax started to build in her, the pain started to subside. This time though, he let her cum.

"I own you. I determine when you cum. I determine when you get fucked. You may always ask for it, but it is my decision to give it to you or not. I am going to move you back to the bed now. If you do not fight, I will let you sleep and we can be done for now." She nodded and he released the cuffs from the barrel. He walked her to the bed where he refastened them.

"I need to use the bathroom." She said.

He placed a bedpan underneath her. "For now, this will have to do." A tear fell down her cheek as she realized again, she had no choice. After a few moments she released her bladder into the pan. When she finished her patted her head. "Sleep well."

With that he put his pants back on and went out the door. He let her sleep for 12 hours. He was pretty tired from the day's events himself.

Early the next morning he opened the door carrying a tray with breakfast. She had woken a few mins before. She felt starved! She was very thankful she had eaten the crackers and fruit before. This time she had pancakes and sausage. He figured she would need something with more substance. After her meal he again gave her a shot of something in the arm.

He then uncuffed her and walked her over to a seat. It was almost like a dentist chair with stirrups. He lowered the chair till he could stand over her and have her face at perfect height to suck his cock. In her ass, his dick had felt huge, but she hadn't really seen it in all its glory now. He stood before her fully erect and she was amazed at his size. She didn't have to be told what to do. She wanted this over with as fast as possible so she opened her mouth and waited for him to shove his dick in.

He had no intentions of letting her feel like she had any control in this matter though. He started fucking her face with wild abandon. She could barely breathe with as far back into her throat as he was going. She also couldn't help the gagging. He didn't mind that at all though. The feel of the back her throat closing on his cock was sensational. It made it harder for him to hold off. So only about 10 mins passed before he shot a load down her throat. Before he even finished pumping he commanded her "Swallow it all!"

With her belly full of his sperm he pulled out and grinned at her. "We will have to do that again soon."

He blindfolded and gagged her and then walked over to one of the contraptions in the room and rolled the machine over till it was in front of her. This was a fucking machine. Machines like this would ensure that she could be fucked all the time, whether he was able to do the fucking or not. He would need a little time before he could get hard again, but there was no point in her going without.

He placed a dildo on the end of the arm of the machine. He lined it up with her pussy. He then found a butt plug and went ahead and plugged up her ass. She was going to have something in all 3 holes. He loved the sight of a woman plugged in all 3 holes. Nothing better than a woman being used in every way she was intended to be used. He turned the machine on, and it pushed inside her pussy. She gasped at the sensation of it all. She felt so full. The machine fucked her at varying speeds. She started building towards an orgasm. She couldn't believe how much this was turning her on right now. Not that she would admit it. Everything was very erotic. Not having any control was in a strange way sort of freeing. He could tell from her moans and the way her body started to quiver, that was nearing an orgasm, so he turned the machine off for a few minutes. He repeated that cycle again. Then a third time. After the third time, she groaned in disappointment. So he gave her a longer break. When he was ready, he turned the machine back on. Then removed her ball gag and replaced it with his dick.

He was a little gentler with her this time. His strides were slower. He just wanted to relish in the feel of her throat and mouth around his cock.

Her pussy was on fire. Her ass was on fire and her throat was full of cock. When he finally filled her mouth with cum, they came together. Very powerful orgasms for both of them. While she wanted to hate this, she couldn't deny that she was strangely enjoying it. How was that possible?

He set the machine to enter her and turned it off. She lay there blindfolded, with the ball gag replaced a plug in her backdoor and a dildo filling her pussy. He walked out of the room. He needed a break, plus it was time to start lunch. Once he was upstairs he used a remote to turn the dildo on vibrate.

When he went back downstairs with lunch he found her covered in sweat. Her body was writhing from the orgasm she was still in the midst of. He chuckled at the sight of her. It brought him so much pleasure to see her like this. Once that wave had passed he turned the vibrator off and removed the machine. He took off the blindfold and removed the gag. He didn't see any reason she couldn't eat with the plug in though.

He had some fruit and a chicken sandwich for her. He brought her a bottle of water also. With all the cum she had swallowed, he figured she'd be thirsty. She seemed thankful for the food and the break. After she finished he suggested she take a nap. He had plans for the evening.

He spent the time looking at the videos he had been capturing of their time together. Everything was going so smoothly. She was so sexy and he was really looking forward to all that they were going to experience together. He had so much in store for her.

After a few hours of relaxing and getting hot all over again watching the videos he opened the door to the basement and went in to wake her up. "I am going to uncuff you and take over to the bed again. She opened her eyes and nodded. She had been battling within herself about her feelings on this situation. She was supposed to want to flee, to get away at all costs. The sex had been good and overall he hadn't been that bad to her. Still her mind was warring with her desires. Since having several hours off her mind was currently winning. The anal sex had not been enjoyable. She wasn't sure she could take another episode like that. She had no idea what the shots were that he kept giving her and she was scared of the other things she could see in the room. The door appeared fail proof, but she had to try right? What was the worst that could happen? She didn't figure his beating her up would be any worse than what she had already endured. She figured he would fuck her ass and her mouth again whether she tried to escape or not. As far as she could tell at the moment, she had little to lose.

Almost to the bed, she swung her leg at his knee which buckled under him. She grabbed for the keys on his belt loop but his reflexes were better than she had anticipated. He caught her arm firmly and yanked her towards him. His knee was throbbing, but he wasn't going to let her go. Not that she could get away anyway. She fell on top of him. He quickly pulled her under him and was on top of her in no time. Her arms were flailing at him but they had little effect. His knee was recovering at this point. He reached down with both hands and pinched her nipples hard. She cried out in pain. Since moving was causing more pain her arms stopped slapping at him. Then he pinned her hands down on the ground. She was crying now. Before she even knew what was happening he was standing up and had flung her over his shoulder. He tossed her on the bed and recuffed her to the bed. He put the ball gag and the blindfold on her.

She was thinking, at least she tried. Sadly she hadn't even gotten close to the door, but at least she tried. Not being able to see she had no idea the ice was coming. She jerked from the sudden cold on her nipple. It was uncomfortable, but it wasn't too bad once she got used to it. Then she felt a horrible pain shoot through her breast. In a moment she realized he must have pierced her nipple. She was crying again from the pain. When ice hit her other nipple she started sobbing into the gag from the anticipation. Another needle went through her other nipple and she screamed into the gag.

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