tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLike It or Not Ch. 02

Like It or Not Ch. 02


Warning: This story may be offensive to some. Please do not read if you are offended by forced sex stories or stories that involve controlling of other people. These are fantasies and I in no way would condone the actual actions.


The babies had been born almost 2 months ago. Their lives had been changed so much by their birth. He loved the tiny babies and didn't mind the chaos that had become their lives. However he couldn't help but feel he had given up control when they were born. His needs were still mostly met for now, but for how long? Doc, his friend who had delivered the babies had sent 2 slaves of his own over to help around the clock with caring for the babies and with meeting his own needs since his own slave had just given birth to quadruplets and was now nursing 4 babies. There had to be a way to fulfill his all his desires. He longed to father more children, but the reality was, he wasn't sure any one woman could raise that many children.

Doc had stopped by for lunch and to check on the little patients. They were still very small and needed to spend a lot of time in the incubators, but they were developing well and getting stronger.

"You need to think long term about this Brian."

"I know what I want to do, I just know if I can afford to make those kinds of changes. It would involve relocating, rebuilding, and restructuring a whole lot of my life."

"Then you need to reconsider my connections on the black market. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. You can pick and choose who stays and who goes. It would provide a steady stream of income and allow the lifestyle you know you want. You can do this."

Brian nodded. He knew his friend was right. As soon as Doc left he got online to start researching. This plan would take time to develop and get on the ball. He had a few locations in mind. He was going to need to get on a plane and make some visits.

The following week Doc came to stay with the slaves. Brian flew to Pakistan, then Iraq, Iran and India. He also spent a day in Turkey but he just wasn't enamored with it. He was most impressed with India. The land was beautiful. While there were big cities, there was so much land that was exceptionally remote. He was able to find a good patch of land that was about 30 Kilometers from a small village. That would allow him privacy as well as some resources for hired help and whatever needs he may have. He had enough in savings to get things rolling, his concern was the money needed to maintain such a lifestyle.

The cost of living there was so much cheaper though. This was going to help his money stretch a little further. He went to the other side of the country to find men to build his compound. He didn't want any locals knowing the layout of his property or his new home. The train ride for the workers was relatively cheap, but it was a five day trip by train. They didn't seem to mind the harsh conditions they were in though.

Once building was underway, he went back home to spend time with his slave and their babies. He had been without companionship for over 3 weeks. He would need to spend a decent amount of time in India, and it would be a while yet before she could join him, so he made the most of his time back home.

In all truth, he could have let her go with a map to the nearest police station and she wouldn't have left him. In her eyes, they were now a family. He demanded a lot from her, but he also provided everything she needed. She loved the sweet babies he had given her. She was a natural Mother and enjoyed the role immensely. She now longed to please him sexually. When he came home she eagerly anticipated the feel of his cock inside her body. She truly did not care where he put it. She had no idea where he had been or what his plans were. She just knew that she needed him to fuck her. Fuck her, he did. He didn't say a word when he walked in. He took her over to the barrel and strapped her to it. He added a little grease and quickly entered her ass. It felt exquisite, especially after having gone without for so long. He pumped and pumped, fucking her ass with wild abandon and with no regard for her at all. Finally he looked down and the sight of her tattoo was enough to make him shoot his cum up her rectum. Property M. M was for Master. She still did not know his first name. After he finished he bent down and began licking her clit. His pleasure came first, but he wasn't oblivious to her own need. He knew she had missed him equally.

She came quickly with the help of his expert tongue circling and sucking on her clit. Her entire body shook with spasms from the orgasm he gave her. When she finished he moved her back to the bed where he sucked and fed on her tits. They were fat from milk and from the sexual stimulation he had given her. He relieved the pressure that had been building in them. He found it erotic to drink the milk that would not be there were it not for his sperm creating the babies that were now upstairs. In no time his dick was hard again. He could have fucked her pussy, but he wasn't ready to impregnate her yet.

He originally had planned to get her pregnant again when the babies were 3 months old. However with his new plans to relocate, he had decided to wait.

"Suck my cock." A simple command and she was on her knees in an instant. She sucked the tip a moment and then took him all, deep into her throat. She let her throat spasm a little at the intrusion. She had noticed that he seemed to really like the feel of her throat contracting around his cock. She used her free hand to play with his balls. Blow jobs had become a specialty for her. She alternated deep throating with sucking the tip like a lollipop. All while rolling his balls around in her other hand. He had taught her well and she took pride in her abilities. It wasn't long before he rewarded her with a throat full of cum.

A week later he was back in India checking on the work being done. It was coming along nicely. The foreman estimated that the job could be finished in another 5 weeks, less if the weather cooperated. They were hard workers and seemed to be satisfied with what they were being paid. Watching the plans come together to form a structure was exciting. He was increasingly anxious to move his slave and babies here and to get started on the rest of their lives. Here, he would not have to be as careful as he would have to be in the states. Should law enforcement ever come knocking it would be much easier to pay them off.

As the weeks went by and time drew closer to the finish of his compound, he spent more and more time away. She was becoming frightened. What if he was looking to dump her or replace her? How would she survive without him? What if he kept their babies? Her need for his cock was driving her insane. Doc was permitted to use her as he wished, but he generally preferred his own slaves. However he was noticing her agitation. Doc went in one morning and blindfolded her. He knew who she wanted and it wasn't him. If she were blindfolded she could pretend it was her own Master. He shackled her to the wall with her breasts pressed against the cold concrete. He used the ball gag to add the sense that this was against her will. He slid his cock up her ass. It wasn't an easy position while standing, but it made her ass tighter. He impaled her ass and gave her a good slow fuck. Instead of cumming inside her he pulled out and came all over her back. He then spanked her hard on her rump. She had been neglected too long and she needed this. He watched her body respond to the hard whack and decided to continue. Her body blushed sweetly as a red mark in the shape of his hand appeared on her ass. He spanked her until both cheeks were so red you could no longer discern the shape of his hand. He took a wet washcloth and wiped the now dry sperm off her back.

When he finished, he uncuffed her and led her to the dentist chair. He set the machine to fuck her pussy and her ass at the same time. He had her give him one of those famous blow jobs while the machine went to town on her. She was quivering in orgasm within a couple minutes. Even after spewing cum down her throat he let the machine continue fucking her another 10 minutes. By then one of his slaves had knocked on the door letting him know it was time to feed the babies. He took off the blindfold and the gag.

The compound was finally complete. Most of the things he planned to take with him had been packed and was on its way to India. Doc had found a buyer for the house in the states. Another friend who was looking for his own place to house a slave. He finally let her know that they were moving. He didn't tell her where, just that they would have to fly on a plane. They took off from a small remote airport. Doc was well known in the community. Obviously it would be hard to get medical care for a slave, so he provided a very unique service to Masters all over. It allowed him connections that would otherwise be difficult if not impossible. Such as helping a friend out of the country with a slave and 4 babies. All 4 babies were over 7 pounds now, which made travelling safer.

After 2 stops to refuel, many miles and a little turbulence, they were finally in the country of India. Their travels were not over though. It would still take 5 hours to get to the compound from the little airport they were able to land in. He had already arranged for 2 hired helpers to be there and waiting to help care for the babies. He was going to allow her to stay in her own room here. He knew she would never try to escape. Not to mention, being in a different country, where would she go. The compound was well protected with state of the art security and there were still locks on the doors that only he could open. It would allow her a sense of freedom though. She would have more mobility here.

The 2 ladies hired to help with the babies were slightly older. They were both widows. 1 even spoke English. He had made sure they understood that they would see things they didn't like or agree with. However their job was to tend to children and cook. If they could do that and ignore the rest, they would have a home for the rest of their lives and never have to worry about food again. Both agreed quickly, poverty was a significant problem here in India and both knew what it was like to go without food.

He allowed her a couple of weeks to settle before telling her he would have to take a trip to the states. The 3 ladies would be locked in the compound till he returned. At his home in Colorado he could find someone to watch his slave for him, but here he didn't have anyone yet. That would have to change but for now, he trusted the locks and that no one really had reason to want to leave.

He returned 1 week later as promised. However he was not alone. She was not prepared for this next step in their lives. He drove a truck into the compound gates. In the back inside 2 cages, there were 2 women. 2 new slaves for him to break in. She felt betrayed. She had not known him to be with anyone else in all the time she had been with him. She went to her room to be alone. He was otherwise occupied anyway. Both women were unconscious when they arrived. He carried them downstairs. The "basement" here was more of a dungeon and it had separate rooms. For now, they wouldn't know that anyone else was here except him. They were each shackled to beds, just as she had been. Was she now merely slave number 1?

He could have kidnapped women here in India; however he really wanted women that could easily speak English. He also did not want to give law enforcement reason to come looking here. If he never took their women, they would be more likely to leave him alone. He now had a blonde, a red head and his dark chestnut upstairs. The blonde was coming to.

He put the blindfold and ball gag on her. She was young, only a freshman in college. She had been studying nursing about 2 hours away from her hometown. Her hair was a golden blonde and was long. He had always preferred long hair. It wasn't as long as his other slaves, but it was past the middle of her back. She was the shortest of the 3, but she still had a frame that looked like it could bear a few children. She had ample breasts that still looked kind of perky. They were smaller than his other slaves, but still large enough to turn him on at a C cup. She was now tugging at her restraints.

He gave her a shot and left the room.

The red head was now awake. He didn't bother blindfolding her, but he did put on a ball gag. She was already protesting loudly. Of course she had no idea that she wasn't in Kansas anymore so to speak. He gave her the shot. Her hair had mesmerized him. He hoped they would have a bunch of redheaded babies. She had a long mane also and piercing green eyes. She really was a beauty. Her breasts were full and round. Her bra proved her to be a D cup and they fit her frame perfectly. She was the tallest of the three with super long legs. His plans were not to bed them tonight though.

Instead he went upstairs to his jealous brunette. He gagged her, shackled her and lay on top of her. "Do not ever question me. Even in your mind. I am the Master and your job is to please me. Do you understand?" She nodded with tears in her eyes. He slowly entered her pussy. She knew that meant he was ready to get her pregnant again. As he had promised he had not given her the fertility injections this time. He knew that delivering multiple babies at a time could be difficult on a woman's body and he did not want to hurt her that way. However they were over 4 months old now. He was ready for her to conceive again. She realized this was his way of telling her she was still important. So much had changed so quickly. As long as she was still his though, she knew she would be ok. The 2 women downstairs would have disagreed right then however.

In the morning, he went downstairs to begin his day. He was most anxious to fuck the red head so he went in that room first. After feeding her, he gave her another shot. Without saying a word he took off his pants, and shoved his dick down her throat. She gagged at the intrusion. However he wasn't concerned with that, he fucked her face relentlessly. Pumping his cock in and out faster and faster. Her eyes were pleading for mercy, but he wasn't allowing it. She was there to satisfy his needs. The faster she learned that the better. He finally buried his cock deep in her throat and spewed cum straight down her esophagus. He replaced the ball gag when he pulled out.

He went ahead and put the blindfold on her. He sucked on her left nipple a few moments. As it grew and swelled in his mouth he let go. Suddenly she felt a sharp pinch. He attached nipple clips to each nipple. She bucked in protest at the pain. He attached a chain to the clips so that he could tug on them from time to time. He might eventually pierce them, but for now this would do. With her back still slightly arched he bent to admire the new pussy of the house. The hair here was also red proving that she was indeed a true redhead. There was just a small patch of hair, so he decided to leave it for now. He slid a finger inside her lips and found them quite wet. He had to comment.

"You really enjoyed that didn't you? You are REALLY wet!" Her whole body blushed from embarrassment. She had always enjoyed a little pain in sex, so her body had just responded the way it normally it would. She couldn't help but feel mortified at his finding her wet. She felt humiliated at the betrayal of her body. She hadn't enjoyed it, no matter what he body said... she was pretty sure. He shoved his tongue in to get a taste of her honey. With her body already so sensitive she nearly came right then. Sensing this, he went ahead and licked her clit and gave her a release. He body shook from the orgasm. It hadn't even taken 2 minutes. Afterwards she slumped into the bed feeling defeated. She had so easily allowed this man to make her cum against her will. How could she let this happen so easily?

"I am going to move you to a different part of the room. There is no way for you to get out of this room. If you did, there would be no where for you to go. If you fight, I will hurt you. Do you understand?" With both a blindfold and a gag, she nodded. She was still feeling defeated from her orgasm.

He moved her to the dentist chair in the room. He placed her feet in the stirrups and refastened her cuffs. He put a plug in her ass and a dildo in her cunt. With all her holes now filled he marveled at the sight before him. He turned the dildo on vibrate and walked out of the room. He had a blonde to visit still.

The blonde hadn't seen him at all. He had put the blindfold on while she was still unconscious. He decided to leave it that way for now. He removed the gag so he could feed her and he also gave her the shot of fertility drugs. He got hard again at just the thought of all the babies they were going to be making. These weren't for keeping though. He planned to sell them on the black market to couples unable to have children. He might decide to keep one from each litter. This was the start of his harem though. He now had 3 women. The 2 would earn their keep from the babies they would sell. He had no idea how large he would be able to make this, but it all started with these 3.

He led the blonde over to the cage and locked her inside. He fastened her cuffs to keep her mobility down. With her ass pressed against the bars of the cage he greased his cock and positioned his cock at her anus. Anticipating his next move she began to protest into the gag. He liked hearing her muffled pleas so he lingered there a moment. He then rammed his cock straight in as far as it could go. Once in he left it there a moment allowing her anus a chance to expand and get used to the size. She was incredibly tight. He didn't know it yet, but she was a virgin. Untouched by a man's penis. She had never even given a blow job. He was suspecting that she was probably an anal virgin though. Her eyes were bulging, she was bucking from the pain and seemed unable to relax. Finally he told her. "This will hurt less if you try to relax and just allow it. The tighter you make yourself the more painful this will be. I will fuck you either way."

He allowed her a moment to take a breath and start to relax. He slowly slid partway out, then back in. She was dizzy from the pain. Her ass was so tight it seemed to milk his cock. Even though he wasn't yet pumping hard and fast he could feel himself building toward a climax. The sight of her surrounded by the bars was only aiding his fast approaching orgasm. Something about her innocence really turned him on. He went ahead and picked up speed and in no time he was pumping her chaste ass with his cum. He pulled out and ran his hand along her bottom. He knew he would be branding her soon. He wanted her to know he know owned this ass. It was too exquisite to give up.

He opened the cage and led her to a swing hanging from the ceiling. Her legs wobbled and it was hard for her to walk, so he practically carried her there. Once resting in the swing, he fastened her cuffs to restraints also hanging from the ceiling. He then raised the swing till her pussy was at mouth level. He licked at her pussy for a while. She had still not relaxed though. He pushed a finger in and was amazed at the tightness of her cunt. It began to dawn on him that this was likely her first time. He asked her if she was a virgin. She nodded slowly. "I will be more gentle for a while then. This will feel good if you let it." He took his finger out of her pussy. He didn't want to risk breaking her hymen. That would be a special event. He used his tongue and after a few moments her body began to respond. Slowly her juices started flowing. A couple minutes later a moan escaped and her hips began to move. She didn't know what her body was doing, but it was feeling good. A few minutes later and she would have begged for it were it not for the gag. When he body finally released it's first ever orgasm she thought she might explode. Waves of pleasure thrashed over her body and her whole body tingled. He saw how hard her nipples had become and he lowered the swing so he could gently suck on them. His whole face was wet from her cum. He longed to see these nipples full of milk from his babies.

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