tagErotic HorrorLilith Shorts: A Night with Tinera Ch. 07

Lilith Shorts: A Night with Tinera Ch. 07


Hours later Will was laying in bed with Tinera with blankets all over the place. They were both covered in sweat and other fluids as the scent of sex filled the room. Will's cock was dripping cum from the tip as it was red and used up as Tinera rolled over giving him a kiss on the lips as she placed her hand on his chest and laid her head down on his shoulder.

"That was insane!" Will said still catching his breath.

"Oh yeah, I haven't been pleased like this in a long time."


"Really, in fact, I want you to stay here, with me."

"Well, I really should get home."

"Well, if you must but," she said sitting up and hovering above him a moment. "You better be back tomorrow."

"Um, yeah I totally will, just hope my parents don't find out."

"I don't think that will be a problem."


"Don't worry about it, just make sure you come back to me." She said kissing him again climbing on top of him as his hands wrapped around her waist. "One more for the road?" She asked with a smile teasing his cock which was getting hard again.

"Jesus, I don't know, it might kill me at this point." He said half-jokingly.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure you don't die."

She kissed him again as his cock gently slid back inside her. She knew he was tired so she wasn't very rough this time as she started moving her hips. Will was still in shock at everything that had happened over the last few hours. He met this beautiful woman and has been fucking her non-stop all evening. It seemed too good to be true as he felt another orgasm building while his hands slid up her body feeling her breasts before she took his hand and suck on his fingers a little.

Tinera couldn't believe how much fun she was having with this young man. The moment she saw him she wanted him but now that she has had him multiple times she didn't want to give him up. Every time they had sex he brought her to orgasm with little effort which is something most humans really had to try to do with her. Even Jake had to work extra hard to please her but this young man did it with ease.

Will sat up kissing her chest and sucking on her breasts. Tinera let out a moan of approval as his tongue played with her nipples before she grabbed his hair holding him close. She started to feel goosebumps which was strange because Demons usually didn't. She wanted to break from her human form and have her way with him in her true demonic beauty but she held back like she didn't want to scare him away which didn't make much sense to her.

"Oh, God!" Will said as she massages his cock with the inner walls of her pussy. "This is the best... Shit!"

"Oh yeah, cum for me again!" She whined as her body began to shiver waiting for an orgasm.

They held each other tightly as they let out a yell before both of them shared an amazing pleasure simultaneously. It was such an intense feeling even after the number of times they had already had sex. She held him in her arms not wanting to let him go but after a few minutes, she did knowing he needed to go home and get some rest.

"Oh wow, I think I love you!" He said as he rested his head against her breasts.


"Sorry, I'm tired, but you are just so amazing!"

She sat there holding him for a moment longer confused. She had never heard anyone say that to her before, even in a joking fashion. When they started he had also said she was beautiful which was also strange because she had been called sexy, or hot and other things of that nature but nobody had ever called her beautiful before and it made her feel a little strange.

"Well I um, I gotta go, but I promise I'll be back." He said as she climbed off of him.

"You better." She said pulling him in kissing him again. "I want you so badly!"

"You're making it hard for me to leave." He said as her lips were still tasting his.

"Then don't, I can show you so much more Will, your cock will never get bored with me, oh I want to keep you!"

"I am all yours, just let me run home, get some rest, and then tomorrow I am all yours again."

"Okay," she said almost pouting a little with her bottom lip curled.

Will went to find his clothes before he headed home. Tinera laid in bed for a while just thinking about what he had said to her. Even though he may not have been serious it made her feel things she never had before. She began to consider staying here and just fucking him over and over again which is something she had never considered before.

She grabbed a robe and put it on before heading out to the living room where she noticed someone sitting in the recliner out of the corner of her eye. She glanced over and saw a beautiful redhead that she knew all too well sitting there with something in her hand which she soon recognized as the DVD she was trapped in.

"No, oh please no!" Tinera said as tears filled her eyes.

"I'm sorry old friend, I have tried everything I could but in order to get them out it would take 4 souls, just like it took 2 to release you, those are numbers I just can't justify."

"Please don't, I was finally free, and I just found someone who..." She said falling to the floor sobbing.

"Found what?"

"I want more time with him, I know I've done horrible things but I... I don't want to go back, I thought you said you could break the curse?"

"I said I would try but I can't, it is ancient and strong, I may be able to alter it slightly but that is all."

Nessira stood up and walked over to her before she got down on the floor and wrapped her arms around her. This had become even harder for her now as Tinera was a friend from her darker years and hearing her apparently becoming attached to someone filled her with regret that she had to put her back in her prison.

Tinera suddenly noticed a little red diamond ring on Nessira's hand as she pulled away to get a better look at it. Her mouth dropped as she looked up at her old friend confused but also a little excited at the same time.

"Is this?" She asked.

"It's... Complicated, but yes."

"That man, Patrick, he asked you?"

"He did."

"The Red Witch, I never thought you would say to something so ridiculous but, I am so happy for you."

"Thank you, I never thought I'd hear you say that either, but tell me about this man you like?"

"He lives next door, I corrupted his Mother to lure him over here and fuck him but, he is just so good at it you know, and he called me... He said I was beautiful."

Nessira smiled a little before she said: "Demons, such simple and easy creatures."

"I know it sounds silly, look Nessira, if this is the only way then so be it, you know as well as I do I deserve this."

"I know, and I promise I will keep trying to find a way to release you."

"I know you will," Tinera said before she hugged Nessira again.

She heard Nessira speaking the words that would put her back as she closed her eyes and waited for the end. She didn't want to go back but all these new feelings were making her change her outlook on certain things so she almost found peace with it as a bright light shined in her eyes and she knew she was back.

Nessira stood up looking at the DVD with Tinera on the cover. She glanced into the bedroom and saw Jake and Amy asleep and back to normal so she stepped in and used a memory charm on them to help them move past everything that had happened to them.


The next morning Will was up early as his parents were still asleep with there door closed. He decided not to wake them as he ran next door to see Tinera. He knocked in the front door and rang the doorbell and waited a few moments. When the door finally opened he saw Jake standing there like he had just woken up barely keeping his eyes open.

"Will? Everything alright?"

"Oh, hey Jake, you're back?"

"Back? What are you talking about?"

"Weren't you away, and your friend Tinera was house sitting for you?"


Will stood there suddenly confused by everything that was going on. Jake and Amy were back with no memory of events that had transpired and worst of all Tinera seemed to be gone. He felt a pit in his stomach as he realized she may be gone for good.

"You know what, never mind, my mistake." He said turning away confused and embarrassed as Jake closed the door.

"Who was that Honey?" Amy said standing behind him in her robe.

"It was all a dream right?"

Amy stood there with a horrified look in her eyes before she said: "let's just say it was, now let's go back to bed." As she took his hand and led him back to the bedroom.


Days had gone by and Will was not himself. His Mother seemed to be back to her normal self again which was a relief. Robert never realized what had happened to her but their sex life was much more interesting now and Will spent a lot of time with his door shut so he wouldn't hear anything but he missed Tinera and was upset that he had no idea where she had gone or why Jake and Amy didn't remember what had happened.

He was looking on his computer and had typed in the name Tinera just to see if he could find anything about her on social media or anything that may tell him where she had gone. What he found was a little more disturbing as he found articles and stories about a demon who would sexually corrupt people and even turn them into demons to get what she wanted. She would lure men in like a succubus would and corrupt them and the people they cared about.

He thought about how strange his Mom had been acting after visiting her the other day and then all the sex her and his dad had been having as well. It was crazy but he kept reading and learned about how she was trapped in a book long ago. It was a curse that trapped her in a story called "A Night with Tinera" and if someone read it she could seduce them and even have her way with them. If she could get her hands on two she could suck them in and gain her freedom for a limited time.

He thought about Jake and Amy and how they had disappeared for a few days only to return with no apparent memory of what had happened. It all seemed weird to him but then he started to realize that she hadn't corrupted him or changed him at all. They had tons of sex in one day and he was the same person he always was.

The next day he was getting the mail before he headed back inside. He saw Jake mowing the lawn and waved to him as he waved back before continuing his lawn work. As Will stepped back inside the house he saw a padded envelope with his name on it mixed in with the other mail. He dropped the stuff for his parents on the counter before he headed upstairs and into his room closing the door behind him.

He looked at the envelope that had a return address labeled "Liliths Erotic Emporium" which he thought was a little odd. He opened up the package and saw a DVD case come sliding out with a sexy Demon on the cover. He thought it was a little weird that someone had sent him a porn video but he noticed the title said "A Night with Tinera," which suddenly got him a little confused. He also saw a small note which he picked up and read that said:


As you have no doubt read about the curse I am placing this in your safekeeping. Tinera likes you which is something she has never done before. While I work to break her curse I was able to alter it a little making her your own little sex slave. Please take good care of her for me.


Nessira Ravenhill"

Will was a little more confused but he quickly put the DVD in the player and turned it on locking the door first. There was just a leather couch on the screen with nobody there. It was definitely playing as he waited until suddenly he saw her appear only it wasn't the devil girl on the case it was her the way he remembered her. She smiled and sat down wearing a red dress that hid very little as she smiled at the camera.

"William, I am sorry I had to leave before I could explain everything to you." She said as he realized she must have recorded this for him. "I have a price to pay, and this is my prison, but for now I hope it is okay if I visit with you one last time."

"I really hope you do." He said to the screen.

"Good." A voice said from behind him making him jump off the bed as he turned around and saw her sitting there on the edge wearing the same red dress.

"Holy shit, how did you, where did you?"

"Shh," she said standing up and kissing him. "It's hard to explain, but I am here, I wanted to see you one last time." She said as he noticed she was no longer on the tv screen anymore.

"Wait, weren't you just..."

"I was."

"And now your here?"

"I am."


"I hope this doesn't frighten you, but I am a demon, a sex demon to be exact."

"So, what I read was true?"

"It is, I did something bad, and I did something bad to your mother."

"Wait, what did you do, is she okay?"

"She returned to normal the moment I was sent back to my prison, but I corrupted her and she fucked your Dad repeatedly so I could have you all to myself."

"That's... Fucked up, but why did you want me?"

"Because you were sexy, and young, and just so irresistible."


"Look, I don't expect you to forgive me, but just know I had an amazing day with you, I am a few thousand years old and nobody has fucked me like you did."



"Oh, okay, well someone named Nessira asked me to take look after you."

"Wait, she what?"

"She left me this note." He said handing her the piece of paper.

As she read it he noticed a tear fall from her eye before she said: "That Bitch, that wonderful bitch! I thought she was just letting me see you one more time!"

"Well, I now have possession of this little DVD, which seems to be the only way I can see you now, as long as you don't mind being my own little sex slave?" He said suddenly wondering if it was a good idea to tease a demon.

"Sex slave, you think you can handle Tinera, the things I will do to you, your cock will jump off and chase after me like a lost dog if I leave the room." Will gulped hearing this from her getting aroused. "All I want to do is fuck you, as many times as possible!" She said wrapping her arm around him kissing him with passion. "So where should we begin?"

"Well, how about you surprise me, oh wait, shit, my parents are right downstairs."

"Not a problem." She said as she snapped her finger.

"What was that?"

"Oh, nothing." She said with a devilish grin before she was down on her knees pulling his pants open l sliding his cock out to have her way with.


Downstairs in the living room, Veronica was vacuuming while Robert walked in from the backyard after fixing up a small fence when he saw Veronica suddenly turn off the vacuum and walk over to him. She suddenly had a strange look in her eye as she got close to him.

"Hey Honey, the fence is all fixed and I um..." He stopped as she suddenly kissed him pushing him against the wall with some force. After a moment she pulled her lips away and slowly got down on her knees before she started pulling his pants open. "Holy shit, again?" He said as her lips were suddenly around his cock sucking him like a sexual demon bent on drinking every ounce of his cum.

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