Lilly Ch. 04


The sound oh shouting jerked Lilly out of her alcohol induced coma, slowly regaining consciousness she groaned in pain as the price of drinking so much the night before caught up with her.

"Oh man what did I do?" she asked "and where am I anyway?"

The night before was mostly a blur she remembered going to the party and having a few drinks then something about dancing, after that it all kind of faded.

"What's going on down there?" asked Alice sitting up beside her yawning sleepily

Lilly jerked in surprise and looked around her properly, for the first time she realized that not only was she completely naked but there were two other girls buck naked laying beside her one of whom she had no recollection of ever having met before.

"I must have had a lot more to drink last night then I thought." She said to herself

Just as she was completing this thought the door to the room burst open causing all three of the beds occupants to jerk in surprise, two large men in the uniforms of the local police department stood in the door and behind them another could be seen leading a confused looking girl down the hall.

"Out of bed ladies, this is a bust, we got a tip that there was some underage drinking going on here tonight" said the officer

Stepping into the room the officer grabbed Lilly by the arm pulling her out of the warm embrace of the two girls beside her and pulling her towards the pile of clothing lumped in one corner of the room.

"Get dressed." He said gesturing to the pile "and make it quick." He added

Sifting through the pile of clothing Lilly found the black bra and matching panties she had been wearing the night before, with coordination dulled by capacious amounts of alcohol Lilly pulled on the tight underwear pausing only momentarily to adjust the bra before pulling on the skirt and blouse she had come to the party with. The officer grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the hall leaving the other officer to supervise the other girl's compliance to their demands.

"Put your hands on the wall and spread your legs." The officer ordered

"Why?" asked Lilly

"I need to pat you down." Said the officer with a wicked grin

Forcing her against the wall the officer slid his hands down her arms checking for concealed weapons. Lilly felt his powerful hands slide over her arms before sliding around and grasping her breasts, reaching in through the top of her shirt his hands reached in and grasped her delicate flesh his fingers sliding over her nipples causing her to gasp in surprise at the unexpected intrusion and her nipples to harden at the sudden stimulation. The officer smirked at her surprise twisting her nipples cruelly between his thumb and forefinger causing Lilly to whimper in discomfort. Withdrawing his hands from her shirt he continued patting down the rest of her body.

"Your clean." Said the officer

Pushing her back against the wall he pulled her hands behind her before pulling out a pair of handcuffs and binding her hands with them.

"What am I being arrested for?" Lilly demanded inquiringly

"Illegal consumption of alcohol of course, the other girls here said they didn't know how old you were and said you told them you were over 21 so they aren't going to be busted but you and a few others including your friend from in there are all going to be hauled down town." He said

Leading her down the stairs the officer pushed her into the back of a police cruiser and slammed the door shut behind her. Lilly wriggled on the seat uncomfortable at being constrained by the cold binding steel of the cuffs behind her back she sighed in resignation as the officer got into the drivers seat and headed down town.


Lilly sat on the uncomfortable seat in the central booking unit of the down town police department. Through it was down town the central booking unit was a cramped and dreary building, rows of uncomfortable blue metal chairs lined the cement walls which were devoid of even the most superficial decoration which in conjunction with the plain cement floor lent the room a depressingly gray color across from the double glass doors they had entered through a single steel door stood beside a thick bullet proof window behind which an officer sit filling out the paper work necessary to admit the girls. Alice and another girl Lilly hadn't met were cuffed to some other chairs across the room leaving them spaced enough that they could all only look at each other in sympathy.

"It could be worse," Lilly thought to herself "at least this place isn't swarming with creeps"

Lilly looked up at the sound of the heavy steel door unbolting and a female cop walked through. Heading over to Lilly the cop unhooked her from the chair and lead her towards the steel door.

"Where are we going?" asked Lilly worriedly

"I need to check you for weapons or drugs before we can admit you" said the officer

The officer lead her into the nearest room before closing the door behind them.

"Take off your clothing." Said the officer

"The male cop already checked me when they arrested me." Said Lilly "Why do I need to be checked again?" she asked

"its standard procedure." Stated the officer "Now are you going to strip or do I need to call in some help and hold you down" she asked

Lilly started removing her clothing while the female officer put on a latex glove. Unbeknownst to Lilly a group of male officers where watching from behind a large one way mirror. She finished removing her clothing letting her thong drop to the ground and stood exposed waiting for the exam to start. Closing her eyes in an effort to pretend this wasn't happening Lilly felt the officers fingers start to probe her body, poking at her arms and position her for greater ease of access the officer probed her mouth checking for any hidden drugs. Lilly opened her eyes in shock as she felt the officer's fingers penetrate her pussy exploring it for contraband.

"You like that you horny slut?" laughed the officer as Lilly shuddered from the forced orgasm the officers fingers had caused

Lilly shook her head in denial and shame trying to hold back another orgasm as the officers rough examination of her pussy continued. The officer withdrew her fingers slick with Lilly's cum and forced them into Lilly's mouth.

"You like that?" she asked sarcastically laughing at the shame on Lilly's face

Turning to address the one way mirror the officer informed her colleges on the other side that Lilly had no contraband hidden in or on her.

"Bring her in here." Commanded a voice from the other side of the mirror

The officer tossed Lilly her bra and panties informing her that the rest of her clothing would be returned to her when she was released. Lilly was lead through the hall and into a darkened room which was lit only from the light coming through three windows, looking through the windows Lilly recognized the room she had just been in. She could see seven or eight male officers gathered around one of the windows. The female officer led her over to the window and looking through it she saw Alice undressing for another officer.

"I need you to jump" The officer informed Alice

"Jump?" Alice asked confused

"Yes, as in jumping jacks it will ensure that any contraband you have hidden on your body fall out" the officer said.

Alice finished removing her clothing and started jumping. Lilly could feel herself starting to get aroused as she watched Alice's D cup breasts bounce each time she jumped. Lilly felt her nipples start to get hard and glancing around at the other cops she realized could tell that she wasn't the only one who was getting turned on by the show. The other officer finished searching Alice and Lilly was led out into the hall to meet her before they were both led to the back of the building were the communal cells were.

The communal cells consisted of two large cells on either side of the room and a smaller one in the middle. The cells were simple steel bars and the insides were sparse containing a few wooden benches and a toilet. The two large cells were full of men who started hooting and hollering when they saw the two barely covered teens being led in. Lilly could feel her face color with shame. The officer leading them opened the middle cell leading each of them over to a separate bench he cuffed them with their arms in front before attaching a four foot chain tether to the bars above them, long enough so they could lie down on the benches but not much else. The officer walked out pulling the door to the cell shut behind him.

"We will be back in awhile after we finish the paper work" the officer informed them, leaving the room the girls could hear the heavy metal door swing shut and the heavy bolt slide into place

"Aren't you a pretty little thing?" asked one of the men in the cell next to Lilly

Lilly tried to squirm away from the cell wall but the tether didn't give her much room to escape. Two of the men came closer and reached through the bars; they lifted her from the bench pulling her tight against the wall of the cell.

"Leave her alone!" cried Alice struggling in vain with her tether in an effort to rescue Lilly from their hands.

Lilly could feel the rough hands of the criminals reach through the bars and start pawing at her body. Lilly struggled as hard as she could but her efforts were no match for the raw strength of the men holding her. She felt her thong tear as one of the men ripped them from her body leaving her bare to his exploring fingers, but Lilly's attention was quickly diverted from this when another of the convicts stood up on his bench and pulled down his pants revealing a massive erection.

"Suck it!" he ordered

Grabbing a handful of Lilly's hair the man forcer her head sideways with her cheek pressed against the bars of the cell and forced his cock against her lips. Lilly gritted her teeth and refused to allow the throbbing member past her lips, but the criminal quickly solved this problem by pinching shut her nose and quickly shoved his cock into her mouth when she came up for air. Lilly could feel the hands of the other men who had gathered around the cell pawing at her body and her bra quickly fell away as someone undid it from behind. Lilly writhed trying to escape the heavily callused hands which grasped her breasts in a rough grip pinching her nipples cruelly and squeezing her tender flesh.

"Help!" Alice cried out

Lilly opened her eyes and saw that Alice was having the same problem she was as the men in her cell had quickly pinned her against the wall, using her bra they had secured her hands above her head and pulled her ass against the cell. Lilly could here the wet sound of a cock pounding into Alice's pussy and surmised that one of the men was fucking her from between the bars. Lilly moaned around the cock in her mouth as the fingers in her pussy increased their pace quickly bringing her to a climax despite her unwillingness. Lilly shuddered as she came on his fingers, her legs felt rubbery and if it hadn't been for the support of the hands pinning her against the wall she would have collapsed. A groan of the man above her signaled the start of his orgasm and she nearly choked on the amount of cum he shot into her mouth.

The heavy metal door clicked as the bolt slid back and an officer entered the room. The men quickly released the girls, backing against the wall of their cells. Lilly looked over at Alice who was panting heavily, thick ribbons of cum dripping out from between her legs.

"Lilly Anderson?" the cop enquired

Lilly nodded affirmation

"The sergeant wants to talk to you about a deal." said the officer

Lilly was unshackled and led out of the cell, leaving Alice behind she walked down the hall entering another room like the one she had been in before except that this one had a large metal table and a couple of chairs in it. Another cop sat in one of the chairs leaning against the back wall his face mostly in shadow lit only from the ember of the cigarette which he held in the corner of his mouth.

"Are you the sergeant?" Lilly asked nervously

"Yes" he said "I'm going to make you a deal Miss Anderson."

"What kind of deal?" she asked her voice thick with suspicion.

For obvious reasons Lilly wasn't overly trusting of cops after the experience she had had so far that day.

"Well watching the performance you and your little friend there put on so far has got a lot of my coworkers hot and bothered. So we are going to fuck you and in return we are going to drop all the charges against you and pretend like this never happened." He said

"No!" said Lilly venomously

"That wasn't really a question you dumb slut." Said the sergeant

The sergeant grabbed Lilly and shoved her to the ground, pulling out his cock.

"Get to work, I know you already know what to do." He said sitting back down his cock hanging out of his pants.

Lilly crawled over to him hindered by the cuffs which still restrained her hands. She grasped his cock and began sliding her hands up and down his thick shaft before bending down and sucking its length into her mouth. The sergeant groaned in pleasure as her still armature mouth engulfed his cock. He grabbed the back of her head shoving it down onto his lap and forcing her to take his entire cock into her mouth. Lilly gagged as the sergeants cock hit the back of her throat, running her hands up and down his shaft in sync with the movements of her mouth Lilly pleasured the officer.

"Here it comes slut!" groaned the officer

Lilly tried to pull back but the sergeant's hand on the back of her head kept his cock deep insider her mouth emptying his entire load inside her mouth. Pulling back at last Lilly felt some of his cum drip out of her mouth and down her chin

"Can I go now?" Lilly asked her voice filled with shame

"HA! Of course not we are just getting started!" Laughed the sergeant

"No way! I'm done I want to go home!" Lilly cried

"That's ok it's more fun when you struggle anyway." Said the sergeant

Lifting her off the ground he threw her roughly onto the cold metal table. Unclipping her hands he reached under the table revealing cuffs on tethers similar to the ones she had been restrained with before which had been attached to the four legs of the table. With skilled hands the sergeant adeptly pinned her legs and arms leaving her helpless and spread eagle on the table.

"Now you should probably relax or this might hurt." Said the sergeant

Pulling out his night stick from his belt he spit on the end attempting to give it some lube. Positioning its tip right above her opening he slowly began to slide the massive instrument inside her tight pussy

Lilly writhed in a mix of pain and pleasure as she was penetrated by the stick, struggling against the cuffs vainly in an attempt to escape the intrusion of the stick inside her.

"You know I wouldn't be able to get this thing inside you if you weren't so wet already you slut." Said the Sergeant

Reaching its maximum depth the sergeant started to slide the night stick in and out of her picking up his pace until it was almost a blur. After a few moments Lilly stopped trying to resist the violation and moaned in pleasure. Rising her hips to meet each thrust of the night stick she threw her head back and screamed as she came collapsing on the table and shuddering as her orgasm went through her covering the night stick in her cum.

"I would say you are probably big enough for Johnson now." Laughed the sergeant withdrawing the night stick and wiping her own cum off on Lilly's leg

The door to the interrogation room opened and three more cops walked in eyeing Lilly up and down as she lay on the table still recovering from her last orgasm.

One of the cops, Lilly saw, was the same female cop who had searched her earlier. Now that she was out of uniform Lilly saw that she was quite attractive, dark red hair was pulled back in a tight pony tail, she was wearing police issue sweats and a tight t-shit which did nothing to conceal her ample breasts and trim figure that looked to be exceptionally toned from years on the force.

The female cop walked over examining Lilly's sweating nude body still restrained by the cuffs. Lilly groaned when she flicked Lilly clit lightly with her right index finger, sliding it down the length of her slit she inserted it inside, feeling the muscles of Lilly's pussy still constricting from her powerful orgasm.

The lady cop pulled off her sweats revealing the fact that she wasn't wearing any panties underneath. She climbed on the table, straddling Lilly's face with her hips. Grabbing Lilly's head and pulling it up into her crotch she instructed her to suck on her clit.

"You go Lisa!" one of the male officers cheered

Lisa moaned as Lilly's tongue slid inside her pussy in and out quickly in succession and her hands slid up under her shirt taking only a moment to strip the garment from her back leaving her in nothing but her socks and shoes.

The other two males followed suit striping out of their shirts and pants their thick cocks standing proudly at attention as they jostled for position, arguing over who would get to fuck Lilly first.

"That's right! Lick my pussy you little slut!" Lisa cried out convulsing on top of Lilly's face

Just as she could taste the officers cum in her mouth one of the men thrust his cock inside her, grabbing her hips for leverage he proceeded to fuck her roughly.

Lisa climbed down from the table and the other cop took her place, straddling Lilly's chest me slid his cock in between her breasts pushing them to cover his erection. Grasping her tits he started to thrust in and out sliding his long thick cock in between her breasts, using her cleavage as a surrogate pussy.

Lilly heard the cop who was fucking her pussy cry out as he shot is load inside her, almost in sync the officer who was fucking her tits picked up his pace before shooting his load in between her breasts covering her chest and neck in his cum.

More cops came in to replace the two who had finished. Unlocking her from the table the cop lifted her carrying her over to one of the chairs. Sitting down he lifted her onto his cock and instructed her to start riding him while one of his friends came up over his shoulder and shoved his cock in her mouth.

Lilly heard moaning that wasn't her own and glanced to one side to see Lisa on the table. The sergeant had lain down on the table and Lisa was riding his cock, another officer had joined them and together they were double teaming the horny cop. Lilly watched in fascination as the two men tried to sync up their thrusting, one would slide out of her pussy while the other one pounded into her ass and then they would switch. After a little work the two men were pounding into her at the same time pinning her body between them as they fucked her. Lisa was shuddering from orgasm after orgasm as she was speared from both sides but her coworkers cocks kept her from falling off as she went limp from pleasure, without missing a beat both cops pumped her full of their cum.

Lilly's head was jerked roughly as in her fascination with the double teaming going on beside her she had neglected the cock of the officer in front of her. Lilly resumed sucking sliding her tongue up and down his shaft while gyrating her hips in time with the thrusts coming from beneath her.

"God don't stop!" Lilly begged

"I'm going to cum!" cried the officer beneath her

Lilly thrust down as hard as she could trying to get the officer to fuck her harder as she rode on his rigid shaft. The hot sensation of his cum pumping into her set her over the edge and she shuddered and collapsed on top of him. Seconds later the other officer came on her face covering her in his thick sperm.

Lilly lay in the arms of the cop beneath her panting heavily her body covered in sweat and cum. The officer played with her tits gently as they watched Lisa getting fucked.

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