tagLesbian SexLilo vs. Nadine

Lilo vs. Nadine


Searching all around the U.S., we've brought you the twelve fiercest, dominating, well-hung futanari we could find. And now, we're going to throw them in a ring with one another to dominate one another. Six entry rounds, three follow-ups, and one threeway championship match you won't want to miss. All for the chance to be called the champ - and a grand prize of $50k. The goal of each round is simple. Be the first to cum in your opponent - choosing whatever entry they desire. Or, get your opponent to tap out, or black out. The catch? No match is the same, or in the same location. They can range from a setting of the beach, to a bedroom, to a pool, to an actual ring. The different environments will be sure to keep things interesting. (Final rounds, for now, are an exception). So, are you ready for some rough riding entertainment?


Stepping out onto the patio, Lilo let her eyes rest on the shimmering light blues of the pool before her. With a brow raised as she came to a stop, she watched her opponent, Nadine, step out from the opposite building entrance. Sporting a gold bikini top as opposed to Lilo's white one, both of them made to be bottomless, Nadine stopped at the edge of the pool, glancing around the large, though challenging arena it provided before looking up at her opponent, who seemed to be smirking. Frowning in skepticism, Nadine glanced downwards, eyeing between Lilo's legs with a groan. Both erect with anticipation, even from their distance between one another, Nadine could see the difference in size. Huffing, she looked up at Lilo with narrowed eyes. She wasn't about to let size determine the outcome of the match.

"Don't get cocky! The length of your dick ain't gonna matter when you're choking on mine," Nadine shot out in a warning, but the remark only made Lilo smile.

She even began to giggle as she came to stand at the edge of the pool, her head shaking. She wasn't amused because of their size difference. Nadine glared. She was going to wipe that smile clean off. Sliding into the pool, Nadine watched Lilo do the same as she inched towards the middle of the shallow end. Arms raised above the water and ready to lunge at her opponent, Nadine was itching for the start of the match, as was Lilo, who couldn't have been happier about the setting. Having grown up on waves her entire life, she was like a fish in water - literally.

"Ready," the announcer boomed over the loud speakers, encouraging the girls to get into battle ready positions. Smiling, Lilo leaned forward a bit, her arms mimicking Nadine's as they hovered above the water. Nadine scoffed, shaking her head as she cracked her knuckles. "Fight!" they shouted, setting off a blow horn and signaling the beginning of the match.

Nadine wasted no time, pushing forward and grabbing hold of Lilo's inner shoulders. Lilo staggered a bit before being shoved under the water with force, Nadine jumping up in order to hold Lilo down with her weight. But Nadine gasped, coughing on an upward splash of water when Lilo went under further to get away from her grasp. Gaining her balance, Nadine's head was on a constant swivel around her, looking for Lilo's body, only to furrow her brows when seeing it emerge behind her.

Without a word, Lilo wrapped her arms around Nadine's waist and roughly yanked back and downwards, sending them both plunging into the water. Eyes shut tight, Nadine wriggled in Lilo's grip as they sunk to the bottom of the pool, only able to get out of it when jerking her elbow behind her into Lilo's chest. Pushing up to the surface, Nadine gasped when her head poked free, eyes red and glaring from the chlorine.

"That all you got?" Nadine sneered as she turned around to face Lilo, who was still under water.

Taking in a breath, Nadine dove back in, sinking down and swimming towards Lilo, who was still smiling, still just happy about the arena of choice. While she wasn't faster in water than on land, she was arguably well adapted, and knew how to move her body to optimize her speed. But before she could showcase such talents, Nadine had closed in, her strength giving her similar abilities. Bouncing away when Nadine swung her arms out to get a hold of her, Lilo made a quick hop to the surface, taking in a fresh breath and backing away towards the pool's wall.

Resting her arms up on the edge of said wall, she waited for Nadine to draw closer before shoving her feet out and stomping down on either of her shoulders, effectively, even if just for a moment, holding her under. Nadine thrashed beneath her, spinning around and pushing off the wall with her feet to get away from the beginnings of a trap. Bouncing to the surface, she took in a fresh breath, groaning and power walking towards the Hawaiian with increasing frustration.

"Get serious, already!" Nadine shouted as she charged ahead.

Lilo giggled as she pushed off the wall, diving into the water and aiming to tackle Nadine's waist. But Nadine was ready for the impact. Stopping her charge, she braced herself instead, holding her arms out in the water to catch her opponent. Grabbing a hand full of Lilo's hair, she secured a grip before pushing her down. Putting one leg over Lilo's shoulder, she scoffed as she smirked.

"Got you," Nadine sneered as she reached down with her other hand to claw at Lilo's face.

Not having expected a strike to hurt as it did, Lilo's eyes shut in pain, her body jerking back though unable to gain any distance because of Nadine's leg. When her lips parted in pain, it was then that Nadine took the chance to shove her hardened length into Lilo's mouth - and succeed. Nadine groaned in satisfaction as she hurriedly pumped her hips forward, though was unable to steady herself on one foot. Lilo, quick to break the hold and attempt at a win, sunk further into the pool, attempting to force Nadine to release her hold.

But Nadine wasn't about to give up her first hold that easily. Taking in a breath, she let Lilo drag her under with her, using that time and Lilo's lack of stance to hook her other leg over Lilo's other shoulder, so that she was more or less sitting on Lilo's face when they hit the bottom of the pool. Honey brunette hair swaying above her in her high pony tail, Nadine grinned as she watched the look of surprise etch its way onto Lilo's face. Perhaps she'd overestimated her agile advantage against Nadine's impatience. Jerking Lilo's head closer to her crotch, Nadine planned on proving that to be exactly the case. Gagging, Lilo's eyes widened as she realized the dangers of being facefucked underwater, even with a size so much smaller than her own.

Almost frantically, Lilo started thrashing about against the pool's floor, her feet pushing, but unable to gain any leverage. Hands clawing at Nadine's thighs, she continued to wriggle about, making it increasingly hard for Nadine to get any further in her assault. Especially with their timer for air running out as it was. Bubbles gushing up from Nadine's crotch, Lilo let out a choking whine as her back arched. And as much as Nadine wanted to keep her under to win from a knock out, she was just as desperate for air. With no other option but calling it quits, Nadine unhooked her legs, reluctantly pulling out from her opponent as she pushed up towards the surface, though keeping her hold in Lilo's roots. Both their heads poking through, the girls gasped for a handful of seconds, Lilo's hands reaching up and trying to pry Nadine's from the top of her head.

"Oh no you - ugh!" Nadine growled, then grunted when she was forced to let go after a kick to the stomach. "Agh!" she groaned when she was tackled back under.

Laying Nadine's body horizontally as best she could, Lilo took the same approach to entering Nadine's mouth. Legs moving over Nadine's shoulders as she struggled, Lilo yanked Nadine's mouth open and briefly dunked herself down in order to hook her tip between her lips. Pulling up on Nadine's head as she stood back up, she moaned as she succeeded in shoving in four of her twelve inches, feeling Nadine gag as she clamped her thighs around her head. Hands secured on either side of Nadine's head, Lilo breathed a giggle as her opponent's legs kicked, unable to find the pool's floor in her horizontal position.

"Tough little shit," Lilo panted, admittedly impressed at how long Nadine was able to hold her breath in that attempted pin. "Not too smart though," she breathed as she slowly, carefully, inched her way towards the corner of the pool, which housed stairs to lead into it.

Her plan was to pin the back of Nadine's head down against one of the submerged stairs and use the railing to apply pressure and keep her under, to win by either knock out, or by orgasm - whichever came first. Nadine, feeling the movement, increased her efforts in her struggles, kicking downwards as she was dragged along in order to touch the floor of the pool. She kicked off it the moment she could, propelling herself out of Lilo's grip, and prying her cock from the beginnings of her throat while knocking Lilo back into the water, her legs' positions in front of her shoulders causing her to trip backwards.

Coughing as she immerged from the shallow end, resting against the stairs she had been dragged to, she glared in Lilo's direction, who had just popped out of the water for a breath.

"Nice try," Nadine huffed as she lunged at her again, going straight for the Hawaiian's drenched black curls. Lilo shrieked in pain was she was forcefully yanked towards the stairs and straddled against them. "Fuck knocking you out," Nadine huffed as she pinned the back of Lilo's head to one of the steps that was only just submerged, allowing Lilo's face to stay above the water. "I want to see you choke down this fucking wad."

Straddling Lilo's face, Nadine thrust her cock head back into Lilo's mouth as she panted and held onto Nadine's arms from her lack of preparation. Her plan had been flipped, and now that they were both running out of energy, Lilo had found herself on the bottom. Trying to jerk her head away, Nadine jerked it back in to place with vengeance, her jaw tense as she pumped her hips downwards against Lilo's face. Her feet hooking against the step, she yanked Lilo's head closer as she exhaled a groan.

"Yeah," she hissed, roughly rocking her hips into the beginnings of a rythym, while Lilo's hands continuously smacked and clawed at Nadine's arms, her fingers snagging against her bikini top and ripping it off in the process - or close to. The back detached, it hung by the knot behind Nadine's neck, the frabic shifting from her large B cup, which was held together from the pressure from her arms.

"It looks like this might be over, folks!" the announcer shouted over the loud speaker as the pin took hold.

Lilo's kicking only succeeded in banging her head against the steps, and Nadine was settling in for the ride. One in which the struggle to accomplish it made it all the more enjoyable. Lilo whined at the threat in the announcer's words. Her eyes shut tight as she gagged around Nadine's length, which was being carelessly hammered away at this point. It wasn't long before her nose crumbled against Nadine's crotch, her hips grinding hard against her face, and her length bulging her throat.

"Fuck," Nadine moaned as she threw her head back, one of her hands letting go of Lilo's hair in order to latch onto, and grope her own breast. "Come on," she hissed.

"It's only a matter of time, now!" gushed the announcer.

Jaw tense, Lilo decided to take a chance. Lifting her body up with one leg, she jerked her other leg up and hooked it around Nadine's torso. "What's this!" the announcer hollered as Nadine's eyes shot open. A moment later, she'd been flung from her pin, and Lilo had been freed. Gasping when Nadine's cock left her throat, she wasted no time in diving back into the water and swimming away to gain some distance.

"Fucker!" Nadine screamed as she immerged from the water, head on a swivel. "Get back here!" she shouted, following Lilo into the deep-end.

Poking her head up once more, she dunked in, sinking to the bottom of the pool to await her opponent. One that was eager to finish blowing the load that had been so rudely interrupted.

Paddling her way into the deep-end, Nadine stopped near the miniature ladder, holding onto it to keep herself afloat with minimal effort. But before Nadine could shout to draw Lilo back out, she gasped as she was dragged under, grip on the latter slipping as she went. With the water being significantly darker on this end of the pool, it was that much harder to make Lilo out. Not that she had time to. The moment the dragging stopped, she was shoved around towards the ladder and bent over. Her arms shot out downwards to catch herself, but only succeeded in tangling them up behind the ladder, effectively putting her where Lilo needed.

She'd given up on the desire to peg Nadine's throat, Nadine having far too much strength to carry that out effectively under water. But her rear end was another story. Popping up above the surface, Lilo hurriedly gripped onto either railing of the ladder, and hooked both her feet in the last step, cornering Nadine's in her current position. And with her now unable to back up, she could no longer see to fix the positioning of her trapped arms. Her head, however, was able to poke out to breathe, her eyes wide when feeling the shaft of Lilo's hardened length pressing up between her cheeks.

"Shit," Nadine scowled, her ass pushing back against Lilo's crotch in an attempt to break out of being cornered, her feet hooking against the last step as well and trying to push against it. But Lilo was determined to maintain her grip, only releasing one hand in order to steady her shaft.

"That was close," Lilo panted as she aimed herself. "I was hoping to end this orally."

Nadine gargled as her head was dunked into the water the moment Lilo's cockhead forcefully poked its way into Nadine's puckered hole. Instantly, Lilo felt her walls clench, almost making her wince at the tightness.

"Fuck it," Lilo huffed as she roared, thrusting her hips forward and barely forcing in an inch. But it was enough to cork her mushroom head inside Nadine's ass, and enough to motivate Nadine to jerk her head out of the water to gasp a hollering reaction. "You're getting 12 inches straight up this tight ass."

"Wai -ugh!" Nadine protested before being dunked again, another inch forcing its way inside her, and demanding that her walls stretch around it to accommodate.

It wasn't until now that Nadine actually cared about their difference in size. She didn't know if it was possible to take a foot of cock up the ass. And even if she was able to escape the awkward hold she was in, she still wasn't thrilled about taking it all first. She'd have much rather swallowed the thing if it had come down to it. Her body writhed and bucked against Lilo, who groaned in pleasure as it only succeeded in shoving in another inch.

"That's the spirit," Lilo grunted as she roughly bucked her hips forward, making Nadine immerge from the water and cry out again, her walls squeezing desperately around Lilo's girth.

"Agh!" she groaned with grit teeth.

"And the tables have turned!" the announcer shouted with joy. "It doesn't look like Nadine's getting out of this one!"

"Bastard," Nadine growled before crying out again at another thrust. "Fuck this, I giv uurgh!"

Back under she went.

"Oh, no you don't. You're not going anywhere until I'm balls-deep," Lilo protested when Nadine tried to forfeit the match, having known that escaping was no longer an option. And with no voice to alert the announcer, and no hands to tap out, the match wasn't going to be over until Lilo decided it was.

Shoving Nadine's head down further until her shoulders painfully touched the pool's wall between the ladder to prevent it from popping back up for a while, Lilo started going to work. Gripping onto the ladder's railings, she held her breath, grit her teeth, and began harshly, and repeatedly ramming her hips forward. Thrust after thrust, and inch after inch, Lilo's cock disappeared within her opponent's tight ass. It took an entire minute to secure nine of her inches, and only that long to get her already swollen sack, eager to blow its load.

Jerking her body back against her dominator, Nadine finally poked her head free, allowing her to gasp and wheeze and moan and scream as she was pegged to Lilo's liking. But before she could attempt another scream for freedom, Lilo reached forward to clamp her hand over her mouth.

"Nope," Lilo panted as she hooked her elbows behind the ladder's railings, keeping them in their position as her hips pumped. "Three more to go," she breathed against Nadine's reddened ear, matching her reddened face.

Glaring through squinting red eyes, Nadine chomped down on Lilo's palm with everything she had, making Lilo both moth and scream. Nadine screeched a moment later when the last three inches were suddenly and violently rammed inside, finishing up the process of stretching her ass as it pressed against Lilo's crotch.

"Mm," Lilo moaned through a bitten lower lip. "Do it again," she whispered as she grinded her hips down against Nadine's ass. "Ugh, fuck," Lilo winced as she grinded harder, pulling back a moment and shoving her hips forward for her orgasm. Nadine cried out at the pressure of the rupture inside of her, only to have her head dunked under again, the bubbles from her screaming floating up as Lilo kept her head down with her hands, hips repeatedly pumping against her to coat her shaft in her warm and ever-flowing finish.

The cameras zoomed in on Lilo's indulgent expression, her tongue partially hanging in a smile, and her eyes half lidded as the wave took its course, bit of excess floating to the surface of the water as the announcer announced the name of the victor to the audience at home the finishing blow horn blaring in the room and echoing in the halls.

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