tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLily's Seattle Lesson Continues

Lily's Seattle Lesson Continues


Mr. Logan turned on the shower adjusting the heat and then stepped under the stream of water. He turned and looked at me standing in my wrinkled skirt, and torn stockings.

“Take your clothes off Lily; I need your help you know.” He said and waited as I shed my skirt and the remnants of the rest of my clothes. It seemed strange that this was the first time I had been naked in front of him, he had seen me before and yet still I had the urge to cover my body. Mr. Logan seemed to know what I was thinking. He shook his head and pulled me into the shower with him He ran his hands over my taunt nipples and let his fingers scrape over the underside of my breasts. He held me at arms length looking me up and down. Slowly he lowered one hand his finger tip trailing from between my breasts in a straight line downward, following the curve of my tummy. He circled my belly button as if it was my swollen pussy, and smiled at me as his fingers trailed lower. “I don’t know why you try to hide yourself from me Lily,” “Don’t you know by now I like the way you look.” My cheeks burned as I stared into his eyes. Hesitantly my hands went to his chest, my fingers caressing his nipples; slowly I leaned forward and kissed him. My tongue lapped at his skin, worshiping his heated wet flesh and feeling the power of his acceptance and admiration. His swelling shaft pressed into me and I sank to my knees and pressed my face against him.

“Thank you Mr. Logan.” I whispered as I pressed a kiss to the tip of him. Soaping my hands I began to clean him, rubbing the slippery soap between his legs, caressing his sack slowly, and touching every inch of him. As the water rinsed him I continued stroking him, laving him with my tongue until he was hard and pressing eagerly against my face. He groaned and pulled me up, sliding me against his body.

“As much as I want you to continue, we have to get going or we will be late.” He said smiling at my reluctance to stop.

“Where are we going?” I asked wondering what he had planned for us.

“Oh,” he smiled “We’re going out with Sam and Kylie” He said enjoying my worried reaction. “Your going to be good aren’t you?” He said pressing two fingers roughly between the cheeks of my ass.

“Yes.” I whimpered nodding my head. He laughed and gave my bottom a firm slap.

“Hurry up then.” He ordered stepping out of the shower. “I’ll lay out the dress I want you to wear.” He watched as I started scrubbing my skin. “Meet me downstairs in exactly 30 minutes” He warned. “Lily?”

“Yes sir?” I asked turning to look at him.

“Don’t keep me waiting!” He stared at me for a moment, slid two fingers inside my pussy and gave me a few slow strokes then left the room with a grin on his face.

I raced to finish my shower. I dried my hair in record time and applied my makeup with as little fuss as possible. By the time I entered the bedroom again he was gone and the only thing on the bed was a dress, a pair of sandals sat on the floor. The dress was not my style at all. There was nothing remotely modest about it. I slipped it on and looked in the mirror, as I tied it shut I gasped. It was tight across my tummy showing every curve. The neckline was low and there was no way to wear a bra with it. My breasts would be swaying for anyone to see. He had left me no underwear to wear and I felt bare in the dress with its single tie at the waist holding it on. I took several deep breaths and looked at the clock. I had 2 minutes to get downstairs. I slipped my feet into the sandals and hurried out the door. The elevator took forever to arrive and then stopped on what seemed like every floor on the way down. When the doors finally opened into the busy lobby, a huge clock on the wall that said I was late. Mr. Logan stood below the clock. He waited for me as I walked towards him, no emotion showing on his face.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered. I had tried so hard to be on time. I wanted the evening to be fun. He held me at arms length studying me. He motioned for me to turn for him. My blush increased but I slowly revolved around and once again faced him. He took my hand in his and raised my palm pressing a kiss to it.

“You were worth the wait, Lily; you look beautiful,” he smiled slightly, “Perhaps I will just give you a small spanking to remind you to be on time.” I gasped as his hand smoothed over my back and cupped my ass right there in the lobby with all those people watching. He grinned pulling me towards the lobby doors.

A taxi drove us through the city to a club on the outskirts of town. It was packed with people. Mr. Logan smoothly moved through the dancers to a booth in the corner. As he saw us approach, Sam stood up. I recognized him and felt my skin begin to heat. He was alone. He shook hands with Mr. Logan and they slapped each other on the back.

“Good to see you Logan.” Sam said and then turned his attention to me. He stared for a moment and took my hand pulling me against him and kissed me right on the mouth before I could pull back. His arms surrounded me hugging me close as Mr. Logan watched. I felt his hand caress my ass and the solid feel of his body as he pressed it against me. “It’s great to see you again Lily.”

I turned to Mr. Logan not knowing how to react when a woman launched herself into his arms. I watched as he gave her a lingering kiss and hug. When he released her he introduced her to me.

“Kylie, this is Lily, she is MINE.” He said. I felt my head jerking towards him in shock. Kylie laughed and turned to face me. Before I knew it she hugged me and I felt her body rub suggestively back and forth against mine. My mouth must have been open because her tongue slipped between my lips and I heard her moan as she gave my breast a caress before letting me go.

“I’m so glad to meet you Lily.” She said as she scooted into the booth. She was tall; even taller than me and of Amazon proportions. She made me feel small, which is not an easy task. Mr. Logan guided me into the booth and he sat down next to me. Kylie slid around until she was pressed against me. I could feel her thigh rubbing against mine. The silk of our dresses slipping against both our skin made a whispering sound that even in the noise of the club could be heard in our close quarters. She moaned and shocked me by pressing even closer.

“Sam told me he saw you in Portland.” She confided leaning close so that only I could hear. Her hand pressed against the inside of my knee caressing me softly. I glanced at Mr. Logan but he and Sam were talking about something else. I must have been deep burgundy, my face was burning with heat and I was thankful for the darkness. Kylie leaned close to whisper in my ear her fingers pulling my hair out of the way.

“I can’t wait to touch you.” She whispered her tongue flicking over my ear. Both guys turned to watch her and smiled. I couldn’t think much less talk she was pressed so close. I looked at Mr. Logan for direction and he just smiled at me.

“I’ve never…” My voice trailed off as I felt her fingers traveling up my thigh under the cover of the table. Never had another woman touched me like that and I was shocked and excited at the same time.

“Dance with me Lily.” Mr. Logan said nipping his teeth into my neck and pulling Kylies wandering fingers from between my thighs. I wasn’t sure if I was relieved or reluctant. He pulled me onto the dance floor amongst the crowd and pressed against me as the music pulsed around us. His hands moved over my back and teased the top of my round bottom, dipping lower and then resting at the small of my back. He leaned over and kissed me his tongue pushing into my mouth until I was gasping, his hips pressing into me teasing me with the hard length of his arousal. “Are you frightened?” He asked as his fingers trailed down the ‘v’ of my dress.

“A little.” I confessed staring up at him.

“Don’t be to afraid, just remember I am in control, nothing will happed that I don’t want to happen, do you understand?” He stopped moving staring down at me, waiting for me to answer.

“Yes sir.” I whispered breathlessly, excited yet again by his complete control. Suddenly he moved away and Sam was in his place. I watched as Mr. Logan took Kylie in his arms smiled and moved away. Sam’s hands replaced Mr. Logan’s moving over my back, trailing down my spine. I shivered as his hand lightly moved down my back and between the cheeks of my ass. He leaned into me pulling me harder against him. He was hard; I could feel him between my thighs, rubbing back and forth. I heard an involuntary moan escape from my lips. He smiled down at me and gave me a light kiss on the mouth. His tongue slowly licked my lips and then he leaned in to whisper in my ear.

“Mm, Lily, you taste so sweet” He leaned back just enough to slip his hand between us, his fingers teasing my nipple. It stiffened under his attention. He slid his palm over me pressing against the weight of my breast and then rocked his hips against me. I couldn’t seem to help myself I pressed back against him. His hand left my breast and pulled me tight against him. I looked over his shoulder to see Mr. Logan and Kylie watching us and whispering at the table. I felt a sense of panic overwhelming me, I jerked away from Sam and stumbled towards the bathroom, with Sam close on my heels. He caught me just steps from the door. His fingers curled around my arm and he pulled me further down the hall into the dark nook by the phones. His body surrounded me, his hands pressed on either side of me keeping me from going anywhere. ”What’s wrong Lily?” He asked. I felt his lips moving against my ear, his body brushing lightly, suggestively against mine. “Don’t you like the way I touch you?” He said letting his lips rub against my shoulder.

“I’m afraid.” I whispered back. Ducking my head and trying to push past him. He pushed back his body holding me prisoner against the wall.

“Why?” He asked His hips pressed against me again.

“Lily?” I heard Mr. Logan from behind Sam and yet Sam didn’t move. “Are you behaving?” he asked as he moved to stand just a foot behind Sam. “You will let Sam touch you, do you understand me?” He demanded the warning evident in his voice. He stood there and watched as Sam let his fingers slip under the neckline of my dress. His hand tugging at the fabric until my breast was naked to his eyes. He looked at me then and leaned forward and softly licked my lips. He trailed his tongue down my neck and then moved back.

“She sure has pretty nipples Logan.” Sam said as he ducked his head and sucked it into his mouth. I gasped and looked at Mr. Logan. He was staring at me and smiled watching as Sam touched me, nodding his approval.

“Hey can I play to?” Kylie’s voice came from behind Mr. Logan and then all three of them laughed.

“Why don’t we all go over to our place?” Sam suggested circling my nipple with the pad of his finger. I hoped the others didn’t hear my whimper but Sam did. He smiled at me and trailed his hand down my stomach.

“Sounds good to me” I heard Mr. Logan say. As Logan and Kylie turned to leave, Sam moved closer to me. His fingers slid lower, his hand moved up my thigh, under the silk edge of my dress and pressed against my pussy, His fingers were rough and calloused and I moaned as he pressed two of them against my clit.

“I have to have a taste of you now.” He whispered and looked down as his fingers pushed into me, my wetness engulfing him surrounding his invading fingers suckling them and coating them with cream. He pulled back and lifted them to his lips; licking them slowly pressing them against my mouth he pushed his tongue between his fingers and into my mouth, I let my tongue flick out against his and he groaned as we tasted my flavor together. His hips jerked against me once and then again. He took a step back and smiled grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the hall and towards the door.

Instead of another cab ride a long dark limo waited for us and Kylie pushed me onto the seat next to her. Almost before the door was shut she leaned over and began to kiss me. I was already turned on but scared, I didn’t know what was about to happen, the fact that they already knew each other made me more nervous.

“Slow down Kylie.” I heard Sam order harshly. It was the first time I had heard him raise his voice and it caught both our attention. Kylie stopped touching me immediately and did not move. She sat still waiting, and I couldn’t help but feel the tension in the air. He motioned her to back away. “That’s better.” He said smiling at her. He held out his hand to her and pulled her over to him. She knelt on the floor of the limo before him. I watched as he leaned forward and gave her a simple kiss.

Mr. Logan moved over to me, pulling me onto his lap, and slid his fingers into my dress absently caressing my breast as he watched Sam and Kylie. I leaned my head on his shoulder and arched against his fingers, waiting to see what Sam would do next.

Sam’s hand moved to the front of Kylies dress, tugging the buttons open and pulling it from her shoulders. Her skin was tan; her breasts were full and heavy, perfectly shaped, her nipples dark and puckered with excitement. He ran his hands over her shoulders and turned her to face us.

Mr. Logan tugged at the tie holding my dress closed and I sighed as he pulled the fabric covering my breasts away. “Get down on your knees now Lily.” He said stroking an encouraging hand over my back and pushing me down to the floor of the limo. He pulled my dress off and I was completely naked kneeling on the floor in front of Kylie. My fair skin looked pale next to her beautiful tan skin.

“Have you never touched another woman before?” Sam asked me. I couldn’t take my eyes off Kylie.

“No sir.” I whispered letting my eyes move lower to the tips of her breasts so different than my dark pink nipples.

“Lily, I want you to kiss Kylie now, I want to watch you touch her.” I glanced up at Mr. Logan his eyes were steady on mine. “Now.” He demanded leaning back and shrugging off his jacket. I turned back to Kylie, she smiled at me and nodded she seemed eager. I leaned forward and kissed her, it was hesitant and gentle. I put one hand to her shoulder and began to kiss her again. My tongue slid into her mouth she sucked it and moaned as we leaned towards each other our nipples brushed together. We squirmed against each other, licking each others lips and finally breaking apart gasping for air. I let my finger reach out to her breast circling the nipple and spreading my fingers over it, pressing against it stroking it. Her skin was so smooth and soft, soon both my hands were on her breasts fondling squeezing and finally rubbing them against my own. I let one hand slip lower pressing my fingers between her legs. She groaned into my mouth and spread her thighs. My fingers pressing into her dark curls feeling how wet she was, I pressed them deeper thinking of the way I touched myself, circling her swollen clit and dipping my fingers into her wetness.

“Put your fingers in her Kylie.” I heard Sam say. Just the thought of it had me whimpering. I heard Mr. Logan’s chuckle. “That’s it, Kylie,” Sam encouraged. “Rub her now; let us see your fingers sliding in and out.” I felt her stroking me following Sam’s orders and I started to move. My hips bucked against her fingers, pressing them deeper inside my swollen heated flesh. I felt myself grinding against her probing fingers and I mimicked her motions with my own fingers until we were both clinging to each other pumping on each others hands.

”that’s enough now.” I heard Mr. Logan say as he leaned forward pulling my shoulders back.

“No.” Kylie whined and I cringed. I didn’t think Sam would like that word any more than Mr. Logan and I was right. Kylie’s fingers were roughly yanked from my swollen pussy and Sam held her wrists tightly.

“Do you want me to punish your pussy right here?” Sam asked her pulling her back and onto the seat. She shook her head and curled up next to him. “I think that’s what you deserve.” He said staring at her. I gasped feeling my own pussy clenching at the thought of his punishment. “On your knees.” He demanded and waited while she turned over her bottom in the air. With one hand he spread her pussy open and the other smacked it in hard quick slaps. Her wet flesh glistened She whimpered and buried her head against the seat. He slapped it again over and over until her lips were red with marks from his fingers and tears slid down her cheeks. “Now you will stay like that the rest of the way home.” He gave her pussy a last slap and moved over to sit on the other side of me. “Did you like watching that?” Sam asked me. I blushed and didn’t know what to say.

“There’s one sure way to tell.” Mr. Logan said grinning at Sam. He grabbed my knee and pulled it over his, spreading my thighs wide open. Sam grabbed the other until I was spread eagle over both of them. They both stared down at my pussy I bucked my hips and tried to pull my legs back together. They held me firmly and Sam pressed one finger into my center and pulled it back coated with my juice. He sucked his finger into his mouth and laughed. “Lily, look at Sam and tell him what made you so wet.” I whimpered and saw Kylie watching us, her bottom still high in the air, her eyes glued on my spread thighs. I glanced at Mr. Logan and then turned to face Sam.

“When…” I stopped I didn’t want to say it out loud.

“Lily.” Mr. Logan warned. My pussy jumped at the sound of his voice making him smile.

“When you spread her pussy open she was so wet, the sound it made when you spanked her like that and… I thought about what it would feel like and I wanted you to do it to me to.” The words came out in a rush. Sam smiled back at me and leaned forward and kissed me pushing his tongue into my mouth until I felt dizzy.

“Oh Lily, you are priceless.” Sam said grinning at Logan.

“See what I mean Sam, she is perfect.” I looked back and forth between the two of them.

“Perfect for what?” I asked, not sure that I even wanted the answer. It was Mr. Logan that answered me.

“Perfect for us Lily, just do as you’re told and everything will be fine.”

Sam’s home was beautiful and elegant. He took us into a large living room and started a fire. Mr. Logan pulled me onto the couch with him. His hands pulled my dress from my shoulders and pulled me into his lap. His arms held me firmly on his lap and as one hand caressed one nipple, pinching and rubbing it, the other hand moved to my stomach circling and then slowly sliding down to rub my clit. My hips bucked and I moaned. I had been aroused for so long without cumming and I wanted to cum so badly.

Sam and Kylie settled on a couch directly across from us, watching Mr. Logan touch me while Sam soothed the marks he had put on Kylies swollen pussy.

“You were late getting ready today weren’t you Lily?” Mr. Logan asked me as he removed his finger from my clit and slid it over my back gently pushing me forward.

“Yes Sir.” I whispered trembling as his fingers squeezed my breast before letting go and pulling me down across his lap. My arms tangled in the dress, and he pulled it up over my ass, trapping my arms in the fabric. My round bottom was exposed, and I shuddered hardly able to deal with what was happening.

“Look at Sam and Kylie.” Mr. Logan ordered as he settled me over his thighs. I turned my head obediently and saw Kylie on her knees her ass facing me, thighs spread as she rubbed her face over Sam’s cock; he was hard and so long. My eyes met Sam’s and held as Mr. Logan’s hand came down on my ass, a look of pure pleasure crossed Sam’s face and my whole body shook. The sound of the slap of Mr. Logan’s hard hand against my soft skin echoed in the room. Sam’s hips jerked forward, his fingers pulled on Kylie’s hair, as he demanded she put him in her mouth. I watched as she eagerly began to suck him. Watching them made me wetter, I could feel my own juice drip down one of my thighs and I thought I would explode. Mr. Logan Pushed my face lower into the couch as his hips jerked forward just a bit, I could feel his hard cock pressing into my belly. He let his hand rest on my ass, his hand prints bright red all over my pale skin. He slowly circled my round cheeks, soothing the angry marks. I spread my thighs slightly hoping he would touch me now, I heard his chuckle. “What do you want Lily?” He asked his voice low and soothing. His hand stilled at the top of my thighs, I whimpered and said nothing. His hand lifted and came down hard and quick the smack startled me and I cried out. He didn’t repeat himself he just waited for my answer.

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