Limo Lust

byMistress Maria©

We had the company limousine take us to dinner for our 10th anniversary. Carl and I were young when we married, he was 23 and I was only 20. He had just graduated from Stanford and I was still a junior at UC Berkeley. We lived in a studio apartment near downtown Oakland and had no money. Carl had tremendous drive and ambition though. He promised me that we would be millionaires by the time we had our 10th anniversary and I believed in him. He came through with his promise and became the owner of a successful computer software company in the Silicon Valley. We owned three large homes, an 80 acre ranch, a 60 foot yacht, and a private jet. We had it all, except for one thing - children. We couldn't have kids and we had no desire to adopt. It didn't matter because we loved each other and were quite satisfied with the life we shared together. We especially had a rich and fulfilling sex life. One thing was for sure though, we have come a long way from that tiny apartment in Oakland.

We had a lovely sushi dinner at a fine Japanese restaurant in San Francisco. After dinner, Carl bought one of those large bottles of sake to take with us on the evening ride up the coast that he planned for us. Our young male driver held the rear door open for us as I climbed inside the black Lincoln stretch limousine. I caught him stealing a look under my short blue sequenced dress as it rode up on my thighs when I kicked my left leg up to enter the car. I am sure he got an eyeful of white panties beaming through my suntan colored pantyhose. He blushed as I caught him looking while I slid across the plush leather seats. My husband caught him too and scolded the young man. Carl was fuming, but remained composed. It was cute how he still showed signs of jealousy over me. He dismissed the minor indiscretion and gave the profusely apologetic driver orders regarding our destination. Carl climbed in the rear passenger area of the limo and sat next to me.

"Aimee, I told you that dress was too damn short!" Carl chastised me for wearing such a revealing outfit, "A woman of your status should not be exposing yourself to the help like that."

"But I wore this dress for you dear." I explained, "You've always enjoyed looking at my legs."

"They ARE beautiful." He lightened up a bit and placed his hand on my knee, rubbing it gently. "But that doesn't mean I like having other men gawk at them and you giving them a free show."

"Oh come now Carl. You are so jealous. You know I could never love another. Besides, I couldn't help it. This dress is a trifle tight and I had to raise it a little so it wouldn't tear as I got into the car."

"Well, I suppose you're right. When it comes to men looking at you, I just fly off the handle sometimes."

Carl calmed down and tried to soften the mood by playing some romantic music on the stereo. He opened the bottle of sake and poured some in two crystal wine glasses.

"I have champagne too, for later." Carl whispered in my ear. He smiled and seemed to totally release his anger. He was feeling stressed lately as the pressures of being a CEO of a large corporation were effecting him and it was good to see him relax. He toasted our marriage and devotion to each other, then we sipped the strong rice wine. We kissed and embraced each other tightly.

The limo crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and headed north through Marin County, then toward the coast. Carl and I began to neck like teen-agers in a car at a drive-in movie. Carl looked handsome in his dark blue conservative suit and red power tie. His dark hair was slicked back neatly with no hair out of place. His face was youthful as he did not change in appearance in 10 years. He still maintained the same chiseled features he had in his college days. He had high cheek bones and strong chin. He had sharp blue eyes which were always focused. He was medium height, standing about 5'-9" and medium build, weighing about 175 pounds. He was tone, but not very muscular. Sixteen hour days in the office left little time to work out and throw some weight around. Although he was no Greek god, he was very pleasing to my eye.

As for me, I changed since we married, especially when I hit thirty. Ten years ago I was a slight, long haired brunette, weighing only 110 pounds. I was 5'-5" with measurements 34"-24"-34". Since then, I gained twenty pounds and two inches on my bust, hips and thighs. I was very athletic in school, but the life of a pampered executive's wife made me soft over the years. I managed to play tennis twice a week to keep from turning into a total blimp, but it leaves me longing for the firm body I had in my school days. My raven colored hair was cut just above my shoulders and not down to my waist as I kept it ten years ago. For this date with my husband, I had it pinned up. Carl, although a leg man at heart, took a liking to my increased breast size over the years and I found myself wearing more plunging necklines to please him. My midnight blue sequenced dress was no different showing a good portion of cleavage. The hem of my dress fell several inches above my knees revealing a substantial amount of luscious thighs and shapely calves. Carl adored my legs. He loved me to show them off for him and my closet became full of short skirts and dresses.

We sipped sake and kissed as we coursed along a winding coastal road, which was totally dark with the exception of blue light from a three quarter moon. Carl began to rub the inside of my thigh just above my knee. He knew I loved that. I slightly parted my legs for him, giving him the signal that I wanted him to venture farther. He kissed me passionately as he slid his hand up my thigh and under my dress. My breathing became more rapid as he found my luscious mound covered in white satin and lace bikini panties encased in a thin layer of nylon. He found me to be hot and damp down there as the sake and the romance was making me feel very aroused. I moaned sweetly as he rubbed his fingers over moistened crotch. I began rocking my hips forward as he dug is stiffened fingers into my clitoris and labia over my sexy underwear. I was becoming quite wet and my breathing grew heavier rubbing in deep circular motions all over my vulva, touching me in all my favorite places. Carl kissed me as he rubbed and messaged me.

I decided to reciprocate and reached down to his groin. I felt his bulge swelling up in his pants. I rubbed his balls and growing penis through the material of his pants. I found his zipper and pulled it down . I unbuckled his thin black leather belt and unsnapped the clasp at the waist of his pants. Carl raised his hips and allowed me to pull his pants down to his knees. I saw his thick cock and bulbous testicles wrapped like a present in silk bikini underwear. They were white with blue vertical pin stripes. They accentuated the curves of his balls and his cylindrical shaft nicely. I cupped his balls over the thin, soft, silky material. He felt warm and a moist down there as well. Over his underwear, I tickled the area between his balls and his anus causing him to clench his buttocks and open his thighs. Then I ran my slender fingers up and down his shaft. With my long red fingernails, I playfully traced the lines and curves of his cock and balls over his silky unides. Feeling up my husband caused a twitching, pulsing sensation deep within my pussy.

Carl and I continued to mutually touch each other over our underwear. I made the next move by pulling down my pantyhose to my ankles giving him access to my pretty white panties. He loved playing with my pantied covered pussy. My wetness was thoroughly soaking through the thin shiny satin and covered Carl's fingertips. I reached into his bikini briefs, which were now spotted with his pre-cum, and gently pulled out his stiff cock. I began to stroke my husband's meaty member with my soft dainty fingers.

"Oh. That feels so good." Carl reacted to my manual stimulation of his throbbing penis.

"I can't believe were doing this in the car." I giggled coyly, "What if the driver comes back here?"

"He won't." Carl said confidently, "I told him to drive up the coast until I told him to stop or we reached the Oregon border."

"But what if..."

"Don't worry." Carl cut me off, "We have a full tank of gas. He won't stop for hours if he knows what's good for him."

I breathed a sigh of relief and continued to enjoy the ride. I began to stroke Carl more vigorously, while he slid his hand under the crotch of my panties and caressed my sensitive tissues. He sunk his fingers into my vagina and soaked them with my wetness. He pulled his wet fingers out and began smearing my juices on my clit. He ran two fingers up and down my budding flower and drove me wild. The curvaceous road and the swerving movements of the car made my ass and the back of my bare thighs sink down and mash into the soft leather seats. The smell of leather was a turn on for me too and the movement and vibrations of the car on the road served to enhance the sexual experience for me. Carl pressed and rubbed my button until a came with shriek. I clasp my hand over my mouth fearing the driver would hear.

"Don't worry." Carl reassured, "It is sound proof back here. No one can hear a thing."

I blushed and laid my head upon Carl's chest. I absentmindedly stroked his penis as I basked in the moment. Suddenly, the car swerved hard to the right and screeched to a halt. We heard car door open and felt the weight transfer as the driver exited. This was followed by a heated exchange of words and the sounds of a scuffle. Something had gone wrong, terribly wrong.

"Quick! Lock the doors!" Carl blurted out and instructed me to lock the door on my side as he moved to the door on his. I fumbled in the dark and managed to find the lock to my door but it was too late. My door flung wide open and I was greeted with a blast of chilled ocean air and a dark figure coming over me. It was a man, a big, powerful man. He climbed over me and grabbed Carl who was trying to lock his door. As I looked over to Carl and the man, a second man was coming through my door. He came in and shoved me toward the center of the rear seat and slammed the door behind him. The two white men in their early twenties quickly overpowered Carl and shoved him across the limo floor to the opposing seats. They brought his arms behind his back and held them there. One man produced a handgun and pointed it against Carl's temple.

"Move and I kill you both!" The gunman threatened menacingly.

"Who are you? What do you want? Carl demanded. I felt my self jerking back into my seat as the limo lurched forward and accelerated down the road at high speed.

"Me and my friends need a ride and we saw this big ole boat coming down the road. Well I figured it would suit our needs just fine." The gunman said as the other man cranked Carl's arm higher upon his back.. "This is a carjacking, Bud. Welcome to my world." Both men laughed heartily.

"Please!" Carl pleaded, "Take the car. Take what you want. Just leave us alone."

"Oh we will take what we want." Said the gunman with a Southern drawl, "You can count on that." The gunman looked over at me. I was shaking and in a state of disbelief as to what was occurring. I never been a victim of a crime before and here I was being carjacked and kidnapped. Thank God Carl was with me, I thought. He has a cool head and he will get us through this ordeal. "Who is this pretty little lady here?" Asked the gunman, "She your girlfriend, Jack?"

"No. She's my wife." Carl's answered.

"Boy she's sweet." Commented the gunman. He moved over and sat next to me. He put his face against mine and sniffed at my neck and hair. "What's your name darlin?" He asked. When I didn't answer he pulled my hair back onto the head rest of the seat and licked my cheek with his big sloppy tongue. He laughed as I squirmed. It felt like a dog licking me.

"Leave her alone dammit!" Carl shouted gallantly. The man behind him hovered over him as he held Carl down on the seat, twisting his arm up harder.

"Shet up you!" The gunman shouted back. "Jasper you tie him up while I get better acquainted with the Mrs. here."

"You better not lay a finger on her, or so help me I'll..." Carl was cut off by a slap to the side of his head by the burly Jasper.

"What you gonna do big man?" Challenged the gunman, "Turn em around Jasper." The gunman shoved his gun under my dress and thrust the barrel against my pantied vulva. The barrel found my clit and swallowed it up as the cold circular edge of the opening poked into my pubic bone. I let out a short scream of terror.

Jasper flung Carl around. His eyes bugged out and his mouth dropped open as he saw a loaded gun not only pointed at my pussy, but shoved hard against it.

"No chance of missing from this range, boss man." Said the gunman, "You do anything stupid and I impregnate your wife's snatch with a piece of molten lead."

"No don't!" I cried. I instinctively closed my thighs together around the gunman's fist clenching his gun. He responded by jamming the gun harder into my clit. I gasped. I was scared to death and on the verge of panic as the horrifying image of my beautiful pussy being penetrated by searing hot bullet flashed in my mind.

"Okay-Okay! Don't shoot!" Carl tried to remain calm, "I will do anything you say. I will give you anything you want. You can have my car. I have some cash and credit cards. Here, I have a nice watch. You can take it. Just please don't hurt my wife."

"Boy that's nice watch there." Said the gunman admiringly, "Jasper take that from him and hand it here." The burly and silent Jasper did what he was told and gave Carl's Rolex watch to the gunman, who placed it in the pocket of his jeans. "Now take his neck tie and tie him up."

Jasper took off Carl's red tie and tied his hands behind his back. Carl's pants were now down around his ankles. He looked uncomfortable and vulnerable.

"Put a rag in his mouth. I am tired of hearing his belly aching." Ordered the gunman.

"Sure thing Chet." The silent Jasper finally spoke in a deep voice. He took a mauve colored cloth used to wrap the chilled champagne and shoved it in Carl's' mouth.

"I ain't gonna hurt your wife Mister." Said Chet, " I am going to make her feel good - real good. If you know what I mean." Chet moved the gun in a circular motion toying with my throbbing clit. Carl could not reply because he was gagged. He tried to struggle, but Jasper was to big and too strong for him. Chet was a large man too. He was as big as Jasper, but not as bulky. Chet pulled the gun out from under my dress and tossed it over to Jasper with the instructions to shoot Carl if he tried any heroics. Jasper minded Chet like a faithful dog minded master. Jasper seemed to be a simple minded sort as Chet was the leader.

Chet shoved his hand between my trembling thighs and patted my pantied crotch. He rubbed me and sensed I was still wet from before. He looked down and saw my pantyhose down around my ankles.

"Well lookie here. I guess I interrupted a little romantic interlude here." He teased. "Caught you both with your pants and panties down." Chet laughed at his own flippant remark. He reached down and yanked my black pumps off and removed my pantyhose. He tossed me onto my stomach and tied my wrists with my own nylon pantyhose. I was surprised how strong they were. Chet hiked up my dress and hung the stretched hem over my hips, then he flipped me over onto my back. He pulled my knees apart and began rubbing all over my panties.

"Boy I love white lacy panties.' Said Chet, "They are so pretty and ladylike."

Chet continued to rub and message my clit and pussy over my panties, which were thoroughly drenched by this time. I pleaded with him to stop and said that he didn't have to do this, but he simply ignored me. I looked the set of seat across from me to see Carl staring at me, helpless. I was shocked to see that he had an immense hard on. Was he still hard from the time we were together? Or, was he getting off at the sight of this slack jawed yokel molesting me in my panties? I was getting a little miffed at Carl. He didn't really fight that hard to protect me either. Jasper sat next to Carl, drinking a whiskey he poured for himself at the bar.

Chet loosened and dropped his tight jeans. He climbed on the seat and positioned himself between my parted legs and pushed my panties aside.

"No!" I screamed as he was quickly moving to conquer my vagina. For ten years I was faithful to Carl and now I was going to be penetrated by another man's penis, in front of my husband, no less.

Chet, who was already hard rammed his cock into my wet vagina. I yelped like a poodle in pain as he thrust his huge member into me. He wasn't too big lenghthwise, but he was incredibly thick and it hurt when he entered me. He assaulted my vagina with his fat dick with great intensity. I closed my eyes and tried to block it all out, but it was impossible. I am human, not a machine. I was reacting to what was physically happening to me and not in the way my mind intended. Soon, the pain gave way to pleasure. I started to enjoy it. What the hell was I thinking? I am getting raped in front of my husband and it is turning me on! Moans turned into groans and groans turned into grunts as my pussy was getting worked over by this vile man with a short pudgy dick. I began to hyperventilate and scream uncontrollably has I neared climax.

"AAAHHHAHAHHHHHGG! I-I-I'MMM..C-CUUUMMMMMINNNNGGGGG!!!" I wailed as I came in a violent thrashing torrent. Chet grunted wildly and lurched into me three good times as he climaxed. I felt his cock twitch inside me and spew its warm jizz onto my cervix. He settled down upon my bosom and his face rested against my cheek. I felt him drooling on my flushed cheeks as he coasted to a stop. He was trying to catch his breath.

After a minute or two, he pulled out of my vagina and stood up. His fingers cradled his cock as his thumb rubbed the top of it. Chet pulled me upright and sat next to me. He ordered me to clean him off and pulled my head into his lap. When I confronted the penis that took my womanly innocence I found that it was uncircumcised. I never saw an uncut one before. The penis head was recessed in the shaft, or rather, the foreskin covered the head of his chubby cock. Chet pushed my head down onto him and forced me to suck his uncircumcised dick. I tasted my own pussy juices on him. His pubic hair was damp, musty, and had my familiar smell on it. I felt him get hard again as I cleaned his cock with my lips, mouth and tongue. Chet's cum oozed out of my vagina onto the leather seat as I sat hunched over his lap taking him in and out of my mouth. Chet got into a groove again and shot another load into my mouth without warning. I gagged on his semen as it squirted down my throat. He laughed at my discomfort and pulled out of my mouth.

"Your turn Jasper." Chet said to the husky man who quickly downed his full glass of whiskey. Jasper slapped his hands and rubbed them together as he approached me. He had long brown hair, a chubby face, and a thin mustache. He dropped his baggy jeans and kicked them off. He stripped out of his white boxer shorts and stood naked from the waist down. Chet took the gun from Jasper and sat down next to Carl to watch. Jasper picked me up off the seat and turned me away from him. He pushed me down by my shoulders and forced me to my knees. He bent me over the seat He pulled my panties down to my knees and got behind me. I felt pressure against my anus.

"No not there!" I cried out. I was greeted with a swift blow to the back of my head.

"Shut up Bitch!" Jasper growled. He pushed my head down into the seat and propped my ass up more. I felt a sharp pain in my anus as he put his cock in it. I tried to relax my sphincter muscles so it would not hurt so much. Carl tried to have anal sex with me before, but I never got quite used to it. This was a strange sensation for me and this man was fucking me dry. Jasper was huge. I could have sworn I felt him pushing my diaphragm up into my chest cavity. I began to relax as Jasper got into a rhythm and stretched me out. After a while it was even feeling good. I began breathing heavily and panted with each internal thrust. It was not long before I felt Jasper cum in my tight asshole. He yanked his penis out of me, stood me up, and turned me toward him. He stripped my panties all the way off. He moved around me and sat down on the car seat. Then he grabbed my hips and sat me down on his lap. My dress was hiked up way over my hips and bunched around my waist. It was not long that I felt Jasper's long slender cock poke into my dripping asshole again. He eased me down onto his pole and slow began rocking and bucking away. I was face to face with Carl who sat across from me with an aching hard on. I am sure he would masturbate to my anal assault if his hands were free. Chet sat next to Carl and stroked his cock, enjoying the show. Jasper pulled my hips down hard on him causing my spongy ass to bounce up after each impact. My ass cheeks split wide over his pubic bone as he rammed me onto him. This felt different for me. I was really enjoying this position and movement. It took me only few minutes to cum. It was the first time I climaxed from anal sex. It was fantastic!

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