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Limo Story


Steamy glances over the candlelight mean its time to pay the bill. You gesture to the waiter and he brings you the plate with the bill, you pay with cash leaving a nice handsome tip because you'd rather have your hands on my ass then wait for the change.

We walk to the door; and, as you wish, your hand rests on my ass gently guiding me. You hold the door open for me, and I step out, turn my head and wink at the waiter, then blows him a kiss. His face immediately turns a bright red; he knew what all those moans were coming from our table. I laugh delightfully as we stroll towards the limo. You stop my laughter with a hard tongue thrusting kiss, licking the back of my throat, fucking my mouth with your tongue. Spanking my ass HARD as you do so, leaving me weak in the knees and heat radiating from my ass straight to my pussy. In seconds my pussy is wet, I moan out passionately as you continue kissing me.

I reach toward your crotch, and you stop my hand, whispering in my ear. "Be a good little cumslut and ask your Master first."

Intake of breath purring out to you, "Oh please Master."

You interrupt me by saying "Wait till we get to the Limo Lis, we were on the news last time remember?"

You and I both laugh and walk to the driver who is standing opening the car door for us as we approach, he too has a smirking smile on his face. We smile lovingly at each other not caring what he saw or heard on the way to the restaurant. I bend over arching my back and spreading my legs a little farther than usual so you can get a quick peak at my cunt, wet and shiny in the moonlight as I step into the limo.

No verbal invitations are needed. You slide your fingers into me as you follow me back into the limo, removing them when I sit down next to you. You taste one finger, and before you can put the other finger into your mouth I reach out and grab your hand, bringing it straight into my awaiting mouth. I lick one side, then the other, my hot tongue tantalizing your finger as I did your cock earlier. I take your finger all the way into my mouth, suckling as it goes into my mouth. My bedroom eyes searing into yours, I know that you are ready for a replay.

The car once again takes off, it isn't going back the same way we came... I ask you as Zeppelin is playing on the Classic rock station. "So where are we going now?"

I'm reach over to the bar opening the mini fridge to find a soda, water or something to drink.

I hear you say to me. "Babe, grab me a diet Pepsi will ya?"

You massage my back in circles starting at the middle, then work your hand down to my low back, small circles, kneading your knuckles carefully because you know my tender spots so well. Then your hand reaches even lower as I scoot my ass up a bit to crouch on my hands and knees so I can grab the water and soda from the white box 4 feet in front of you.

"Yes Sir." I look back over my shoulder to you with a sweet sexy smile and sparkle in my eyes.

I'm about to turn around and sit back in my seat when you pull my hair and tell me "Don't move."

I put the sodas back into the fridge as I feel my dress being raised to my waist, loving the soft silky feel of it against my body, thanking you again for such a perfect purchase. I am not expecting the loud smacking sound on my ass, or the stinging burning heat searing a path straight to my pussy.

"Shush baby girl, I didn't give you permission to talk either, another outburst like that and I am going to have to stuff your mouth FULL of my thick hard cock."

I feel you grab my ass cheeks, begin massaging them as your hips rub sideways back and forth against me, the head of your hard cock prods my neatly trimmed pussy lips. Sliding up to my sweet clit, you stop swaying back and forth when you feel how wet I am and hard my clit is. You grab your cock with your left hand still holding my hair in your right, you tug up on my hair a bit and my neck bends back, I arch my back so my ass rises up as I do the head of your cock gently rubs my clit, another hard smack across my ass and pussy lips this time, I moan out

"Ow!" , then I think to myself, "more, oh yes more!"

A seductive smile that you can't see is on my lips; you speak to me sternly. "I told you not to move, now be a good girl. "

Your voice softens a bit. "Now listen to me, I will show you how good sluts get rewarded."

You let go of your cock and pat my ass sweetly.

I moan out in response to hearing those words from your lips cause I KNOW what awaits me. The heat ignites deep in my pussy, spreading through my pelvis, goose bumps all over my flesh and a devilish smile appears on your face that I can not see when you see the physical response your words bring to my body.

You truly do have control over my body, this pleases you immensely, and your fingers slide between my moistness.

You tell me "Get down on your elbows."

I immediately obey, now on my knees and elbows, you let my hair go and it splits in two ways cascading down over my shoulders onto the dark blue carpet on each side of my arms. You bend down and start to kiss my ass cheeks. Licking then kissing, the scent of me mixed with Eternity wafts into your nares. The kisses and licks trail you've been making takes you to the crack of my ass. You bury your nose in my crack, your tongue glides, you smell our previous lovemaking and this sends sparks to your loins. Your cock throbs, I moan out softly as I feel your hot wet tongue find my tight asshole.

I think to myself I had no clue what intense pleasure was till I met you. Your thumb is penetrating my pussy now, going in and out, in and out as your index finger skillfully finds my clit, making firm circles, nice and slow just like your thumb. Your tongue slides down my ass, your hot breath and words tease my sweet smelling cunt.

"I am going to make you feel sooo good baby girl" you say to me before your tongue finds my entrance and probes inside. Licking up the free flowing juices, your finger and thumb continue the pace, sexy whimpers of pleasure escape my lips.

I lower my head to rest on my hands folded in front of me, my hips rocking, closing my eyes now, I can feel myself getting close to climaxing. Your finger feels my clit start to swell, my love box getting hotter and tighter, you want your timing to be perfect, your dual pacing quickens as your tongue glides back to my asshole, taking the taste of my sweetness with you. Your pointed tongue begins to bore itself into my ass, in and out now with the same pace as your finger and thumb is. Cock is throbbing, wanting so much to be inside me. You continue pleasing me, patiently waiting knowing how close I am, you stop tongue fucking my asshole for a moment to tell me in your sexiest voice.

"I love you princess, cum for me baby, be a good girl and cum for me sweetheart, cum on, cum for me baby"

You know this is going to instantly bring me to the edge, you make sure my asshole is nice and wet. Your tongue leaves saliva on it as you lift your face and your torso rises, and hand guides your rock hard throbbing cock to the entrance of my essence. The pace quickens now even faster, you wait to hear me start to climb.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, gawd, Oh gawd, don't stop oh don't stop," moans loudly Oh God Master."

That was all you needed to hear, you THRUST your throbbing cock DEEP inside me as you feel my pussy squeezing and convulsing spasms of ecstasy, a very long orgasms starts the instant your cock entered me. My moans are LOUD now and you know how intense I am cumming by my screams. This drives you wild, and you begin to fuck me harder and faster as I cum all over your thick hard cock

"Oh my god!"

You fuck my pussy wildly, in and out, in and out, in and out, each thrust harder, you can feel yourself starting to get close as you listen to my wailings of passion

"More, more don't stop more" then, "Oh, oh, oh!"

You slide your cock out of my pussy, placing your plump dripping head on my asshole. You plunge three fingers inside me and while I'm still riding waves of pleasure, you slowly place your cock inside me. I'm still moaning out loudly, you begin to pump my sweet ass, in slow, out slow. You can feel me starting to relax, to loosen up slightly, the tightness of my anus squeezes you, you moan out loud.

"Oh baby, Oh Lisa." You pump me a little bit faster now because you are confident it wont hurt me. The pleasure is soo intense for you, you know you are going to blow soon, you hear me beg to you.

"Please cum all over my face Master, god I want your hot cum splashed all over my face, please Master Sir."

The sounds of my pleadings cause you intense heat, and you can feel the wave riding up. You knead your fingers and hands into the soft flesh of my ass, fucking me harder and faster, riding the waves of pleasure up higher and higher.

You instruct me "Ok, Lis, get ready to turn around." You are on the edge; you pull your cock out. I turn around quickly, you stroke your cock firmly and fast aiming at my outstretched tongue, sexy bedroom eyes looking up at you filled with desire, your hot cum shoots onto my tongue, filling my opened mouth, splashes my cheeks, my eyes, you moan out in pleasure.

"Ohhh Yes, that's a good girl, suck all of my love. Swallow all my cum like a good little cumslut"

I swallow the load you shot me, my hand goes up and strokes out the last of your hot cum, my tongue licks you clean, my eyes smile up into yours.

"I love you" you say to me softly, you pull me up to you, hold my face with your hands, look deeply into my eyes

"I love you to Master" then you kiss me so tenderly so passionately my heart melts into yours...... the limo stops.

Lady Ariele Copyright May 2002

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