Limo Taxi


I saw her on the corner trying to flag a cab. She had her hair up in a high pony tail, a red dress that hugged her curves, came down to the middle of her thighs and had a deep V-neck with no sleeves. On her feet were red 4 inch stilettos.

"Roger, you see that lady in red on the corner?"

"Yes, sir..."

"You know what to do."

"Yes, sir."

Roger pulled my limo over to the curb in front of her. I lowered my tinted window, and with my best smile,

"Need a ride?"

She smiled back but was a little hesitant. I opened my door and slid over to let her in. But I had to smile wider before she finally thought I was probably safe enough.

"Where to Ms.?"

"Franklin and 2nd, please. Thank you."


"Yes, sir." The glass divider and my window went up as we pulled out onto the street and started driving.

She looked small, sitting there on the leather seat of my limo. She glanced over at the seat opposite her to see a box that was wrapped in ribbon. She studied the box with confusion. But before she could speak or react, I reached over to her far side, and turned her over quickly, her knees landing on the limo floor, her belly pressed against the seat and her face smashed into the soft leather seat back. Within seconds I had a strap that resembled the middle seat belt around her and buckled. I pulled tight, pressing her further into the chair, her neck craned up and to the right, her knees dug into the floor, and her back arching forward, further into the chair, forcing her ass up high.

A look of horror and fear crossed her face, as she tried to reach for the buckle release. I grabbed her wrists and brought them back behind the small of her back. I had had the strap custom made, with wrist restraints made to slide along the strap. I put her wrists into the restraints, her forearms ending up parallel to each other and the floor.

She started yelling obscenities, but I just smiled at her. The limo also had leg restraints bolted to the wall under the seat, so I fastened those around her thighs, with a little more positioning, forcing her ass even higher. She started to cry, but still kept up her shouting.

I reached over to the box, and pulled out a pair of scissors. I opened and closed them a couple times to hear the sheering metal. This made her quiet down as more fear seamed to pour out of her. I slowly started cutting her dress, careful not the hurt the flesh underneath. Up and over her ass, I could see she was wearing a black lacey thong. I continued, and when reaching her arms, I lifted them up to get them and the harness over her back out of the way. After cutting enough from underneath, I put her arms down and continued cutting up her back, carefully moving her hair out of the way. She also wore a matching black lacey bra.

I finally cut the top of her dress and it just sat there revealing the middle of her back, her skin shone nicely in the dim light. I quickly cut the shoulder straps of the dress and the straps and back of her bra. I moved my focus to her thong, which I slowly pulled out of her ass, which made her whimper, and I cut that strip of cloth, leaving the waist band intact. I let the cut strip hang down between her legs revealing her ass hole and cunt to the air.

I put the scissors away and pulled out a dildo and some KY, all while looking at her luscious skin and ass. I set the dildo and KY on the seat next to her, within her field of vision, and I saw her tense up as I slowly pulled my shirt off.

"Please let me go..." She exasperated. She struggled a little more, but knew she wasn't going anywhere.

Without saying anything I picked up the dildo and KY, and started lubing it up, didn't want her to tear. I set the KY down and played with her pussy lips with the dildo. She started crying again. I slowly massaged her pussy lips then began to insert it into her, weather she was ready or not. It wasn't large but it wasn't small either, her lips spread apart and the dildo met with a little resistance, as her pussy walls adjusted to take in the size.

She inhaled slightly and I pushed the dildo in a little more before pulling it out all the way. She reacted with a whimper, and I knew that I had her. I pushed the dildo back in, a little further and she inhaled again, her breathing starting to pick up. I stroked it in and out a few more times until the resistance was practically gone. She juices were flowing and dripping down to the limo floor.

I shoved the dildo back in and left it there as I grabbed a second smaller dildo. I lubed up this second one, and then started playing with her ass hole with it. She reacted by tensing up, her back straining against the seat belt, her pussy gripping the first dildo tighter.

"No, not that. I've never done anal, and don't want to, please..."

I ignored her and slowly inserted the second dildo into her ass. A lot slower than the first, to allow her muscles to stretch and not tear. After a good couple inches, I pushed the first dildo further into her pussy, stretching out her lips and walls, and then pushed the second dildo further into her ass, again stretching. Back and forth alternating between the two, until it seamed like neither would go any further. I began pulling out and pushing in alternating dildos, massaging her pelvic muscles slowly and methodically. Her eyes had finally closed as she concentrated on the sensations happening in her lower orifices.

I shoved the second dildo deep into her ass at the same time I quickly pulled out the first dildo from her pussy, she gasped and pulled her eyes open. Leaving the dildo in her ass, taking the first in my hand, I used my other hand to center her head so that the bottom of her chin rested on the seat back, her nose pointed up into the air, her back arched achingly with her pony tail hanging freely to her shoulder blades. Her tears had streaked her eye liner and mascara down her cheeks, and she looked on the verge of tears again.

I placed the first dildo, covered with KY and her cunt juices, on her beautiful lips, but her jaw wouldn't open. I tried lightly prying her lips open, but couldn't get past her teath. I brought my other hand up in front of her, my thumb and index finger pressing either side of her jaw, like I was prying a dog from a tennis ball. She tried to clench her jaw to keep it closed. I pushed forward, my belly pushing the second dildo a little further into her ass, and the bulge of my dick in my pants pressing into her ass cheeks, either pain or pleasure made her wince, and her jaw came open. I quickly inserted the first dildo into her mouth, all the way to the back of her throat. Surprisingly she didn't gag. Her jaw strained around the dildo, her neck looked like it would break at any second. I pushed the dildo in further, and I could see her wind pipe bulge. I pulled it out a little, not wanting to suffocate her, but kept it between her teeth.

I pulled down my pants and underwear, and my rock hard dick sprung out. I slowly inserted myself into her pussy and felt her shiver. I was a little bigger than the first dildo, so her walls had to adjust more. My thrusts were slow and rhythmic. One hand reached for the dildo in her mouth, while my other hand held the dildo in her ass. I prodded her with all three, slowly, in no particular order, making sure that the dildo in her mouth didn't cut off her air for too long at a time. She started gasping for air every time she could, as I suffocated her for longer and longer durations. All this kept her tense, and I could feel her pussy walls squeezing in on me as she tried to stay alive, trying to buck in her harnesses.

She gagged a couple times and I realized she was loosing control of her reflex. I stopped pushing the dildo into her throat and kept it in her mouth between her teeth again, concentrating on fucking her. I still moved the dildo in and out of her ass, and still fucked her slowly.

I quickened my pace a little and felt the heat build in her pussy. Her breathing grew more controlled, but huskier. Ramming deeper made her moan around the dildo. I thrusted and thrusted, my belly now pushing the dildo deeper into her ass each time. Her shivers returned, and she closed her eyes. After a few more pumps I felt her cum, her back convulsing, straining against the belt in one direction, almost snapping in two in the other direction. With the convulsions came a choppy exhale, almost a guttural chuckle.

When she stopped moving, I quickly pulled out my dick and both dildos, threw them on the floor, unbuckled the belt and one thigh, but left the other thigh and her arms constrained. I pulled her around to one side so that she faced me, and I pulled the cut dress, the bra and her high heels off of her and threw them out of the sun roof that opened momentarily and closed again, so that she was sitting there looking at me dazed with nothing but a cut thong. Her breasts were perfect, perky and thrust out because her arms were held behind her. I knelt with one knee on the seat and brought my throbbing member just a foot away from those beautiful boobs. I started stroking, the KY and cunt juices supplied enough lube. I looked at her as she watched me masturbate, my hand pumping the entire length of my shaft.

She started to come forward, her lips forming an O, but I pushed her back and she licked her lips. I kept pumping, my cock growing and building with a terrible intent to release. She gave out a husky exhale and I came, squirting onto her chin at first, but I aimed the rest onto her breasts, the hot cream started to drip between her mounds, but turned sticky after awhile. I kept squirting, trying to hit her nipple, trying to cover as much breast as possible. My last amount of cum dribbled out of me, and she quickly came forward to lap it up and clean off my head before I could react.

I pushed her back again and pulled up my underwear and pants.


The car pulled over and came to a stop as I released her other thigh, and her arms. Without her dress, she was reluctant to step out, so I opened the door for her and pushed her out with a big smile.

"Franklin and 2nd, Ms."

We left her there, sitting on her ass with nothing on but a cut thong, and my cum on her chest.

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