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Limousine Lust


I'm nervous...really nervous. I'm standing in front of the mirror in the restrooms at the airport, trying to wash away the nervous dampness on my hands. Inspecting my reflection.... hair in place.... make up fresh. I wanted to look my best.... although I wasn't feeling it. A long, impatient flight from Australia to America. I felt crumpled and disheveled. I was glad to be off the plane at long last. But now I had this sickening butterfly feeling in the pit of my stomach. What if you were disappointed? What if I don't turn out to be what you’re expecting? Oh my God...am I doing the right thing here or am I setting myself up for the worst kind of heartbreak?

Well.... I can't stand here all day. I'm looking about as good as you’re ever going to see me right now, so no point delaying the inevitable...just pick up your bags and get out there girl, or he'll think you aren't coming at all.

Well...here goes everything or nothing...so picking up my courage and my bags I walked out of the restrooms and back into the bustle of the airport. God it was huge...well, compared to the one I'd just flown out of anyway...people rushing everywhere...jostling and pushing.... I took a deep breath and made a beeline for the doors exiting customs.

Oh no....so many people were there waiting to collect other travelers.... Anxious faces all trying to see who was the next through the doors.... I was embarrassed...everyone was looking at me...or that's how it felt.... I didn't know if you could see me or not...I didn't want to look for you...just kept heading towards the end of the walkway.

I stood a few feet away from the end of the exit way.... willing those damned butterflies in my stomach away.

I casually glanced around looking for your familiar handsome face...and then I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder...I knew it was you...I didn't need to turn around.... I heard your wonderful comforting voice...”Rhon".... and I felt every hair on the back of my neck stand on end...goose bumps appeared on my arms..

I turned slowly and looked up into your gorgeous doe brown eyes.... Smiling eyes...It would take nothing for me to get lost in them.

I smiled at you...my heart melting instantly...and you kissed me. And oh what a kiss.... like I've never been kissed before...passionate...intense...meaningful. It didn't matter that people were staring at us.... It was like we were there all alone...my arms slid around your neck and I felt your arms tighten around my waist. I never wanted it to end.

Finally pulling our bodies apart we looked at each other and laughed. You picked up my bags and placed them on a nearby luggage trolley.... then taking my hand you turned to me and said, "Lets go home darling".

Outside the airport was a delicious, long black limousine waiting for us...you waited for me to get in, then slid in beside on me on the soft leather seat. We talked excitedly for a while, talking about my trip and other non-important things… more out of nervousness than for want of conversation. You turned towards me and wrapped your arms about me, squeezing me tightly into you.. smiling down at me.. Then slowly leaning your head towards me, I felt your lips on mine again. This kiss was a little more fervent than the first kiss at the airport. We were both feeling excited at each other’s touch, and the intimacy of the back seat of the limousine fuelled our urgency for each other.

I felt your hands in my hair. almost pulling… forcing my lips harder onto yours. Your tongue pushing deeper inside my mouth.. sucking mine into your mouth. I let my hands begin to caress your body.. sliding them up and down your sides.. feeling your arms and the strength in them. You were leaning harder onto me now.. pushing me down further onto the seat. My fingers were clawing at your shirt.. trying to lift it up over your back so my hands could finally touch your beautiful body. I was a little nervous about the driver up front… lol… I was worrying that we might arrive at your place without us realizing and be caught in a very compromising position. You laughed at me when I stopped kissing you to tell you so, and reassured me that you had already instructed the driver to take us on a ‘tour’ until told otherwise.

With that knowledge, I was comfortable and slid my arms up around your neck and pulled you back down on top of me. You felt wonderful, you smelt wonderful.. you tasted wonderful.. as I knew you would. I wanted to eat you up. And with that thought.. I slid my hands down to your pants and began to undo them, clumsily and desperately.

I could feel your hardness against my leg as I pushed open the front of your pants. I slid them down over your ass…. Oh my God.. your ass… tight, sexy… my hands running over it.. my nails scratching at it…

I could feel you licking and sucking at my neck… I was so hot.. so turned on. I could have cared less at this point who was watching us. My head, my heart and my body were consumed with the thought of having you… right here… right now!

I heard you whisper huskily into my ear “Rhon, honey.. are you sure you want to do this here?” I answered you by sliding my skirt up underneath my body and pulling your ass down onto me as I kissed you again and again. I was so wet with excitement. I felt your fingers running over my panties.. feeling the wetness seeping through the material… I moved my hands to help remove them but you stopped me saying “ leave them on”… then I felt you pushing one side of them away from my inner leg… your finger sliding slowly up my now soaking pussy.. pushing it inside.. making me moan out loud.

My moaning seemed to be all the encouragement you needed.. because then I felt your warm, hard cock…. Probing gently at the opening of my pussy… your hand still holding my panties to one side as I felt you push yourself slowly into me… Oh God.. I wanted to cum right there and then… I could feel my muscles tightening around your shaft.. pulling you into me. You were moving slowly.. teasing me.. knowing I wanted you.. hard, fast and desperately.. but you were giving me just a little at a time.. I was thrusting my hips up to meet yours.. encouraging you to move deeper inside me.

Once I felt all of you inside me, I began to grind myself against you… I could feel my clit rubbing against your pubic bone and it was building my orgasm very quickly… You had both hands on my breasts now.. lightly teasing my rock hard nipples. I began to move against you harder and faster.. my moans were getting louder now.. You were laughing at me.. I felt your hand clamp gently over my mouth to muffle the noises I was making uncontrollably. This just excited me more.. and I began to bite at your fingers over my mouth as I moved in sync with your body.. rocking each other to nirvana.

I opened my eyes and looked into yours.. You were staring at me.. never stopping your consistent, rhythmic movement over me. Your face was flushed… “Are you ready baby?” you asked me. I nodded my head in agreement… you removed your hand from my mouth…sat up on your knees… placed both your hands on my ankles… lifting my legs up over your shoulders… then leaning back down over me.. your hands on the seat either side of my head now.. you began to thrust.. hard.. fast.. with purpose… I was moving with you.. never taking my eyes from yours.. “Tell me.. Say it… I want to hear you say it” I whispered to you. We were panting like rabid dogs… and through your breaths I heard you say “ I’m cumming, baby… ahh Rhon, I’m cumming”… and that was the trigger for me… I literally felt my body explode… I felt our passions merge inside of me.. my hands gripping your back tightly… nails scraping your skin.. as I released with you all that had been built up over the past few months waiting for this moment. I could feel our cum begin to trickle out of my now hot and throbbing pussy. I lay there under you for a few seconds enjoying the slowing after-throb .. moaning my satisfaction. My eyes were wide open and glazed. I felt like some sex-starved nymphomaniac.. I just didn’t want to stop.. I wanted to keep fucking.. I wanted to taste you.. I wanted you to taste me. I kept squeezing at your cock with my hungry cunt. My hands moving over your delectable ass.. pinching and pulling you as deep into me as I could take you. At one point I realized the car had stopped at traffic lights.. I was turned on with the knowledge that we were semi-naked in the back of this luxurious car, filled with each others juices, while the world passed us by.. ignorant of what was going on inside, thanks to the dark tint of the windows that seemed to keep us in a shroud of mystery to anyone curious enough to try to peer in.

You collapsed on top of me.. breathing hard into my ear.. I could feel your racing heart still thumping against my chest. We lay like that for a minute or so.. just enjoying the feeling of being inside each other… with each other. Then you turned your head and kissed me once more.. a slower.. more tender kiss this time… I was watching the emotion on your face as you kissed me. I knew I loved you.. Unconditionally… without a doubt. You must have sensed me looking at you, because you opened your eyes to look at me. We stopped kissing and laughed at each other.

You sat up and adjusted your clothes.. then helped me tidy myself up again… ready to greet the world. I snuggled up next to you in the back seat of that limousine.. your arms about me.. comfortingly, reassuringly, protectively.. We didn’t speak again till we arrived at your home…. And that… is a whole other story…………………….

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