tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLina and Vicky

Lina and Vicky


- And this is Lina, my best friend from college - gushed Diane, as she walked through the door, - She's the friend I told you about, she came to stay with me and Mom over the holidays.

- Hi, Lina, - I said politely after hugging and kissing my baby cousin.

Lina was a very cute girl in her early twenties, with dark shoulder length hair and an adorable dimpled smile. She was short and fat, with large heavy breasts, a big round ass and a rather narrow waist in between, which made her very attractive, if you are into fat girls at all, which I very much am.

I invited the girls to sit down and asked them how was college. My cousin started to prattle on about parties and professors and performances, with Lina putting in a shy word or two now and then.

The girls came over for the duration of the holidays, to stay at my Aunt Laura's. Tomorrow Diane was going to have to go with her mother to visit our grandmother, and Lina was going to sleep in - she was rather tired after the trip.

I, of course, knew where I saw Lina before, almost immediately. About two years ago I first knew her as Vicky, a webcam girl at one of the camming sites that I frequent. She was much less shy there, that's for sure, in fact, she was my favorite girl to talk to, in addition to seeing her naked. There was a deep dark well of restrained urges within that pretty plump body that only got tapped in her on-camera fantasies. She still went online now and then, sometimes even taking her laptop with her to some strange places - I am sure I got a show in a deserted office building once.

She, of course, had no idea of what I looked like or even where I lived. Well, that was about to change.

We had a nice chat; all three of us, and Diane said they had to leave. When holding Lina's coat for her, I "accidentally" brushed against a sensitive spot on her neck Vicky told me about. I thought I caught a small gasp, but that might have been just my imagination.

I drove to Aunt Laura's house the next morning. I knew full well that Grandma will not let her favorite daughter and granddaughter out of her house until evening, so I had plenty of time.

I opened up my laptop, connected to Aunt Laura's wireless and logged onto plumpcamgirls.com. Sure enough, there was SweetLittleVicky sitting in a bed in Aunt Laura's guest room, wearing pajama bottoms and a bra, flirting with the people in her chat room. I notice that the latch on the guest room door is not fastened.

'Plmplvr, I don't have my toy with me today, I am at a friend's house' - she was typing, - 'but fingers work just as well if you want to go private with me'

I opened the door with my key, tiptoed upstairs, my laptop still open, and sat down in the chair in a small room next to the guest room.

SweetLittleVicky was still on and getting playful.

'no, ThkBlkCock, that is not a male friend, lol', - she typed to somebody else, - 'I wish it was. It's been a while for me, I am getting really horny'.

'Oh, hi DarkWhisper!' - that is me, - 'haven't seen you in a while, honey'.

'I missed you, sweetie' - I typed in reply, - 'you say you are getting really horny - want to go play with me in private?'

'blush, yes I do'

'let's go then'

A ring of "incoming private show", and here she is, her eyes twinkling in anticipation of one of our games.

'Tell me about an intruder in your room', - I type, - 'and get naked as you talk'

She starts talking, while undoing her bra on the back and peeling off the pajama bottoms. Normally, I would sit in front of my monitor and stroke my dick to the sounds of her voice, listening for the breathy changes in the timbre as she got more excited. Now I tiptoe to the guest door room and listen.

- There is a stranger in the house, - she says, - he is lurking around looking for something to steal or for someone to ambush. He has seen me in the window, and he wants to violate me... to bite these soft breasts... to stick his dick in this sweet little pussy...

I open the door just a bit and I can see Lina taking off her panties and sitting down with her legs open, facing the laptop. She is starting to play with her pussy, as she continues to talk.

- I don't know that he is around, and I am just coming out of the shower, naked, with a towel on my head, when I see him... I scream, but he jumps at me and grabs me...

I come into the room, cross to the bed and grab Lina, twisting her arm behind her. She screams, feeling unfamiliar strong hands on her body.

- Shut up if you want to live, - I growl into her ear, just like her fantasy rapists do almost invariably.

The fat girl starts thrashing and kicking and trying to escape, but she is no match for the former wrestler, and soon I have her pinned to the bed on her belly, with me holding her wrists together behind her and pressing down on her back with my knee.

- Please let me go, - she says, - I haven't really seen you, so I will not call the police, I promise, just let me go.

- I will let you go after I am done with you, - I say, and she recognizes my voice.

- Jason? Jason, what are you doing here?

- It's not Jason, Vicky, - I say as my hand strokes her back and shoulder and grab her by the throat, - it's Darkwhisper.

- Oh no, - she moans after a few seconds of utter bewilderment, - oh no, oh please no, this is too confusing...

I slap her on the cheek, then grab her hair at the back of her head and make her turn around and face me.

- A smart girl like you should not be confused, Vicky, - I say as I grab her wonderfully soft breast and start squeezing it roughly, pinching her nipple, groping and kneading the soft flesh. She lets me do it - she is still out of breath from our struggle, and shocked by my revelation. - I am going to do to you what Darkwhisper has done to Vicky at least four times.

- Oh please, - her full lower lip begins to tremble, as tears start running down her pretty round cheeks, - please, you don't understand... Lina isn't a slut like Vicky is... I am a good girl...

- We are going to change it, you and I, - I say, pulling her head back by the hair and squeezing her pretty face with my other hand. - Get out of this bed and stand up.

I half-drag her out of the bed and make her stand up for me. She is shaking, biting her lip, tears stream down her face. She lowers her head, not meeting my eyes.

- Please, - she says in a low voice, - my boyfriend...

- What about your boyfriend, slut? - I ask as I slap her breast. She lets out a yelp and looks at me with her huge round blue eyes, pleading.

- My boyfriend is only the third guy I ever had sex with, - she tells me, as if hoping this will somehow make her an untouchable virgin in my eyes.

- That's not going to change, - I reassure her, - he just won't be the last.

I start groping her all over, pinching her chubby upper arms, squeezing her smooth fat belly, her large round ass and fat thighs. She tries to shield herself with her hands, but I slap them away, and she stands there, crying and shaking as I molest her. My hand finds its way to her pussy mound, half-hidden by her lower belly, and she gasps and squeezes her thighs firmly together.

- Open your legs, - I order, slapping her hard on the ass, then again, then twisting her nipple, - spread them wide.

- Please don't, - she begs, as she opens her luscious thighs, - please please no.

I slap her pussy, producing another yelp, and then grope at it, feeling my way around it. My sweet little Lina's pussy is soaking wet, it's a wonder she's not dripping on the floor.

- Your cunt is wet, slut, - I say, taking my hand out from between her legs and wiping them on her lips and face. - Your sloppy slutty slobbering cunt is fucking dripping wet, and you say you are a good girl? You filthy cockwhore.

I turn Lina around, one hand grabbing her throat from behind, the other arm curling around her body, pressing her against me, my hand in between her legs again. I hold her tight, choking her slightly, and start rubbing her clit. The lovely fat girl squirms and struggles harder than she did before, when she thought a stranger was attacking her from behind. There is genuine horror in her moaning cries.

- Please no, - she begs, trying to wiggle away from my embrace, - please! you are going to make me cum like that! Please don't make me cum! please, please, please... oh my God!

She grips my hands, but does not try to pry them away from her pliable soft body, just holds tight onto them as I continue to abuse her clit.

- You're going to make me cuh.. cuh... oh my God I am cumming! Oh no, pleah... aaahhh... honh! honnnnnh! mmmmghhhh!!!

Her whole body buckles up and down, her belly and breasts jiggling, her head is thrown backwards, as this strange cross between an orgasm and a seizure rips through her. When I release her, she almost falls down, stumbling on weak legs and catching herself on the edge of the bed. She's making strange plaintive whining sounds, and I realize the reason she was so terrified a minute ago.

- Good girls don't cum like that when they get violated, - I tell her, rubbing it in, - and you just creamed on my hand like a nasty filthy fat whore.

I grab a hold of Lina and bend her over the bed, kicking off my pants in the process. My dick is painfully hard by now. I take both her soft asscheeks in my hands and part them, like an overripe peach, revealing her glistening pink pussy. I push her forward, making her kneel on the edge of the bed, with her ass sticking up and her pussy exposed. She is too weak and shocked to really put up a fight, although she tries feebly to escape. I grab her wrists and pull her arms up, so her face is pressed to the bed, and her ass is sticking out even more.

I put my dick to the entrance to her pussy and push. Oh man, she is tight. If she was not so wet, I don't think it would be easy to stick my dick into her pussy - but I do, I slip right in and she gasps as she receives the fourth cock in her life. I start fucking her slowly and rhythmically, slapping her on the ass now and then. She makes strange noises halfway between sobbing and moaning with pleasure.

Lina's soft white ass bounces and jiggles under me as I continue to fuck her. I reach forward and grab her hair, pulling on it, fucking her faster and faster. She grips the bed sheet with her pudgy little hands, moaning and sobbing. I release her hair and grip the back of her neck, pressing her face into the bed, riding her ass, feeling her pussy contract and throb on my dick, as my slut cums hard. I pull out of her, flip her around and straddle her chest, feeling her large soft tits squished under my ass. I slap her cheek and stick my dick into her pretty mouth. She looks up at me with her large blue eyes, and there's no pleading or defiance in them anymore, only obedience and eagerness to please. She starts sucking on my cock, and very soon I shoot my load into her eager mouth.

- Swallow it, - I order, wiping the head of my cock on her face and neck, and she obeys instantly.

- That's a good girl, - I say, pinching her cheek and slapping it affectionately as I get off her.

Lina gives me a shy smile, and then her lower lip starts to tremble, and she starts to cry, quietly and pitifully. I sit beside her and hug her to my chest, stroking her hair, pulling a blanket over us both. She cries even harder.

- I am such a sluh, uh, uh, such a sluh, sluh, slut! - she wails into my chest as I cuddle her close. - I came so hard, and I almost came again when you came in my moh, moh, mouth. Nobody ever cum in my mouth before... and I never, ever cum so hard with anyone before...

- Yes, my sweet one, - I say, continuing to stroke her hair, - you are a true submissive slut; I knew it the first time I saw you on that web camera.

- But that was just a game, - she protests, - that was just Vicky!

- It was always a part of who you are, - I reply, caressing her back with just my fingertips, making small circles just above her ass crack, - you hid it for all these years, but now it is out and it's not going back. You are a slut, you like to be used and abused by hard men, and you like it when they slap you, and rape you, and humiliate you, and call you by all the names you deserve for being such a filthy cum whore!

I stop caressing Lina's trembling body and give her a hard slap on the ass with my last words, then another, then another. She cries out, first from surprise, then from pain, and then from the realization that she's about to cum again, this time from little more than verbal humiliation. I grab her nipple and pinch it hard, sending her into another trembling orgasm.

After so much crying and cumming, she is absolutely exhausted. We lie in bed for a while, and then it is time for me to go. Lina shyly asks whether she could suck my dick and I let her.


I fucked my new slut a few times more over the holidays, keeping it secret from Diane and Aunt Laura. When it was time for Lina and Diane to leave, she came to me to receive her instructions.

She looked so pretty, kneeling in her hiked-up black skirt and white blouse, with a dog collar on her neck and my dick in her mouth. I was sitting on a chair, she was in between my legs, sucking my dick and listening to what I was telling her.

- Remember, Lina, you are a slut now, and a slut needs to be controlled, she needs a master to look out for her. I am your master, and I will take care of you.

She mumbled something that sounded like a question. I slapped her on the cheek.

- Don't talk with your mouth full. Was that a "what about my boyfriend"?

She nodded.

- You tell your boyfriend everything. If he wants to fuck you, he needs to talk to me first. I decide who fucks you, when and why. You are lucky that it was me who unlocked your slut - it might have been some drunken frat boy instead. He would share you with all his drunken frat brothers.

Lina gives a small whimper. Her imagination is vivid, and she can easily see herself being gang-banged in a frat house, drunken jocks lining up to fuck the fat chick and smack her around. A deep shudder goes through her body.

- See, - I slap her other cheek, - you are getting excited just thinking about it. But you belong to me, - I stand up, grab her hair and start face-fucking her, - I own you, bitch, and you are going to fuck whom I say, when I say.

Lina is moaning and choking, her face growing red. I take my dick out of her mouth with a loud popping sound.

- Yes, Master, - she breathes out, gasping and letting a long string of drool out of the corner of her mouth, - you own me, Master.

- That's a good slut; - I say and guide her head back to my dick. I explode into her mouth a few seconds after, and send her to the bathroom to wash up. She comes out, gives me a quick kiss and hurries downstairs, where Diane is waiting for her in the car.


I guess I should not have mentioned those drunken frat boys to an impressionable girl like Lina. My hold on her was apparently not strong enough, and (as I learned later from Diane) she let Vicky loose as soon as she got back to the college. She went through a series of boyfriends, each one meaner and more dangerous than the last one, got gang-banged a few times, failed most of her classes, quit school and went completely off the radar.

When I met her next time in about six years, she had lost a lot of weight (still remaining deliciously plump), completely changed her look and style, had been happily married for the last couple years, and was a young mother. Now that was when the fun really started, but that would make a whole another story.

The End.

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