tagLoving WivesLincoln Park Mommy Ch. 02

Lincoln Park Mommy Ch. 02


Chapter 02 (The Taxi Driver)

The next Friday, Dan left the office early. He had to get to the dry cleaners before they closed to retrieve his tuxedo. He was attending a charity event being held at the Chicago Cultural Center, and was supposed to meet some co-workers and clients there. After picking his tuxedo up, he went home, showered and got dressed, downing a vodka and tonic before getting in a cab back to the Loop.

Dan's employer sponsored many philanthropic events throughout the year in Chicago, and this was one of the bigger ones. He guessed that four or five hundred people would be present. He also wondered briefly if Kelly MacGuire would be there with Mike, insofar as Mike's employer, too, was a co-sponsor of this event. He thought that it might be awkward if she was.

Once he got to the Cultural Center, Dan hooked up with the people from his office and his clients, and made small talk for a few hours, mingling about. As 11:00 approached, he and some friends milled through the crowd, checking out the talent. Typical of these events, the women were dressed to the nines, but most of them looked too high maintenance for Dan.

On their way back to the bar near where his group had set up for the night, he saw her. Just as he remembered, Kelly looked magnificent, wearing a Nicole Miller evening dress that clung to the pronounced curves of her luscious body. Her dirty blonde hair was done up in a bun, accentuating the simple diamond solitaire pendant that draped from her graceful neck. Her nails were painted a bright red, and on her feet she wore a pair of Jimmy Choo open-toed heels.

Kelly stood as part of a group of six or seven people, holding what appeared to be a vodka and tonic – maybe a gin and tonic; something clear, anyway – in her hand. Dan watched in fascination as her head tipped back in laughter at something that one of the people in her group must have said, exposing her sexy neck. As she put the glass to her red-painted lips to take another sip, her bright blue eyes quickly scanned the crowd around her and almost passed right over Dan. But they quickly came back to rest on him, and he felt his heart skip a beat.

Kelly was surprised to see him. Her beautiful blue eyes went large for a moment, but she quickly recovered and looked away. Almost as an afterthought – or a sign to Dan – her free arm snaked around a man standing to her left, and Dan surmised that the man was Mike, her husband. Her message was clear: "Not here, not now." He turned to walk away, not wanting to make her feel uncomfortable. What he did not see, after turning away, was the surreptitious glance that Kelly leveled at him over her shoulder.

Having been left behind by his friends when he stopped to stare at Kelly, he made his way back through the crowd and rejoined his friends at the bar. About an hour later, listening to a client explain a recent problem that had arisen, he spotted Kelly over the client's shoulder, making her way toward him, graceful as ever despite her four-inch heels. However, as she approached the bar, she cut left through the entranceway and out into the grand hallway, giving Dan a meaningful look as she did so.

Dan took the hint and followed Kelly into the hallway, quickly finding her in the throngs of people that were just then leaving the charity event. "Hi, Dan," she said, in an old-friend-you-haven't-seen-in-a-while type of voice. "What are you doing here?"

"My firm is one of the sponsors of this thing. How about you?"

"Same thing. Mike's company is one of the sponsors." She glanced around her, and then her gaze slowly returned to Dan. "Look, I can't talk, but are you going to be here a while?"

"A little bit. Why?"

"We were just going to leave; Mike's tired. But maybe I'll tell him I want to stay out with some of my old co-workers. Want to meet me somewhere?"

"Absolutely. Where?"

"We'll leave here in a few minutes, and I'll put Mike in a cab. Meet me at the corner of Wabash and Randolph, under the El, in fifteen or twenty minutes, and we'll go somewhere," she said as she quickly walked off, presumably returning to the side of her husband.

Dan watched as the smooth fabric of the elegant dress swayed across the tight globes of her ass, before returning to his co-workers and clients. He engaged in light banter for a while, and said his good-byes. He made his way out of the Cultural Center and walked down the block to the El tracks. Kelly was waiting there for him, wearing a long, cream colored Burberry coat over her dress; she looked stunning. Dan reached for her hand, but she quickly pulled back. "Not here. Someone might see. Let's get a cab."

Dan turned and hailed a cab, holding the door for Kelly as she entered. As soon as she was settled, she informed the cab driver, "Fullerton and Southport, please." A major intersection near Dan's condo.

"Yes, ma'am," came the stilted reply of the Middle Eastern driver.

"What, you don't want to go for a drink first?" Dan teased her as she pulled her long, dirty blonde locks from the confining bun and shook her hair out.

"No. I want to go back to your place and fuck," she lilted, noticing that the cab driver gave her a long look in the rear view mirror. She reached her right hand out and started stroking Dan's thigh as the cab began its journey to the western part of Lincoln Park. "I can't wait to feel your cock stuffing me," she continued, a mischievous grin crossing her lips. Her eyes sparkled in the dim light of the cab's backseat.

Dan moaned under Kelly's touch. "Glad there's no traffic, then."

"Mmm. Me, too. I feel like such a slut. Putting my husband in a cab, and then getting in another one with you." Kelly felt her pussy start to moisten at the thought. The cab driver was again staring at her in the rear view mirror.

Fifteen minutes later, when the taxi pulled up in front of Dan's building, they climbed out. "That cab driver was freaking me out," she said as Dan shut the door. "He wouldn't stop staring at me. Gross," she finished, with a sour look on her face.

"You're a hottie. That's why he was staring at you. Or maybe it was your language. Maybe he wanted to take you home and fuck you."

"Wouldn't be the first time," she responded, under her breath, as Dan keyed open the outer door to his building. Dan held the door for her as she breezed by, her scent floating in the air.

"What's that mean?" Dan asked, following her across the lobby to the elevator. As the doors closed, Kelly pushed Dan against the elevator wall and started stroking his cock through his tuxedo pants. She went to her tip toes, and her warm, pink tongue snaked out to play with his lips. She heard a sharp intake of Dan's breath as her tongue wormed its way into his mouth.

She still hadn't answered his question when the elevator doors opened on his floor, and they exited the elevator and approached the entry to his condominium. "'Wouldn't be the first time'? What does that mean, Kelly?" he asked as they entered his condo.

"It means, idiot, that he was not the first cab driver that has wanted to fuck me," she said, dropping her coat on a side chair. "And if he had fucked me, he would not have been the first cab driver to do so. Clear now?" she taunted, pulling the straps of her gown off her shoulders. It slipped down her body, and she stepped out of his, clad only in a bra and her Jimmy Choo's.

"Ooohh, ggodd," Dan breathed, savoring the sight of her body, of her bald cunt. Kelly pushed him back on his couch, unbuckled his tuxedo pants, and fished his growing cock from them. Her manicured hand encircled the thickening rod, and began tugging it up and down.

"Sorry," she said with a smirk, dropping her right hand from his cock and replacing it with her left. She continued to stroke his cock, feeling the heat coming from the head on her upstroke. Without warning, she spit on his cock to add lubrication. After a few more strokes, she dropped her red-painted lips to Dan's cock, and engulfed it in the silky warm cavern of her mouth, causing Dan to shudder and gasp.

Something inside Kelly triggered the slut, and the blowjob went from slow and gentle to sloppy and rough. Saliva dripped from between her lips and Dan's cock, and flowed down the length of his shaft, further lubricating the hand that stroked up and down. "You gonna cum?" she inquired after a minute or so of slurping.

"Soon," Dan breathed.

"Unt-uh," Kelly said around his cock, removing it from her mouth. "Not yet, you don't. Time for you to get what you want."

"What's that?" Dan said, his breath slowly returning to normal.

"You wanna know how a seemingly prim and proper housewife ended up getting fucked doggy style by a smelly, Indian cab driver," she whispered as her mouth once again moved to cover the stiff shaft standing straight up from Dan's crotch.


About a year after Evelyn was born, Kelly went out one night with her girlfriends. She needed a break, and Mike said he'd stay in with Evelyn. It was, she recalled, the spring of 2003. Kelly and her girlfriends did some barhopping in Lincoln Park, starting at Zella's and later moving to Bordo's. About midnight, Kelly decided, through her alcohol-fogged brain, that it was time to go home to her husband and child. She had been out for four or five hours, and had consumed plenty of vodka.

Part of her wanted to stay; being hit on all night by the college kids and twenty-somethings had moistened her over-used pussy. The alcohol had loosened her inhibitions (to the extent she had any) and she now had a strong desire to have her cunt punished by a thick cock. It was her own fault, of course. She shouldn't have dressed as provocatively as she had. The open-toed Jimmy Choo's and black leather pants hugging her ass were enticing enough on their own. But the snug, pink, cashmere sweater that did nothing to hide her substantial 34D tits brought more attention than she was capable of dealing with – with her friends present, at least. Unfortunately, she knew she couldn't let a college boy take her back to his dorm room while her friends were still around; she was sober enough to realize that. She resigned herself – and her pussy – to an empty night.

A few minutes after twelve, Kelly left Bordo's and hailed cab. "Sheffield and Armitage," she directed the driver, who immediately took off. Kelly shifted in the back seat of the cab, tried to itch the scratch that was burning between her legs. 'God, I need cock,' she groaned inwardly, looking at the driver in the rear view mirror, pouting. 'Too bad I got a stinky Hindu and not some young stud.'

"Take a left here," she said as they approached her intersection.

As the cab pulled up in front of Mike and Kelly's walk-up, Kelly decided to throw caution to the wind. "Um, I'm really sorry," she began in a soft voice. "I don't seem to have any money on me." As she said this, Kelly slipped the twenty dollar bill back into her Louis Vuitton handbag.

"I not drive you for free," came the harsh reply. "You pay fare for drive home."

"I know. I'm sorry," she pleaded, leaning forward. "I thought I had money, but I don't. What can I do?"

"I will take you to ATM. You get money there. I keep meter running."

"That won't work, either," she responded, her head now between the seatbacks, her mouth just inches from his ear. "I don't have my credit card with me," she explained in a sweet voice. The cab driver continued to stare at her in his rear view mirror, and his eyes widened as Kelly's head bent even closer to him, and her long, pink tongue slithered out and licked his ear lobe. It tasted salty, and she could tell, at this close distance, that this disgusting man had not showered in many an hour. "How about I pay you some other way?" she whispered. He shivered as her hot breath caressed his inner ear. Despite her revulsion at this repellent foreigner, Kelly was willing to tolerate his smell and his lack of cleanliness if he would be willing to slide his cock between her cunt lips and bring her to an orgasm.

"You pay. . . . Please. . . . You pay for ride," the driver said, nervous at the sight of the little blonde wife nibbling at his ear.

"I will pay," she said, glancing over at the dashboard, spying his chauffeur's license. "I will pay, Abu. With my body. You can fuck me. You can play with my tits," she said, leaning forward further so that her tits squeezed between the seatbacks. Her right arm crossed the threshold from the back seat to the front, and her long, manicured fingernails lightly stroked Abu's chest while her mouth maintained its vigil at his ear. "What do you say, Abu? I'll pay you with my body?"

After a pause, "Where?" came the barely audible reply.

"Pull down the street and turn into the alley," Kelly answered, dragging her red nails across the Indian's chest. Or was he Pakistani? In the end, it didn't really matter to her; cock was cock, after all. As she sat back and Abu pulled into the alley, Kelly recalled that Mike's Range Rover was in the shop, leaving an open spot in their carport. 'Perfect,' she thought, directing the cab into the vacant parking spot. "Turn your lights off. You'll wake my husband," she whispered, even now afraid that her voice would carry into the house she shared with her husband and child. She exited the cab, sure to close the door quietly.

Kelly was now cursing the contractors that were taking so much time to finish the rehabilitation of their home. They had left the garage for last, and hadn't even started it yet, despite the fact that the rehabilitation of the house itself began the previous summer. As such, Kelly and Mike continued using the carport that was there when they bought the place. She couldn't do anything about it; she couldn't complain. The contractors had enough to destroy her sedate and comfortable life. But the problem was the carport had no walls. It was only a roof held aloft by a dozen or so posts. If Mike were to look out one of the windows, he might be able to see her. To see them. See his wife on her knees sucking the cock of a strange man, or bent over the hood of a car taking it from behind.

Rather than give her pause, these thoughts galvanized her. As Kelly strode to the back of the cab, putting it between her and her house (and thus Mike's eyes, should they find their way to the back yard), Abu too exited the cab, and met her at its trunk. He was taller than Kelly had imagined, standing close to six feet. Not extraordinarily tall, but still, taller than her five-foot-four-inch frame. He was dressed in natty twill pants and a pullover shirt, his feet clad in worn, leather sandals. Not exactly a picture of refinement, but Kelly wasn't looking for refinement tonight. Refinement was waiting for her in her bedroom, or perhaps on the couch in the television room, and made love to her while he called her "honey" and said "I love you." Tonight, she was looking only to get fucked. The only terms of endearment she wanted to hear were things like "whore" and "tramp" and "fuck toy."

As Abu approached her from the driver's side of the car, Kelly stood on her tip toes and put her arms around his neck, pulling his face towards hers. As it approached, her tongue darted out again, this time parting his dried lips. The smell of him, of his breath, almost put her off, nearly caused her to forego this opportunity. Only the tingling between her legs, the wetness that was quickly gathering on her lips, prodded her on. Thus, her tongue continued its journey into Abu's mouth, and soon his tongue joined the fray.

"Mmmm," she heard him moan as her hands left his neck and traveled down his chest, one hand remaining there, another continuing down to his crotch. She rubbed, and was rewarded with a twitch underneath the twill. 'Not huge, but it'll do,' she thought to herself as her manicured fingers continued to stroke the Hindu cock through the material of the pants.

For his part, Abu now began to feel a little more comfortable about this situation. He was somewhat nervous, standing here in this woman's backyard, out in the open, but he was no longer concerned about getting into trouble. Clearly, this woman wanted to have sex with him. That decided, his body relaxed, and his hands began to roam her lithe little body. They first found her hips, encased as they were in the sexy leather pants that clung to her form. They pulled her pelvis towards his own, trapping her hand there, and one hand slipped to her tight ass, massaging a cheek.

As the incongruent couple continued their make-out session, with no objections from Kelly about his wondering hands, Abu let a hand slip up her rib cage and brush the outside of her left breast. When this, too, failed to bring an objection or a slap in the face, the hand continued to fully cover the large globe. Abu felt the thick nipple protruding under the cashmere top, and then felt it grow as he squeezed, encouraging him to continue.

Just then, headlights appeared at the end of the alley, coming from the street, and both Kelly and Abu recognized the sound of a car. They quickly parted and scurried to the front of the cab, away from the alley. The car, moving slowly down the alley, continued its monotonous journey toward them. Kelly, heady with lust, excited at the prospect of being penetrated, elated at the thought of getting fucked by a stranger in her own backyard while her husband was inside, pushed Abu against the hood of his taxi, and grabbed at the waist of his ratty pants, pulling the button free. Her long, manicured fingers had trouble grasping the zipper, but eventually she managed, and Abu's pants fell to his feet.

Kelly pulled his thickening cock through the opening at the front of his boxers and tugged on it, causing blood to rush toward the head. Wanting to feel it grow in her mouth, Kelly squatted and lowered her red-lipsticked mouth to the cockhead, allowing her tongue to twirl around it once then twice, before burying her face in his Abu's crotch, his cock now fully encased in her hot mouth. The sound of the car – probably a neighbor's – drowned Kelly's moan out, but Abu, his cockhead now planted firmly against the back of her throat, could feel it reverberate into his stomach.

As Kelly sucked, Abu grew to his full length, maybe six inches. 'Not the biggest, but I've had smaller,' she thought. Satisfied with the rigidity, Kelly began bobbing her head quickly – violently, almost – on Abu's cock.

"So nice," she heard him breathe as his cock repeatedly hit the back of her throat.

Removing his cock from her mouth, Kelly let her displeasure be known. "Ssshhh," she whispered, her left hand replacing her mouth on his cock, her diamond engagement ring glittering in the faint glimmer from a faraway alley light. "That's my house. We're thirty feet away. My husband might hear you," she said, as she again placed his cock between her bright, shiny red lips.

She felt his hands in her hair, pulling her deeper into his crotch. Kelly reveled in the dominance. Sucking his cock hands-free, Kelly let her left hand drop to her crotch, and began rubbing her wet slit through the leather pants. Her other hand squeezed one of her gargantuan tits, paying special attention to the erect nipple that had swollen within the confines of her 34D bra. "Oooohhh gggaawwddd," she mumbled around Abu's cock.

Without warning, she pulled it from her mouth with her right hand, and began furiously stroking it, aided by the saliva that covered the brown rod from root to tip. "I love sucking cock," she whispered, looking up into his eyes from her squatting position, her left hand cradling his balls, tickling his scrotum.

The lust in her eyes was apparent, and Abu once again grabbed the back of her head, forcing his cock back into her mouth. Her warm, slick mouth squelched around his cock, and she moaned in hunger. "Mmmmmm," she hummed around the brown phallus. Lust burned within her. She could feel it dripping from between her cunt lips, soaking her thong. She could feel it in her nipples, inflamed, aching for attention. She needed to get fucked – now!

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