tagLoving WivesLincoln Park Mommy Ch. 03

Lincoln Park Mommy Ch. 03


A week or so later, Dan was on a conference call when he saw his Message light illuminate. When the call ended, he hung up his telephone and punched in the code to retrieve his messages, surprised to hear Kelly's voice. He was surprised to hear from her so soon.

"Hi, Dan. It's Kelly. Give me a call when you get a chance. Mike's out-of-town, so you can call me at home. The number here is 773-555-5555." Erasing the message, he swiveled around in his chair and stared out his office window, noticing the sail boats still in Monroe Harbor; fall was coming too soon. Turning back to the telephone, he called Kelly's home telephone.


"Kelly, its Dan."

"Hi. I was hoping you'd get back to me." Her voice was soft and sweet and tinged with a faint shyness.

"What's up?"

"Well, Mike's out-of-town for a few days, and I wanted to see if you were up for dinner."

"Sure. Tonight? Where?"

"Why don't you come over here? Maybe I'll cook you something. About 7:00?" She gave him directions.

"See you then." Hanging up the phone, Dan willed the next two hours to pass quickly. He now had something to look forward to. The prospect of an evening with Kelly caused his cock to stiffen slightly, and then more, as he thought about the married slut he had the good fortune of walking home a few weeks ago. He loved hearing about her exploits as she rode up and down on his cock, or knelt on all fours before him.

When Dan arrived at Mike and Kelly's walk-up and she answered the door, she looked like the typical Lincoln Park housewife and mother in her mid-thirties: blond hair pulled back in a ponytail; khaki pants under a conservative white blouse; no shoes covering her cute feet. She exemplified the look of innocence.

There was nothing innocent about Kelly tonight, though. As soon as she closed the door, one of her hands shot for Dan's zipper while the other pushed him back against the door, she herself falling to her knees. Her manicured thumb and forefinger pulled the zipper down, and fished around for Dan's cock, finding it and pulling it from its confines. Dan's cock immediately inflated as he looked down at Kelly's manipulation; her hand, tipped with long, red fingernails, the engagement ring and wedding bands, all wrapped around his cock brought instant arousal.

And Kelly knew his mental triggers, too; two sessions had given her all the insight she needed. She flaunted the diamond-encrusted rings on her finger, and the fact that she was married. "Are you going to fuck me in my husband's house? Maybe in his bed?" Dan could only murmur his assent, lost in the pleasure of Kelly's tongue washing over the length of his cock. He loved her filthy mouth, and her nasty mind.

Rising up to her feet again, she grabbed Dan by the hand and led him into the family room. Releasing his hand, she began to undress as she walked, and was completely naked as she fell onto the couch, spreading her lean legs to reveal her freshly waxed pussy, already wet with her excitement. She placed a manicured finger just above her pussy lips, pointing downward, and said, "Why don't you two get acquainted, and I'll tell you about my first black cock."


Kelly and Mike had been engaged for just a month. Her parents wanted to meet them for dinner at their country club on the North Shore. But Mike had a client with needs, and was called out-of-town a few days earlier and would not be returning until late the night of the dinner, so Kelly drove up to Wilmette on her own.

Driving up to the club and climbing out of her silver BMW M3, she was a sight to behold for Aaron, the valet. Feet encased in black pumps (just barely decent enough for the conservative country club set), bare legs leading up to a light blue Chanel skirt suit with large white buttons that strained to withhold her D cup tits. Aaron's fat cock squirmed some as he watched her get out of the car, but settled down when she handed him her car keys and he saw the three-karat engagement ring on her left hand. Aaron had fucked a few of the stunning, rich white girls that floated around the club, but tried to stay away from the married ones. Getting caught with your cock in a member's wife was the quickest way to get fired.

Max, on the other hand, didn't see it that way. As the Fitzgeralds' waiter that night, he had a bird's eye view of Kelly's cleavage, and he took advantage, staring into that deep, cavernous space every chance he got. The large diamond on her finger didn't dissuade him in the least. In fact, the ring only added life to his nine inches. Throughout their dinner, Max tried to conceal his erection from the club's guests, but it was difficult.

When he brought the Fitzgeralds' first round of drinks, he caught the glint of Kelly's engagement ring when she first raised the glass to her lips. On bringing their appetizers, Max watched Kelly's beautifully manicured fingers – light pink tonight – pick a shrimp from a martini glass, and imagined those white fingers wrapped around his thick, black cock. And as she popped the last of her entrée – a steamed lobster – between her full, red-glossed lips, Max wished it was his cock that was slipping between them. As he collected the signed check from Kelly's father and walked away from the table, Max filed the image of Kelly away in his mind for future consideration, encouraged given her surreptitious glances towards his crotch as he stood near her. The sluts always looked; they tried to hide it, but they always looked.

It turns out that the future arrived a little sooner than he had imagined. After he closed out the Fitzgeralds' tab, he decided to take a break and snuck back to one of the club rooms off to the side of the club. Opening the door and entering the room, Kelly's back was to him, and she was just ending a call on her cell phone.

"I love you, too, sweetie. I'm leaving in a few minutes, and should be home by eleven or so." Turning around as she hit the "end" button on her phone, Kelly was startled to find Max standing in the room with her.

"Sorry, Ms. Fitzgerald, I didn't know anyone was in here."

"Don't worry about it, Max," she said as she started across the room to retrieve the Burberry trench she had laid across the back of a club chair. "I was just calling home to let my boyfriend . . . I mean my fiancé, know that I'd be home in an hour or so."

"Fiancé? I didn't know you got engaged, Ms. Fitzgerald. When did that happen?"

"Just a few weeks ago. I'm so excited!" she gushed. "And look at my ring," she bragged as she walked toward Max, extending her hand. "I love it. It's so beautiful."

Taking Kelly's beautiful hand in his, more blood pumped into Max's thick cock, making him uncomfortable. "Sure is. Damn, girl, this must have cost a shitload."

"I'm sure it did," she almost giggled. "Mike has never been stingy with me."

"Better not be. He's lucky to have you. What a beauty you are," Max said, as he bent and kissed Kelly's hand, right above the ring.

Blushing, and somewhat nervous, Kelly stuttered, "Uh, thanks, Max. I . . . I really should get going." Instead of letting Kelly's hand go free, however, Max twisted the ring slightly and it slipped off her finger, falling into his palm. "Max, give that back! What are you doing? I have to go."

"Kelly, I will gladly give you this ring back, but first, I want something from you."

"What," Kelly whined in desperation, not missing the fact that Max referred to her by her given name, when in the past he had always used her family name.

Reaching out to pop the top button on Kelly's tailored suit, Max said, "A li'l bit of what you been hidin' under here." Kelly was speechless, but made no move to stop him. With a few quick snaps of his wrist, the top to Kelly's Chanel suit was hanging open, only her white, lacy, 34D bra blocking Max's view of her firm tits. A few seconds later, the top was lying on the hardwood floor behind Kelly as Max popped the button and pulled the zipper on her skirt, leaving it in a puddle around her feet. Almost before she could react, Kelly stood before this black man dressed only in her heels, thong and super strong bra; her pouty lips were slightly agape.

As Max pushed Kelly back so she was leaning against the pool table, she gave up a weak protest. "Max, please . . . please stop. I have to go; Mike is waiting for me at home . . . We can't do this. What if we get caught? My parents will be mortified."

"Shut up, Kelly. The door is locked, and Mike can wait a few minutes." With that, Max slipped a few fingers underneath Kelly's thong, and found her hairless slit, rubbing the tip of his index finger along the hood of her clit. This caused Kelly to give a sigh of relief, and pleasure. A few more rubs of her clit, and Max felt the slut's pussy give up some of its juices. Believing – correctly – that Kelly was his to do with as he wished, Max pulled the thong over her hips and down her thighs and calves, leaving it puddled around her heels. She willingly stepped out of it, and again leaned back against the pool table.

Max took this as the sign of surrender that it was, and began rubbing Kelly's clit with a real fervor. Her eyes closed, her breath became ragged, and Max could see Kelly's elongated nipples tenting her bra. When he felt she was on the verge of orgasm, he slowed the frantic pace he was keeping on her clit, causing her to whine in need.

"What's the matter, Kelly?" he hissed into her ear, leaning in close.

"I want more. Keep doing that," she demanded through gritted teeth.

"That's all you want? You just want me to rub your clit?"

In a low voice, almost sheepish, Max heard, "No, I want more than your fingers."

"What do you want, whore?"

"Don't call me that. I'm not a whore," Kelly protested with a moan, as Max's fingers continued to spread her cunt juices across her pussy lips.

"Kelly, you've got a huge rock on your finger, your fiancé's waiting at home for you, and you're letting a black man fingerfuck you in your parent's country club. How can you say you're not a whore?"

"Just shut up and fuck me, Max," moaned Kelly, regaining control of herself and reaching for Max's belt. Max made no move to stop her, and instead let her manicured fingers unbuckle his belt and work his zipper down. Dropping to her knees, Kelly came face-to-face with the first black cock she had ever experienced. Its nine-inch length was something to look forward to, but she had had nine inches before, even more. But what fascinated the little blond daddy's girl was not the length, but the thickness, the veins that criss-crossed the shaft, the angry purple head, and the total darkness of the skin. She ran her hands up both sides of the shaft, feeling the heat of it, feeling the ridges grab and then release the underside of her engagement ring. She marveled at the white-on-black image that filled her bright blue eyes. While her mouth was not literally watering at the thought of sucking this thing of beauty, she greatly anticipated it penetrating her red lips and banging against the back of her throat.

"Suck it, whore," Max ordered, breaking her out of her reverie. A moan escaped her throat, and Max began to think she enjoyed being degraded, but either way, her red lips parted to accept the head of Max's cock. As he invaded her mouth, Max felt Kelly's tongue snake out along the underside of his cock, bringing enough blood to his manhood to make him fully erect. As his cock reached full-length, he felt the head tickle Kelly's tonsils, causing her to gag a little. Not much, though. This was not Kelly's first oversized cock, and she was well versed on taking cock into her throat with little to no effort. And that is just what she did, altering her angle somewhat and allowing Max's cock to slide easily past her tonsils and into her throat. Max groaned at this, and once again counted himself among the lucky to experience such a nasty little slut.

After lavishing his cock with enough attention, and ready to be fucked, Kelly stood up, reaching behind her to release the catches of her bra. Max pushed her back against the pool table as the bra fell away from Kelly's huge tits and fluttered to the floor, exposing her thick nipples to the air-conditioned environment in the club room. Max immediately went to her, taking first one and then the other nipple between his teeth, his hands gliding up and down the sides of Kelly's torso. His nibbling caused Kelly to let out a groan, and she reached for his nine inch cock, stroking it to ensure it was hard enough to penetrate her.

"What do you want, Kelly?"

"Fuck me, Max. Fuck me with this thing." The heat of him, the rigidity of his cock, was making Kelly lightheaded, almost delirious with anticipation.

"With what thing?" Max teased, knowing full well what Kelly wanted, but wanting her to beg for it nonetheless.

"Your cock, Max. Fuck me with it," she said as she eased her tight little ass onto the sideboard of the pool table.

"Tell me you want my black cock, Kelly."

"Fuck me with your cock," Kelly moaned, her legs spreading to invite Max's cock in. She was frustrated with this game, and with her empty pussy.

"Black cock, Kelly, black cock!"

"Ooohhh, goddammit, Max! Fuck me with your black cock," Kelly moaned, pulling the fat, purple head of Max's cock to her bald cunt opening. Max let the head sink in, and pushed in a few further inches, reveling in the guttural moan that escaped Kelly's throat.

"You love my black cock, don't you Kelly?"


"What a fuckin' slut you are. Who would have guessed?" Max asked rhetorically as Kelly shivered under his degradation. Max began to pump in and out of this princess's pussy, enjoying the walls hugging his huge cock. "I never would have thought that Kelly Fitzgerald would love nigger cock." Kelly's breathing became more ragged, a patina of sweat formed on her body and droplets of it threatened to drip from her nose and chin, and her nipples popped to an even greater length. Soon, her ragged breath turned to short moans and groans, and, with a sound escaping from her throat that almost turned to a scream, Max felt a previously unknown warmth flow over his groin as Kelly came on his thick cock.

Her discharge was copious, and flowed liberally down Max's inner thighs, soaking Kelly's Chanel suit that lay on the floor beneath their feet. Max slowly pumped in and out of Kelly's lubricated cunt as her breathing returned to somewhat normal. He pulled Kelly from the edge of the table, turned her around, and bent her over the pool table, causing her engorged nipples to rub against the green felt, eliciting a groan from her red-painted lips.

Entering her spoken-for pussy from behind, Max was rewarded with a long, low-pitched, "Yyyyeeeeessssss. Fuck me, Max. I want to feel that cock stretch my cunt. Pound me hard."

"You love this nigger cock loosening your lips, don't you, whore?" Max taunted, as he picked up his pace, one hand placed lightly on Kelly's beautifully formed hips, and the other tracing circles across her sweaty lower back, causing her to shiver even more.

Turning and looking over her shoulder, her baby blue eyes smoldering with lust, Kelly responded in a low, guttural voice, "Fuck, yeah. I love your nigger cock pounding me from behind."

Perhaps it was not so wise for Kelly to drop the N-bomb. Black men generally have no problem when another black man drops it, but nonetheless consider it quite offensive when those of other races drop it.

So in his anger (somewhat feigned), Max grabbed Kelly's hips hard with both his hands and began jack hammering her now-sloppy cunt, pushing Kelly's face down into the green felt and causing her fat-but-firm tits to bulge from the sides of her little body. Though he couldn't see it, Kelly's thick nipples went thicker, and burned red from the friction against the felt. From her lips and throat, moans turned to groans and threatened to turn to wails of pleasure.

Wanting a different angle after a few minutes of fucking this slut, Max grabbed Kelly's long, blond tresses in one hand, and a shoulder with the other, and lifted her upper body off the pool table, causing her pelvis to rotate forward and increasing the sensations he felt on the underside of his cock. Kelly's groans, interrupted by Max's abrupt change in position, returned full force has he continued to slam his hips against her firm little ass. "Reach behind you, slut, and spread your cheeks so I can get deeper." Always the submissive (well, usually, anyway), Kelly did as ordered. She put each of her hands, fingers splayed wide, on their respective ass cheeks, and pulled them apart. Max's intake of breath was clearly audible, even above Kelly's increasing groans. In spreading her ass cheeks, Kelly exposed her crinkly asshole, framed by her long, thin, pink-manicured fingers, one of which was adorned with the sparkly diamond. Max was struck by a thought as he continued to fuck Kelly doggy-style over her parents' country club's pool table: what is her naïve fiancé doing right now? What would he do if he saw his fiancé, the picture of all that is innocent, at this exact moment? What a picture she was, too: bent over a pool table, mewling like a porn star, 34D tits hanging from her thin torso, sweat dripping from her face and nipples and staining the felt, ass cheeks rippling with the impact of the man behind her, baby-bare cunt lips stretched almost to the point of absurdity, long blond hair half in her face and half in the grip of the man behind her. And that man was a black man, a servant to her parents, no less. What would Mike do if he could see his fiancé behaving like a complete fucking whore, like a porn star? These thoughts and images, combined with the sensations generated by Kelly's pelvic bone stimulating the underside of his cock, caused Max to let loose one and then another jet-stream of cum into Kelly's cunt. Pulling out after the second release, Max pulled her by her shoulders and hair off the pool table and into a kneeling position before him. His third and fourth jets shot from the engorged, purple head of his cock as he looked down into Kelly's lust-filled eyes, partially obscured by the sweat-soaked blond locks that stuck to her face, and saw her left hand, the one carrying her shiny new engagement ring, wrap around his fat cock and tug on it, hoping to coax more cum from the shiny black shaft. Those final shots of sperm hit Kelly first on her forehead and then to the left side of her elegant nose, and combined they dripped down her face, creating a pearlescent mask. As degrading as this would be to most women, Kelly reveled in it. As Max attempted to regain control over his breath, Kelly ran the fingers of her right hand across her forehead and over her cheeks, sliding Max's thick and gooey discharge toward her open mouth, enjoying its flavor as it hit her tongue. Her left hand, meanwhile, was busy between her legs, rubbing her unfaithful, hairless cunt to second orgasm, the cum from Max's first two shots dripping from her gaping hole, down her fingers and liberally coating her engagement ring. His breath back to normal, Max stepped away from Kelly as she reached her second orgasm, and started to get dressed. Alarmed and pulled out of a second orgasm, Kelly whined, "Where are you going? I'm not done yet! I want you to fuck me again!" With a laugh, Max responded, "Again? I have to get back to work, slut. Maybe next time." Of course, there wouldn't be a "next time." As much of a slut as Kelly was, she rarely gave repeat performances. But Max didn't know that, and he finished dressing and exited the club room. He left behind a cheating whore on her haunches beside the pool table, the finger of one hand absently twisting a thick nipple and her tongue licking the sperm off the other hand – and from the glittering 3-karat diamond that adorned the ring finger.

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