Linda Ch. 04


Linda Ch. 4 - The Roadside Slut

The three nights I spent with Linda had me thinking about her constantly. I wondered how she felt now that her husband was home and if she craving more nasty sex? Or did she really just submit herself to avoid telling her husband about the accident?

It was only two days later when the phone rang. It was Linda.

"Hi" "I...ah..." She was stuttering trying tell me what she wanted. Or was it what she needed? "I'm... well... my husband is away tonight." "Can I... see you?"

"What is it you want Linda," I asked?

There was a pause before she spoke, almost as if she was embarrassed to say what she wanted. "'ve made me crazy." "I'm so horny."

I could actually sense the craving in her voice.

"My God... I don't believe I'm asking this." "I need you to tell me what to do." "I want to be your slut again."

I couldn't believe I was hearing this. Is this what I turned Linda into? Did I make her crave being a slut?"

"Okay" I answered. "Then be here tonight after work."

"I'll be there," she replied with almost a sigh of relief.

I had this crazy idea. Since Linda's husband was away, I thought about making her do something that would take her into a wild, hot and incredibly filthy world. My thoughts were so extreme I was doubting myself that I could go through with it and make Linda submit totally and unconditionally.

She walked right in a five o'clock as usual. She wore that short skirt with high heels and a low cut pullover top that exposed a lot of cleavage. I still couldn't get enough of her incredible legs. She sat there next to me with her skirt riding up almost to her waist. I could see there were no panties underneath. I was amazed at the difference in this girl in just a few days. She was such an innocent young lady the first day we met. Now a few days later she was sitting with a short skirt up around her waist exposing her pussy.

I asked if she had seen many adult videos. When she answered, "not really," I popped in one of my favorite porn tapes. We watched it for a couple hours in between talking about some of the filthy things they were doing. I wanted to see Linda's reaction to some of the dirty acts they performed.

During one scene Linda didn't say anything, but was just watching pretty intently. There was a part where this blonde was fucking this really hung black guy.

"Look how big he is," she commented in amazement.

"I don't think I could do that." "A black cock???"

"Why not," I asked?

" just seems... I don't know.. so dirty to do I guess," she replied. "But I wonder what it feels like having one that big?"

The video continued finishing with the blonde taking that black cock in her ass. Linda was quiet, just watching and whispering to herself. "My God, look at that."

It was nearly nine o'clock when the movie ended. I believe Linda thought we would begin fucking now. But instead I told her we were going to take a ride.

"Now," she asked? "Where are we going?"

"You'll see," I answered." "It'll be a surprise."

Our destination was only about twenty minutes away. We were on the interstate for a few minutes when I exited at the rest area. I was familiar with this one; it was a pretty good size area with plenty of parking. It wasn't a particularly busy rest stop being out in country.

"Why are we stopping here," she asked.

"Because I thought we could have some fun here," I answered.

She looked a bit puzzled and just sat there waiting to see what I meant by that. It was completely dark where we sat parked, just away from the main rest room building. The only lights were the ones surrounding the building. We sat and talked for almost a half-hour while a few cars pulled in. Some people got out, went to the rest room and back off they went.

It was just after 10pm when a car pulled in and one guy got out. It was a big burly looking man in old jeans and tee shirt. His fat belly hung way over his belt. As he walked a bit nearer you could see his unshaven face and unruly hair. He would definitely not be Linda's first choice to fuck. And probably would not be anyone woman's choice in bed. He was absolutely a disgusting slob.

"Linda, see that guy." "Go wait for him to come out and offer him a blow job."

"WHAT!!" She snapped back.

"You heard me." "Take him behind the building and suck him off." "I'll be off to side watching.

"Are you serious?" "Look at him."

"Yes I am serious." "Besides, this is what you wanted tonight, isn't it?" Didn't you want to be a filthy slut?"

For a moment Linda thought about it. She did like being a naughty girl. Once she got started she loved it. But this she wasn't sure about.

"Get out there now," I ordered and left the car heading behind the building where I could watch.

Linda walked to front waiting for him. How could this guy resist an offer of a beautiful girl with a short skirt, knock out legs and nipples showing through her shirt. I doubt he ever had anyone that looked even remotely close to Linda. He walked out and I could hear them talking. They headed behind the building. I had a good view being not far away in the shadows.

It was pretty short and sweet. Linda knelt down in the grass, then unbuckled and unzipped his jeans. She pulled his underwear down and with one hand grabbed his cock and began stroking it. Then her head moved closer and I could see her begin sucking him. His cock slid through her lips over and over as she pumped him. He was hard in no time at all. When she backed away for a moment I heard her request, "I want you to cum in my mouth."

"Fuck yeah," he blurted out in a gruff voice! "Honey, I don't know who you are or why you're doing this, but you're one nasty little fuck, aren't you?"

Linda kept sucking. She jerked him faster. She went under his cock and licked his balls, which I sure must have smelled and tasted pretty raunchy. "C'mon, give me your cum." she quickly begged shoving his cock back in her mouth. At that point all I heard was him moaning and Linda's "Mmmmm, "Mmmmmm, "Mmmmm" as she gulped the cum from his throbbing cock. Five minutes later he was back in his car and gone.

When Linda returned to me she asked, "Why?" "Why this?"

"Because I want to see just how fuckin' filthy you will be." "Honestly, the days we've spent together you did more than I ever believed you would." I figured you'd be fighting the whole time." Instead it turned out you like being told what to do." "You get turned on by being slutty, don't you?"

"Don't You?" I asked again.

"Yes....I do." She replied. "I can't believe it either." "A few minutes ago I thought you were out of your mind telling me to go suck that guy." "But when I was doing it, I loved knowing that he thought I was a naughty girl." "I can still taste his cum in my mouth." "And I want more." "I like being this way." "I admit it." "I don't know what I'm going to tell my husband." "If he only knew what I was doing."

It was now after eleven and getting late. I was thinking perhaps that we should go. Linda was having difficulty with her mixed feelings. Then a van pulled in. We watched four black men get out, stretch a bit and begin a slow walk to the men's room. I looked at Linda. "Remember that video." I reminded.

She stared at me saying nothing. Then, "No, I can't." "Not this," she answered with uncertainty.

"I think you want it," I strongly suggested. "I think you'd really like to have all of them at once. Four black cocks filling every hole and cumming all over you." "Go ahead." "Why don't you go right in the men's room after them and ask them if they want some white pussy?" "Want me to introduce you?" I got out of the car, opened her side and took her by the hand. She followed with out trying to stop me. I knew she wanted this. She was mumbling, "I don't know about this."

We walked into the building and right into the men's room. Two of the black men were at the urinal. Both were about 180 pounds and maybe six foot tall with pretty good builds. Another was washing at the sink. He was a bit taller and very slender. The fourth must have been in one of the stalls. I remembered he was a pretty big fellow about 250lbs or more and about six-foot tall.

The three looked immediately over to us as we walked in. I made sure I spoke first. "Listen fellas, this is Linda." "She wants to know what a black cock is like." "Want to help her out?"

"What the fuck," one bellowed out. "This a fuckin' joke?"

"No!" "I'll watch the door and you guys tell me when you done." I didn't say one more word after that.

Linda slowly walked into the middle of the room. "Well,... you boys got big cocks that can satisfy me?"

"Wow," I thought! That was a pretty bold statement for a girl who a minute ago was unsure of doing this.

Then Linda lifted her skirt showing her bare cunt with no panties. She wiped her finger through her slit and tasted it. The three instantly went to her. "Fuck man, what a hot white cunt."

"Hey, what's going on out there," the big black man in stall yelled out. "Just get out here." "We got ourselves a free white bitch."

In a matter of minutes Linda's skirt was pulled off and her pullover shirt ripped down the side causing it to fall to floor. Hands were all over her feeling her legs, probing her pussy and groping her breasts. Then they all unzipped and pulled out their cocks. That's when Linda got her first live look at a black one. The first two she saw sticking out between their legs were already hard. Each one was nearly at least ten inches long. The skinnier guy's cock was hanging down between his legs and she could see it twitching and growing.

Then from around the corner the fourth black appeared. "What the fuck is this?"

"The bitch wants to fuck," they answered back. He quickly looked over at me. "That's what the lady wants," I replied.

He went right to Linda in her face. "Fuck, huh!!" "That what you want lady?" "A big black cock?"

I could see Linda was a bit intimidated by him and his crude voice.

"Yeah..., yeah I do." She softly replied.

"Alright you hot little cunt."

He unbuckled his pants and dropped them. Then he pulled his cock from his underwear and began stroking it. As Linda watched it grew and grew to nearly a foot long. It was huge. And thick too. "Want to touch it honey?" Linda reached for it gripping his shaft and could barely get her fingers around the whole thing. All I thought was how in the world was she going handle that big thing.

He pushed Linda down on her knees. "Time to suck some black cock honey." For the next fifteen minutes she crawled around on the men's room floor going from cock to cock as they stood surrounding her. She had a cock in each hand stroking it while she sucked another, then switched until she tasted them all. They were all grabbing her tits, squeezing them and yanking on her nipples making her whimper out.

After a few minutes of letting Linda suck them hard, the big guy grabbed her around the waist and picked her up. He carried her over to the wash sinks and put her down kneeling on the countertop. He then proceeded to taste Linda's white pussy. "Man is this bitch wet." "She's ready to fuck right now." "Who wants her first?"

The tall skinny one moved right up behind Linda. Her pussy was at the perfect position for his cock so he shoved it right in. "Oh fuck, Linda cried out." Holding her hips, he kept slamming her hot wet cunt. Just before he was ready to cum he gave Linda his orders. "Okay bitch, you're gonna take my load right in your pretty little face.

"Oh fuck!...Oh fuck," he yelled and quickly pulled out. "Get down bitch," he demanded.

She moved immediately down on the floor kneeling for him as he jerked his big long tool. Thick cream began pouring out in a massive flow hitting Linda right on her forehead. "Open your mouth you slut." The next spurt gushed directly into her mouth, then another right in her face. Cum was dripping all over Linda. It was running down her nose, dripping from her mouth and off her chin. Then he backed away to admire the way his hot cum defiled this young beauty. "God damn, what a hot horny bitch."

They didn't wait to even clean her up. While the big black man still watched the other two had Linda on the floor riding one cock, while the other came from behind stuffing his black meat into her ass.

"How's that feel honey?" "You like having a black cock up your ass?"

Even I was getting hot watching that long stiff cock pumping in and out of Linda's tight little poop chute. It was just so nasty to see her tight little asshole hugging that big black cock.

For ten minutes they double penetrated her holes fucking her hard. Then at almost the same time they were up stroking their cocks at Linda's face blasting her with thick loads of cum. When they were done her face was a mass of dripping white cream.

Now it was just the big black man left to have his turn with Linda. He grabbed her by the arm pulling her over to one of the urinals. "I gotta go first baby." He unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor. Then he pushed down his underwear releasing cock. Even limp he was huge.

"Hey bitch, why don't you hold it for me while I go." He forced Linda down making her kneel right next to the urinal. The floor was wet and smelled of piss. He guided Linda's little hand to his cock. She grasped it in her fingers aiming toward the urinal. A few seconds later piss began streaming from his big black shaft. "Oh baby that feels so good," he sighed out. Then before Linda could react he twisted his body toward her. Piss gushed at Linda spurting right at her. His hot urine showered her face, ran down her chest and all over her body. Linda quickly let go of his cock and tried pulling back. "Oh God, that's so disgusting," she cried out. But the black man grabbed her head keeping his piss streaming at her. "What's the matter, sweetcheeks?" "Don't like that?" And then he laughed until he finished urinating all over her. It seemed like her whole body was glistening from being soaked with his urine.

"Okay honey." "Let's see how good you suck." He began stroking his cock. It grew larger and longer. Then he pushed it against Linda's lips. His cock was growing to immense proportions. When she sucked him earlier it was no where near the size it was now. It had to be well over ten inches long and it was so thick Linda's fingers barely wrapped around it.

"Okay honey, no fooling around now." He grabbed Linda behind her head pulling her to him. Her mouth opened taking his huge cock. At first she tasted the salty drops of piss remaining on the tip of his cock. Linda figured he wanted her to suck him off. But then to her surprise he kept pulling her head making his thick cock go deeper into her mouth. "You're getting it all bitch." Linda whimpered and tried fighting to keep from being impaled by this massive piece of black meat. It was already totally rigid and she had to stretch her mouth open wide to take it. But he kept going, pulling her head into his groin, forcing his mammoth cock to the entrance of her throat. She began gagging, but that only excited him more. "C'mon bitch, swallow it." "I don't care if you choke, you're taking it all."

I don't know how, but that huge black cock disappeared completely into Linda's throat, making the flesh on her neck bulge out as he slowly forced that huge meat in. Then he held it inside her throat until her face became red and looked like she was ready to pass out. "You're the first slut that could take all of me," he moaned out. "You're a good little white bitch."

Eventually he pulled out and Linda choked and gasped for air. While she did he pushed her face down and came up from behind. Within seconds that same massive cock was forced quickly into her ass. He literally split her asshole open so rapidly that Linda screamed out. "Noooooooo!!!!!" "Fuckkkk.... Nooo!!"

"It's Too BIGGGG!!!"

"AHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh" "Nooooooooooooo!!!" "Nooooooooooooo!!"

The wailing sounds of her discomfort echoed through the men's room while he fucked her ass for what seemed like hours. He just kept pummeling her tight asshole over and over and over with his huge black cock. She could feel it pushing into the depths of her ass each time he rammed her hole.

Finally, when Linda stopped fighting and accepted the abuse on her asshole he pulled out. Then using both hands on either side of her ass, he stretched her cheeks open. Linda's asshole began opening wider and wider until it gaped enough to see deep inside. That's when he started rapidly dipping his massive black cockmeat in and out of her gaping asshole fully, burying himself inside Linda's rectum each time. After a few minutes of savagely reaming her hole, he withdrew all the way. His cock was glistening with scum. And that's exactly what it was, a nasty looking slime that covered almost the whole length of his cock. Linda just rolled over on the floor exhausted and moaning. But that didn't stop this big black man from having more fun. He straddled Linda's body and began wiping his dirty cock over her face. "Lick it bitch." "Lick your shit off my cock." At the same time he was jerking his hard shaft he was moaning out, "c,mon slut, taste it." "You're nothing but a dirty whore anyway, so clean my cock." Linda open her mouth a bit to suck in some air and he stuffed his filthy cockmeat through her lips.

"That's it bitch. "Eat it." "Eat your fuckin' scum off me." Linda didn't have much of a choice. Nor did she have any strength to resist. She was at his mercy to do whatever he wanted. I think for the first time she really felt like an abused slut. And I wondered if I had pushed her too far this time.

He stuffed his cock inside her mouth and it tasted every bit as bad as it looked.

"Good girl," he bellowed out looking at the others. "She sure is a hot white bitch." "How about doing my ass too, honey?"

He moved forward until he was squatting over Linda with his big black ass cheeks hovering over her face. "I saved you a treat honey." "Why don't you finish wiping my ass with your tongue." Apparently when he was in the toilet earlier he didn't clean himself very good. "Lick my asshole you filthy whore." Linda's hands went to his black ass and began spreading his asscheeks apart. She could see the dried crusted filth throughout his asscrack and a big glob caked on his asshole. "Get your mouth in there, you dirty slut." And he reached back grabbing one of Linda's nipples and yanking it hard. She pushed her mouth between his cheeks and started licking. "Oh you fuckin' dirty bitch, that's it." "Clean it, suck it up you slut."

While she ate from his ass, he was jerking his big cock. He was thoroughly enjoying using this pretty white girl. He kept stroking his cock, moaning out and calling her filthy names as Linda's tongue cleaned his asshole. Then,

"Oh, "Ohhh" "Ohhhhhh... Fuck!!... You nasty shitwhore."

"Oh FUCKKKKKK!!!!!...."Oh FUCKKKKKK!!!!" "I'M CUMMIN'...."

He quickly moved his ass from Linda's face and stuffed his cock back through her lips. Cum burst from his engorged tool flooding her mouth. It flowed over her lips and down both sides of her cheeks. "Swallow it whore." "Swallow it."

Linda didn't have much of a choice. Her mouth was full. She gulped taking a huge load of cum and anal dirt down her throat. "That's it, you hot little fuck!" "I always knew you white bitches were filthy cumeating whores." He pushed his cock back and forth through Linda's lips and wiped it all over her face making sure he was completely clean. Then he pulled back jerking his cock a couple times dropping any remaining cum on her face.

He stood up and began getting dressed. "You're a great fuck honey." "Thanks" A few minutes later they were gone. Linda lay there quietly recovering. As I watched she slowly wiped her face, scooping the cum from cheeks. And then to my disbelief, licked her fingers looking over at me saying, "that was fun."

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