tagGroup SexLinda's Amsterdam Adventure

Linda's Amsterdam Adventure


For years my wife Linda has read me Literotica stories as she stroked my shaft as a prelude to wild sex. We both mentally fantasized about group sex or bisexual scenes as written in the stories. After a few minutes of real hot scenes she usually inserts her vibrator in her vagina. Eventually she takes me into her mouth while dilding herself with the vibrator until she has an orgasms and I ejaculate down her throat. She then admits that she wished she had the nerve to actually live out those fantasies but fears disease or the participants getting out of hand.

I must admit that I too am somewhat hesitant to live the fantasy but get extremely excited just thinking about it.

She loves Europe so I figured I could kill two birds with one stone and planned a trip to the sex capital of Europe Amsterdam. I used my united miles to book a flight from Denver to Amsterdam and reserved a nice hotel room fairly close to the Red Light district of Amsterdam. For several nights before our trip we read Literotica stories about threesomes, moresomes and Bi adventures. I had never seen her so sexually excited.

Finally the day came and after an all night flight we arrived in Amsterdam at 10 AM and checked into our hotel. I suggested a nap so we would be energized for our Amsterdam night on the town.

We had a nice dinner then went to a coffee house where I ordered some fairly strong marijuana to loosen us both up. After several joints I was ready and we crossed the small bridge to the red light district and started window shopping. She has never been into having her pussy eaten and never had a girl on girl experience. The thought of that had me really turned on and she was so high on the weed I thought it could happen. As we window shopped the hundreds of prostitutes she spotted one that she thought was just beautiful. The prostitute Jan was a beautiful full breasted Swedish gal. I tapped on the window and negotiated half an hour for about a hundred US dollars.

We entered the store front and went into the small bedroom in the back. I had told Jan what I had in mind and she immediately started kissing Linda while slowly undressing her. Linda still high on the pot did not resist and even started foundling Jan now exposed breasts. Jan was rubbing Linda's clit and slowly worked her mouth onto Linda's clit while figure fucking her. Linda started coming and yelled fuck me. Jan put on a 12 inch strap on and inserted it into Linda's pussy as I took out my cock and started fucking Linda's mouth . Linda was really sucking me with passion like I've never seen a Jan fucked her with the strap on. Linda just kept coming. I came into her mouth and she gulped it down with gusto. Eventually Linda and Jan ended up in a sixty nine position until they both had massive orgasms.

We dressed as I gave Jan a $50 tip and asked her where I could find a male prostitute for Jan. She gave directions to Eric's place of business.

We stopped for another joint and discussed our experiences. Linda was very enthusiastic and said she was ready for just about anything.

We followed the directions to Eric's where I negotiated the rate of $75. Eric was a tall muscular Swedish hunk just as described by Jan.

In a matter of minutes Eric had Linda naked and was sucking her breast was slowly figure fucking her with one finger then two as he rubbed her clit with his thumb. My plan here was to fuck Linda myself while she sucked off Eric. After the came from Eric's thump she got on her knees and took his large 8 inch cock into her mouth while I inserted my cock into her pussy from behind. Eric's cock was into her mouth balls deep as she sucked him hard while swirling her tongue around his cock head. I could see all of this as I fucked with the hardest hard-on I could ever remember having. You could see Eric's face. He was in pure ecstasy as her filled her mouth with so much cum it was hard for Linda to swallow it all....I too came instantly the sight.

We then dressed and went for another joint. Linda was just glowing and wanted to know what was next on my agenda. I told her I had kept the best for last and had booked us at the most exclusive sex club in all of Amsterdam.

We arrived at the sex around 1 AM and not leave until dawn. The venue was a large home with dozens of sex rooms each with a theme, gay, bi, group sex and orgy room. I had booked the orgy room the orgy room only allows one female and unlimited male participants.

The room consisted of wall to wall mattresses and porn videos on every wall.

Linda and I kissed as I stripped her and turned on the green light switch which let male members know we were ready.

About a dozen men immediately came in and within seconds Linda had a mouth on each breast, several hands stroking and figuring her vagina and a large cock in her mouth while she was stroking a cock in each hand. The scene progressed to where Linda had a dick in her mouth, vagina and ass. As they came one by one they were instantly replaced by three other men this went on for over 4 hours as Linda had sex with 24 men and Linda must have had 40 to 50 orgasms. For the grand finally a dozen men jerked off onto Linda's breast and face. She just loved it.

As we left Linda said "what's the plan for tonight?" but that's another story.

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needs editing

Grammar and spelling errors on every line spoil the story

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