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Linda's Lover


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Another Incest/Taboo story, hope you enjoy it.

When Sean arrived home that afternoon he glanced out into the garden and unexpectedly saw his mother lying on the sunlounger. Sean was surprised to see his mother there at that time of day since she normally worked in the afternoons, but it wasn't the fact that his mum was at home that disturbed Sean, it was the sight of her bikini clad body. A vivid memory flashed into Sean's brain at the unexpected sight, a memory that rendered Sean immobile and he stood at the window lost in the reverie of an event now two years old.

Two summers previously Sean had been enjoying the long vacation away from university and had been making the most of his freedom. He worked part time for some disposable cash and was just having a good time; going out to parties and generally enjoying life.

Despite the fact that Sean had always been dimly aware that his mother was blessed with a trim figure and was considered to be vivacious and attractive, he had never associated her with sex. His friends had made oblique comments in he past, nothing explicit, but the inference was obvious. As far as Sean was concerned, Linda was his mother. He could appreciate that others found her attractive, but she was his mum, and that was that.

Then, one Saturday evening something happened that changed Sean's outlook forever. He witnessed an event that precipitated an episode that was to have a profound effect on the way in which Sean thought about, and looked upon his mother. Sean's father had died several years earlier, and while the circumstances of his death are unimportant, his passing left Linda widowed in her early thirties with a son who had reached the cusp of puberty.

It had been a difficult time for both Linda and her son. Not that Sean had been affected by his father's death in any way that caused him to act like a delinquent, on the contrary, he'd coped remarkably well, but he had perhaps taken his perceived role as his mother's protector a little too seriously. This had the effect of causing Linda to feel claustrophobic, and in an effort to ease her son's concerns; Linda decided to forgo male company for the foreseeable future. It wasn't as though she was looking for another partner, or a father for Sean, but she was still a young, healthy woman, with all the desires and needs that a woman has, and she found it frustrating to be doted upon by her only son. She loved him of course, but Linda found herself alone in her bed some nights, just wishing that someone would hold her, would cuddle up to her and make her feel secure in his strong arms, and yes, there was no denying that she missed the physical side of a relationship too.

On that Saturday evening, Sean was meant to be at a party, and his mother was on a rare night out with some girlfriends. The afternoon and early evening had passed normally, Linda got ready to go out, and Sean had showered and dressed in preparation for his party.

'See you later, babe,' his mother had called as she came down the stairs and lifted her handbag from the table. 'Have fun!' A waggle of her fingers and she was gone.

Sean had gone to the party, but had found that he wasn't actually in the mood, so he made his excuses and left. He arrived home just as the light was fading, which in early July placed the time at around ten o'clock. Sean was surprised to see the curtains drawn against the front windows, and was puzzled by light shining dimly in the living room beyond. The light hadn't been on when he left, Sean was certain, and curious at this evidence which indicated that Linda had, returned early, Sean pressed is face against the window and peered inquisitively inside.

Why he actually took the trouble to peep through the window like he did, Sean couldn't explain, but what he did see through the window took a moment to register. The jolt of shock hit him like a slap to the face; he was stunned, and at first could only stare in mute disbelief at what he saw. His mother, who Sean had assumed was going on a girls' night out, was at that moment sat on the sofa in the living room, her denim skirt discarded, her blouse unbuttoned and gaping open while a man sat next to her with his stiff cock in Sean's mother's fist. The man was twisted slightly on the seat and he was using his hands to massage Linda's tight breasts through her bra.

The tumult of confused and conflicting emotions whirled in Sean's brain, and his stomach suddenly felt greasy. Sean was suddenly jealous that his mother could allow anyone to do that to her or that she was capable of doing anything to a man. In Sean's mind she was above the sordid acts of sex. She was too clean to let any man come near her with his obscene appendage, angry, stiff and wanting like this man's was now. Sean also felt anger that this man dared to actually use his mother like that. How dare he, it wasn't right, she belonged to Sean, he was the man of the house. His greasy stomach slipped sideways with the feeling of betrayal. His mother! How could she? The most disturbing thing of all however was the fact that Sean was suddenly and overwhelmingly sexually aroused by what he saw. The speed and urgency of his erection almost took Sean's breath away and the thrill of lust clutched at him deep in his belly, quickly dousing the sick feeling, and replacing it with a far more powerful emotion.

The need for release that was centred on his cock was almost irresistible when Sean felt the instinctive desire flash hot inside him. Unthinking, he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his thick, hard cock. He pulled himself urgently; his fist closed tightly around the shaft, and then suddenly realized he was visible to anyone passing by. He moved stealthily around to the back of the house and let himself in through the back door.

He stood just inside the kitchen unsure of what to do next. He was fearful of discovery but couldn't stop himself moving slowly closer and closer to the hallway. His cock stuck out in front of him as he crept along the carpet like a cat burglar. His mouth was dry and his legs felt weak. His body was trembling with the shock, and although he knew he was in a very dangerous situation, Sean couldn't resist the siren's call of what was happening behind the door just in front of him.

As he stood outside the door, Sean could hear muffled sounds from beyond. He could hear the low tones of a man's voice, muffled and indistinct, and he heard the higher pitched replies that could only come from his mother. Sean turned at the sound of his mother's voice, and then he hesitated. It was at that moment of hesitation that Sean was lost. He could have walked from the scene and gone out into the warm night air to think. It was only natural that his mother should want some male company. It had been years since his her husband's death, and so far, as far as Sean knew, Linda had been faithful to the memory of her late husband, but time goes on, and a woman has needs, Sean knew as much, and even as difficult an experience as it would be for him, Sean had to let her live her life.

Ah, but the temptation to take another look at what his mother was doing was too much for Sean. It was like a compulsion to him, he was drawn, and as much as he knew that the sight would disturb him, Sean was powerless to resist. He pushed open the door, just a sliver at first, and then when he was undiscovered at the first push he was emboldened enough to push it further still.

When the door was just wide enough to allow Sean to peep into the room, he pushed his face close to the wood and surveyed the interior. The scene was no less shocking for this second revelation, and Sean felt the same mixed feelings rush through him again. The effect upon his penis was to give it a new breath of life, and Sean felt the tug in his belly once more as his cock stiffened quickly, and the lust burned hot.

In the time it had taken Sean to push open the door, the man had managed to remove Linda's bra. As Sean watched, the man was squeezing and mauling at Linda's breasts. He was moaning with appreciation and kissing each of Linda's thick teats in turn.

'Jesus Linda,' he groaned. Your tits are fantastic. So firm, so fucking sexy, God, I want you... I've been dying to get you alone... Fuck'

Sean may as well have been deaf for all the effect the man's words had on him. His mother's breasts mesmerized Sean. He'd never seen them before, at least not that he could remember and he thought they were exquisite. Sean was amazed at how the mere sight of his mother's breasts made him feel. He was captivated by their shape, the ripe fullness of them, by the curved roundness of the undersides and the tilted uplift which was crowned by the darkly pink areolas, which were in turn tipped by Linda's thick, aroused nipples. Sean felt as though he could just walk right into the room, bold as brass and he was sure he'd be welcomed into the company of the couple entwined on the sofa. God, how he ached for release, the sliver of lust was buried deep in his guts, and Sean thought he would soon go mad with the wanting.

As his mother and the man kissed on the sofa, Sean watched her fist moving rapidly in his lap. Sean unconsciously took his own length in hand and mimicked his mother's actions. God, it felt good... so good. Sean pulled and yanked at himself now, uncaring and abandoned in his lust, his eyes fixed, glazed and unseeing when he felt the rush of his semen as it burst from the eye of his cock. Sean groaned as the waters of desire burst through the dam of his climax, and he stood and jerked spasmodically as thick spurts of his cum splashed against the living room door.

Inside, alerted by the unmistakable sounds, his mother sat upright. Her hands pulled at the gaping flaps of her unbuttoned blouse as she instinctively covered herself. 'What was that?' she whispered in a mild panic.

'What was what?' the man replied. He didn't care what the noise was. The place could be getting burgled for all he cared. He was in the grip of animal lust himself, he'd waited months to get the chance at Linda and here he was, he had her tits out and she had been wanking his cock. She was fired up and ready to go. He'd done it, he'd gotten the unattainable Mrs James half naked, he was a spit away from fulfilling his dreams of fucking her, and now he could feel her slipping out of his grasp. She was going to get away. No!

'That noise, I heard a noise.' Linda was insistent.

'I didn't hear anything,' the man pawed at Linda's blouse. 'Come on,' he wheedled, 'come on, you know I want you.'

'No,' Linda was suddenly vehement. 'I heard a noise. My son could be home.'

Linda stood, leaving the man looking aghast on the sofa. 'No!' he called in protest, but Linda was already on her way to the door.

Linda pulled the door open a few inches and her mouth fell open in shock. Sean was stood with his penis in his hand. Semen oozed from the eye of his cock and the door was spattered with thick goo, unmistakably semen, and it was oozing down the woodwork and dripping onto the carpeted floor.

Linda's body and the bulk of the door shielded Sean from the man's view. 'Is anyone there? Are you coming back now Linda?' he called.

Linda ignored her would be lover and stared at her son in disbelief. Sean returned her look for long seconds, and then he turned and ran up the stairs, his brain not fully realizing the importance of what had just happened.

He sat in his room in the growing dark. He heard the commotion from downstairs as Linda forced the reluctant man to leave, then he heard the dreaded sound of his mother's footsteps on the landing outside his room.

'Sean?' His mother's questioning voice was accompanied by her tentative knocking on the bedroom door. 'Sean, honey, can I talk to you? ...Please?'

Sean continued to sit on his bed in the darkened room and willed his mother away. Despite Sean's silence and his unwillingness to acknowledge her Linda pushed the door open and stepped inside. 'Come on Sean, we really do have to talk about this.'

Sean felt the mattress sink slightly as his mother sat next to him. 'No,' Sean whispered, 'we don't have to talk about it. I don't want to talk about it. You're a slut.' Sean turned away from his mother and felt the hot tears of his confused shame and anger well suddenly. 'You had that man's cock in your hand,' Sean continued as his voice cracked with emotion. 'How could you? His cock in your hand and your tits hanging out... You fucking slut!'

Sean spat the phrase out with a vehemence that shocked Linda. She'd never heard her son swear before and his use of the profanity caused her to recoil in surprise. She quickly recovered and reached a hand out to Sean. 'Please...' Linda sobbed, 'please Sean, let me... let me explain.' Linda's hand touched her son's shoulder in the darkness and he whirled around to face her at the touch.

'Explain!' he shouted. 'Explain what? I saw you, there's nothing to explain.'

Sean's voice was spiteful in tone as though he was a spoilt, petulant child instead of nearly nineteen. Linda pressed on however, reluctant to leave her son in such an emotional state. 'I saw you too, Sean,' Linda whispered. 'I saw how... excited you were.' Sean's intake of breath hissed loudly at this revelation, and his face burned hot. 'Were you watching, Sean, were you watching me?' Linda was insistent when she sensed the advantage. 'I know you were watching us Sean, I saw you. I saw how aroused you were.'

The tears spilled down Sean's cheeks in his shame at the memory of how his semen had splashed uncontrollably from the eye of his cock. 'Oh God, Mum,' he sniffed, 'I'm sorry... I didn't mean to. I came home early and... and I saw through the window... I'm sorry.'

The words fell from Sean in a torrent and Linda's heart went out to her son. 'That's Ok, baby,' she murmured and pressed her body against Sean's as she lay down behind him on the bed. Sean stiffened as he felt his mother pressing against his back, and he squirmed around to face her. Linda pulled her son's head close to her bosom in an instinctive mothering gesture. This innocent gesture however, caused a sudden and overwhelming reaction in Sean. The scent of his mother and the heat of her close proximity sent a frisson of returning lust through the young man. His cock stiffened abruptly and the red mist of desire clouded Sean's brain.

Sean pressed his groin against Linda's hip and then rolled his mother over onto her back. Before Linda realized what was happening, Sean wedged himself between her thighs and pushed the solid length of his erection against the mound of his mother's mons. He ground his cock against Linda's body and pulled at her skirt hem urgently.

'Let me do it to you,' Sean whispered hoarsely. 'Let me do it to you like you were going to let that bloke.'

Sean pushed his mouth down against his mother's lips as the madness overwhelmed him. He was driven by lust and desire and had no real concept of the magnitude of what he was doing. It was just as Sean had pushed his tongue into her mouth that Linda finally reacted. 'Sean, no!' she cried and tried to push her son from on top of her. 'Stop it,' she grunted as she continued to wriggle and struggle to get away from him. 'I'm your Mother, for God's sake Sean, you can't do this to your mother.' With a supreme effort, fuelled by panic Linda managed to wriggle free of Sean's groping hands and insistent tongue.

Suddenly the realization that he was trying to force his sexual attention on his mother, Sean stopped his attack. He rolled off Linda's body and sat upright on the edge of the bed and held his head in his hands. 'Mum,' he said quietly in a hushed voice. 'How could I? Mum, please... I'm... Oh God, I'm so sorry.'

Still breathing heavily Linda sat moved across the bed and sat alongside her son. 'My God, Sean,' she murmured as her limbs trembled with the shock of what had happened. 'What were you thinking of? I'm your mother, for God's sake!' Linda's voice rose in volume as her fear turned to anger. Then when she saw the devastation on Sean's face as he turned his head to look at her, Linda's heart went out to him and the anger evaporated. 'Oh honey,' she said and cautiously put one arm around her son's shoulder.

She'd correctly sensed that she was in no further danger of molestation and realized that Sean must be feeling devastated and confused. Linda was more than a little confused as well Her son had almost succeeded in forcing himself inside her, had almost succumbed to the moment of blind lust and fucked his own mother.

Linda felt sickened by what had just occurred, but couldn't bring herself to blame Sean. He was young, only eighteen and his sexual urges would be a dominant force in his life at this moment in time. Linda knew about the dangers of sexual frustration and the lengths to which that primal impulse could drive people. She hadn't been with a man since her husband's death, and now that the long period of mourning and adjustment was ending, she was beginning to feel the need for physical attention again. Linda was horny as well.

'Don't worry, baby,' Linda crooned as she held her son and comforted him. 'Don't worry, I understand.'

Linda sat with Sean for more than half an hour without a word passing between the pair. Eventually she left him sat there in the dark and climbed into her own bed. Sleep came after what seemed to be an age, but it was troubled and dream filled, and Linda's mind was tortured by confused images of huge erections, an ejaculating penis, and most disturbing of all, Sean's face.

The next day Sean appeared at breakfast and was very sheepish. Neither Sean nor his mother spoke of the previous night's events, and as time passed, when the days became weeks, which became months and eventually years, things slowly returned to outwardly normal between Linda and her son. The shocking wound of Sean's near rape scabbed over and healed, but there remained the hard carapace of scar tissue over the memory that, although never referred to, always remained at the back of their minds'. It floated on the periphery of their awareness, not manifesting itself directly, but both Linda and Sean thought back to that night occasionally. Sean thought about it with embarrassment and shock, but Linda found herself analyzing the events, and to her utter horror and shame, began to develop sexual fantasies over it.

At first Linda resigned herself to remaining celibate, at least for the few years that Sean could be counted upon to remain at home. She imagined that he would eventually leave university, get a job and probably meet a girl and settle down. The normal run of events in Linda's experiences of life so far. So, she decided, no men until then. Of course she was still left with the burden of her sexuality and the increasing urges and demands her body signaled. Linda acquired a vibrator, and then a second. She discovered a shame filled penchant for mild pornography, and satisfied her desire for sexual release by masturbating and looking at images of naked women in magazines. Her behavior shocked her; she wasn't a lesbian by any stretch of the imagination and wondered if she needed some form of psychological therapy. She had no desire to have sex with another woman in real life, but found the pictures of the attractive models visually stimulating. She discovered erotic stories and would spend a happy evening alone in her bedroom with her stories and her dildo, and would masturbate to a noisy climax. It wasn't an ideal situation, but it was one in which she could maintain a level of satisfaction and it removed the problem of men from her life – for the time being at least.

As the months passed, Linda used her tools of stimulation privately in her boudoir, but slowly and imperceptibly at first she began to build sexual fantasies to supplement her diet of erotica. Some of the stories she read were really graphic and obscene, and as Linda grew jaded with the sordid acts that she read about, the wilder her fantasies became. Inadvertently Linda found a story that she was reading was in fact an incest story about a woman and her son. At first she was appalled when she realized the twist the story had taken, but unable to help herself, she carried on reading. It became a fascination for her and culminated in the most frantic wanking session she had had in her memory. The climax she experienced rolled on and on in continuous waves of pleasure and release, and at the very moment her orgasm subsided, while she lay panting and sweating in her bed, Linda felt the shame and humiliation of being so aroused by such a taboo subject.

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